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What’s Leonie REALLY Like? [A guest post by our Chief Operations Officer, Grant]

what is leonie really like

When you write a post about your boss – you really want to say nice things, right?

But, if you’ve been around Leonie and I at all, you might already know we make it a practice to be radically honest. Well, let me restate that – she makes it a practice to be radically honest and I’m just surfing along uncovered in her wake. Frankly, while I love the effects of this trait, often it scares me to death.

I’m going to set that aside and give you an inside look at what it’s like to work with Leonie. Leonie, who asked me to write this post, but won’t publish it unless she thinks it’s really an honest look, so here goes…

First, some background.

My first direct interaction with Leonie was an email from her so strongly worded that my Gmail visibly shook upon receiving it. I wrote a peer later that day commenting on how this client of mine had really unloaded on me. I responded with my typical crisis reaction tone – a level, polite, client-satisfying response (read: I have a harder time practicing radical honesty). By the next morning, I had an apology letter from Leonie. She had received my reply, done some digging, and gotten some new information that led her to believe she was wrong.

(Note from Leonie – that’s Grant’s nice way of saying that I sent him a seriously cranky email because I thought it was him that was holding up a project our companies were working on together. I very rarely write cranky emails, but I definitely did that day, and I managed to completely misfire on the person who was, in fact, the shining saviour of the whole project. Thankfully, he forgave me, and I learned a reaaaaally good lesson on making sure I didn’t rely on just one source of information, and that I really knew where the issue was.)

And I could stop my post right there.

That’s what it’s like work with Leonie. She’s radically honest, says what she thinks, even if it is painful in the moment for both parties, and then if she’s wrong, she will course-correct in an instant. Leonie is one of the rare people (in the world, in my experience) who really craves feedback of any kind and will work to implement, grow, change, or back up wherever necessary based on it. It is truly beautiful.

An outgrowth of that quality is an expectation that everyone else behaves that way.

That’s often been difficult for me (though it has provided some amazing personal development opportunities!) While I’m interested in feedback, I’m more sensitive (go figure) and it can take me a bit longer to turn the boat. Leonie is there like a tug pushing a tanker… bump, bump, bump. Relentless is one way to put it.

What’s really at the root though, is that Leonie has figured a few things out – there’s no shame in not-knowing, there’s no shame in learning, there’s no shame in changing direction.

(Also, #impatient) So… have you done it yet?

During my time here, I’ve had to grow in a number of ways.

Leonie pushes me, ask me questions about my reactions, my emotions, and my responses. She’s not worried if my answer is ‘that’s my dysfunction,’ but she does want to know what I’m doing about it. Truth is, we’re all carrying some amount of personal baggage and it is easy to avoid it in polite company. We blame other stuff, we reframe issues so we’re not at fault, and we just downright lie.

All of this is more difficult in an environment where the leader is willing to be laid bare for the sake of personal growth.

A passive-aggressive response to her like “Well, you do that too sometimes,” isn’t met with capitulation. Instead, it receives a quick, honest response: “When have I done that? Tell me, so I can understand and change.” It’s unnerving at times. If you’re interested in a public view of this process, you can find that here, along with her gracious intro and note added to my response.

Should you encounter this side of Leonie in a course, an Ask-Me-Anything, or a blog rant, you can rest assured that she is walking this talk, and the pressure she’s applying is simply an attempt at helpfulness. If someone could help you improve, if they could see the part that’s broken or hanging up, if they had the secret to help you see better results from the work that you’re doing, wouldn’t you want them to mention it? She thinks so, and more and more, I agree.

All of that said, Leonie is also sensitive.

The world is cruel to the honest ones, as she’s talked about on this blog before. In team meetings, if someone says that something sad happened, or something hurtful happened, or if we get an email from someone who is going through a rough time, Leonie reacts from a heart-open, fully-engaged perspective. Her empathy sensors are going off instantly.

When you feed something negative, like a personal attack on her or her family, into an open heart like that, it can be pretty devastating. What I love is that she keeps coming back, keeps looking for the lesson, the part of her that still needs to heal, and keeps doing the work to walk these lines with transparency. It is pretty amazing to watch and I think the effect on the team is to challenge us to face our fears and do the work to move beyond them.

I don’t think much of this is a revelation.

If you follow Leonie on social media or read this blog often, I’m sure you’ve seen much of this from the outside. In fact, that’s really the story here. Leonie has integrity. What you see outside, is what you see inside.

Sure, she has all the same struggles we all have, but she also has visible processes of reflection and renewal as she processes her baggage and gains perspective from it. Personally, that’s what I’m aiming at and looking for in others. Don’t waste my time telling me you’re perfect, tell me how you manage the times that reveal you’re not.

If you choose to do business with us…

Whether by purchasing a workbook, buying an Academy membership, or just continuing to hang out in this end of the internet, I think it is important to know who you’re dealing with. There are lots of folks in the internet, business-building space.

Some of them are offering advice that isn’t tested, doesn’t work, or is just a thin veneer covering a lackluster business model that is barely getting by.

Conversely, I believe what you find here is a leader working through her own growth, results that speak for themselves, both internally and in the Academy and Workbook communities, and a team that is constantly being focused on improving our customer experiences, being more supportive, easier to access, and more responsive to feedback, issues, and opportunities to become even better in how we help.

Personally, this was what I hoped for when I made the decision to join Leonie’s team.

I saw a place I could do more together than I was able to do on my own. If you’re looking at a similar decision, reading a sales page, or an offer on social media, or even this blog post – know this – we do everything in our power to over-deliver on our promises.

The real question is:

Are you ready for this?

I hope the radically honest, while-yet-in-process answer is YES!!

Enjoy the journey,

grant sig 2

How to charge for your work – without feeling icky


Hola lovebugs,

When you start out, it can be really, really hard knowing how to charge for your work.

Do you pull a number out of thin air? Or do you work out your cost + projections + deductions + profits x headaches produced by lefty-brained logistics = perfect price?

This isn’t just about pricing your work. This is about every time we need to put a number value on our work. You don’t have to be an artist to have this question. Maybe you’re a healer. Or a coach. Or a massage therapist, a babysitter, or a designer. Or any sort of business owner, really.

So let’s circle…. And talk pricing.

Let me tell you how I learned about pricing.

Once upon a time, I didn’t sell my artwork. I gave it away.

Whenever anyone mentioned that they liked my artwork, I gave them some. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone. Even relative strangers!

Why did I do this?

Because I thought it was the nice thing to do. Because I loved making the artwork, and wanted to share it freely. Because I was uncomfortable with putting a price on my gifts.

All of the above is true.

I felt okay about the whole arrangement – but I had little bits of sadness about it.

I felt a little used up by it.

And I was sad when I felt I hadn’t honoured my paintings properly.

I felt like I’d just given away my babies to families that I wasn’t really sure about.

I was starting to feel in my soul that maybe this wasn’t the right way to do it anymore. Like there had to be a better way for me, for my spirit, and for my art.

The words that changed me

As they say – when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. One twilight, I was driving back from a labyrinth. It had been my first outing with my women’s circle, and I was bundled up in the back of a car with my two mentors in the front.


Beautiful Ellanita

Deb turned to Ellanita and said:

“Leonie’s been having problems charging for her artwork. I told her you would be the right one to speak to about that.”

Ellanita is beautiful – silver white hair, wide blue eyes. She turns to me, and asks me:

“What is the problem Leonie? What are you charging right now?”

I blushed. I stammered. I used to do this when caught off guard by honesty.

“Ummmm…. Nothing. I give my art away.”
“And why do you do that?”
“Because it’s…. easier. I don’t have to think about it then. If people want it, they can just have it.”

Our headlights glowed along the stretch of road. We were driving through a large paddock, kangaroos and farm houses and old trees visible through the soft light. Ellanita began to speak, and I listened.

“You must charge for your art. In everything – everything – there needs to be an exchange of energy. An equal one.

One that fills me up. One that fills you up.

If I give you a massage that nourishes and sustains and relaxes you, I ask you for money to nourish and sustain my life too. We must both be involved in the exchange, otherwise it is one-sided. We must both be invested, so we both receive value.

If I do not allow you to pay money for my service, I do a disservice to myself, but also to you. You must contribute too, in order to be fulfilled. You will value the things you pay for more.

And my life will be better because I have helped your life be better. And your life will be better, because you have helped my life be better too. If you choose to ignore this exchange, you are doing both of you a great disservice.

Everything – everything – must be an equal exchange of energy. It is sacred. Money is the manifestation of energy. Money is sacred too.”

Since Ellanita spoke those words to me years ago, my mindset has been changed about money, and charging for my gifts and services. It is continually being tweaked, changed and evolved, as most things in life are.

As we evolve, so do our attitudes and insights about the things around us and in us.


Pricing practically + joyfully

On a practical level, make sure you include all your costs, then work out whether the profit number sustains you.

Don’t make the mistake I did years ago when I was still selling art prints. I put together a Christmas special where I forgot to include the cost of the tube I was using to send the artwork. In the end, I lost $4 for every print that I sold.

That profit number obviously didn’t sustain me!


Now, running a million dollar company, people think that I don’t have to worry about pricing, or work on myself around that.

Your pricing will change. It will likely need to increase in price over time due to:

  • increased demand
  • increasing scope of support
  • increased experience
  • increased running costs
  • changes in exchange rate (i.e. buying in US dollars at the moment is a kick to the nuts for Australian businesses).

How I’ve shifted my pricing

how we have evolved

When I first started the Academy (originally called Goddess Circle) 5 years ago, it was $99 a year. It had, I believe, about 2 or 3 e-courses (?) in it, and some meditation programs. We started out with 150 members. It was hosted on a cheap Ning template website. I had one part-time assistant at the time.

programs and staff then and now

Five years on, I’ve raised prices twice to be $497 a year. It now has 60+ courses in it, 2500+ members + a dedicated team of 3 full time staff and 6 part time contractors plus me – 10 all up. We’ve custom built an incredibly powerful website from the ground up, with super cool functionality (including being able to tell how far you are through courses!) Back in those days, my monthly running costs were about $500 a month.

I’ve increased prices as I’ve increased courses, infrastructure + support in the Academy (i.e. the base cost of producing the Academy). My monthly running costs now are about $30 000 a month.

And I also increased prices to be more selective with clients. My gut feeling was that someone who was only spending $99 a year on a membership site wasn’t heavily invested in getting the most out of it. I wanted instead to be working with people who were more invested in doing the work, implementing, and making full use out of the Academy.

Sometimes it’s better to have slightly smaller numbers of the right clients, than it is to have higher numbers of a mixed bag of right clients and not-such-a-good-fit clients.

It’s not always easy to raise prices

It can feel incredibly scary. I remember the first time I knew I had to raise prices, I had a panic attack! I was petrified of making that much-needed increase.

Things that help when it comes to raising prices:

  • surround yourself with a fantastic mastermind to keep you motivated
  • increase your marketing skills (get better at copywriting + communicating the benefits + results of what you offer)
  • clear yourself energetically (Hiro + Kerry)
  • consider having a low-priced entry product that allows people to begin to access your work
  • demonstrate experience + results (with testimonials + case studies)

So there you have it dearest…

A look back at the Leonie who sadly gave artworks away, and how I learned to respect and honour the energy exchange that we all conduct when we buy from each other. I’m so much more able to stay clear on price, and what I will and will not charge – what does and doesn’t feel like a clear energy exchange.

I know pricing can be one of the scariest things we face in business, and yet we must find a way to profit so we can continue to share our gifts sustainably.

Big love,

P.S. Want more support around pricing, marketing + doing business the smart, savvy + soulful way?

Join our highly regarded, long running Shining Biz + Life Academy that gets real results.

Just 16 days left to nab our most affordable payment plan ever!


Leonie’s Scrapbook: Awards + Rainbow Hair


Hey petunias!

We’re back with my usual scrapbook of photos + ramblings from the past couple of weeks.

Filled with family + fun adventures, and a trip to magical Melbourne!

This one. Living light.

Ostara Light on a bushwalk. She is HAPPY here guys. I mean, she’s always been a happy lil soul… but she’s thriving and blooming here in ways we didn’t expect. She feels safer + more confident. It’s just lovely to witness her feel so at home in her body and around other people and on the planet.

Beth elf

Oh, this girl. Hilarious little elf. Pure magic and a bit of mischief. Makes us laugh a hundred times a day. Doted upon by big sister. A self contained unit, happy in her skin. Can you imagine we almost lived life without her?

boy meets girl movie

This would have to be one of the best movies I’ve watched this year.

What a gllllloooooooorious romance!!!! Highly recommend this wonderful, heart-opening story of transgender love.



Our back patio is the greatest thing ever invented. We can continue our tradition of weekend #verandahing

beth afternoon cuddle

She fell asleep in my arms for a couple of hours one afternoon in the rocking chair. I read books and drank a beer and stared at her. I made Chris be my manslave so I could just sit and cuddle and read. She is 18 months now. Napping in arms like this is becoming so rare.

rosie project

My weekend read. It’s dang adorable.

Am now onto its sequel: The Rosie Effect.

the situation is i dont want to clean

My life.

crazy 2 year old

My face after we went to visit our favourite crystal and bookstore today with a batshit crazy whirlwind elfin 18 month old. Kids be cray, guys. I think that just about broke me.

rainbow hair

My darling mate/old cubicle boss Lile came around today and she dyed my hair rainbow ready for the AusMumpreneur Awards. Because NEEDED.

beth frozen dress

She takes me by the hand, leads me through the house, to my bedroom where an Elsa dress of Ostara’s has fallen out of a box. She motions for me to put it on her, and I do. She proudly parades out to her big sister “YaYa” and her “Dadad”. And when I pull the camera, she blows kisses. This kid. She is one part Buddha, one part clown, all love.


leonie and lena

Lena is one of my oldest friends… We met 16 years ago in a boarding school on the other side of the country. And now these two North Queensland country girls call a Bush City HOME and they call each other dear friends & neighbours. Just spent a morning in the sun watching our girls play… Not long before Lena’s baby is born. What a gladness that we can be here to support her sweet family as they celebrate & transition into a family of four. Eeeeeeee… Can’t wait to meet her beautiful baby. I’m hormonal as buggery, fairly sure I could cry with happiness just thinking about it.

beth duck face

It’s never too early to teach duckface.

national library

National Library. One of my favourite places in the world.

morning walk along lake

Morning walk along the lake.


Overstimulated as buggery… It’s been a reallllly big week, month, year. Came home from a lovely outing, had a shower in the dark (my sensory deprivation chamber) and have put self to bed. It’s quiet and snugly and I can watch the blue sky and cherry blossoms. #highlysensitiveperson #alilbitaspie




Stunning moon tonight… My goodness. So beautiful it made me heart swell.

starry beth hug

They stop in the middle of playing for a cuddle break. These two. They just ADORE each other madly.

beth crying

18 MONTHS IS THE WORST. SERIOUSLY. THIS IS BETH EVERY DAMN MINUTE OF BEING IN A CAR. WHEN SHE IS NOT TEARING SHOPS APART, RUNNING AWAY IN CARPARKS AND THROWING HERSELF DOWN ON CONCRETE. I AM TALKING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE THAT IS HOW INTENSE SHE IS RIGHT NOW. Divine Mama & Papa, give us strength, humour, compassion & looooong naps. If you’re a mama with this face right now… I feel you, sister. You are a living Buddha. Love, Cantankerous in Canberra


Feeling CAF today. You guess the acronym!

stock photo for photegenic lovers

You cannot contain the level of hottttttttt.

beth starry dogs in yard

This garden. Perfect for fairies and their fluffy dog familiars to play.

leonie lounging outside in pjs

The usual Entrepreneur Just Launched Something midday nap in the sun.


Just had a facial and got my eyebrows done. DO I LOOK BEYOOOTIFUL????????? #rubberface #gifted

bed at 630

Bed. 6:30pm. I’ll get a 14 hour block of sleep in to make up for my late nights of launching. I heart sleep. I need a lot of it to thrive.


Let’s Doo itttt for (someone else’s) country…. THE RED WHIIIITE AND THE BLUEEEE…

14 hour block of sleep

My 14 hour block of sleep did NOT go to plan. #18monthsleepregression

last minute leonie

Guess who has a presentation to give tomorrow? Guess who has done it yet? Guess who has decided to hand illustrate the whole thing? #lastminuteleonie

on way to aus mumpreneur

Hi ho hi ho, off to Ausmumpreneur Conference I go!!!!


Just the usual shit I get up to at #AusMum15 conference… Getting dosed up with essences from Naughty Naturopath Mum who is a total darling & Scorpio sister!!!

conference notes

And so it begins… #AusMum15

leonie red dress


pyjama party

This is how to do a networking event… Glam up, go for 20 minutes, invite all new friends back for pyjama party in room. #newbestfriendsforeverrrr #ausmum15


#AusMum15 conference. Sooooooooo normal!!!

how leonie does conferences

From last night’s shenanigans… Just to rebound #howLeoniedoesconferences — went to cocktail party for 20 minutes, invited a bunch of strangers back to my bedroom for a pyjama party. It ended up being pure magic. And only required wearing a bra for 20 minutes. #goldddddd #AusMum15 #howLeoniedoesconferences

bump models ausmumpreneur

Love these gorgeous women @bumpmodels @ausmumpreneur #AusMum15

hon brucey

Me and the Hon Brucey Billson MP who is the Australian Government’s Minister for Business. SO NORMAL RIGHT NOW. #AusMum15

fancy as fuck

Fancy as fuuuuuuuuuck. Naughty Naturopath Mum I wuv woo!!! #AusMum15

overstimulated awards night

Overstimulllllllattttted. Awards nights are nerve wracking yo! I’m so utterly unconcerned whether I win anything… I AM SO NERVOUS FOR EVERRRRYONE. But got some magic girls around me pimping me with love and head pats and reiki. #AusMum15

gala outfit

I looooooooooove my #AusMum15 gala awards outfit

cocktail bar friend

We found each other in a cocktail bar. She mouthed to me “I love you”, alerting me to the fact that we were already friends and I just hadn’t known until that moment. So we had a pyjama party and I forced her to sit next to me at the gala. Love you @assisichant #AusMum15 #instantmates

totem pole



So, my loves. #AusMum15 awards… I was a finalist in Ausmumpreneur of the Year and the Making A Difference Award. What an honour. I didn’t win… But I won so proudly and utterly and deeply with what I have found here… It has been a love bath… New, magical, deep friendships… Connecting with sooooo many #2015workbook goddesses who told me their workbook miracles… It has been making friends with some incredibly incredibly inspiring business women who are earth Angels & have such profound missions here that they are living our every single day. All of them are philanthropists, all of them are building giving into their business model, all of them are thinking soooo BIG. I feel beyond blessed. I feel in awe at the perfect synchronicity of life. The nomination was the lure to get me here to give me exactly what my heart, soul and mission was needing. Great Spirit, I am listening. I am at your service. Always love, Leonie xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

butt fuck oclock

Whoever thought a flight home at Butt Fuck O’Clock was a good idea after a week of late nights and last night’s amazing craziness IS A DAMN FOOOOOOL. GODDAMIT LEONIE IN THE PAST WHO BOOKED THESE TICKETS. MY EYELIDS SAY HOW VERY DARE YOU. Still… Not a moment too soon… I’m starting to be Chris-deprived. The first couple of days solo I don’t miss him one bit I am too busy raving and going wild… Then The Great Longing hits and I miss my riverstone until I’m almost breathless and my compass points me only home.

happy fathers day

Happy Father’s Day to my boo. So good to be back beside him again. I’m so grateful to the utterly essential ways he supports my dreams, tending to our bebes, letting me run away to events like #AusMum15 and being a kind, aware, compassionate, protective Papa Bear.

home from awards

Home. Time to lie in bed, watch the cherry blossoms unfurl and the bees collect around rosemary. The garden and the children have bloomed in the last two days without me I am sure. Whole trees have burst into song, Ostara has developed a new kind of laugh and Beth stands taller, walks faster. After the wild, raucous, fantastical mayhem of the last few days… Just to watch the birds and the bees and everything in between is enough. Watch, soften, listen. Let the story of a hundred women run through my mind and collect themselves in a book in the library of my heart. This is what it is to a woman, it tells me. This is what it is to change the world. #AusMum15

accountant date

Out on a hot date with my honey boo… Been so long since we’ve been kid free! Went to a meeting with new accountants… Outgrown our old ones and needed support for the next level… Now sushi and home!

journal scribble

This is why it’s really, really hard to have nice things as a mama. Bought a beautiful matching set of journals last week. Found them destroyed by toddler paws this week. #realtalk #realparenting #touchanythingelsejustdonttouchmystationery

first day of school

First day of new school for my girl. Look how big she is getting!!!! She’s so excited the lil darling.

toddlers and errands

We just did some essential errands. May I just say, TODDLERS ARE NOT APPRECIATIVE OR OF ASSISTANCE DURING ERRAND-RUNNING. FYI. JUST INCASE YOU EVER WONDERED. Me & Chris don’t really drink but we are thinking of taking it up today.

clean office

My office has been a dump zone since we moved in. I kept ignoring in, scraping a corner from an overflowing desk to work, ignoring the vague unsettling sense of mayhem. Decided today that enough was enough. Made it simple, clear, clean. What a difference it makes to my mindset. I feel less chaotic, more focussed now.


Illustrated notes from #AusMum15 getting ready to go out. You can grab them here!

wonderful day wishes

Hey you. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful day. I hope you know you can do big and great things. Love you girl. Xoxo L

Big love,



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5 Reasons To Use WordPress To Build Your Biz Website


G’day loves,

Today I’ve asked Grant (my Chief Ops Officer, Happy Tech Guru + Brutha from the Cosmic Womb) to talk building a website for your business. In particular, the platform he recommends for building your website with.

If ya like it, share it… and I’ll get him to create even more tech-demystification articles!

xo L

5 Reasons To Use WordPress To Build Your Biz Website

In our Academy Mastermind groups and in Academy Ask Me Anything expert sessions, our members frequently ask about WordPress or <fill in the platform – Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, etc.> Here at LDI, we’re squarely in the WordPress camp and have been for a long time.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share five reasons why I think hosted WordPress (NOT is a great idea for entrepreneurs, business owners and content marketers.

1. WordPress is the world’s leading content management system

Based on statistics gathered on, WordPress has about 40% of the installed websites using some form of a content management system. That equates to 15,000,000. Big number! Joomla is the closest competitor, with 2.7 million. WordPress is the big dog!

But why do you care? I don’t follow the crowd. I’m my own (wo)man. But, in a technology ecosystem, high adoption means lots of people are working in the space and crafting solutions to the problems being encountered. Whether in security, mobile, connection with the latest social platform, or adding new features, WordPress is often at the front of the pack because of the huge community surrounding it.

Also, lots of people means lots of other resources. Consider these – a search for WordPress on YouTube turns up 2.3 million videos, while a search for Squarespace only yields 33,000 results.  Searching the WordPress plugin repository, turns up almost 40,000 plugins, while in contrast, the Joomla extensions directory  shows ~7400.

WordPress is everywhere. And for good reason.

2. Wordpress is great on the wallet

  • WordPress is FREE software.
  • There is a HUGE range of free + inexpensive WordPress plugins to expand WordPress to meet all your business needs. For example, WooCommerce is one of the world’s most popular e-shops and is a FREE WordPress plugin. There are upgrades for payment gateways and shipping integrations, but the base functionality is available for free. Pretty sweet.
  • Because WordPress is SO popular, there’s a bunch of additional support around it. Check out this list of the top 100 blogs about WordPress!
  • You can find WordPress-fluent staff relatively easily. At some point, you’re probably going to encounter the need for help, either because you’ve found something you want that is too hard to do, or because you want someone else to help you manage this aspect of your business going forward. WordPress resources are available, from Virtual Assistants who can manage the admin side of WordPress to whole companies stocked with talented and experienced developers who can take your site to new heights.

3. WordPress is secure

Are you suprised? Of course, the media sensationalizes any time there are security incidents, and considering the number of WordPress installs, it is big news when a problem is found. However, there have really only been a few large exploits throughout the life of WordPress and they have been fixed very quickly. The size of the community ensures that if things aren’t working, it is noticed and fixed – fast.

Handy hint #1: One of the largest security holes is simply checking for insecure passwords using the ‘admin’ username. If you change that username and add a secure password, most of your vulnerability is removed. You can do this in the setup process with most installers, or you can create a new user as an admin and delete the Admin user after you log in. way, making sure that ‘Admin’ and ‘password’ won’t let you or anyone else log into your install is the best bet in security.

Handy hint #2: Updating WordPress and the themes and plugins on your site is the other critical task. If you keep things updated, WordPress is a very stable and secure platform. Starting at Version 3.7, WordPress began auto-updating. With most installers, you can select these options at install so that your install never gets behind. This enables you to take full advantage of the great developers building and updating WordPress – if they find and fix a vulnerability, you’re instantly protected.

If you want to get your geek on or just dig in a little further, check out the WordPress white paper on security.

(Editor’s note: Wow. Cheers Grant. But no. No, I think I shall pass. I’m glad YOU are reading it though!)

4. WordPress can scale from small to big business

You can install WordPress and configure a site in under an hour. You can also invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into custom functionality that takes months to build. Simply put – WordPress can handle the size of your dreams.

5. WordPress is POWERFUL!

This is the number one reason that I love WordPress.

Communicating through the web is a critical skill. The WordPress platform puts the power of building sites and doing business in the hands of the business owners, creatives, and others who may not be developers but still have something to say or sell. Using tools like drag-and-drop page builders like Divi and ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce, people with a basic technical understanding can do great things. And it gets better every day.

Want to build your business website with WordPress?


If you’re interested in WordPress and you want to build your own WordPress website for your business, join us for our brand new Creating a Website with WordPress course starting 1 October in the Shining Biz + Life Academy. In under an hour, I’ll take you from interested to installed with step-by-step video instructions on how to get your own site up and running – fast!

The thing we love most of all in the Academy is seeing our members reach their biggest dreams. We love sharing the tools + training to get them there.

Have a fantastic day!

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P.S. We’ve already had some wonderful feedback from Academy members who are already using it to transform their days.

“Grant’s walk-thru of WordPress is uber simple! I had a very difficult time with WordPress by myself. This course helped me figure it out!” ~ Becky

“Thanks Grant for turning something that I had given up on into something that I can be proud of. If you’re like me and you were afraid of WordPress and had given up on ever being able to use it, let Grant help you. It won’t take long and you’ll be amazed at what we can teach you.” ~ Laura

“Grant is my Website SuperHero… Leonie needs to paint you with a cape. Mr. Grant! This was the piece that was standing in my way – it was the way you explained/conceptualized how things fit together and showed the “design” pieces… and I could stop and do, stop and do. This really opens up the floodgates…THANK YOU!!!!” ~ Sandra

“Ohhhhh I didn’t even know this was in the package…..Sooooooooo awesome. This is like the rainbow icing on the ten layer cake!!! Yay!” ~ Jessie

P.S. Just 20 days left to jump in on the Shining Biz + Life Academy’s most affordable payment plan offer ever.

Everything you need – business, marketing + tech training to help you build an incredible business!

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