Where Love meets the Sea.

I have returned.
And, as with all journeys, I return a different woman.
The same Leonie spirit, yes… but somehow deeply and ephemerally changed.
We drove 2500 kilometres to our homeland by the sea.
We rejoiced, we sat by campfires, we drummed on a little piece of land beneath the mountains that we dream of living on.
We nestled back in again to that bosom of family that sustains, nourishes, pulls us, and makes us walk our talk even more.
We drove even further north ~ my love, my family and me.
We arrive at a place where mountains dip straight into the sea, where fruitbats roam and gardens are jungles.
We witness, celebrate, honour and photograph my beautiful big brother marry his true love.
We wake every morning to eat papaya and croissants for hours – just the fifteen of us… brother, sisters, partners, nieces, nephews, my brother’s dad, his kids, my parents, and new family. One swarming nest of love and kindness.
We witness acts of bravery, vulnerability, sweetness, hilarity.
We swim under the stars in a lagoon, the water turning my skin by turns green and blue – a mermaid incarnate.
We are soaking wet with sweat and laughter, tears and bear hugs, children’s piggy back rides, golden sunlight and dewy grass underfoot.

And we are engaged to be wed.

My love – this man who has been my partner, soulmate, teacher, student, lover and friend – takes me to the sea where we first fell in love seven years ago.

We slow dance in the ocean as sea eagles float on ocean winds overhead, their shadow dipping over us, blessing us as their totem people.

We laugh on rocks, toes in pools, pointing the places where our mermaid home is under the sea.

And finally: to the place where the river meets the ocean,
two tides meet, kiss, overlap and become one,
he asks me to marry him.

I say yes. There is only one answer to be said.

He places a ring on my hand that is a mermaid’s ring… blue, shining, with silver waves and rainbows. It is topaz and opal, silver and magical.

So I return filled with love of all its kinds –
the love of the earth and sun and sea,
the love between new friends and old lovers,
the love of parents and elders, hope and knowing,
the love of children and toes in sand.

And the love of a man who is my most beautiful man in the world.

Ten years ago, in that teen soaked love of Dawson’s Creek, I decreed to a friend that one day I would marry a Dawson.

And so it is.

When we marry I will be Mrs Dawson. 🙂

Written on the stars, written on the shells, written on the sky – just one word:


with love always,

Frequently Anticipated Questions

Q: When will we wed?
A: Sometime after we move home to our piece of heaven,
sometimes before we have children.

Is he hot? Yes. Really, really, really. Utterly perfection.

Are you back in the studio? Yes 🙂
All print orders received over the holidays will be sent out by 11 October {this Saturday}. You can also now submit your orders for custom art. Hurrah!

What does Charlie think?
He is utterly excited. Even more than he usually is.
He’s already given his world famous lick-blessing of our ring. 🙂

Goddess Melly – Custom Soul Story

** I’m currently away on holidays ~ these posts are coming to you via the blog post fairy. I will be returning emails & fulfilling all orders when I return the week of 8 October. **

The gorgeous Goddess Melly of Audacious Girl recently had her birthday and celebrated her gorgeous goddessness by commissioning her very own Soul Story message on canvas. Bless her goddess cotton socks, I *love* that! I so love when we celebrate our selves on our own birthday. It gets me thinking of what I can do this year to be the very best lover, adorer & dream-come-true for myself.

It was such a delight creating this for Melly… she is an ocean loving blue dreaming mermaidy sister just like me… so most of the colouring was all about the turquoises, azures, teals and aquas.

I always love the process of creating a custom artwork for someone… after they fill out my custom art questionare, I get to sit and meditate on them, and feel what comes up. And I could just feel how sweet, kind and courageous Melly’s energy is. She is a beautiful soul inside & out.

The beauty of making Soul Story custom arts on *canvas* instead of watercolour paper is I can add some extra special elements… including some gorgeous hard wearing glitter. Sparkles make life just that much more delicious.

I’ve been waiting to share this art with you once Melly got back from her awesome adventures & got her parcel… and I woke up to find this treasure in my inbox…

“can i just say that when i opened your package.it took my breath away.it was even more beautiful and magicalthan i envisioned (if that is possible).all the little details…my favorite colors. glitter. sweet words. pure awesomeness.”

I so love you Melly, my mermaid sista!
It was so beautiful creating this for you… you are a blessing to know across the oceans.

Blessings filled with blue sky & sea

You can order your own custom Soul Story here.