Sacred Goddess – How to Shamanic Journey

Dancing woman in the desert
Photo taken by moi in the dunes near Uluru,
of the magical Ellen Hawkfeather.

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Yesterday I spent the morning curled up in our bathtub. Not in the usual way, no. I got a big furry blanket, filled the tub with it, and had a blanket bath. I read and listened to meditation cds and cried.

And then something a little different happened: I felt like I needed to go on a shamanic journey. 

What is Shamanic Journeying?

Shamanic Journeying is a simple, ancient practice of meditation and finding answers. It can feel like a light trance – one that you are totally conscious in. It feels more powerful than just a normal meditation because it is a Journey – you feel yourself move into it, and back, and often get lessons or visions during it. It is a way you can connect with your highest self and your guides. It’s earthy & born from ancient traditions, and often uses drumming to aid the journey.

I’ve done journeys before – but usually with groups of people, led by a shaman. This time I needed to do it on my own. I found some drumming music, wrapped myself warmly, lay in the bathtub and let the music take me where I needed to go.

I was already in a bit of a trance state already as I’d been meditating for about thirty minutes before, so it felt easy to slip down the hole of consciousness, and follow the drumbeats.

My Shamanic Journeying experience

I found myself walking in a meadow for a moment, and then was quickly transported to a fire. There by the fire was an ancient man and woman – I called them Grandmother and Grandfather. They cupped my head in their hands, and wiped away my tears, and whispered to me all I needed to know. They reassured me, and held me in their wise elder embrace. Afterwards, I was given wonderful healings by the women in the tribe, and herbs gathered from a field. They asked me if I wished to know some of my guides, and when I said I did, they showed me some of my guides. I didn’t remember anything more from the journey until I came to, and realised I’d been journeying for about forty minutes.

It felt deeply replenishing in a very real way – when I find my mind worrying now, I remember the teachings of the elders from my journey, and I am comforted again.

How to take your own Shamanic Journey

I’m not an expert, but I am an information-sharer – so if you’re interested in taking your own shamanic journey, here’s some guidelines. Hurrah!

Safe Space

Give yourself some space to be quiet for a little while. I didn’t have any humans in the house while I did mine, but I did let Charlie the Healing Dog jump into the blanket bath with me, and lay on my legs while I journeyed. Because that’s just how we roll.

Journeying Position

Make sure you are all nice and warm. Either sit or lie down in a position that you can maintain for at least twenty minutes comfortably.  The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner also recommends that for extra help to get journey tranced, keep your right arm by your side, fingers stretched and the whole arm relaxed, with your left arm bent and over your forehead so it shields your eyes. Go with what works for you though. It’s all good.


Most shamanic journeys use drumming to go even deeper into trance. If you’re not at a drumming circle, you can use shamanic drumming CDs which have a specific pattern to them to assist in trance. Being the use-what-you-have-renegade I am, I didn’t want to get out of the bathtub to get one of my shamanic journeying CDs, and instead used some world music that had drumming and chanting in it. And it worked beautifully.


Set your intention of what you want out of the journey, even if it is just to experience a shamanic journey. My intention for my journey was to find solace, healing and answers to some of my big pains. And they came.

To begin your journey

When you begin your journey, imagine you are in a place in nature. You can either imagine yourself entering a cave or well to take you down into your earth, or see yourself walking on a journey through meadows.

Allow what comes

You may have strong visions. You may not. You might flip in and out of seeing your journey. You might not remember anything. It’s all good. It’s all perfectly needed. 

Don’t over-question and over-think your visions too much. Allow them to come, and allow them to go. Just trust that what you need is coming to you, and may emerge as a feeling, or a soft knowing after the journey.

After the journey

Make sure you are feeling clear and back to normal consciousness once you’ve returned from your journey. To help with this, have a big glass of water, eat something small or stand outside on the earth with barefoot. Grounding is goooood!

If you’re called, you can also write about your journey afterwards, or just let it sit within you.

As always, your journey is perfect just as it is. There is no one right way, there are no shoulds – just doing what is true for you.

More resources for Shamanic Journeying:

If you want to explore shamanic journeying, you can check out a couple of books available, or have a search around to see if there’s any shamans or circles in your area that offer drumming and journeying. You might be surprised to know how many there are around! (As an example, I know of at least three in my town.)

Shamanic Spirit (book & CD) by Kenneth Meadows

Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide by Sandra Ingerman

I hope this mini-guide helps you, dear soul.

Trust your intuition to what it is you need.

May your journey always be beautiful,


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Goddess Journey Check-in

Hello beautiful,

Good moooorning gorgeous Goddesses!

Today is Monday… our happy new day for checking in & sharing about our journeys on this amazing Goddess Journey we are on… It’s a Monday because… da-dah! I changed my days around at work so I can start my week with two days of goddess goodness!


Hello new balance & happiness!

When we do Goddess Journey check-ins here, we get to connect and share where our week has taken us, what blessings we’ve been gifted, what challenges we have faced, what lessons we have learned… and what we need right now.

Let’s cosy up on a big purple couch with large mugs of tea, and connect-in and share about our journeys this week. As always, you can share if you’re called in the Comments Circle.

Easter Miracle Week

This past week has felt like Easter week. Funny how that works! It’s felt new with beginnings and possibilities and synchronicities. Which I’ve taken to calling my very own Easter miracles.

There’s been little-but-big things, like: friends falling in love. And our sweet puppy Charlie-the-Happy-Healer-Dog getting really sick and then getting a whole lot better.

I have a dear friend. I call her Sone. I talk about her a lot.

Anyway, for the last four years, we’ve lived four hours drive away from each other, and subsisted on half-yearly visits and emails.

And during our workday, we’d email each other saying:

How good would it be to meet up for lunch right now? I wish we lived closer!

Then last week, Sone got a job here. In my sweet little town. And two days later, she moved into our little cottage. Can anyone say OMG!GIRLSLEEPOVERPARTY4EVA? My love loves her, my puppies are infatuated with her, and I totally adore her.

We’ve been drinking jugloads of tea, reading oracle cards for breakfast, lunch and dinner and having silly Twitter three-way convos. (Yus! My hottie has joined up! He’s @Shamancrow. And Sone is @scootersonya. And I’m @GoddessLeonie. Holy dinger, we feel all 2009 right now)

Sone’s staying here until her husby & ginormous doggy (also named Charlie) can move here. And then they’re going to live on a farm & have a ridinkulous amount of animals & we’re going to make tipis on there. Happily ever after.

So it feels a lot like the beginning of that happily ever after.

And I’m so very, very, very excitable that one of my dearests is fulfilling our email prophecy. Things are starting to look holy-smoking-amazing-fun around here.

Speaking of holy-smoking-amazing-fun

This week also was the beginning of a new circle. One that feels organic and whole and ripe and true. With Sone now here, our little gathering of women is complete.

I keep telling Chris about the first gathering of us. How I keep nodding my head and getting teary and laughing just at the miracle of what happens when the right people get together at the right time. When women gather, miracles happen. Every time.

A couple of nights ago, in the moonlight, the four of us found a beautiful red rock and grass labyrinth. And we walked it, bundled in scarves and shawls. And in the centre was the most beautiful tree and the most ancient rock. And I curled up on the ancient rock, and had one of my most profound experiences so far in my beautiful life: I had a Conversation with God. And God was Mother Mary.

I’m completely touched by it all.

When Chris asked me to recount what happened there, there on that rock, I well up with tears. I well up because I remembered in that moment how loved I am and how all my questions are already answered.

There’s so much to say, and yet nothing at all.

Just love, and light, and Easter miracles.

I usually share each week about my challenges from the week. This week has felt so full of newness and kindness and miracles that I can’t even think of one challenge.

Except this. This one I keep ignoring.

I have a project I’m working on.

One I dreamed up three years ago.

One that still isn’t finished and sent out into the world.

One that challenges me and enthralls me and teaches me and is some of my biggest work yet.

And one that’s challenged me so ding dang much that I have ignored it successfully for quite some time.

And then I get a reading, and invariably it will come up:

There is big work you need to be doing right now, and you can’t keep ignoring it.

And I have been.

As Chris says “That’s fine honey. You can keep on ignoring it. And you’ll keep on getting told.” I love that man. I love that he calls me on my stuff.

So, I want to put my little challenge out there. Into the sunlight of a new day, of Easter, of a new phase.

And I want to ask for help. With a little love letter/help wanted ad to the universe.

Dear Universe, here is my help wanted ad.

Goddess seeks amazing helper/s in all forms for help in getting this big, beautiful project finished and out there.

The project you’ll be helping on is super-duper Goddess sacred. It brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it. It’s touched every woman that’s been involved. And it will bring so much insight into this world when it’s shared.

About you: You’re adorable. You are a helper from any or every form – spiritual guide, friend, dream-cheerleader, productivity-coach, animal, earth angel, support system, supporter, assistant or sacred project helper.

About me: I’m Leonie. I need help from the universe. I’m funny, and I’m passionate, and some pretty amazing things can come through my hands when I’m ready for them.

What I can offer you in exchange: I’m not sure. I’m not even sure what help I need. I just know to ask for it. And that we can work out something in the process.

What I need from you:

I know this project is big work. I know this project is profound and what I (and women everywhere) need. I also know that I’m finding it hard to do it, and I need some help. I need your help and support in getting this project finished, sent out and published. I need to share it with the world. I need to be able to do this while being happy, sane and joyful. I’m open to all the ways you can help.

I love you already. Thank you for your help.

Applications can be sent to Goddess Leonie C/- God & Goddess Cottage of Gladness.

Passing the Talking Stick

So that’s been my wild, wonderful, precious week on the Goddess journey. As always, feel free to take the talking stick & share about yours in the Comments Circle (which is now called the Comments Circle, thanks to the lovely Sone!)

You are so loved, possum,

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Interview with Jen Louden: Goddess of Comfort!

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today I’m so, so, so excited to share an interview with the completely luminous and luscious Jennifer Louden, the Goddess Queen of Comfort!

I’m in love with Jen’s books & work, especially her hugely popular The Woman’s Comfort Book. Me & my goddess sister Sone like to work through books together. After a mammoth three months working through The Artist’s Way, we needed a little comfort and retreat. So The Woman’s Comfort Book was the tome we turned to.

I love Jen’s philosophy of finding comfort and calm wherever you are. Every goddess has her wisdom, and Jen’s goddess wisdom is helping other women experience that same sense of kindness and comfort in a practical way. She’s like a deep exhale out.

About this interview…

This interview is all about finding comfort & peace right here, right now, where you are. There are many who are experiencing fear at the moment because of the E word, and Jen is the most beautiful antidote to this. In this interview Jen shares about her post-retreat glowiness and a beautiful technique for feeling deeply supported & “re-sourced” right now. *happy sigh*

Extra audio treats – you’ll get to here flight calls during the interview, as Jen was at the airport waiting for a flight home after nine days retreating. It totally makes me *gigglesnort* at its imperfect glorious life-liness. 🙂

I hope you adore this interview as much as I do!

[QUICKTIME 320 257]

{If you are reading this is RSS, you’ll need to pop here to listen.}

More gorgeous Goddess of Comfort-ness…

Jen’s Virtual Retreat is now available as a downloadable gigantic comfort-creator. You can get all the recordings of Jen & nine of her favourite teachers as well as a Virtual Refresher Day with the luminous Jen on April 25 – in a week’s time. The Virtual Retreat covers such beautiful topics as dissolving procrastination, overcoming money fears, creating your life purpose, overcoming emotional eating, wide wacky happy relaxations and centering in the midst of anything. If you’re called to experience Jen’s deep & comforting work, check it out here.

You can also check out the amazing Jen’s website, blog & Comfort Cafe.

Group Hugs!

Hope you enJOYed the interview gorgeous goddesses. I think I’m going to be giggling through this whole day, like a raving fan-girl who has just spoken to the self-help equivalent of Robbie Williams.

If Robbie was a wise comforting goddess, that is.

Grrrroooouuuuuuppppp hugs!


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Top 10 Self Help Books

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Recently my mama came to visit. Since her spiritual awakening six months ago, it’s amazing to see just how my mama’s life has changed. She’s always been beautiful, passionate, inspiring, creative & amazing – but walking her spiritual path has made her more peaceful, calm, happier and powerful. It’s like another rainbow coloured light is shining in her now.

A big part of her awakening & journey has been books. Along the way, my love & I have been recommending her the must-read books for the beginning (and continuing) of her spiritual journey. And because I’m such a rabid-book-recommender-and-lover, I thought it would be gorgeous to share our list with you.

1. The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield

When I was 17, I was at a boarding school. One of my closest friends was the boarding headmistress. One day, after one of our long talks about philosophy, life, love and spirit, she said: “I’m going to give you a book. It changed my life, and it will change yours too.” That book was The Celestine Prophecy.

When I first started reading it, I didn’t understand *why* it was so important. I thought it was just an adventure story. And then the story unfolded. And things started making sense. And my whole world shifted a little after reading it. I realised other people were thinking the same as I was. Synchronicity started happening, awakening started happening. And I began living The Celestine Prophecy, learning the insights one by one.

It’s a profound book – and was a catalyst for me to understand and become open about my spirituality.

2. Way of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

I read this book only a couple of years after The Celestine Prophecy. Like The Prophecy, The Way is written as an adventure novel. It’s the story of an overachiever (which I just don’t connect with at all… *cough cough*) who gets a wake up call. But those kind of wake up calls that wake you up, in the way you were meant to be.

I gave this book to my dad in law as a gift, and he really adored it too. It’s one of those rare kinds of books that both gods and goddesses can really relate to and connect with.

4. The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

This little book is a guidebook for living. In terms of practical spirituality, this would be the best book I’ve ever read. It works on the principle that all you need to do is make four agreements with your own beautiful self.

When I first read this book, all I could think was:

This is it. If I don’t ever read another spiritual book in my life, that would be fine. This is all I’m going to need.

It’s one of those books I keep on coming back to.

My love is very choosy when it comes to wisdom. He also has the four agreements printed out and hanging beside his bed. That’s how much he listens to it.

It is simple wisdom – simple wisdom really is the best.


5. You can heal your life – Louise Hay

If you need healing with a shot of positivity, Louise Hay’s wildly popular You can heal your life is it. I always, ALWAYS recommend getting the full colour gift version. It heals with colour *and* words – and as you can probably guess from the state of this website, colour is important to me.

I find myself nibbling on this book, and reading it when I need it. It’s the manual for healing physical ailments through positive thinking, and it’s just all round wonderful.

Last year, me and my dear friend Sone had a spontaneous adventure and met Louise Hay at the Australian premiere of the You can heal your life movie. Louise is now in her eighties – and she is a living light of her work. After meeting her I became even more enamoured with her work. Holy amaze-me.

6. Succulent Wild Woman – SARK

Oh helloooo! Every single woman on this planet needs to read a SARK book. Men too, but women first.

If you haven’t read a SARK book yet, you need to go out and get They will change your life. They are rainbow and radiant and lush and loving and a huge, crazy, beautiful blessing. The.Best.

Succulent Wild Woman is where I recommend people start, but really, any SARK book is stunningly delicious and it’s like trying to pick which miracle is bigger.

She’s also just started running her first online SARK experiences – check out her 30 day Transformation Experience.


7. Earth Angels– Doreen Virtue

This book is tiny. And a whole lot of Ah-ha! for the right people. If you’ve ever wanted to know what kind of earth angel you are, this is the book for you.

It was a whole lot of Ah-ha! for me. It might be for you too.

For me, it gave me a framework to look at my own gifts, and also re-understand my hard bits. They all have their reasons for being there, and Earth Angels gave me a whole lot of insight for me into why they are there and how to work with them.

Love, love, love it.

8. I need your love – is that true? – Byron Katie

When I travelled around India for a month with my love & my family, I carried two books. I can’t remember what the other one was, because the Byron Katie book was all I read. And re-read. And thumbed over again & again.

If you are in mental suffering over anything, Byron Katie is the woman to turn to. Her Work is clear, concise, easy and immensely powerful. Check out some of her videos to see what I mean!


9. Women who run with the wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I have a confession to make. I am up to page 26 in Women Who Run With The Wolves. It has taken me years to get there. And those 26 pages were enough for this book to become one of my top ten books.

It’s crazy wild woman powerful and holy dinger energy shifting.

I count this book as being one of my “life’s journeying books” – in the right time, in the right place, I’ll read more. All I need right now is those 26 pages.

10. 73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know

And where would we be without me fondly recommending my own turquoise love letter to the world?

It’s everything every woman must know…

A must read for all…you will be transformed!

– Earth Angel

From the moment I started reading this book I was uplifted. Leonie has exactly the word ALL women everywhere need to hear. A beautiful, wondrous book. After reading it myself I’ve purchased several more for the important women in my life!

Every woman needs this book!

– lolo

I thoroughly loved this book. I read it from cover to cover without putting it down. It touched me in so many ways. It even moved me to tears, which is rare!

– Linda Ursin


Want more?

You might like to check out:

Big book-smelling hugs,


Goddess Allsorts

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s that happy day of the week… Goddess Allsorts day!
This is the day I share with you all kinds of scrummy inspiration I find around the place & want to share. Allsorts that don’t make much sense together, but are perfectly perfect. A whole smorgasboard of delight for you to nibble on!

New Goddess Guidebook buttons

What’s that you say? You’d like pretty rainbow buttons to remind yourself & your bloggy readers that you are all amazing goddesses? Done I say!

I just made up some new buttons that you are welcome to use.

Click here to get the code to pop them on your website!

What if you left a camera on a park bench?

What would the pictures look like when you collected it back? I adore We left two cameras on New York city benches. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. Gorgeous, gorgeous idea. Gorgeous, gorgeous world.

Julie Andrews. In a train station.

Speaking of gorgeous communal art in public spaces, this just warms the cockles of my heart. A Julie Andrews dance fest in an Antwerpian (is that a word? who cares! I like it!) train station.

Everyone needs a rock

It’s true. What does your rock look like?
I’m loving this beautiful rock-loving website.

A series of Why?

The Why Do you Do What You Do series is quietly powerful. Why do you do what you do?

Stand by me… across the planet…

This has to be one of the most lovely renditions of “Stand by Me” I know. Musicians from across the globe singing it together.

Stand By Me from David Johnson on Vimeo.

Exquisite elephant photography

I don’t think I’ll say “Exquisite elephant photography” very often. But this totally, totally deserves it. ashes & snow photography

And stuff from us

Yesterday, me & Charlie & Angel thought we’d make a happy WELCOME mat page for and introduce ourselves by video. It was lovely and silly and fun. And I managed to stand in dog poo before doing it, and Charlie & Angel decided that on-video was the time they’d have their first tiff in aaaaggggesss…. but still… fun and lovely and silly all rolled into one. hee hee hee.

You can check out our sweet-silly selves on the new New Here? Welcome! page. Yay! 🙂

You make the sun shine

Om nom nom nom. Beauty is everywhere.
Any other treasures you’ve found lately that you’d like to share?
Comments circle away, superstar!

I heart your hair today,

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