monday, painting a life

Painting commissions done tonight for the ever effervescent Sweet Tonica.

In the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

~ Kahlil Gibran

The Prophet

We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.

~ Luciano de Crescenzo

Today a new sun rises for me;

everything lives, everything

is animated, everything seems

to speak to me of my

passion, everything invites

me to cherish it.

~ Anne de Lenclos

Every morning is like a new reincarnation into this world. Let us take it then for what it is and live each moment anew.

~ Paul Brunton

Appreciation of life itself,

becoming suddenly aware

of the miracle of being alive,

on this planet, can turn what

we call ordinary life into a

miracle. We come awake to

such a realization when we

recognize our connection to

a spiritual dimension.

~ Dan Wakefield

If you wish to travel far and

fast, travel light. Take

off all your envies,




and fears.

~ Glenn Clark

I always find it amazing when things line up in syncronicity.

Somedays, the beautiful emails I receive in my inbox daily, speak and resonate with each other.

Somedays, they all say the same powerful message to me.

Today was one of those lovely somedays.

What did they say to me?

Be renewed everyday by the beauty of this world.

Cherish it, love it, be grateful for it.

Become today the person you can be.

Live life fully, and lightly.

In other realms of syncronicity, refer to the blog of dreams I made on Friday.

What did I have sitting in my inbox this morning?

An email from my friend!

Wonders of wonders.

And also, on the weekend, at the Hierophant bookstore, my eyes were caught by a beautiful book with uneven pages.

I have not seen this book before, or the writer, and I was intrigued.

I promised myself that I would seek more of her books out.

Then, out on an adventure walk at lunch with dearest Deb, we meander into a bookstore

And walking past shelves of books, she exclaims over a book she loved.

I look ~ and yes, it is the author I had been looking for.

Funny that!

PS ~ I’m still singing Happy birthday in my heart to you Zetty. Have been thinking of you all day.


A big night.

Posted first page of

with the help of the beautiful Dan

did some painting commissions

it nears midnight.

time for sleeps.

exhausted, but creative beam humming.

love to you all.




Happy birthday, my dearest friend Zetty.

You know what hun?

I was trying to think of where I had a photo of you.

And after seeing the beautiful Helena’s blog, I remembered:

A looseleaf printout of the above photo, that I still have in my journal.

I had it blu-tacked to my dormitory wall when I was 17,

and she lived just down the hallway from me.

So I share it with you.

Now, how do I explain the wonder of Zetty to you?

She is the smartest chick I know.

Amazing black hair and blue eyes.

She eats Milo straight out of the tin.

We met at boarding school when I was 16.

I used to edit her essays, and then sit outside her cubicle and slurp soup.

She is an awesome artist.

We used to run with each other to chase the ice cream man.

She took hard maths, and physics. I looked on in wonder.

When she was 17 and graduated from school,

and she took off to Canada for a year as an exchange student.

By herself. To foreign country. Age 17.

She is an amazing photographer.

She came back, and decided to change her university degree to journalism.

So she did that. And during it, she took a semester of study over in England.

She travelled around Ireland.

She came back to Australia.

Finished her degree, about to start her honours.

And I get a message on my phone:

If you got offered a job in Thailand for two years, what would you do?

She said yes.

So now, at 21… now 22 years of age,

the amazing Zetty is working as a volunteer journalist in Asia,

working to raise the awareness of refugees.

Not many 22yos can say they’ve done that, hey?

And still Zetty emails me saying:

I don’t think I’m doing enough sometimes.

I wanted to share with you a special piece of writing.

It is a letter.

I have kept it in my journal all this time.

It is a letter from Zetty to me, when she was leaving school.

I would like to send this back to Zetty, because it expresses my sentiments exactly.

“All I really want to say is thanks for being there, and for being my friend,

and for allowing me to kick your ass when running for the ice-cream man.

I don’t use the word best when trying to describe a friend,

because that indicates only one,

but you’ve become like a sister to me.

A sister who’s been there for everything: the pain, the joys, and the leaving.

I guess what I am trying to say is thank you for allowing me to get to know you,

and for letting me share this year.

You are a very precious individual, who I know will be there for everyone,

despite of her own problems.

A word of advice, sometimes weakness is a sign of immense strength.


There are so many reasons to love Zetty.

Many excuses to be a part of the Zetty Fan Club, for which I am self-elected President.

1. Her laugh. Infectious, loud, without doubt.

2. Her name. There is only one Zetty. Watch out people, coz she’s going to be famous.

3. Her loyalty. She is the most loyal friend I have. She knew me, and loved me, when I had bad taste in boys, and loves me even know when my taste has improved. In the five years of our friendship, we have only been in physical distance of each other for one. The rest, has been scattered with the distance of cities and countries. And yet, still, she is the one who knows me more than the rest. We have grown closer even in distance.

4. Her phonecalls. The phone connections we have had still stick in my mind. The laughter, sharing, opening. Tears and giggles.

5. Her courage. Jetsetter. Off to all over the world. Adventurer. Living dreams and an amazing life.

6. Her beautiful vulnerability. She is so humble sometimes I want to kick her butt.

7. Her uniqueness. The most intriguing cosmic blend of intelligence, humour and quirkiness.

8. Her honesty. Zetty is the most honest person I know. She speaks her own truth. Always.

9. All these things and more, make Zetty an incredible person, and an incredible friend.

10. Because ten is an awesome number, and Zetty is an awesome person.

You are very loved.

Happy birthday, Zetty, my dearest friend.

I honour this day that you were born, and for the presence you are in my life.




Earth has no sorrows that heaven cannot heal.

~ Thomas Moore.

Quiet, lovely day.

Spoke to the amazing Sonia ~ all the way from Canada.

Hard to believe that since school in Charters Towers in Northern Queensland,

we have spread out to the other side of the country, and the other side of the world.

Went for a drive to the Hierophant bookstore,

bought a meditation book.

Secured ourselves a copy of Sims 2. That game rocks!

Home again.

Did some design work for my new webpage…

Oooooooooh… yes… a NEW WEBPAGE!

One with all my art and photography… and of course, this blog.

Shall be revealed all in good time…

Did some painting, which I am very happy with…

Will post a pic when it’s finished!

dreams of opening

Had dreams upon dreams last night

I was with friends in one dream, friendships from the past who still radiate in the present. And we were sitting at a table, laughing, chatting.

Another friend walks by. She too, is a friendship from the past, but is one that has fallen from the table by the weight of time and distance.

And she looked sad and lost and didn’t understand and just didn’t look like herself.

She ran down to the beach, and I followed, trying to get her to see why I had to let go of holding the glass ball of friendship if the weight wasn’t shared.

And when I awoke, I realised it doesn’t really matter in the end. Do you know what I mean?

There could be years lost when a person thinks the glass ball is shattered, when it isn’t.

I’m still holding the ball within the folds of my cloak.

It doesn’t shine like it used to, but it has the potential to.

I don’t want to get to the end of my life, whenever that may be, and think to myself that things could have been better.

I don’t want rifts to still exist, without me reminding:

I am still here. I still love you. Friendships are ephemeral.

I don’t want to live with anything but an open heart.

The rest of my life, I live with a heart opening, and loving.

And it pains me that in this instance I don’t.

I harbour grief, and pain, and yes, some anger.

I’m going to change that.


Coz it’s not really about who did what or who’s to blame.

It’s not about “but they did this…” and keeping score.

It’s about being your best self.

It’s about treating each day as it’s most precious.

Not thinking that the years themselves will mend these things…

because we may not have years.

And do I really want to lose years because of a closed heart?

Nope. Hell no.

I am not really sure what the response will be, when I re-extend my hand.

Silence? Perhaps.

A half hearted extension back, only to fall into old habits? Perhaps.

Or, joy upon joy, a rain which renews a whole garden of roses? Perhaps.

The response isn’t what I am doing this for though.

Hope of hope, I hope it is the renewing of gardens, but it may not be.

What’s more important is how I live my life ~

with an open hand of cards, a visible heart,

loving even in silence.

Love is all that we really have, isn’t it?

And these connections that we make with other people ~

they are the gold threads of our life.

I love you all, dearly.


Happy birthday

Happy birthday my dearest partner, boyfriend, lover, best friend, companion.

You are the yang to my yin.

I give blessings for the day you entered this world.

Onwards we travel, together.

How lucky I am to have you.

You, the man who is unlike any I have ever met.

My first thought when I met you?

You were the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on.

And now?

The same.

Love, bigger than us, Love,