Special Announcement!

I’m SO incredibly excited about the release of SARK’s new book “Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper” – not just because I relish and devour anything she creates – not just because it’s a book to inspire writers – because there’s also a three page interview with yours truly in there!

If you had told me eight years ago when I first found her incredible & life-changing books that I would be interviewed in one of them… I’m not quite sure what I would have done. My heart would have filled up to within an ounce of overflowing, and I would have wrapped my arms around anything that showed signs of moving. I tend to be a Hug Bear when I’m thrilled to my heart and spirit… it’s like all that energy needs somewhere to go!

So I’m feeling very blessed and joyful. Once my copy flights its way across the sea to me, I’ll be able to show a few more pictures 🙂

If you’re a new reader that’s found me through the book… a wild and happy HELLO! to you. I’m so heart-glad to meet you!

Welcome to my online abode!
This is my website sharing my art, photographs, retreats & soul stories with the world… This is me dancing in the snow this week for the first time in falling snow. Colour me delighted 🙂

And these are my two of my favourite boys in the world…
my amazing love Christian & our spirit puppy Charlie (Charlie is also a book demi-god, with mentions & photographs in three books now! hee hee hee)

To help you find your way around my online abode…

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*Happy sigh*
Thank you so much for being here…
thank you for celebrating miracles with
and thank you for being you 🙂

Bright rainbow blessings & love,

Uluru – Sacred Journey: Art print

I thought I would do a little set of Soul Story artworks on the amazing places I have travelled to around this gorgeous globe.

The first one is Uluru ~ the spiritual heartland in the middle of Australia’s desert… a place of heart and soul.

Words on print say:
“She found her heart in the desert…
in the mulla mulla grass,

on an ochre dune at sunrise
just east of the Great Rock…
the heartbeat of the Earth whispered songs of love to her.”

If you’d like more information on Uluru, check out the entry on Wikipedia.

You can order the print at my Etsy store: http://goddessofleonie.etsy.com

Deep desert blessings to you today & always,

Holy white miracle!

For the first time
in our lives
we stood in falling snow.

Dancing white flecks falling on our
bare feet,
in the backyard.

We drive in our Jeep further into the mountains,
and dancing in the beds of white.

Listen, my love tells me.
Listen to the sound of falling snow.

And we did,
and it was the softest, quietest miracle I have ever known.

Wishing you white, bright blessings,

~ More snow white bliss photos at my Flickr photostream. 🙂

Opening Heart Goddess: Art print

for all of us transforming, opening, cracking, breaking, blooming right now… for all our precious hearts…

A little bit broken
a litle bit open
a tiny crack in your heart appears…
a little bloom folds through
unfolding its its golden green leaf wings…
“grow, grow,” it whispers to you…
“Let your loveliness unfold,
like a wish, like a dove,
like a promise made true.
You are remarkable,
you are loved,
you are love.”
And so it is.

To see more of my prints & order your own, visit my Etsy store.

Win a Goddess Leonie art print

From now until the end of August I’m running a lil competition! I so want to share my art with even more of the world, and thought I’d have a competition… to spread the word & offer a Goddess Leonie print as a prize 🙂

Here’s the ways you can enter:
1. Sign up for my monthly Joy eLetters, or
2. Email 3 friends letting them know about my website, or
3. Blog on your website about my art or website

You can do all three of course, and get more entries to win! 🙂 With the second two ways, just email me with link to your blog entry or a copy of your email to friends and I’ll enter you in 🙂

The winner will be notified by email and can choose the Goddess Leonie art print of their heart’s calling. To see my full range of art prints celebrating the Goddess in every woman, visit my Etsy store: http://goddessofleonie.etsy.com.

Hurrah! So excited to be sharing this… and looking forward to receiving entries!

Wishing you a gorgeous day of simple surprises & mind expanding possibilities… and most of all… L O V E…

Bright blessings & bear hugs to you,