Ask Goddess Leonie – How to do Space Clearing

Hola womens who groove to the music!

Sticking with my theme of Video All Da Way this week, I’m answering an Ask Goddess Leonie question by *gasp* video. Holy revolutionary batman!

This Ask Goddess Leonie is the quickest 10 minute Space Clearing 101 intro you ever did see. I have sooo much more to share about this! Space clearing rocks my rainbow world.

I hope this brings beautiful new space clearing ideas, magic & genius-ness into your life…

Ask Goddess Leonie – How to do Space Clearing… from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

Passing the Talking Stick

As always, feel free to take the talking stick and share about your own stories or questions about space clearing in the comments circle.

Until then, I’ll be dancing to Bette Midler in the kitchen.

Not kidding.

Love you long time,


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Goddess Journey Checkin : Leonie Loves Video

Hola my darling cakes!

It’s Monday! Wahooooooo! Goddess Journey Check-in day.

Goddess Journey day is the day we check in on our journeys, and the blessings & lessons that have been happening for us.

It’s the day we get to cosy up on a big purple couch with large mugs of tea, and connect-in and share about our journeys this week. It’s a little bit like coming home – to ourselves, and to each other. As always, you can share if you’re called in the Comments Circle.

I’m always glad when it’s a Goddess Journey check-in day. It’s like a little exhale of “aaaahhhhhh” and then a contented little sigh. Of course, that might be just me, but I likes it. 🙂

And this week’s check-in is a little different… it’s on video! Wahoo! Live check-in! 🙂 You’ll learn why in the video. It may, or may not, have something to do with my fringe.

Goddess Journey Check-in (18 May 2009) from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

Passing the Talking Stick

As always, feel free to take the talking stick and share about your Goddess Journey, blessings and challenges over the last week. You are so gently held.



Goddess Allsorts: By the Letter V

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s that happy day of the week… Goddess Allsorts day!

This is the day I share with you all kinds of scrummy inspiration I find around the place & want to share. Allsorts that don’t make much sense together, but are perfectly perfect. A whole smorgasboard of delight for you to nibble on!

This Allsorts Day is brought to you by the letter V – for Video. Tons of scrumptious video action for you today, and some images. Adore!

Warning: You may need tissues during this one. Just saying. I did.

Fifty People One Question

If you asked fifty people the same question, what would their answers be?
I utterly adore this video series.
It makes my heart sparkle.

Chicken shed

I’ll confess because you already know what a sop I am.

I have the Diana Tribute Album Double CD. And I’m okay about that.

In particular, my favourite song off it became my own personal anthem.

It’s called: I am in Love with the World.

With a name like that, how could it not be my anthem?

Even after all those years of wearing out my double CD from having it on replay, I still didn’t know something.

Something which made this song even richer. And thanks to the richness of YouTube, now I do.

It is sung by a group of children of all different backgrounds and abilities.

And I can’t watch this without crying at its beauty.

And part of those tears are this:
My eldest brother Clinton was born with cerebral palsy, and he died a couple of weeks before Lady Di. And in his life (and even in his rainbow journey onwards) he & his friends made our hearts bigger and made us better people. That was their gift, among many.

So now my personal anthem is even bigger, brighter and more of a miracle before.

How can we not be in love with the world?

These photos

For some reason, I really adore these photos. Words + pictures are heaven to me.

Blackout Poetry Project

People are wise. And funny. And sweet. And inherently creative. And deeply moving.

Validation: A Short Film

And the creme de le creme.

I’ve totally saved the best for last, but you need this. It’s long, but you need this.

What if we just went around validating people every day?

You are so amazing.
You are doing the best you can.
I so appreciate you.

You are so loved,

who totally needs some more tissues now…

Positions Available: Become an Expressive Arts Teacher

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

I have such a treat for you today.

It’s a video. Not just any video.

It’s an interview with a woman who lives her big, big dream… and has been for thirty years.

A woman whose self-described job is this: I help people come alive. (Probably the best job description ever).

A woman who has been teaching other women for decades how to be their creative, wise, joyful selves.

A woman who has worked out how to make a wonderful abundant income from that.

And a woman who is now training others to do that – to become expressive arts teachers, creative coaches & circle leaders.

So I wanted to do an interview with Chris to share her with you, and talk about her training program. There might be some of you looking for a career change or get trained on how to create dobleros while being your creative, amazing, sharing self. I’m sooooo into this idea, and wish I wasn’t all the way over the world so I could do it. There’s so much for me to learn from the amazing Chris Zydel. She’s just a joy to experience.

So, without further ado or abo or a-mooooooo, here’s a big gigglefest where the two of us attempt to keep it together enough to talk about the wonder of expressive arts. Bonus calls from God & happy yarping from the puppies & strange sound interruptions from God too. {In other words, please excuse & celebrate the crazy reverbs & noises… they do stop after a little! The joys of being splendidly perfect :)}

Triple bonus point: After watching the video back, I’m a little startled at just how much me & Chris played the “separated at birth” card. Ahem. Notice the double ups of cackling, head tilting & looking hotttttttt in a Scandinavian kinda way. Doppelganger, anyone, anyone?

Interview with Chris Zydel on being an expressive arts teacher… from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

Lush Links

Check out Chris Zydel’s Creative Juices Arts website here.

And if you’re called to becoming an Expressive Arts Teacher, information on her Teacher Training program is here.

Yay! That was ridunkulous amounts of fun, possums.

I hope you are all feeling completely inspired now… I’m all abuzz with the jooociness.

Is it time for a meditationap?

Big love,


Introducing: This Month’s Sponsors

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I wanted to introduce you to some of the amazing peoples & groovy things that are this month’s sponsors at I’m so excited to share their wonderful work with you, and encourage you to check their beauty and spirit out.

Hiro Boga is an amazing clairvoyant, intuitive healer and flourishing muse. She helps both souls and businesses to get clarity and healing to share their soul gifts with the world.

I had my first session with Hiro this week and it was holy-dinger-amazing. She is one of the most powerful healers I’ve been blessed to experience. So many deep shifts happened in that one hour, bringing me home to my self and what I want to share with this world. She cleared out a tremendous amount of my “stuff” – with the most gentle, calming energy possible.

The best way I can describe her is a GrandMother who comes in and housekeeps your energy house. Hiro’s work is precious, and I’m so grateful she’s in this world.

Check out Hiro & her clairvoyant healing sessions at

Tangerine Meg is a luminous, sweet soul who creates luminous, sweet, vibrant art cards. Her artwork is completely wonderful, and I’m still trying to choose one to frame.

Will it be Rainbow Lady? Or Tree People?

The jury is still out 🙂

She is holy scrumptious, and you need a bazillion of her cards. Visit her art card shop here.

I adore Christine Reed’s work, and Bliss Chick is her writing baby. Her blog covers interviews with chicks living their bliss (and oh my goddess, there’s me!), green living, yoga, spirituality and creativity.

That, and I totally adore her partner Marcy Hall’s art.

Check out her page New to Blisschick to give you a lovely intro of what to expect at Blisschick. 🙂 Wahooo!

Brandi Reynolds is a photographer & joy rebel. Her Etsy store is filled with her scrumptious art & photographs. Go seep in its beauty!

I’ve known Brandliscious for like 4 online years, which is about 26 in real life. It’s true. And I adore her & her sweet shining spirit & her creations so very much.

She’s like rainbow striped toe socks in a person.

Visit her Joy Rebel Prints store here

Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program

I interviewed Chris Zydel yesterday about this program because I’m completely crazy-in-love with her and the incredible work she does. And I really think that Goddesses reading this blog would be really fuh-reaking interested in knowing more about her program – because I am. I’m just in the wrong country.

Get this: She makes a living out of helping people get their fingers all dipped in paint and gloriously creative again. She’s been an expressive arts teacher, creative coach, counsellor and womens circle leader for 30 years. She is also deeply wise and true and authentic and ravishing and a dear friend.

And now she’s training other people to become teachers to share their own magic with the world. And if I was living on the opposite side of the Pacific than where I am, I would be all signed up for her program. Because I have a lot to learn from her, and I think she’s extraordinary and she believes in people.

So if you are looking for a career change – check out her incredible teacher training program. The woman is wonderful & her offerings are magnificent.

I’m so excited to sharing the amazing work and spirit of these sponsors with you!

To all of our magnificent bits & big dreamings ~

You are all so utterly loved,