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richness of life

by Leonie Dawson on September 29, 2004

Me at Tidbinbilla National Park. Earthly home.

“The whole universe is breathing as our breath; we limit the process by our assumption that we are doing the breathing.”

– Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan “Alchemical Wisdom”

I can not begin to describe how irrevocably my life has changed and deepened this year.

I wonder if I even glimpsed what I would experience this year.

I do know this much ~ at Christmas last year, I sat on the balcony,

At sunset.

I sat in a camping chair, and wrote in my journal while the sun set. I wondered at the world.

I craved something more.

I felt like I couldn’t feel the magic in that moment

And as I wrote it down,

the setting sun caught in a cobweb on the balcony

And a rainbow of light shone in my eyes

A magical moment indeed.

And that, in itself, is a metaphor for this year.

This year my life has deepened in immeasurable ways.

Magical ways have been revealed

right before my eyes.

I realise breathlessly that

I am becoming the person I wanted to be.

Yes, oh yes.

I have begun writing again.

I have this blog to express myself, and people read it. I feel like a published author already. To be able to share this journey is such an important thing for me. And for people to be touched by it? That is a dream come true!

I am exploring photography.

I bushwalk in wondrous nature parks.

Everyday I am inspired by words, others and the world.

I paint more.

I have a dog, a cheerful dog who loves me and sits on my feet.

I have more balance.

I am partners with the most beautiful man in the world. We are growing in love and my heart is filled with him. Together we are learning about healthy love. There is so much love between us, and we are learning to move in more loving, peaceful, trusting ways.

“A great ship asks deep waters” – George Herbert

I live as simply as I can.

I am progressing and deepening in self love.

I am more Buddhist, and am learning every day.

My mind is calming. I am taming my monkey mind.

I am opening like a flower.

I am blossoming like a wildflower.

And… Possibly the biggest thing which has filled my heart… Friendships. Some old, some new. Opening new worlds in me. I am amazed by the blessings I receive from friendships on a daily basis.

SARK and the wonderful human beans I have found on SARK’s Marvellous Message Board.

How I am inspired, held and taught by those wonderful beings.

There are too many of these women to name all that have touched me and opened my eyes just by sharing their story or listening to mine.

Emelisa and Lisa Marie are two such wondrous women.

I feel like I’ve found a dear friend in both of them.

I am astounded how the hearts of two strangers can meet and have tea parties and mini adventures sleepovers and picnics of the spirit. Our hearts, all out there in the universe, doing wondrous things!

I also have received countless amounts of beautiful snail mail from women all over the world.

Making connections of love and friendship and woman wonder.

I also have had lovely friendships with commuters – the people I travel on a bus with every day. Paris, Ben, Rob, Fi, Di, Tracey ~ all making public transport a blessing in disguise.

My new job this year has brought me in touch with such beautiful people. My whole team is lovely, laid back and laughter filled. Rob and Barb are marvellous managers. Deb and Lile are absolute blessings, permanent lunch dates with these filled with girly giggles and open heart sharing with these two fairies. The connections we make as women can make the world revolve.

So the new worlds of friends have opened and extended me in enormous ways.

As do my old friends.

Zetty, Charlie, Daniel, Sonia, Jayne, jC.

jC not being technically my old friend, but Chris’, and an immediate old friend of mine.

All these wonderful wonderful people that are connecting or re-connecting with me

Who make me remember myself

Who inspire me

Who love me

So so many blessings of friendships

My friendship garden of flowers is blossoming and blooming away

I love I love I love

Connections are such a magical thing!

So yes, so many amazing, beautiful, stupendous, wonderful things this year…

growing into myself ~ what a wonderful thing

My heart yearns for the sky and wants to be as expansive and all encompassing.

All these things I have dreamt of, wanted to be,

And I AM being.

There is more to come of this

So much more

But the journey is beautiful and picturesque and never lonely.

I give honour to this year ~ this year of growth and awakening.

Not always pretty ~ but always, always beautiful.

Filled with the riches of the deepest kind ~

Art, life, love, friendships, words.


by Leonie Dawson on September 28, 2004

Every man’s work,whether it be literature or

music or pictures or architecture or anything else,

is always a portrait of himself.

– Samuel Butler

Even blogs.

For all that has been, thanks; to all that will be, yes.

– Dag Hammarskjold

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Lovely email from Helena today.

Talked to Emelisa ~ but a truck knocked over the powerline in front of her house and her power went out!

Spinning: Dawson’s Creek Soundtrack… I love I love I love.

Faves are Chantel Krevaziuk’s Feels Like Home and Sophie B Hawkin’s Lose Your Way. Makes my heart sing and sigh all at once.

Reading: Suzanne’s Diary to Nicholas by James Patterson.

Recommended by Emelisa… very easy to read, sort of cliched, but she assures me the love that is in it is so worthwhile.

Fave moment: Reading above book outside, perched on the outside windowsill, watching the sun set, and the stars come out, the lights brighten on the hills. Finally it is warm enough to wear shorts until dark!

Finishing today: On beanbag, watching Wildboyz, Chris and Charlie by my side, chatting to Dan on the laptop. Feeling loved by all these boys!

And now we are having a storm.

Goddess of down~to~earth warmth Helena/Charlie

by Leonie Dawson on September 27, 2004

The more alert we become to the blessing that flows into us through everything we touch, the more our own touch will bring blessing.

– David Steindl-Rast “A Listening Heart”

I met beautiful Helena

on my first day of boarding school

I was 16 and naive and new to the dorms and the town

My first day away from my family and the farm and my blue room

The long long blocks of building partitioned into small spaces of living

a chipboard unit of desk ~ wardrobe ~ bed all in one

twenty girls all in the one *space*

I was overwhelmed by it all

Wondering if I’d made the right decision

Wondering why I’d left behind all things comfortable and familiar and loving

To live in a land of boxes with strangers

I met a few of the girls, and I thought …

nice enough, but not of my kindred

Then there was a knock on my partition

and there was Charlie.

Charlie. Helena. The one and the same.

The most comforting sight.

Beautiful wise eyes ~ filled with light and warmth and love

Gorgeous warm smile

The friendliest freckles

and the dearest open face

It was like seeing an old friend when I met Charlie.

When I met Charlie

all my fears faded

I found a new home away from home

in White Dorm, then Green Dorm

I knew Charlie only a year before she graduated

and we’ve stayed in contact this last five years

reconnecting in particular these past few months

She sends me such beautiful warm emails

encouraging me with this blogger

sharing her life and her love

I am just so so over the moon for her to have found

her own beautiful boy to spend her life with

So today I honour the


down to earth

loving and entirely loveable







open hearted

presence in my life that is Charlie.

She is a precious stone of the finest kind.