Creating Your Goddess Haven e-course :: a divine decluttering e-course begins March 1!

Are you tired of having a home
that feels cluttered, uninspired, dirty + definitely NOT a sanctuary for the soul?
Get decluttered + divinely inspired in just six weeks
with this comprehensive decluttering + sacred space clearing course!

The next e-course group journey begins March 1!

Join up to the Goddess Circle to do the e-course + have the support of a whole tribe!


Take a six week journey to create a space that isn’t just a home – but a Goddess Haven…

  • be supported and inspired to divinely declutter your space, step by step
  • use inspired interior design to create a style in your haven that sings of YOU and your goddess spirit!


We will be banishing:

  • feelings of powerlessness about where to start
  • being overwhelmed by our spaces
  • feeling bored, uninspired or weighed down by our home.


This course is for:

  • You might want to do *something* but don’t know how to even begin – you just feel overwhelmed with stuff and life and where you are already.
  • You might be an entrepreneur chasing your big dreams, and need space that supports you.
  • You might be a creative goddess, feeling a little overwhelmed by all your creative ideas and *stuff* who wants to feel more clarity and ease
  • You might be a mama who is drowning in the accumulated family stuffs and needs a space that is peaceful and reminds you of your spirit.
  • You might simply be on a healing journey. Or a transition journey. Or a discovery journey. Or a love journey.
  • Whatever journey you are on – you are wanting and needing and craving a space that is a haven for the Goddess in you.


This course is a journey.

Creating a Goddess Haven isn’t a one-time binge session of throwing away, moving furniture and vacuuming. That can feel overwhelming and dull. And pretty soon, things just get back to feeling the same instead. What we’ve instead created is a six-week journey where we’ll be guiding you through divine decluttering, magical space clearing and inspired interior design to create an amazing, spirit, light, joyful space.

This course is to help you create sacred, clear space and energy around you so you can get on with living your gorgeous, joyful goddess life.

We’ll be empowering you with all the wisdom, tools and techniques you need to make your space feel and look amazing *to you*.

You will receive:

  • projects, a video, worksheets and e-books to help you divinely declutter, magically space clear & inspiredly interior design!
  • a 25 minute original guided meditation MP3 by Goddess Leonie to use over the course to help you deeply tap into the transformational lusciousness of this course. This meditation will help you see the shining light inside you, know what you need in order to share it and help you start bringing it out. You’ll be glowing from the inside out. Kinda like you just followed a firefly, but – you know – in a sacred way.
  • a bonus sacred sound clearing MP3 to use in your space.


Here’s just some of the gorgeous things you can expect from this course…

  • Take inventory of the physical and invisible clutter in your home, space and life
  • De-clutter easily and gently – and dare we even say – divinely?
  • Use inspired interior design to create a space that feels radiant and vibrant and inspiring to you
  • Indulge in scrumptious creative projects to create a vision of your Goddess Haven!
  • Use feng shui to create your dreams
  • Clear negative or stuck energies out of your home
  • Learn how to use crystals, herbs, smudging and sound-clearing to make your space shine
  • Create a soulful altar as a place of inspiration, connection and peace
  • Develop and trust your intuition
  • Energise and cleanse your home so it is sparkling, shining and supports you!

To sum it up…

The Creating your Goddess Haven e-course is a complete, easy, guided journey for you to create the home of your biggest dreamsa true haven for the Goddess in you. A home that delights you, inspires you, and helps you live your beautiful Goddess life.

Your Goddess Guides for the journey…

About Goddess Leonie

I’m an artist, writer, photographer & retreat creator. I know a whole lot of gorgeous ways to make your space safer, shinier, more joyful, more creative and more spirited. A haven for a Goddess!

I run womens circles & retreats in the gorgeous alpine mountains of Canberra, Australia. I’ve sold art to every continent and self-published my first book at 22. I have photographed the goddess in women from India to Singapore to the central deserts of Australia, and have had photographs published in magazines internationally. I was interviewed in SARK’s new book “Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper.”


And for this course, we have a special bonus teacher!

Goddess Sonya

I’m a qualified NIA dance teacher and reiki healer. I’m also an intuitive tarot reader, sacred website designer and womens circle leader. I love to integrate spirituality with physical healing through reiki and NIA dance teaching.

I’m also a Taurean earth-mama goddess who loves helping goddesses feel clearer, more comfortable & more nourished by their home and space.


I’m so excited to share this journey with you!


What people say about this course & other Goddess courses…

“Leonie’s decluttering course isn’t about throwing out stuff, though that is an important component. Through this course, I am learning to take ownership in creating my home. I am learning that I deserve to be surrounded by beauty. I am so grateful to participate in this delicious unfolding.
– Goddess Brandi

“Leonie is a gifted goddess and illuminated creator. I featured her in my book “Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper” and happily recommend her and her lilting work.”
– SARK, best-selling author of “Succulent Wild Woman”

“Leonie’s gift in this world is bringing people together with themselves.”
– Goddess Diana M.

“Goddess Leonie lovingly and intuitively holds sacred space for enormous healing work.. much deeper and more powerful than I expected. Her work, if you’re willing to surrender to it, delivers you to the heart of your blocks and empowers you to dissolve them.”
– Goddess Sara soularchitect

“I don’t even know if I can put words to what the experience has been for me – it was life changing! During the space of Leonie’s course I saw my energy shifting and my soul shining. It unlocked a deep sacred knowledge that I found most profound. I reconnected with the true me! Leonie is a Wise Woman. Healer. Guide. Sacred Teacher. All of this and more. I’m so grateful that I got to experience this.”
– Goddess Sonya F.

“Leonie’s courses have been a battery/soul/spirit recharge for me. Its been rejuvenating, loving, relaxing, and enriching. An opportunity to let go of the negatives (pain, self doubt, and criticsim etc). Its been many things but above all it has cleared my head and reconnected me again with nature, with energy and with my inner peace
– Goddess Patricia M.

Freshly Anticipated Questions

How will the course be run?

Every week you will receive all the course materials for the week. You’ll be able to listen to the MP3 meditations, read the ebooks, watch the videos and do the projects at whatever time is delicious for you. You’ll be given access to downloading them to use on your computer and MP3 players. All you will need is a free copy of Adobe Reader, and any kind of MP3 software (iTunes, RealPlayer etc – these usually come with your computer).

My house is a freaking mess. Like – terrible. I don’t even want to think about it. Will this really help?

If you are a little bit ready to change it, we can help you. You will be guided as you clear your space gently and easily, and create habits that will nourish you and your goddess haven. And the magical space-clearing parts will help you clear away any old, stuck energy in your home to help it stay a haven. If you’re ready to sign up for the course, that’s a good sign that you are ready to make your home your goddess haven…

This isn’t a course about being a neat freak with a minimalist house – unless that’s totally what makes your soul happy! This is about finding a way to create and keep a space that lights you up, nourishes you and is your Goddess haven.

My house is already really tidy. I’m a total neat freak. Would I get anything from this course?

The Creating your Goddess Haven e-course is about much more than just making your home clean. It’s about making it a space that sustains, nourishes, supports and inspires you. You’ll learn a whole new toolbelt of techniques to make your home a soulful, supportive place of energy for you. Think: crystal gridding gloriousness, inspired interior design, sacred sound clearing, and deeply intuiting, sensing, cleansing and energising your home? In short… making your home not just neat, but a gorgeous, vibrant, inspiring haven to live in and be nurtured by.

I know someone who would really adore this course. Can I buy the course as a gift to them?

Absolutely, sweet soul. Just buy an enrolment, then email us ( to let us know who it is for.


Home study package

Get all the course goodies, ready for you to work through at your own pace {without a circle} for only US$89.
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Want to get ALL the goddess goodies + a circle?

Get all of my meditations, e-courses, workbooks & a year-round goddess circle – over $900 of my goodies… for only $99. Have questions about the Goddess Circle? Head over here for answers!

The next Goddess Circle group journey of this e-course begins March 1! Sign up now to the Goddess Circle to do the e-course + have the support of a whole tribe!




I’m so looking forward to connecting with you… and helping you on your journey as you make space for your Goddess to shine!

To a journey of creating our Goddess havens…

I so hope you can join us in circle!


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My book is out in Kindle! + 6 Reasons I Want To Pash My Kindle!


Hola gorgeous ones!!!


My bookywooky that I created just for fun + surprised the holy dinger out of me when it got so popular…

is now out in juicy, juicy Kindle edition!!!!

Click here to buy it in Kindle or paperback!

After becoming a Kindle-head six weeks ago, I KNEW I had to get my goddess tome in Kindle edition el pronto!!

Not a Kindle-head yet?


I’m so very in love with my Kindle.

I thought I’d share why I’m so in love with my Kindle!


Six Reasons I Want To Pash My Kindle

  1. I’m reading more books than ever. True story. It’s just so GOOD!
  2. I’m loving that I don’t have to wait a week for a book to arrive… instant access!
  3. I love that Kindle books are so cheap!
  4. I love that you can try out the first chapters of books for FREE… I’ve found I know pretty much straight away if I’m going to adore the book or not!
  5. I don’t have to be a packhorse anymore to satiate my desire to always have books with me!
  6. I’ve got my books in a gazillion places. I’ve got the Kindle app on my iPod + on my MacBook Pro, and it automagically syncs what books you have + what page you are up to when reading! It’s handy for me because I can read books on my iPod while I’m breastfeeding Ostara to sleep, head out to my laptop and keep reading as I wait for videos to upload + finish it curled up on the couch on my Kindle. Always at the right page across everything. I know that sounds a bit wanky, but true story, it is lovely for a mama with hands-always-full to have a book option within arms reach all the time.








“I thoroughly loved this book. I read it from cover to cover without putting it down.

It touched me in so many ways. It even moved me to tears, which is rare. “

– Linda Ursin

“From the moment I started reading this book I was uplifted. Leonie has exactly the words ALL women everywhere need to hear.

A beautiful, wondrous book, after reading it myself I’ve purchased several more for Xmas gifts for the important women in my life.”

– lolo

Click here to buy in Kindle or paperback!


Giving It Up.

(this photo has nothing to do with this post. or maybe everything to do with it. photo of me at age 14, sunset at the farm.)


“I read it in six weeks”,

she said.

“Oh. I’m only up to page 26. I can’t get past that point. Maybe that’s all I need to know right now.”

I replied.

But dutifully still, I wrote on my Things To Do This Life List:

Finish “Women Who Run With The Wolves.”

Seven years have passed.

I haven’t read a single page more.

And you know, I half suspected there was something I needed to change about me. Something that I needed to do different. Someone I needed to be in order to be the person that could read Women Who Run With The Wolves in six weeks.


Then this year came.

THIS will be the year I read this book, I decide fervently.

I write it on my Things To Do This Life list.

I knuckle down.

And a page in,

I realise:

I do not need to read this book.

Do I dare trust that voice?

Trust the wisdom that says:

I am whole right now? I have what I need right now?

I hold the book in my hands:

this slightly weathered, yellowing book now.

And I breathe in its pages.

I say:

Whatever you have to teach me, please tell me now.

And its answer is simple:

Let it go. You are already a wild woman.


I don’t need to achieve anymore. Don’t need to be a slave to my to do list.

It can be a place of power instead.

I mark things off it when they are done,

or simply when I am done with them,

and am choosing another path.

There is a power to Giving It Up.

A couple of weeks ago on a call, a gorgeous soul asked me:

“I’m trying to decide what to put on my list this year. I’m getting stuck on what I should be doing, and I don’t really know what I want to be doing.”

And I paused.

“Whatever you don’t want to do, take it off.
Just keep the stuff that fills you up, and lights you up.
I’m constantly editing my list and my dreams.”

Some things just don’t fit anymore.


Marissa the magical assistant once said something wise about this… this is how I remember it:

I looked at my bucket list

and saw

“Run a half marathon on there”

and I thought

“What the fuck? I don’t want to run a marathon! That’s someone else’s dream!
So I crossed it off my list. It doesn’t belong to me.”


I trust that everything I need to know will be taught to me, will be gifted to me, and it will be an easy state of learning, not a place of drudgery and push.

I talked to my dear mentor Debra yesterday.

And just hearing her stories, her sharings on what it’s like to have cancer, what it’s like to decide not to die, what it’s like to gather with women on the shores of Maui. Those are the stories that feed my soul right now. That’s what I needed.

Here I am, world.

Open and alive.

Choosing the right things.


We can choose, and choose again.

Pruning away the old dreams that no longer need us,

and find the ones that do.


It’s the Power of Giving It Up.


always love,


Want help, support + guidance on giving it up?

On 1 March, there is a group journey of my Divine Decluttering e-course… the Creating your Goddess Haven e-course.

It’s a six week course that will take you gently + positively through decluttering, letting go + doing sacred space clearings.

You’ll end up with a home that is cleaner, clearer + sparkling with good energy. You’ll feel more productive, inspired, safe + at home.

Join up to the Goddess Circle to be a part (you’ll get ALL my e-courses, kits + meditations with it! Bestest life changers I know!)

5 Gorgeous Secrets To Make 2012 Divine! (The free workshop!)

Hola gorgeous souls!

A massive freebie download for you today… the workshop of 5 Gorgeous Secrets To Make Your 2012 Divine!

Feel like the seeds of your dreams have yet to take root?
Still not quite clear on what to set as your intention for the year?
Or want to know what to do to supercharge your efforts + make your intentions come true?

Have no fear, the FREE workshop 5 Gorgeous Secrets To Make 2012 Divine is here!!!!


* Please note: This is recorded from a teleconference. Audio quality isn’t typical of ze rest of my products!

In this workshop I share my five biggest jewels of wisdom + powerful tools on:

  • how to get clear on your dreams
  • how to actually make them happen
  • how to make 2012 your most incredible year yet. Wahooooosicles!!!

I like to think I have a pretty huge amount of expertise in this area…

Some of the dreams I’ve made come true:

  • made a ridunkulously HUGE number of my life goals come true (and I’m not even 30 yet!)
  • created a multiple six figure dream business out of my beautiful creativity & spirituality hobby that made me zippo-dobleros
  • wrote my first book at 22, had my first solo art exhibition at 23 and began leading women’s circles and retreats at 23
  • created one of the biggest and most celebrated online women’s creativity, spirituality & business circles in the world
  • have written a second book that’s hit the Amazon top 4 in spirituality!
  • made so many more dreams come true… moved my family across the countryside to live in tropical paradise, manifested a creative sanctuary out of a run down old nudist colony caravan (!), lived in Malaysia, travelled the world, gave birth, painted hundreds of artworks + created a gazillion courses + kits.


Want more magical goodness like this every WEEK?

Jump on the VIP Goddess mailing list… you’ll get *free* tips + goodies to change your life from the inside out… every single week.

This year is gonna be exceptional. I can feel it in my bones.

It already IS.

love love love,

Want to dive deeper?

The Goddess Circle is quite simply the very best way I can support you, inspire you + guide you in every area of your life for a whole year. It’s a total creativity, business, soul, body + mamahood transformation.

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