Creative Goddess Sunday & a survey

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

It’s not quite still Sunday… but it’s Creative Sunday in my mind at least 😉
I hope you are having the most beautiful day possible!

As always, on Creative Goddess Sunday I have a yack about what’s happening on my journey, and share one of my latest creations. And as always, you can join in by sharing in the Comments Circle.

So, talking stick sharing first…

… because I feel like I’ve got words and thoughts and feelings bubbling out of me.

I can’t have a talking stick about my journey and not mention my big, beautiful Goddess Rocket Ship launch – my Creative Goddess e-Course and Circle. It started four days ago and has been thrilling, overwhelming, amazing, precious, daring, scary and very very real.

I had birthing pains. And birthing euphoria. I cried when I sent it out for the first time. I cried when I felt overwhelmed. I cried when I saw the amazing creations and sharings that are coming out of those Goddesses. And I sobbed when I watched the video of one of the Goddesses about the mountains and the wind and her voice. SOBBED.

So, yes, I’ve been mama-emotional. I just birthed this very-big-but-little-and-precious-thing, and witnessed it flighting off into the lives of other women. That’s HUGE

Right now, I think I need a bean bag, a cup of tea, and a sister to wrap her arms around me and just listen. *aaaaaaaaaaaaaah* {long exhale}

And then more stuff.

I’ve been kind of blown away by the support some of my dearest friends have given me during the birthing process. I’ve felt a little bit like I’ve had midwife sisters checking in, seeing how I’m doing – even as they had their own stuff going on. And then my mama decided to take the Creative Goddess e-Course too, and calls me to gush over it, and that makes me kind of still. And proud. And very, very emotional.

There’s changes and developments going on over here. I’m working less in my other job, and working more at this job than I ever have before. I’m hoping to reveal the new Big Change to you this week at last (Yay!). And I’ve also just started a year long business course/forum thing which is blowing my gorgeous mind in all new kinds of ways. (And Yay!)

Things to Do
Videos to make, prints to send off, and lunch to remember to eat (2.30pm, and it still hasn’t happened.)

*exhalllllllle* gently.

So that’s what is bouncing about in my mind these days… it feels better to have it out. Thank you for listening, and for being here, Goddesses.

Creative! Goddess! Sunday!

Yay! And now it’s time to share one of my latest creations. This Soul Story custom art was ordered as a present, from one Raw Food Goddess to another Raw Food Goddess. I so loved making this for Goddess Jo, including her favourite colors and celebrating her Soul’s Story in art.

And just an aside… if your wondering why these pics look slightly different than my usual: these photos were taken by Chief Helper Elf Chris when I was wild-busy. I adore that man. 🙂

Creative Goddess Studio Views!

And it’s been a while since I shared a pic from the studio space… so here’s one!

Those are my hilarious astrological curtains (they were here when we moved in.) Outside you can see the rose bushes against the window, growing wild and lush as they do. And two oak trees. Then the road, our neighbours, and out to the back is the mountain I like to call the South Mountain. Because it’s in the South. Imaginative, no?

Why I really call it the South Mountain.

South Mountain does have a real name – Mt Rob Roy – but I call it South Mountain for a different reason.

We live in a little valley that is bordered by mountains on all four sides, and I imagine that each of them holds the energies of the Medicine Wheel directions. The North Mountain: The place of ancestors, and wisdom, and walking my talk. The East Mountain: The place of inspiration, of new ideas, and new days, and floating in the sky.
The South Mountain: The place of passion, and birthing, and creation and full bloom. It is the fire of romance and spirit in action!
The West Mountain: The place of replenishment, and caves, and curling up inside ourselves to hibernate before we venture out into the world again.

So the South Mountain becomes sacred to me, and I love that my studio looks out over the mountain that is my place of passion and project-birthing.

Sparkling survey stuff.

*Phew* This is getting to be one biiiig blog post! It makes sense really, with all The Stuff happening. As I mentioned, there are some gorgeous changes coming for as I dream up even more ways I can help goddesses live their precious, wild, brave, joyful, blissed out lives. I wanted to find out from you *your* thoughts & ideas, so we can create even more magic & joys together. I’ve put together a survey – and would love love love to hear from you.

To take the survey, click here.
And I’m so so grateful if you are called to doing it!

Okay, my gorgeous Goddess sisters.

It’s been beautiful sitting and sharing with you. If you’d like to claim the talking stick, and share your stories and creations, the Comments Circle is always open for you, and held with love. And if you’ve got the time to fill out the survey, I am so deeply grateful!

Have a glorious day, drops-of-sunshine-Goddesses!

Yes! You can still enrol! Six weeks of magic, creativity, inspiration and Goddess discovery await you in the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle.

The tyranny of art needing to look good… or the Creative Goddess Manifesto

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

The Goddess Rocket Ship has launched.

Last night I clutched a beautiful piece of calcite crystal as I slept, dreaming of creating and circles and goddesses and sisterhood. Then I got woken up at 3am by Charlie-Dog sneaking on the bed and spooning my knees. Then I dreamed some more about paint on fingers and radiant souls and doing what I’m supposed to be doing in this world.

I woke up just as the sun was rising. I padded out to my computer, Chris dancing around me as he does. I uploaded the rest of the Course goodness. My Dad called me to talk about the rain, and I just listened to his voice and felt how much I loved him, just as he is. Then I emailed 130+ goddesses from all over the world. A journey has begun. What miracles we find there, I do not know. I just know they will happen.

I walked out to the backyard with Charlie, lay down, face first on Mama Earth, and hugged her. I cried big happy tears of my dream being born. I prayed that my course would go out into the world safely and filled with light. I prayed that every woman on this planet remember just what a Goddess she is. And I gave thanks to Great Spirit for all the tremendous beauty in this world.

And that was my morning.

And other bits of vital importance.

I keep getting emails asking when I’ll be running this again and when exactly enrollments close to be a part of this course. My answer: I don’t know. For now – you can keep enrolling, and be a part of the Circle. It just feels really magical and *right* in the Circle, and to be sharing the Course with Goddesses who are called. If I feel called to close off access, I’ll let you know the exact day & time.

But for now – it feels right to allow Goddesses who are called to be a part of the Goddess Circle and are committed to experiencing creativity in a whole new way – to join. I don’t want any left-outside-in-the-snow Goddesses when there is a gorgeous roaring fireplace and velvet couches and paint on the floor and connections to be made inside!

I hope this works for everyone!

And now, I get passionate.

A  little while ago I did a profile interview at my cubicle job – which basically entails me walking around talking to interesting people and writing about it. Anyway – one day I was talking to a guy, and I asked my trademark question. “So, what makes you awesome?”
And this lovely guy grinned shyly, and said: “I do paintings.”
And in my usual, calm, graceful way, I *shrieked*: “That’s GREAT! I love it! Tell me more more MORE, you artist you!”
And he backpedalled. “Oh but I’m not an artist or anything! I haven’t SOLD anything you know. I just do paintings.”

Since when was ARTIST ever about being an occupation, not what we are in our deepest soul?

We were each born artists. When we were kids, fingerpainting gloriously, and someone told us “Oh! Look at you, you artist you!” we would just nod. And smile. Because that’s who we were. We just made art because it was fun and it made us happy in our hearts.

When did we decide the only person who could ever call themselves an artist was the one who painted full time as their source of income, sold their artwork and galleries, painted their fine art on an easel with nice brushes and did it in an internationally recognised style?

The only person who can ever truly call themselves is an artist needs only one requirement:
They were born.

The tyranny.

Of art needing to Look Good in order to be ART.
Or be sold. Or be wildly popular. Or shown in an art gallery.

I don’t want to count the times I hear:

“I made this artwork. It was incredibly freeing and therapeutic for my soul.” (At which point I’m going YAY! That is perfect! YES! That is true! And then I hear a moment… and then they discount their own art and sacred experience.
“But it doesn’t look good. And it won’t ever be in a gallery. I’m not an artist or anything!” And even: “But then someone looked at it and said ‘Don’t give up your day job.”

(I wish to have a petition against that sentence to refrain anyone from ever, ever saying it again. “Don’t give up your day job” – ARGH! What would be a good response to this? “Well, don’t give up your day job to have fun, be wild, laugh like a kid again or follow your dreams either then!”)

Looking Good and Being Successful and Making Money.
That’s not the point or value of art. Ever.

The point of art was it being freeing and therapeutic for the soul.
The value of art is that it serves us, our souls and our dreams in a thousand miracle, rainbow ways.

The point of art was to create it, to let this amazing river of spirit and ideas and texture and colour and imaging flow through you. The point of art is to feel like a Creative Goddess while you do it.

This deserves a Creative Goddess Manifesto.

Creative Goddesses make art because it fills them up with joy and light.
Creative Goddesses believe mistakes are sacred and add to an artwork’s story and perfection.
Creative Goddesses aren’t afraid of making art that doesn’t Look Good.
Creative Goddesses don’t make art for others, they make art for themselves.
Creative Goddesses make art that is true for them.
Creative Goddesses don’t need no stinkin’ outside approval.
Creative Goddesses make art that doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.
Creative Goddesses trust in their intuition and vision to make *their* art as it is needed in this world.
Creative Goddesses listen to their soul’s calling.
Creative Goddesses dip their fingers in paint.
Creative Goddesses know the power of soulful creativity.
Creative Goddesses remember that every person on this planet is an artist, a Creative spirit, a soul who needs love, joy, creativity, laughter and connection just as much as water and food.
Creative Goddesses do it messy. And gladly. And reverently.
Creative Goddesses share their art when it is right for them, and hold on to the medicine of their art when it is right for them.

The Creative Goddess is inside you.
She is inside each of us, everywhere, all the time.
We only need a moment to hear our own grace and magnificence.

Today is a gorgeous day.

It’s a new day… it’s a new life…
And I’m feeling gooood.
And because having Faith in my dreams made one of my own miracles came true today, it totally deserves an Eli Stone clip. With George Michael as God.

Sing it with me now…

Until tomorrow…
Imagine you are being cupped in the palm of Great Spirit.


Yes! You can still enrol! Six weeks of magic, creativity, inspiration and Goddess discovery await you in the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle.

In 3… 2… 1…

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I’m in mega countdown mode… for the launch of that Goddess Rocket Ship – that thing I can’t stop talking about – that dream that has kind of consumed me for the last two months – the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle. Tomorrow, I send out the first week of creative project, video, meditation MP3 and ebooks.

A couple of miracles.

So, a couple of days ago, I was talking to one of my favourite cousins {whose name just happens to be Chris too – just like my love}. He asked about the Creative Goddess e-Course and where Goddesses where enrolled from. I told him the long list – Germany, the Philippines, Finland, the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, Sweden, Norway… We joked about how I’d know I made it when I managed to have goddesses from the other two continents – South America and Africa. Next time, we laughed. Next time.

Today – a day before the course begins – an art teacher from Chile enrols.

It’s like a tiny little kiss from the Universe.

And the Goddess who won the enrollment to the Creative Goddess e-Course and Circle? That would be the Ruby, the goddess who had just declared on her blog that 2009 was her year of Creative Recovery.

This world works in beautiful, miraculous ways.

And tonight.

Tonight – the night before it all begins – the season finale of Eli Stone is on. To have this season end just as something new begins for me is beyond perfect.

I’ve written before about how inspired I am by it. For me, it’s a parable about a man finding faith and keeping it. It reminds me to have faith in my own visions and dreams, and walk the path of them. I’m usually not inspired by TV. But this time – I am. You can find Spirit Guides anywhere.

The Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle started when I had a dream, a vision at midnight of women from all around the world gathering to discover the Goddess that danced inside them, and experience creativity soulfully, wildly, magically, joyfully, blissfully, freely. The next morning I held it in my hands as gently as I could, and I listened. That afternoon the idea was complete, the message was coo-eed to the Goddesses from the mountain and the first Goddesses were enrolled. That was two months ago.

Eli Stone has reminded me to keep the faith even when things look sideways or upside down. He teaches me to keep believing, and trusting, and working towards what I see in my heart and spirit. The parable of Eli has fuelled me with so much energy to create the course and share it with the world.

Now here it is.


I am wet-shining-sparkling-eyed at what is to come.

Tomorrow, a flock of doves will take flight.
A group of Goddesses will gather.
Paint will be sprayed.
Meditations will be breathed.
Laughter will ring.
Charlie will photo-bomb my videos and eat feathers from my hair.
We will make art.
We will remember what Goddesses we are.

And the soft sound of a dream being born will be heard.

To you. And to me. And to Great Big Beautiful Dreams taking Flight.

Yes! You can still enrol! Six weeks of magic, creativity, inspiration and Goddess discovery await you… Enrol in the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle.

Two little things

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Two sweet little things today while I finish up my Goddess Rocket Ship for launch tomorrow!

1.} The Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle begins tomorrow. If you’d like to enrol and partake in six weeks of magic, creativity and inspiration, today or tomorrow is the name of the game. Weeeeee!

2.} I’ve just emailed the winner of the Creative Goddess e-Course Mailing-God-list-change competitiony… and will announce here when I’ve got confirmation. Weeeeee!

Big big BIG love,
Goddess Leonie

Sacred Goddess: Grounding through snow

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

A goddess wrote me a couple of weeks ago. I thought I’d share it – along with my answer. It might not be something that we Australians need to think about much – but I know many of the Northern Goddesses here are living in snow-white lands around this time of the year.

I was wondering if you have any suggestions for grounding in the snow. I have read your grounding poster and it is something that I would so love to do each and every day and also as you have suggested below – “Touch earth everyday with bare feet and hands.”  – But that is hard when we are in the middle of winter here and it is below freezing with snow on the ground. BBBBRRRRRR, that would mean freezing feet. What can I do to ground instead?

I love the question, because it’s a Big One. Grounding is important – and what in heck does one do when that ground is covered with ice and snow?

Okay, first.

A moment to acknowledge the purdy photo at the top of this post. It seemed like the perfect fit for this question. I took this photo of my hunky-Wise Man-love last year when it snowed here. It doesn’t snow here, so when it did have a freak burst last winter, we jumped in our jeep and headed for the mountains to play. We were standing in the snow just listening to the sound of quiet, to the sound of snowflakes rustling through the air. This photo was taken when I headed back for the car. I turned back to see my beautiful man, soaking in the moment, connecting with the earth. To meet, this symbolises how to ground even when it’s white and cold – with arms wide open, embracing this whole gorgeous world.

And that’s me getting totally carried away about the photograph. Now… onto tips on grounding while it’s icy.

The Bare Hands & Feet Thing.

To ground – you don’t NEED to have bare feet. If it’s warm enough, it’s delicious and gives you the extra joy of grass tickling your soles. But if it’s not – still take the time to go outside, and take some deep breaths outside.

The earth is a source of completely healing and rejuvenation for us. Try it out. Go outside, look outside, look at the earth, look at the sky and take ten deep breaths.

Helllooo complete-energy recircuit!

Visualise yourself grounded.

When you *visualise* something, you enact the same neurological responses as you would if you were *experiencing* it. Visualisation can work so powerfully in grounding. In larger women’s circles, we often use a grounding visualisation inside instead of having the whole circle troop outside to do it.

So, either sit down or stand with your legs apart. Take deep breaths down into your core, right down into your belly. Visualise yourself as a tree – your branches reaching into the sky, legs growing like roots into the Earth. Feel yourself deeply connected into the soil and earth. See yourself as a strong oak tree – the perfect balance between sky and earth. With this image in mind, take three deep breaths in and out through your core – visualising that you are inhaling and exhaling through your solar plexus. On your last exhale, exhale with a noise… like an “aaaaaaaaaaaaah.”

Give it a go, and see how it feels.
Play with it until you feel grounded, earthy, connected and centred.

Use a Tree.

You can also use actual trees to connect and ground because their roots go through the snow right into the earth. They are the perfect symbol of groundedness!

Is there a park you can go to that would give you a little bit of quiet space to connect with a tree? Even if you could pop down a plastic picnic mat and sit with your back against the tree for a few minutes, you can pick up on the energy, groundedness and strength behind you.

Different trees have different energies and medicines. There are a couple of great books that give the meanings and energies of trees – but as always, the knowledge, wisdom and intuition is right inside you. Give it a go. Listen. Feel. Experience. Trust. This is second nature to you.

And as always… let us know how you go! I’d love to hear your experiences and soul stories.

Passing the Talking Stick…

As always, I’d love for you to share your wisdom and stories by using the Talking Stick in the Comments Circle. If you’re a cold-climater – how do you connect with the Earth and ground when it’s snow white out?

I’ll see you tomorrow gorgeous Goddesses. Same time, same place. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a new Goddess in You artwork. Wee!

And have I mentioned recently that there’s something gorgeous and big in the works for Watch this space possums!

Big love,

Are you called to be a part of the Creative, Soulful Circle? Three days until the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle begins on January 15.