i love you anyway


i was walking along

like a fresh blessing

in the morning.

i love the city in the morning:

the quiet way the breeze places,

through green leaves and blackbirds.

it’s like all our mistakes and humanness are wiped clean

and only promise and possibility awaits.

i walk along

with honeysuckle flowers in my curling hair.

mr paris led me and my love to a honeysuckle climber this morning,

saying: “we only live once”

his grief emblazoned on a red rose on his backpack.

he shows us how

to bite off the ends and draw in the honeysuckle nectar,

telling me:

“leonie, i know of no other flower than the honeysuckle that is so similar to your essence.”

so i walk

the city morning

with love, friendship, grief and life in my hair.

i walk beside men and women:

a woman dressed like a man, smoking furtively.

instead of screwing my eyes up in judgement,

i whisper to her:

i love you anyway.

a thin man walks quickly, as though harried and fearful

about being late, about being lost, about being wrong,

and i whisper to him:

i love you anyway.

every man and woman i walk beside,

i watch them silently,

taking in all their parts,

and i want to love them with all of myself.

i want to bless them, i want them to know they are not alone,

i want them to have a good day.

and the thought strikes me,

as i walk like a miandering honeysuckled hair angel in the city morning,

following others and showering them with love,

that maybe, just maybe, just definitely,

that there were angels following me whispering:

i love you anyway. you are good. you are loved. i see you.

dear my mad sisters

only you two crazy chickas know exactly what is happening in this photograph.

if anyone else knows, i’m pretty sure they will never, ever shake the memory of THAT wild dream.

this is kinda the best way to live.

i love you both more than i can ever say.
you are a part of me.

see you in india.




I’ve come across recently some lovely movie : book : audio resources for the spirit that I wanted to share… Enjoy!


Let me tell you, I gave Chris a rather unenthusiastic look when he presented me with this movie at the video store. Even as the opening music played, I groaned. I’m not a big fan of Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler movies that I find distinctly unfunny: 7. Adam Sandler movies I adore: 1. (the Wedding Singer)

I even decided the movie wasn’t even worth my undivided attention so edited photos instead.

But then something happened.

I started listening. And getting drawn into the story. And realising that this was one of those gem of a movies that presents as popular light-watching entertainment, but is actually a profound lesson of how to live your life (think Disney’s “The Kid“).

I really don’t want to say anymore than that, just that I heartily recommend it. There are some very Secret-esque concepts played out in the movie. It inspired me to go on an adventure this afternoon and to know that each moment only comes once.

I’m currently engrossed in “Brave Hearts and Rebel Spirits,” written by Brooke Shelby Biggs and Anita Roddick.

It profiles a number of spiritual activists who have worked to create positive change in this world and highlight what needs to change. Buddhists, Catholic priests and nuns, Native Americans, Quakers, Muslims – all LIVING their beliefs and instigating social consciousness. And also riveting is how they have been oppressed by their governments – you will giggle when you read about two elderly priests being regarded as terrorists by the FBI. Other stories won’t make you giggle at all, but fill you with a deep desire and passion for truth, compassion and clarity.

This book is precious, and I regard it as an important self-education tool. A manual for how we can all live our beliefs more vivaciously in this world.

Hay House Radio is my new audio obsession.

If you haven’t been introduced to HHR yet, please let me make the official intros.
“Lush depository of radio wisdom, meet divine hottie goddess.
Divine hottie goddess, meet library of your favourite authors speaking on all topics of goodness.”

If you sign up as a member (free) you can download podcasts of all precious previous radio shows as well.

Some of my favourites include:

May these speak to your spirit ~~~

Spread the gift of wisdom!

Rainy Saturday afternoon joy from me to you,