I’m so excited to share a project that has been in the works for some time now… my photography business! has just been launched.

It is my joy and my honour to photograph the love, beauty and spirit in the souls around me… and I am looking forward to creating photo-joy and magic with many more.

I photograph weddings, families, couples, maternity and individual portraits in Canberra and the Whitsundays region. I specialise in creating a gorgeous space for women to shine and be photographed as the beautiful souls as they are. has its own blog which will be updated with new photoshoots regularly – you can sign up for its RSS feed or the newsletter.

I’m so blessed to share this with the world… and look forward to creating even more beauty with beautiful souls everywhere.
Thank you for being here!

Love & golden light,

Goddess Jen: Custom Soul Story: A friend’s gift

This is another one of the Soul Stories I was up until midnight creating just before I left for uber amazing holidays. And I just gotta say… if it’s making art and rainbows and blessings and love, I’ll stay up till midnight anytime to do it 🙂

This Soul Story custom art was commissioned by the darling Magpie Girl {who I’m a huge fan of!} for her dear friend Jen Lemen‘s birthday {who I’m also a mega fan of!}  It is such an honour and a blessing to be a part of a gifting that celebrates the spirit, soul and story of that person. I think that’s what we all desire on some level – to be seen for our beauty and our gifts. *happy splish splash* So I love love LOVE being a part of this.

And if this didn’t make me *happy splish splash* enough… the gorgeous Jen Facebooked me this morning and said…
“i love this commission so much leonie! it totally and completely made my year!”
*about a thousand more happy splish splashes from leonie*

If you want to order your own Soul Story, or order one for dearheart friends & family for birthdays or Christmas, just point your mousey here.

In the next couple of days I’ll be answering Frequently Asked Questions about creativity & spirituality & all those good things ~ if you’ve got any questions, let me know sweetcheeks.

Wishing you a dear & deep day,
with lots of love

Goddess Kathryn – Custom Soul Story art

Goddess Kathryn… aka the ROCKINGEST KNOXY ordered her own Soul Story custom art in her favourite autumny colours… I so loved creating it for her… she is such a gorgeous, warm, spirited and loving soul… love you girl!

I so hope it reminds you just what a beautiful spirit you are… and just how much GORGEOUS GOODNESS is coming to you right now. Can you smell it? I think it smells like pumpkin spice candles and Dave Grohl’s aftershave, no? hee hee hee… {For those playing at home, the smell of those two concoctions is Knoxy’s version of heaven}

Ordering your own Soul Story custom art
You can order your own Soul Story custom art here. It’s paint day today, so an awesome time to get your orders in! 🙂 hee hee hee!

Do you have any questions to ask me?
Ooooh! One more thing…
In the next couple of days I’ll be writing a blog post answering some frequently asked questions from readers… these can be anything from spirituality to creativity to joy… if you have a question you’d like me to answer, leave a comment, and I will answer it as best I can 🙂

Love & love & LOVE to you all,

Goddess Heather: Custom Soul Story art

The gorgeous goddess Heather recently commissioned her own Soul Story custom art on canvas from me. I so loved creating it for her – she is a bubbly, lovely, sparkling soul and her enthusiasm for life, love and friendship is palpable, even across email.

She wanted me to include her favourite colours – blue, blue and blue. SO easily done – they are my favourite too! 🙂

I love creating Soul Story customs on *canvas* – it’s ready to hang, doesn’t need framing and I CAN ADD GLITTER PAINT. weeeeeeeeeeee!

Goddess Heather – it was such a joy to create this for you. I so hope it reminds you of your beauty and amazing spirit.


~ Remember Goddess Melly’s Soul Story? She just posted pics of her bedroom sanctuary with it included. LOVE LOVE photos like that!!!
~ You can order your very own Soul Story custom artwork celebrating you and your gifts here.

All the ways to love.

Thank you all so much for the love, hurrahs, support and joy over the last few days… here, on the facebook, ethereally, email-ly, face-to-face and heart-to-heart. {And a special shout out to Brandi of Dandelion Seeds for being my blog post publish fairy while I was away – you are a treasure!}

We are very very blessed and filled with love.
I want to also give voice to something I have learned about love. It’s a pretty huge lesson. It took years for me to understand this:
Love is *not* just like a romantic comedy movie. You see, I used to believe that love would be just like that, and it’s not. Romantic comedy movies aren’t able to show lovers as they really are – two vulnerable, fragile souls who are working on their stuff – fears, baggage, personality. Love is a lesson everyday. Love is a journey. There doesn’t get to be a point where it’s a Happily Ever After. It’s more a choosing Happy Every Day. Love is a journey, and it can be our greatest teacher. So my love advice is this… have courage, and have hope. Love isn’t always the easy path, but with spirit and consciousness, it can show us the way to our highest and deepest selves.

To celebrate love, I wanted to take a little photo miander through some of my favourite love photos…

Our favourite place to be… by the fire…

Five years ago, when we first moved here, on our first snow day.

Our journey to India, to Taj Mahal last year…

One of my favourite photos of us 🙂

Our birthday picnic three years ago…

Beside Uluru, the most sacred place we have known…

Us the evening of my inner marriage ceremony. I knew Chris was even more incredible when he understood my need to marry myself before I could marry another. In the afternoon, I had gone to a ceremonial rock with my three goddess sisters and committed to love and honour myself. We returned, and he had made us a feast of sushi and lasagne and sangria… and we proceeded to have the most glorious night of laughter and nosh and friendship and love..

Standing on the riverbed of the Murray river on our roadtrip to Adelaide earlier this year…

And soon I’ll be able to share even more love photos!
I just won a photo shoot with Zhoosh Creative Photography which is the most divine timing possible… in two weeks my love and I will be having an engagement photoshoot with Robeccer at our special rock… the same place I had my inner marriage 🙂

L O V E,