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Angel Invasion

by Leonie Dawson on September 30, 2009

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I’ve been receiving the most holy-adorable emails from goddesses who’ve been creating their own wax angel paintings after watching my video.

So I totally had to show you these pictures…

of the angel invasion!

It totally lights me up to know that there are these angels being made in the world… bringing love and light and goodness and joy wherever they go!

First up… the beautiful Goddess Lis began by making one for her daughter… and then got so inspired and addicted, she’s on to her third!

She said…

The angel has been living in my daughter’s room, but now my daughter wants me to add some
fabric flowers on the corners … collaborative art, I love it!  I also just
painted a second angel to send as a gift and grabbed a canvas on my way home
from work to make another later on for a third little munchkin in my life.  They
are addictive these little beacons of light and love!

I adore you Goddess Lis! You just radiate so very much :)

and the Goddess Fatma sent me in this stunning angel that her nine year old daughter, Goddess Safia created!

I so adore the colours and sequins and glitter… pure love, darling!

Also, I’ve had a couple more questions from Goddesses about making the wax angel paintings:

What do you do with the wax?

I should have included some video of me scratching off the paint outside in the garden, trying to keep the puppies from bouncing on me. True story. It would have been awesome footage. Hee! Anyway, once the paint has dried, just scratch and peel the wax off with your fingers or a knife. And it’s totally beautiful if it leaves smudge marks and stuff… it’s all perfect!

What if you don’t want to mix kids with wax?

My sweet mama, being the ever-creative and nurturing mama goddess that she is, told me she did the same kind of project with us when we were kids. Instead of hot wax though – you just use crayons. (And you just leave the crayon on there afterward – I don’t think you can peel crayon off.) You can use white crayons – or rainbow crayons. It will look divine!

If you’ve got piccies of your own angel invasion, please send them in! I am IN LOVE!

Big angel love,

Blog Sponsors: September

2 commentsby Leonie Dawson on September 30, 2009 ·

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I wanted to introduce you to the beautiful sponsors we’ve had this month here in Goddess-land! I so encourage you to check out their wonder*full websites & shining stuff!

TranquiliT: gorgeous yoga + goddess wear

I adore Kimberly Wilson of Hip Tranquil Chick fame. She’s a yoga teacher, book author, podcast creator and the guiding force behind a wonderful foundation that helps young goddesses reclaim themselves through yoga and creativity. Woman is a super-bomb of energy, kindness and big dreams!

Kimberly decided to create a whole fashion line of beautiful yoga clothing that could be worn in and out of the studio – TranquiliT. It’s all made from organic, sustainable, luxurious bamboo fabric… and it’s flowy, lush, comfy goodness. *happy sigh!*

Sankofa Song: Using sound to clear stuck.

Fabeku is one of my favourite people – and he also happens to be a sound healer, sacred musician and purveyor of amazing singing bowls. He’s also created a whole bundle of wonderful free stuff so you can try out just how magical and powerful his work is. Goddesses on the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course have already got to experience his healing music – Fabeku was lovely enough to create a goddess-special space clearing meditation for us.

Fabeku has been working with sacred sound for 18 years, and learning from African shamans for the last ten. If you’re needing healing, transformation, less stuck and much more flow and awesome-lisciousness in your life, check out all the ways Fabeku can help. Fabeku is rare, rich and wonderful – and his work is *such* a gift to the planet.

Your Creative Spark kit

I totally adore creative self-development coach Jamie Ridler and her work in the world – and love that I’m a part of the Creative Spark kit. Jamie interviewed twelve creative bloggers to coax your inner artist out to play!

It’s a full pack of audio interviews, transcripts and special bonuses to inflame ze Creative Spark!

Gypsy Girl’s Guide

I am so grateful to know the sweet Alex, and the Gypsy Girl’s Guide she has created. Alex is a photographer, writer and film producer with a gypsy heart for travelling. Gypsy Girl’s Guide documents her wonder-filled adventures, and her explorations into freelance world. Such a joy!

You can also check out her Etsy shop of beyooootiful travel photography here.

Journals for Empowerment

I think Journals for Empowerment’s journals are just sumptuous. Check out their beautiful Journals for a Modern Goddess and (mama goddess alert!!!) Journal for a Pregnant Goddess. Just so very perfect!

The Inspired Writer

I absolutely adore Shannon, and have been blessed enough to have had a writing project coaching session from her. Shannon is warm, practical and gave me so many beautiful insights into what I needed next to move on with my writing project. I totally recommend her if you’ve got a writing (or other creative) project that you are feeling stuck on!

Hiro Boga: Intuitive Healer

I can’t even count the amount of times I have raved to friends about Hiro. It’s funny how much it pops up: the last time I raved about her to a friend was last night, over Facebook, talking about healing old family pains. Quite simply: Hiro is the most powerful healer I know. She is gentle, warm, compassionate, incredibly perceptive and helps you to clear and heal a tremendous amount in just one hour. Hiro can help you with healing emotional pains that you’ve had for decades, heal stucknesses you have around moving forward on your journey, and heal physical stuff as well. I credit Hiro with helping me become pregnant, as well as helping me heal a buttload of really old, ancestral pain that had been around me for years. Hiro is gifted, and a deep blessing to know.

ABC Creativity

I’ve know the beautiful Andrea for years now through the wonders of the SARK Forum. She is gorgeous, joyful, creative and luminous! Andrea is a gifted creativity workshop creator who runs workshops in lovely Winnipeg, Canada, and shares her glorious art through her blog.

Zen habits: The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life

Everyone knows I’m a raving fan girl of Leo’s other two ebooks Zen Habits Handbook for Life and Zen To Done. Leo is the God of making things simple, easy and filled with grace… so if you need more simplicity in your life… check out his ebooks! Yay!

And this month’s gorgeous do-gooding sponsor is Kiva. I’ve talked already about how much I adore Kiva, and if you haven’t checked out the amazing, amazing work Kiva does… please do!

October Sponsors

I’ve got two places left for sponsors on for the month of October. You can pick up a month of advertising for US$50. Just email me to grab your spot… looking forward to sharing your beauty with all the goddesses here!

Big love to you sweetpeas!

Welcome to Goddess School!

2 commentsby Leonie Dawson on September 28, 2009 ·

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today’s the day! Goddess School begins today! Hurrah!

You are so welcome to check out the Goddess School headquarters… it’s over at:

There are two e-courses goddesses can enrol in this term:

* Creative Goddess e-Course
Six weeks to discover the Creative Goddess in You through creating, meditating, spirituality and inspiration!

* Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course
Six weeks of divine decluttering & magical space clearing to help you make your space shining & supportive.

To enrol in the e-courses, just head over to the Goddess School page & choose your course.

I’m over-the-moon excited, delighted, ecstatic and joyful at all the miracles, joys, connections that will be shared at Goddess School… a space for goddesses to shine and share, bloom and grow!

I’m so blessed to have some wonderful goddesses who are helping to hold the space at Goddess School, and make it an even more radiant, supportive space for everyone there… my co-teacher Lisa Baldwin & three Goddess Tutors: Goddess Sone, Goddess Mietta & Goddess Ange who’ve already taken both the goddess e-courses… all of whom I adore madly and can’t wait for you all to adore too!

Most of all, I wanted to create a sacred space for women to share their precious journeys, grow together, and access beautiful tools to make their spirits shine and their journeys even more divine. I so believe that there is a wise, joyful, creative Goddess inside each of us, and my work is in helping women discover their goddess inside. I adore, adore doing this work. I love to see women light up from the inside out when they find and remember…

oh that’s right… I’m a Goddess! I’ve got all the wisdom and joy I need inside me!

There is magic all around us, and in us… we just gotta let it out!

I’m celebrating the beautiful launch of this big dream of mine today… breaking open the sparkling apple cider, and passing it around! Thank you so much for being here, dear friends. And thank you for being you.

To Big Dreams and Big love,

P.S. Enrolment is open until Wednesday – and is then closed for the rest of the term. Thanks darlinghearts!