Best Of May: Here’s What I Shared Last Month!

Hola gorgeous petals!

I’ve been in hermit mode lately…. I’ve taken some time away from producing free content here to create and produce new courses for my Academy members. I just went and counted… we now have over 100 courses in there!

There’s even more goodies and deliciousness coming that way too… I’ll be announcing them very soon.

My goal with the Academy is always to make it the most incredible value… to keep delighting our members over and over again. (Probably why 8 out of every 10 members will sign up for another year of membership… and why we have members who have been with us for nearly 6 years since the day I opened it!!!!!!)

So yes… if you’re noticing I’ve been quiet around these parts… the Academy is the best way to get more guidance, support & resources from me!

Okay possums – here is what I did share over the last month!

Ai3May Picture
Give The Gift Of Saving Another Mother’s Life

While I originally wrote this post for Mother’s Day, when does saving another mother’s life evvvverrrrr go out of style?

For as little as $28, you can save a woman’s life… and give a newborn baby the gift of their mother.

$28. $28!!!!!!!!! That’s how cheap it is for a life?????

So, the next time you are looking for a gift, why not give the gift of life?

Two beautiful ways to do just that – click here to see how!

Jan another two frames
Free Poster & Desktop Wallpaper: 8 Ways To Instant Happy

Time for something fun!

Here’s a free poster for you to:

  • print out
  • pop above your desk as a reminder throughout your day how to get out of grumpsville
  • pop in your diary or art journal!

These are all things I do when I find my energy is lagging and I need a bolt of joy/inspiration/divine guidance/gigglesnorts! Certified Fill-Your-Well activities!


7 Chakra Business Model Masterclass

If it already wasn’t one of the raddest places to hang + grow your biz online, the Shining Academy is bursting with new content!

Recorded over three video sessions that span Day 1 of the Shining Retreat, Canberra 2016, the 7 Chakra Business Model is a powerful, profound in-depth workshop exploration.

In this intensive deep dive, you will learn:

  • what stage your business is at
  • what you need to focus on right now to move your business to the next level
  • pitfalls to be wary of
  • resources to help (and avoid)
  • how to avoid doing the infamous “Bird” maneuver which will render you stuck, procrastinating and inert!
  • Find out exactly where you are in business + what you need to focus on right now!

Click here for more!

New Course Release: 6i Success System

It’s time to discover and FIX the blocks in your business that are limiting your growth!

The 6i Success System is a comprehensive diagnostic tool to help you work out EXACTLY what you need to work on next in your business in order to take it to the next level.

It sums up the 6 essential mindset habits required to create success… the habits I’ve used each day for the last 8 years to create a multi-million dollar company working part-time hours.

In this intensive one day workshop, you will learn:

  • The “6i” success habits you need to see your dreams get birthed into the world.
  • How to diagnose what you need to work on next.
  • The structures and systems your biz needs so that it can grow as far as your dreams dare.

More details here!

New Course Release: 2016 Shining Retreat

While we are on a roll with new Academy content, I am so so so SO happy to release the entire 2016 Shining Academy retreat recording as a brand spankin’ new course in my Shining Biz & Life Academy!

All in one handy-dandy place, Academy members have access to transcripts, mp3’s, video and slides of the entire retreat weekend.

More info here!

Numbers That I’m Proud Of

This right here… these are numbers I am so very proud of…

They aren’t the numbers of what I’ve sold. They are the numbers of what I’ve kept.

They are the ones that show I haven’t just written a great sales page but haven’t delivered on those promises – but that I’ve delivered… and even better… EXCEEDED expectations.

These are the numbers of how many of my Academy members finish their year at the Academy and decide to pay for a whole new year because they are getting so much out of it and don’t want to be without the Academy!!!

Read more here!

A Little Note On Being An Introvert

So, most of y’all know I’m an introvert. I wrote a big article about succeeding in life + biz as an introvert actually.

I thought I’d share what I’m discovering the moment about my introvert self. Just a small thing. A small note as the sun sets and I’m collecting my thoughts and waking up.

Join me over here.

Leonie’s Scrapbook: Butt Fuck O’Clock Parties, Giving Back & Girl Dates

So, I like to do these things on the reg. (Reg, I have decided is short for regular. Just go with it.)

Sometimes shit gets lost on social media. And I like these journals and scrawlings of tiny moments. To document them in a scrapbook here for you.

Check it out now!

My Wellpreneur Online Podcast Debut

I was deeeeelighted to be a guest expert on the Wellpreneur Podcasta podcast for health & wellness business owners.

The lovely Amanda dived deep into some interrogation questions about how I run my business & how I’ve managed to scale it into a multi-million dollar company… and the business lessons anyone can use to grow their own.

We chat about:

  • how I took my business from $30k to $2 Million revenue
  • what needed to change to be able to run a million-dollar biz
  • how I built my biz working 2 hours/day
  • how to get off the ‘working all the time’ treadmill that we can all get into!

Tune in here!

Okay possums! Here’s to a beautiful June ahead!

May your life be joyous & your business abundant,

Big ole love,




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Leonie’s Scrapbook: choco facials + business for dummies


Howdy dear petals,

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. In a little hermit cave, taking stock, doing that thing that Slim Dusty sings about:

Looking forward, looking back
I’ve come a long way down the track
Got a long way left to go…

Here’s what I’ve been sharing on ze Instagwams and Facebookerywookery!

Get cosy + join me on this little walk down memory lane…

1 sia hope

This. This was the name we were going to call our Beth before she told us in no uncertain terms that she was a Bethany. Still, I think of this name today… The name we called her while she lived in my belly… The name that got me through Hyperemesis Gravidarum… The one I clung to like a song and a prayer and a promise. It gave me the fire to bring her into the world. It was a mantra and a blessing. And today, I wanted to set it free into the world. Maybe it belongs to one of your babies yet to come… One still singing on the otherside waiting to come through… Bursting with joy and energy. I’m sure her and Bethany knew each other and planned this all out.

2 weighted blanket

I commissioned an adult-sized weighted blanket to help when I’m feeling overwhelmed/over-sensoried. It’s just arrived so obv I needed to try it out! Does feel rather calming. I bought it from an Australian company called Calming Moments.

Here’s what they say about weighted blankets from their website incase you are thinking WTF ARE WEIGHTED BLANKETS?

“Weighted blankets have helped countless people get the rest they need and is also recommended by occupational therapists as an aid for people with autism, cerebral palsy, restless leg syndrome, dementia, anxiety issues just to name a few…”


4 i will honour my basic needs

Full disclosure: this is where I’m at in life currently. Making myself posters to remind myself to fucking chill & have fun. Kind of absurd. I’ve gotten way too adult. But there we are. That’s where I’m at.

6 financial planner

Went to financial planner with hunky lover. Super sexy to get more financially literate and create even better, smarter & smoother financial plans.

It’s so scary to do sometimes… I make sure I ask a lot of stupid questions! I’m all about creating sustainable, long term, grounded wealth so that I can always take care of my family & have a lasting impact with philanthropy too.

7 car nap

“What are your plans for this afternoon?” she asked.

“Take a car nap,” I replied.


8 best friend and coo unicorn

Best friend & best COO in the world. She has the matching one. To remind me that we are soul family. I’m so lucky.

9 anniversary

Fifteen years ago today I went on my first date with that utterly scrumptious IT guy from work who I had fallen in love with at first sight and spent months walking into walls whenever he said hello to me. I broke my computer a lot just so he would lean over me to fix it. I finally got the courage to ask him out after I found out his last name was Dawson, and I, being an obsessed Dawson’s Creek fan, had declared a year before to my best friend that I would one day marry a Dawson.

Anyways, we went to the beach and he grabbed my hand and he hasn’t let go. We moved in together a month later. Ten years to the day we went back to that same spot and got married with a one year old fairy daughter on my hip.

We’ve always been married, him and I. Always been all in, equal partners, lovers, best friends, teachers, students, muses for each other. Our marriage vows in recent years have been enacted in full… In sickness and in health. I’ve had my share of awful health moments where Chris has become my carer and solo papa for our children. We were just talking through what may happen with this foot of mine and the recovery process… And I know that he will take care of me and the kids like he has done before. When I ask him about it, he says “We never know what will happen with health… We just take care of our family day by day, whatever that means.”

He has loved me and supported me and believed in all my dreams and given me the time and support to achieve them. I couldn’t be more grateful. We’ve been stubborn at staying together… There is magic here between us… Mystery still to be unfolded… A love story still being discovered. I think it will always be that way. He will always be utterly familiar and a divine mystery to me all at the same time. 15 years, 8 moves to different towns, 5 houses bought, 2 dogs and most importantly: 2 daughters and 1 family.

Thanks for saying yes to this grand adventure, Dawsy. You are my very favourite.

10 mindy project

Deliriously binge watching The Mindy Project. #dannyandmindyforeverrrrrrr

11 starrys leggings

Starry has worn through the knees of her favourite leggings. Just did super wabi sabi wonky hand sewn patches to extend the life of them. I love extending the life out of clothes!

12 choc facial

The only way to eat chocolate ice cream is to give yourself a facial with it at the same time. (And as a hair, back and hand treatment.)

13 poop bath

Philosophical Question: if, every time you give your kids a bath, the youngest one takes a shit in it, are they dirtier before a bath or after?

I ask myself this question every fucking week as I play that age old classic game “Emergency evacuate the children from turd bath and spend next 30 minutes fishing for watery shits and disinfecting the bath.”

#reallife #realmotherhood #turdbath #fuckinggross #fishingforpoop #firstpersontosuggestashowerwouldfixallourproblemsgetsavagslap #blessed #Sundayafternoonsaresooooooorelaxing

14 mri day

MRI day for ole Limpy Leg Leonie. I feel a bit jittery but so relieved to get some clear answers on the damage to my foot so we can work on a healing plan. So grateful to modern medicine… To live in this time when my foot has a chance to be fixed. Going to take it easy this afternoon… Have a nap after this morning’s long scan. I have another scan this afternoon as well.

15 best client present

Best.client.present.everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr goes to Ines!!! She came along to our Shining Academy conference and effing adored it so bad that she wanted to make me something… so she made me my very own cussing cheerleader unicorn!!!! FUCCCCCCKKKKKK I AM SOOOO IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!


( Her ridiculously-holy-adorable goodies are all at here … she’s so talented!!!! )

16 book

How’s this for magical synchronicity…

When we bought this house off the internet, I knew we had made the right decision because on the contract, I saw the old owner had the same first name as my beloved grandmother who had died a year before.

It really is a gentle, loving home with the most amazing fairy gardens… I feel so lucky that we get to be the owners of it now.

Anyways, I’ve become penpals with the old owner… I send her pictures of the kids enjoying her garden so she knows her flowering legacy lives on, she tells me where the watering system is.

And it turns out… how bizarre… that she too is an author who wrote books in this house…

AND (!!!!!) when she told me what she’d written, I gasped – we already had one of her books in our bookshelves!

Total divine synchronicity! I’m feeling amazed at the magic of the world!

sonya leonie

Spent the afternoon in strategy meetings with Sonya and conducting interviews to find our new Project Manager.

This photo of us is from years ago… We’ve been besties for much longer than we’ve been working together! It was a big leap for the both of us to make for her to start working for me…

But honestly, it’s been a pretty seamless partnership. Same values, same gut instincts, same way of working and thinking.

She’s a total rock with grounded advice… A healing balm in the months this year that have been tumultuous and hard. I’ve had to make some hard decisions to protect myself & my team & my vision this year… Decisions I cried and cried over… But I knew she & our team of divine goddesses would have my back… And they did and have, over and over.

Surround yourself with the bestest if people, my loves. Lovingly let go of the rest. It will suck for a bit when you do let go, but it will get better and better and better than before.

daily routine

Daily routine: Do school run in morning & do errands with husbo & wee one. Come home and within 0.3 seconds of walking in the door, get in pyjamas. Stay in them for rest of day. #workfromhome #pyjamasuniform

SAFE services group

As many of you know, I’m a HUGE supporter of philanthropy + giving back. Each year, we donate thousands of copies of the Shining Year workbooks + diaries to social workers or non profit organisations all around the world!

I just received this lovely photo back from SAFE Services, an organisation located in the UK working to end domestic violence, letting me know that they will be using these for their clients as well as the lovely staff + volunteers pictured here!


leg day

Orthopaedic specialist day for ole Limpy Leonie. Surgery? Rehab? Physio? What will be the next leg (ha!) of this healing journey?

1 another day of parenting

Portrait Of A Mother Who Just Survived Another Day Of Parenting and Both Kids Are Now In Bed. Aka: Shell-shocked Relief.

2 cupcakes and cronuts

Cupcakes and cronuts for breakfast. #cleaneating #paleo #nope

3 managing for dummies

I was totes suss about buying this book. I also felt a bit stupid to be honest… Should the CEO of a multi million dollar company be seen in public reading this? But seriously… It’s really good shit guys. Simple, well explained, thorough, drawing on a range of best practice methodologies. Highly recommended!!!

4 book journaling

Altered book journaling.

5 mala bracelets

Making mala bracelets with my girl.

1 sunday

Sunday afternoon sabbatical… Afternoon in bed, art journaling… Just what I need each week to fill up for my week.

2 relaxing on couch

Me when I’m on the couch watching TV with hunky… Always surrounded by journals & collage & planners & crafting shit… Always creating even in chill out time!!!!

3 new hire

Ecstatic. Just made an incredible hire. Someone who I’ve known, love and respected for over a decade. Someone who is one of the best, smartest people I know. Someone who was on my “dream team” list along with Sonya (who I hired in January!). Someone who mentored me at work when I was 20 and told me she would be working for me one day. I can’t believe I get to work with people like this. I can’t believe they have so much faith in me.

I frankly don’t feel good enough… But I’ll take it. I am one lucky, lucky, teary lady today. Will introduce y’all to her when she starts. But for now… I am giddy with possibility at what we could do next with another superhero on our team. Me & Starry are sending you big love.

Tune in next time for more! Soon I’ll be sharing more on our newest dream team addition, our upcoming LDI team retreat in Arizona and more!




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