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Days of Holyness

by Leonie Dawson on September 17, 2008

It’s September. Family portrait time here in our little cottage of love.
Above is adorable Charlie, performing his panda pose of unbearable cuteness.

A photo of yours truly by my love, also known as my most beautiful man in the world.

Speaking of which… *happy sigh*

September also means we are off on holidays – holy days of travelling, loving, family, homelands and connection. Time with my beloved, my treasured mama earth & my amazing amazing family. Time to photograph & witness my beautiful brother wed his love. Time to sit around fires. Time to walk among the tall eucalypts on our family farm. Time to be wrapped up in the embrace of my kinfolk. Time to be loved and to love right back.

I’ll be back in the studio on the 8th of October – all print orders & commissions will be taken care of that week.

My lovely post fairy Brandi will be goddess of my blog while I’m away… I’ve stored up some posts to share on the blog while I’m away, and Brandi will be snapping her magic publish fingers to make it all happen. Included in the posts are some new Soul Story commissions as well as photos & the round up of my Day of Delight Retreat I recently ran. Thanks so much for b

Wishing you all splendid, sweet & synchroncious days ~
preciousness, kindness & laughter always,

Sweet Days.

by Leonie Dawson on September 13, 2008

I love days when it is gently raining outside, and I am all cozy in my cottage with the love of my life, my healing puppy and custom art to be made.

{Little sneak peek of one of my new custom arts… will show you the full piece when I can}

I love days when I take a chance, and meet a new friend. The gorgeous Jillianbeans has been in the same online community {the SARK Forum} for some years.

You know when you meet someone and you make instant friends with them?
There’s just something in their eyes that marks them as part of your tribe?
Jill is one of those for me. She has the bluest of angel eyes, and is so gentle, warm, funny, joyful and kind. We ate cheesecakes in a little booth and told secrets to each other – after all – what else to do when you make an instant friend then to tell each other brave & wild secrets?

And my second favourite thing about Jill after her being her – she is a tallie, like me. So when we walked back down the street, arms around each other, it was like walking as two gentle Amazon goddesses.

Coz that’s what instant friends do.

Wishing you a precious day ~

Goddess Adele: Custom Soul Story art

by Leonie Dawson on September 9, 2008

A new Soul Story custom artwork..
this time for the amazing & lovely Adele from Intrinsic – one of my absolute favourite stationery & inspiration companies. It was such a joy to create this for Adele… to celebrate the gorgeous, giving & visionary spirit she is!

I’m having a gorgeous day creating a Goddess in You painting for a wonder*woman to give to her daughter for her birthday. I so love making these rainbow artworks to celebrate real, inspiring and luscious women… to remind them just what a gift they are!

If you are looking to order your own Soul Story custom art or Goddess in You painting, or even one of the prints from my Etsy store – I will be going on holidays for three weeks in a week and a half. Order before 18 September to have yours created and sent before the studio closes for going-home-for-family-time-and-laughter-and-love holiday break.

Bright love and heart blessings,