Fire the Grid

winged woman, pastels on paper

At 9:11pm Australian EST
there is a worldwide meditation called Fire the Grid
for us all to vision healing and oneness for humanity and our beautiful Mama Earth.

Connect in with the grid ~
even if you miss the time,
do it anyway with the intention of connecting in with the grid of light.

See in your mind’s eye and feel in your heart
streaming ribbons of light from every star in the sky
reaching down to touch us, heal us, and embrace the earth.
Imagine inhaling this light,
taking it into your heart,
and offering it a home there.

Imagine a world of hope, peace, beauty and miracles.
Imagine a planet of community, of people connecting deeply with themselves, each other, our animals and plants, our beautiful Earth home.

Imagine a world of possibility,
of radiant dreams come true.

Imagine opening your eyes and seeing the world
as though you have just arrived.

Imagine knowing who you are.
Imagine remembering you are Great Spirit.

I will meet you in the ethers,
dancing in the light.
I believe in you.

Take a moment to imagine the possible.

Remember your beauty,

Moonlight songs

“The moonlight sang sweet tunes to her heart”
Original available on Etsy

And every now and again,
she stood with her bare feet on the earth,
caught in a shard of moonlight.

If she listened closely enough,
she could hear the moon singing
sweet tunes to her heart.

Fire Stories

Once upon a time,

driving to work in the morning,
the light caught my hair,
and a wildfire burned there.

Behind me, Paris said:
“Miss Leonie,
your hair is glowing
like a nimbus.”

My name, Leonie, means lioness.
I have a blonde mane framing a face of proud cheeks,
falling to nestle on a lion’s heart.
A Lioness is a Woman of Flaming Manes.

I am alight from a weekend
with a dear friend,
a sister, a woman
who is my astrological polar opposite.

I am alight from two sparks igniting each other,
a white wolf standing between us,
awakening from a drumming journey
to see her gazing at me,
both of us crumpled, embryonic, on the floor,
blazed through by the drum and the didge.

I am awake with our fierce journeying,
our thirst for knowing,
our dreamings and possibilities.

I am awake with the fire of sisterhood.

When I was a child,
I fought bushfires.
Our farmhouse came close to being razed a time or two.

The drill was
heavy summer days
the scent of burning grass in the air
the sight of flames
the call of neighbours
the gathering of machinery.

We would wet down great bags of hessian,
ladle large plastic tubs of water into the car.

My father and his father
would be at the forefront of the fire
and the licking fingers of flame,
playing an elaborate game of rugby with
their dozers and tractors.

The womenfolk and children
would be at the sides and rear of the fire,
putting out spot fires,
bedding down the heat.

It was something I feared and relished, all at once.
Somedays I still think I want to be a firefighter:
for the community, the tangible challenge,
the smell, the sheer physicality of spirit, body and water against earth and fire.

Fire is the kundalini,
my passion, energy, actions.
Fire is the bushfire,
my transformation, alchemy, release and rebirth.
Fire is the inspiration,
my burning possibility of all that wishes to come ablaze in this world.

All our lives are waiting to teach us.

Bright, Burning Blessings,

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magical acts

Moon dancer (available on Etsy)

This lovely goddess came through me to visit my life last spring.
I remember rolling around in the grass,
breathless with joy as my hands, arms, face, torso, chest
danced in the paint and sang hues onto the canvas.
Her form and the story written behind her came once the paint dried.
She emerged just as she needed to, and has been hanging above my computer ever since.

She has been a little hidden in my alcove here, but lately has been frequenting more open walls in the house to be SEEN. (My house is a revolving art gallery)

She has emerged from her incubation period with a magical power:

She makes women dance before her.

Countlessly, my women friends walk through my house,
stop infront of her, raise their arms, and shake-a shake-a their glorious hips.

Last week two gorgeous sisters were gyrating divinely before her,
all three of them smiling the same little wild smile.

I am so grateful that so much magic is in my life…
and keeps spilling in…
from all directions, all possibilities,
seeping through my hands.

Often, I get down on my knees and give the most heartful thanks
that I am blessed with the creations that I am.
They have saved, healed and made light my life in so many ways.

I am off to catch a star from the sky…
one of my dearest friends is arriving for the weekend.

Let me play a little Nostradamus and prophecy this:
It is to be a weekend of souls connecting, nourishing foods, the beating drum, magical corn cakes, laughter, sharing in pyjamas.

I wish for you…
just this blissful moment.
some shake~a shake~a.
gratitude that takes you down on your knees to kiss the earth.
friendship adventures.

rainbow clumps of balloons,

Gypsy Heart

Gypsy Heart Goddess
(prints on Goddess of Leonie etsy store)

In her heart, she longs to explore all the joys and possibilities of this splendid Earth ~

she dreams of garlanding herself in a sari in India
of the breeze floating by as she explores the back roads of Tuscany by bicycle
she longs to travel by canoe in Indonesia
to sing romantic songs in Morocco
she yearns to arrive, panting, at the peak of Macchu Piccu
and to dance a desert dance in Africa.

She longs to experience and explore this world,
to devour it whole,
to savour its beauty in her soul,
to be a part of this wondrous rainbow of life.

Her whole life, through and through,
she will be a discoverer of this world,
a lover, a documenter, a celebrator of its beauty and aliveness.

She is Goddess with a Gypsy Heart.

May she always remind of you the rapture of exploration ~ the delight of discovery ~ the Heart that loves this whole wide world.

With love,
with joy,
with five months until I experience INDIA ~ oh land of my aching dreams!