Goddess Allsorts: Scrumptious edition

Dear darlingest Goddess You,

I haz returned!
I have foraged in ze wilds of ze internet…
and returned with a basketful of goddess scrumptious allsorts for you to nom on!

The Cave of Crystals is stunning!

The starting video of Jinky Art is just stunning. Bunny rabbits and ducks and light and joy.

I likey likey Positive Birth Stories.

I think Fabeku is completely wonderful. If you haven’t tried out his free sacred sound downloads, doooo eeeeet. I pop on his MP3s whenever my house (or me) needs an energy lift. Also, him and my turquoise sister Chris Zydel are running the ArtSoundYou retreat in May, which I would so adore going too ~ if only I wasn’t on the other side of the world with a tiny wee baby Little Mermaid by then!

Rachel Awes‘ artwork & blog makes my heart light up. I like this goddess very, very much. Her art touches that place in my soul that needs healing and love and colour.

I love these gypsy goddess photos by K Beth Photography.

My sweet love created Spiritual Journeys Online as a way of keeping track of all the spirit-gorgeousness he found online. I like popping over there just to find delightful things. Like this:

Found anything scrumptious/inspiring/divine/yummy lately?

Show me show me show me! 😀

you make birds sing,

Pregnacious Goddess Photography: Kristin & Ryan

A few months ago, my ginormous hunk drove me out to a beautiful place by the river, where the trees were shedding their white fluff and making an enchanted wonderland.

There I met for the first time the utterly sweet Kristin & Ryan ~ Kristin is this little blue eyed fairy and Ryan is her smiling elf who loves her with all his heart. They are expecting their first baby at Christmas.

We spent a magical afternoon photographing them, their love, their bliss, and their little-one-in-belly. It was ancient trees and sweetness and soaking in the river and dreaming by the banks.

Thank you, dearest Kristin & Ryan… for letting me into your beautiful world… and documenting this amazing, divine journey you are on together…

and welcome to the world, beautiful Hamish!

blessings all round,

Goddess Journey Check-in: Back on the wagon!

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

So, there was this thing we used to do… that was a little Goddess Guidebook ritual. Where every week, we’d do a scrumptious Goddess Journey check-in… and share about our blessings & challenges… and where our amazing paths had taken us over the week.

And then I got pregnant six months ago, and my world got transformed in the most beautiful and profound of ways in an instant. And I forgot to keep checking in!

How is this for a little premonitionary… my last check-in post was a week before I found out I was pregnant.

And in it, I was writing about how I’d given up gluten & it was a bit challenging to do it (I absolutely believe that giving up gluten was instrumental in helping Little Mermaid build a happy home in my womb). And I wrote:

In the meantime: transition stages are painful. It’s like birthing out a whole new life.

Ummm… yes it is.

It’s *exactly* like birthing out a whole new life!

So I’m so so glad to be bringing back this little ritual of ours…

The day we get to cosy up on a big purple couch with large mugs of tea, and connect-in and share about our journeys this week. It’s a little bit like coming home – to ourselves, and to each other. As always, you can share if you’re called in the Comments Circle.

This week. Oh… it’s been a big one!

And there’s been a coupla lil lessons along the way.


My weeks used to fit me so beautifully… I used to work three days as an editor, spent two or three days a week working totally in this Big Beautiful Dream Business of mine – creating & connecting & helping women discover the goddess inside them, and the rest of my week in a blend of connecting with my love, connecting with dear friends, giggling, switching off & putting extra hours in Big Beautiful Dream Business.

But since the beginning of the year – and for another month, I need to go to my editor-job for five days a week. And don’t get me wrong – I love my editor job, and am so grateful to be doing this – but at the same time, the maths of my life doesn’t add up. 5 days a week work + 2.5 days a week in a business that is booming & blooming + some kind of spare moment where I can rejuvenate = way more than seven days in a week.

So every day I’ve been learning a BUCKET load of lessons… which in turn become blessings!

Only four more weeks + four days to go! Wahooooo!

Ooooh! Blessings! There are always, always ginormous blessings!

Best dog ever

Everyday, I look down at Charlie’s smiling face, and all I can say is:

You are just the BEST dog ever.

And he is – wise, healing, giggling, fairy-puppy. Charlie follows in the line of doggies who have been my best friends – Clancy and Major Morgan… and my horsey-soulmate Rebble.

I just wouldn’t be Leonie without the animal-besties I’ve had.

Return to Positivity!

Whenever I get lost in overwhelm or anxiousness… I remember my journey back home…

Return to Positivity…

It’s like Positivity is a tropical island with hammocks and mango frappes and dolphins… the place my soul calls home.

So everyday this week when I felt off, I used my tools to get back to that lovely place again.

I made a crystal grid around my desk.

I made sure I went to sleep early, and listened to meditations as I wafted off into dreamland.

I used my favourite aura-cleansing sprays.

I went on negativity cleanses.

I made a conscious decision everyday to be as joyful as possible… and told everyone around me that it was going to be an amazing day.

I spent lunchtimes out under the trees… nature is healing.

Everytime I get to learn this lesson again, it is a blessing.

Being joyful is my way, my path, my home and my way of being. It’s what makes my life all beautiful again.


Little sista!

My little sister Maryanne/Mary/Mooky/Manooka drove down from the other side of the country this week and MOVED IN WITH US!

Wahoo! She’s decided it’s time for an adventure, and that Canberra would be a lovely place for one. So she’s staying with us for a month or two before she moves close by, and we can prepare the space for Little Mermaid.

It’s really beautiful to have her here… last night was filled with her & Chris helping me out with last minute Goddess School preparations, and then we played tickles with Little Mermaid through my belly. It was so love*soaked and lovely.

Asking for (& receiving help)

I’m totally in love with my business… if anyone had ever told me that I’d get to make my living out of creating meditationsonline courseskits… to help women feel like the creative + radiant + soulful goddesses they are… I’m not quite sure if I would have believed them. But here I am, and it’s getting bigger and more gorgeous than ever. And sometimes it gets overwhelming… but there is not one thing on this earth I would rather be doing.

So when things got all wild-overwhelming again, I realised I needed to do something different.

My darling friend Goddess Sone has been doing a gorgeous job helping out with Goddess School… my lil sis has been helping me with putting the finishing touches on some of the Radiant Goddess e-course… and my sweet love is putting his magical audio-engineer hands over the meditations for the Radiant Goddess and Creative Goddess e-courses.

And it’s been really, really beautiful to have all these beautiful helpers putting their energy in to Goddess School… helping me birth this beautiful space for women to discover their creativity and radiance… kind of magical, really! All the people I love the most adding their goodness into it… to make it even more amazing for the goddesses attending.


If you are wanting support, guidance and inspiration to discover your creativity, or feel radiant inside your body this year… there are less than 24 hours to enrol in a Goddess School e-course! If you’re called, you need to enrol in the Creative Goddess e-Course or Radiant Goddess e-course *now* to be a part of the amazing soul-space this term. I am so excited again that the goddesses are circling… the goddesses in each of the courses have their own private online goddess circle to connect and share their journeys on… when women circle, miracles happen… every time. I have goosebumps of the soul kind and a big glowy grin knowing that the circles are circling again…

Passing the Talking Stick

Hoorah! We made it!

If you’d like to share about your week, your journey, your blessings or challenges… I’m passing on the talking spirit. Share away in the Comments Circle, possum. You are so gently held.

This calls for…

I’m so glad you are here, sweetpea.

Ginormous love,

P.S. Got any questions about Goddess School? Do email me dearest! I’d so love to help!

Ask Goddess Leonie: Being okay with pregnancy & impermanency

Whenever I can, I answer an Ask Goddess Leonie question. To get your question answered, just add your question here.

A sweet and shining goddess asked this question:

I just found your website and am very intrigued by your voice. I’ve been reading a lot & soaking it up.  I’ve been thinking a lot about your  “hello-and-see-you-soon-pregnancy” view.  I can’t help but just ask you.  I feel the need to understand, it seems a gentle way to look at it… but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it completely.

Thank you for your question sweetie… it’s a good one.

We found out we were pregnant at five weeks, and decided to share it with the world.

It is our first pregnancy, and we knew that around 1 in 5 pregnancies don’t make it to twelve weeks. That’s the beautiful mystery of life… not all pregnancies result in a baby.

Does that make them any less sacred, holy, or precious? No.

We wanted to share it because our world was changed in an instant, and our sweet souls were already transforming.

We believed that no matter the outcome of this pregnancy, that we would be changed from it, and that we needed to share our story… the story that often doesn’t get shared… the story that happens to every man and woman when they find out they are pregnant.

We felt our journey was deep and dear to us – whether it ended up with the result of a babe-in-arms, or if it was my body preparing the way for future pregnancies, or if it was leading us the way of a journey we hadn’t yet glimpsed. We believe that our pregnancy is a gift – no matter what the outcome.

We feel that we will be gifted with the right thing for us at the right time.

I don’t believe that what we *want* is always what we *need* for the perfect ripening of our journeys. Great Spirit, and the beautiful universe will give us what we needed.

There’s a few reasons I don’t feel like what I *want* is necessarily what I *need* for the evolution of my soul.

My brother passed away in an accident when I was 14. And it was the thing that I never wanted to have happen. It was the thing I prayed every night would never happen. And yet, it did. And yes, it was incredibly painful at the time, and I grieved losing him for a long, long time. I still do some days. But the thing I learned? Was that I didn’t actually lose him. You never really lose someone who is a part of your soul, your story and your love.

My brother showed me that love goes through all the doors and walls of this plane and the next. Though I can’t see him, I know he is still around, loving, guiding and helping me and my family. He has taught me so much in his passing, and he is still very much my big brother. He likes to talk, and he likes me to listen.

Death didn’t cause the end of our relationship – it keeps on growing, blooming like any other relationship. My brother is just more starry now.

Mostly, I just feel exceptionally lucky that I received my brother to love… for the 14 years I knew him physically, and the thirteen that followed.

So my brother’s passing didn’t end up being a horrible thing for me – it has become a deep and sacred blessing in my life.

What my soul needed to grow, my life gifted me.

My life hasn’t always been a perfect unravelling of all the things I wanted, happening at the time I deemed as being the right time.

Boys didn’t love me back, some dreams didn’t come true, parts of my family created war against each other, car accidents and grades that weren’t as high as I wanted them to be. I didn’t get the pony I wanted. Prince Charming didn’t come flying in on a white horse, without any personal challenges of his own, and he didn’t save me from myself – I had to do that on my own.

Remember my post The Worst Thing In The World Could Be The Best Thing?

All those things that I could have registered as being bad. All those things I could have seen as being a failure of the Universe to provide to me.

And yet, the big, brave, beautiful truth of it is…

Whatever I am given, it is the right lesson and the right medicine at the right time.

It will make me richer and deeper and lovelier and more understanding than ever before.

It will take me to the place I need to be.

I am given whatever it is I need right now. It is my job to find the medicine and the blessings in what I am given, and have faith that I am being given what I need in a way that is so deep and rich and complex that I can only glimpse at it’s beauty.

I know I am in the right place, because here is where I am.

All of my life – both the things I wanted to happen and the things I didn’t want to happen – has brought me here, home to myself, and in a bigger, deeper place of love and understanding about life and Great Spirit.

How do I know I need to be pregnant? Because I am.

How do I know I need to be not pregnant? Because I am.

How do I know I need to sick? Because I am.

How do I know I need to be in this place? Because I am.

My responsibility is:

I can choose with my highest spirit.

I can ask for what I need.

I can take action on my path.

I can choose how I will feel, think about and respond to those things that happen.

An Aboriginal elder said:

You know, The Secret and the law of attraction is all good and everything.

But we have to allow for life to come in and give us what we truly need.

Sometimes we don’t know what is best for us, and we are taught by life who we need to be.

At our Calm Birthing class on the weekend, our lovely teacher said to us:

How will you feel if you don’t have the birth you are hoping for?

And I sat and I thought about this.

And I realised that what I would like most of all is to bring this idea of Great Spirit Gifting Us With What We Need to birth. So whether we birth in a pool or in a surgery, I remember that profound truth:

There is nothing ever truly wrong. We may want things to be a certain way or another, but that we are given what we truly need.

So I just keep on trusting. And believing. And knowing that whatever happens – to me, my love, my little mermaid, my family… that we will be okay. That we’ll learn whatever we need to learn from each swirl of the journey. That it will take us closer to ourselves, our souls, Great Spirit, love, the highest truth and our home.

However things unfold with this beautiful little soul inside my womb… the thing I most want to remember, feel and know is this:

I am incredibly blessed to love and know this soul, for whatever time we spend together. If that’s a life time or a moment, it is all a blessing.

Big love,

How to Trust your Intuition

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

A sweet goddess asked me this:

How do I learn to trust my intuition?

You know when you’re just not sure if you should trust your intuition – or how to do it?

And what happens when you get those nagging head-fears that go against that intuition?

I hope this helps sweetpea… even just seeing Charlie’s sweet face is healing to me 🙂

Ask Goddess Leonie: Trusting Your Intuition from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

What if you knew you were wise, and that you already knew everything you needed to know?

How do you trust your intuition?

big love you!