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Top 10 Spiritual movies

by Leonie Dawson on June 22, 2009

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today is a berry special post… my top ten all-time favourite spiritual movies. As chosen by a select jury of critics-who-aren’t-very-critical – namely me, myself and I. Oh, and God Chris too. Because that man is just all flavours of wise+awesome. (+hot, but that’s not what this post is about!)


1. You can heal your life

Me and my darling friend Sone went to the Australian premiere of You can heal your life. We wanted to meet Louise Hays and see what she is really like. It ended up being a completely magical day – I ended up spending time with and photographing the incredible author & oracle card creator Lucy Cavendish before scooting across the city to meet Sone and get our Louise on.

I ended up being dropped at the wrong end of the harbour, so Sydney dock-goers got to witness a very special sight: me hitching up my long blue hippy skirt & legging it down the docks, blonde hair streaming before me. I got there in time – just – to see Sone grinning at me from the line, and the cinema on the harbour all lit up with fairy lights. I was all breathless and slightly sweaty-damp… but I was *there.*

To see and hear Louise was such a joy. That woman is even more luminous in person than her books or movies could possibly show. She is deeply present with every person around her, and such a loving embodiment of the wisdom she teaches.

But the best part of all?

When we settled down into the cinema to watch the movie, a man walked to the front of the cinema. His black cowboy hat and I’ve-been-broken nose looked familiar. Sone looked at me. I looked at her. And the same words escaped our lips:

Is that Lee fu**ing Kernaghan?

And then we cracked up laughing. The last person on earth we were expecting to see there was there – the Australian country singer & Australian of the Year – otherwise known as Lee Kernaghan (his middle name isn’t an expletive, funnily enough).

But there he was – and this beautiful, down to earth man began to talk. About how much You can heal your life had affected him. About how his mother had healed from breast cancer from it. About how his and his whole family’s lives had changed from Louise’s wisdom.

And it was deeply touching, and very real. It brought tears to my eyes.

So that’s just how wonderful Louise, and her work, and her movie is. She is a gifted woman, and this movie is a gift.


2. What the bleep

I know, it’s a little obvious, right? But I’m daring to be obvious with this one. What the bleep was the first movie I saw that taught the truths I was already in love with. I was so excited when I saw that movie – I felt like the whole world had changed.

It is still a profound movie. I always think these things are better when you go into them without hype {i.e. The hype of Eat Pray Love kinda killed it for me}. Having said that, go check this movie out if you haven’t. It’s my first love.


3. Small Miracles

This is a beautiful kid’s movie {the very best kind of movie} about a 12 year old boy who decides to become a healer. And, like all souls who decide to take the journey of a healer and spiritual guide, he learns how having Faith in himself, his gifts, and his world view is one of the most needed and powerful tools of all.

Considering my word for the year is Faith, this movie strikes a chord with me A LOT.


4. Peaceful Warrior

This book appears on my Top 10 spiritual books too. (LINK) What I adore about seeing movies made from spiritual books is how they represent spirit in visual form. The Peaceful Warrior as both a book and a movie is a wonderful story that we can all learn from.

Favourite part of this movie: Nick Nolte as Socrates. Wisdom comes where you might least expect it.


5. The Secret

Another holy-obviousness one. But I’m totally sticking to my obvious guns here. The Secret is a powerful movie. I had never heard of the Law of Attraction before The Secret, and it did such a magnifico job of teaching it to me {and Chris}. I like to describe The Secret as taking one part of What the Bleep and making it practical.


6. The Celestine Prophecy

Like Way of the Peaceful Warrior, the Celestine Prophecy is another of my favourite spiritual novels turned into a movie. Fabulous. Watch it.

Favourite part: Seeing how they represent the teachings on energy. I refer back to those images in my mind often to see where my own energy field is.


7. From Ambition to Meaning: Wayne Dyer

A few weeks ago, my love Chris bought this movie from our favourite bookstore. I wasn’t really expecting much from it. In fact, I think I even might have muttered “I’m so over the spiritual movie format right now”. But he was insistent. He had intuition that it was the right thing for us at the right time.

And, as he usually is, he was right. We spent that afternoon in a spellbound, enchanted, gentle world of spirit watching that movie – arms and legs akimbo around each other, smiling softly at each other when things resonated.

It is a beautifully produced movie, and a really nice shift away from the What the Bleep/Secret format. A beautiful, beautiful experience.


8. Conversations with God

This is another one of Chris’ choices. He was in love with the Conversations with God series for a phase. It’s a beautifully produced movie, with so much heart in it.

Handy tip: Actually try writing to God. See what comes out.

It can be holy-miracle-batman.


9. The Blue Butterfly

Magical. Kid’s story. About butterflies.
And Faith. And asking. And hoping. And adventures.
And having strength. And hard becoming soft.
And miracles coming true.


10. The Kid

I’m ending on this one, because I think it is a surprisingly amazing movie. It’s a Bruce Willis movie for kids.

But don’t be fooled by that exterior. It is an incredibly touching story and teaching about healing, accepting and honouring our inner child.
This is such an important spiritual movie it was assigned to me by one of my spiritual mentors as required watching. That’s how good it is.

Kid’s movies totally have it all worked out :)

Want more?

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Any more to add to this list, dearheart?

You are so loved and held,


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Goddess Journey Check-in: the Insta-Vacation edition

2 commentsby Leonie Dawson on June 20, 2009 ·

Hola my darling cakes!

It’s Sunday! Wahooooooo! Goddess Journey Check-in day, the irregular weekly day we get to check in on our journeys, and the blessings & lessons that have been happening for us.

It’s the day we get to cosy up on a big purple couch with large mugs of tea, and connect-in and share about our journeys this week. It’s a little bit like coming home – to ourselves, and to each other. As always, you can share if you’re called in the Comments Circle.

I’m always glad when it’s a Goddess Journey check-in day. It’s like a little exhale of “aaaahhhhhh” and then a contented little sigh. Of course, that might be just me, but I likes it. :)

So. Holy dinger. Where’s Leonie?

This week has been massive + big + topped with elephant sized events. It’s been good, but like, woah! This week was the beginning of the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course, so my days have been filled with amazing emails from amazing goddesses, and painting course materials (because boring black and white course notes are just not do-able in Leonie World), and just a whole clutch of other things that comes with birthing something this big.

There’s over a hundred goddesses course-ing it up, and a Goddess boat to sail, and all the other usual life stuff too. All things I adore doing, but together they come together to make one very big, busy week.

It’s almost coming up to some time for chill-out and retreat goodness.

And funnily enough, that’s just what the Universe has brought me.

Instant Vacation.

So I’ve been stressing about what I would ever do with my business if I ever went on holidays and couldn’t get internet access. And I figured that would be *months* away, but I started looking into getting a VA and making some lovely support systems anyway. Freedom to adventure, retreat, breathe and have beautiful life-journeys is so important to me, so I’ve been working on ways for my wonder-business to be able to support that.

My beautiful HMAS Goddess ship needs to be able to sail even when the captain goes and visits land for a while.

But yeah, months away. I thought I had time to get it happening.

And then something funny happened. Synchronicious and magical and blessed.

My beautiful big sister decided it was time for a life change. And in the space of three weeks, she has decided to move to England, has gotten a London job and a visa to go. It’s holy-macaroni perfect for her. It also means that I need to fly back to my homelands (Proserpine, in North Queensland) which is on the other side of Australia to see her before she leaves.

So I’ve booked my flights, and I’m jumping on a flight like, tomorrow.


It also means I’ve been working my goddess tooshie off to get all those support systems and VA goodness in place like *now* – not months away!

What this means.

If you’re enrolled in one of my courses, you are still going to get all your course materials at the same time.

And if you’re on the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course, all your emails will be answered by the amazing Lisa.

And Lisa has also agreed to be my vacation-enabling-goddess-helper-mouse, so she’ll be helping out with all other urgent enquiries too. Like YAY!

And blog posting will be the same – I’ve set them up to go out as well.

So pretty much – you’re going to be getting exactly the same service & goddess goodness as always.

Which is totally how it should work – the ship should still sail wonderfully even if the captain goddess is land-ahoying :) Like YAY!

So it’s been a huge time making such a big shift in a short amount of time… but support systems are tiny, tiny angels with shiny wings. And it means I’m getting what I need, and you’re still getting what you need. YAY!

{What this also means is I’m posting this at midnight and still have things to do before bed. Woo!}

So the blessings. Big time blessings this week.

Instant holiday!

I adore my family. I adore my big sister. I adore going home to our farm.

And I’m over the moon excited that the stars are lining up so that I’ve synchronised a trip home at the same time as my little sister, and at the same time our gorgeous cousins converge on Proserpine for our annual family reunion.

So I’m looking forward to hanging out with my big, crazy, glorious, loving family.

I’m looking forward to campfires in the backyard.
Sushi on the beach.
Visiting the place Chris asked me to marry him only a few months ago.
Watching the sunset everyday over my mountains.
Visiting a little patch of land that some of my future dreams are planted on.
Seeing the sunrise over our paddocks.
Painting with fingers with my sweet niece and nephew.
Cuddling Vinnie our farm dog.
Sleeping in our big wooden farm house again.
Being surrounded by wide, open, green fields. (I really shouldn’t be living in the city… the country calls my name much too much!)
Seeing my horsies! Planting my face in their neck and breathing in their sweet horse smell.

Being back in the place I was born, surrounded by the people I look like and who I love the most.

Being back in the place that is my homeland, my heartland – the place that is in my cells and my being and my internal landscape. It is what made me who I am.

Back to a little bit of space, a little bit of time, a little bit of everything that is important to me.

It’s going to be good.
It already is good.

Passing the Talking Stick

So that’s where I’m at, dearheart. Hovering, diving, swimming, singing… off back to the turquoise lands that call me so. I will be returning July 1st… but the Goddess ship will still be sailing :)

As always, feel free to take the talking stick in the Comments Circle and share about your Goddess Journey, blessings and challenges over the last week. You are so gently held.

Love, bunnies, hugs, holidays, woah, big, awesomeness, and most of all love,


My mama is making me write this.

by Leonie Dawson on June 14, 2009

Hola sweet Goddesses,

My mama is making me write this. She’s cute.

That’s us above, on a boat on the Mama Ganges River in India.

Anyway now you can picture my mama – a couple of days ago, she called me. And she said:

Honey, I got your emails about the new online course you are running. It sounds really exciting, but I’m confused. It just sounds like it’s about decluttering. And I’m already pretty decluttered. And knowing you, I know this will be really deep soul work, and a journey of personal discovery and goddessness. But I didn’t really think that from your email… can you tell me more sweetie…

{Yup, my mum is utterly wonderful. And she gets me. And she enrolls in my e-courses whenever they come up. *happy sigh*}

And I figured, if my mama doesn’t really understand about how deep the Making Space for Your Goddess to Shine e-course goes, and I came from her uterus, you might not totally get it either. 

And the course begins tomorrow

So it’s really important for me that my mama and anyone else who is feeling confused about the course knows how soulful & transformative it is, so you can know whether this is the right thing for you or not. {And if it’s not right for you, right now, that’s perfectly wonderful!}

Is it just about decluttering?

Nope. Niet. Iie.

I mean first – decluttering is powerful and transformative

Making space in your life for only things that are useful and loved? That’s *huge* 

Letting go of possessions and stuff that don’t make your heart sing – and instead fills you up with fear, regret, shame, or old ick memories? That’s *massive*

Making your life simpler, easier, more nourishing? Holy revolutionary batman!

Creating space so you feel your home is inspiring and supporting you? That’s *life changingly good*

But it’s not *just* that.

That’s the amazing things that Lisa will be teaching in our e-course. With the course, you are getting two courses for the price of one. Lisa’s divine declutteringness. And my magical space clearing and make your home’s energy non-ick and more shining and protective instead.

What I’m teaching is the usual transformative, shining, amazingly-deep-soul-enriching goodness that so many of you have come to expect of me. If you’ve taken my Creative Goddess e-course, you know just how much my e-courses aren’t just about learning. They are about going on a deep journey of discovering, unfolding and blooming. They are about connecting with that wise, joyful, inspiring Goddess inside *you* to help you live your precious life. They are about making some big, big, glorious changes in your life. They are about making your life deeper, richer and more beautiful for you.

You have gifts, wisdom and beauty to share that is right inside you.

You are a Goddess.

That’s what I’m here to share with you.

How does that translate?

In this course, I’ll be teaching you some really powerful tools to completely cleanse, shift and lighten the energy of your home {and you, because you are your home}.

You’ll learn techniques to cleanse away any stale, old or negative energies in your home… and replace them with energy that is fresh, light, sparkling and feels *great* for you to be in.

You’ll be working through worksheets each week to discover more about you, your gifts, your home and what you need. And you’ll be working through projects to actually set you up with support structures so you actually *get* what you need.

You’ll learn how to create a space of spirit in your home that you’ll get to use everyday to feel centred, and more connected to your amazing spirit.

You’ll be using my Making Space for My Goddess to Shine meditation MP3 to begin shifting your stuff from the inside out – so every part of your life gets to shine. It will be deep. It will be transformative. As Creative Goddesses let me know – one of the most powerful things they got from my first course was how much my meditations shifted them, gave them amazing insights, and changed their whole energy into something more true, happy and glorious for them. That’s exciting. :)

You’ll learn how to protect your home – so you’ll get way less ickiness coming in from outside. And you’ll be setting up support from angels so that your space gets to stay shiny and light.

And most of all, you’ll be learning even more about the incredible, wise, deep, beautiful Goddess you are

So that’s what this course is really about.

Making Space for your Goddess to Shine” is going to be a deep, powerful, sacred journey for you to learn, experience and use some really amazing tools for you and your home.

As one of my sweet Goddesses calls it… “Goddess training is resuming!”

And it’s beginning today.

If this journey is calling you, you can enrol at


I’m so, so, glad to be sharing this with you. I’m really grateful to clear things up, and help you to know just how deep this course moves. If you’re called, it will be absolutely amazing to have you along on the journey.

Questionos? {That’s Spanish for questions – I think}

Have I missed anything? Let me know darling. Email me, email me & Lisa or leave a comment. I will do my berry-best to help you, and help my mama.

Have a miracle day, sweetness.

You deserve it.

Big love,