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Goddess Inspiration: My inspirations this week

by Leonie Dawson on January 21, 2011

Hola gorgeous goddesses!!!

It’s that happy time of the week again… Goddess Inspiration day.

SO much to share with you this week!

Let’s start it off with some muzak, yus?

I’ve been listening to the incredible Cora Flora’s music… she shines, that woman. And her handmade CD packages are just sublime. So good for the soul.

This week I wanted to add extra things that have been inspiring me this week… both on and OFF ze web.

So without muchos ado…

What’s been inspiring me in my world…

It’s been a really intense kinda week in my world. There’s some WFS happening in my life right now (Weird Family Stuff or Shi*, whichever one speaks to you most in the moment!)

So I’m really, really extra grateful for what goodness there IS. Sometimes I feel like I can see & feel even more beauty when my heart is extra vulnerable. Beauty, love & small miracles go such a long way.

I feel like my job right now is just to stay centered and grounded in my life. I have to keep my eye on ze prize… and ze price is being happy & peaceful. So that’s what I’m doing.

My love took me to the sea on Monday… to a very special beach where we first fell in love, and where we will be marrying on in May. And it was SUCH a magical experience. Utterly blissful. There were sea turtles mating (WOOO!) and the sky was incredible and I just felt so utterly, utterly at peace. I am a coastal mermaid for sure. And while I was sitting there, I knew without a doubt that it was where I was meant to be.

I just can’t even tell you how magical it is here…

We washed & cleansed in the ocean… Chris’ mama taught us that when you visit the ocean, you stand in the water, breathe out as the waves go out, and all your worries get taken from you into Mama Oshun. It works so beautifully.

See where those rocks are? Right at the tip, that’s where my love asked me to marry him. And that’s where we’re getting married. Sea eagles fly around the mountain that the rocks lead up to and there are always pelicans too.

We lay down for a nap & Ostara fell asleep, lulled by the sound of the waves. Her first sea nap!

It was just paradise in a day. So restoring for my soul… for all of us.

Also, I know you were wondering, but my New Year’s resolution to wear way more turquoise is going SPLENDIDLY. I feel like such a success! Hee! Triple bonus points for getting Ostara in on the act too! Yay!

I totally put love heart & smiley face stickers on my glasses to cheer me up. It worked. I feel very seven-year-old with them on, but I like it! (I don’t think I’m ever taking them off)

I did a few interviews this week via Skype from our backyard for a few radio shows & courses including Creative Soul Cafe radio show. And they totally lit me up on the inside. I so so so love what I do. SO love.

This week has been one of my busiest weeks… so many goddesses signing up for part*y payment plans for Goddess Circle… then getting them all settled into the space… It’s just magical & blissful to watch something that I had a vision off in a dream come into real life. My goshness it’s a blessing & a miracle.

AND! I am going to my first women’s circle since Ostara was born. A moon ceremony! I am so, so, so looking forward to being in sacred ceremony again… and also meeting new soulful goddesses here. Heart is happy knowing this!

What’s inspiring me on ze interwebz!

Oooh! Let’s start with this! A gorgeous goddess after hearing about my turquoise efforts sent me this article about people who wear one colour!

I’ve been reading & learning from the incredibly wise teacher & healer Hiro Boga. Her How To Rule Your World From the Inside Out program is really touching me. Hiro teaches about sovereignty – about how to be the queen of your own kingdom. It’s touching some sore spots in me that are in need of healing right now… I’m so very grateful for her work.

Have you seen the exquisite Hermitage yet? Magical art, magical life.

My dear friend Leah’s magical pregnacious mama artwork.

I love Darren’s 4 year old son’s reminder for bloggers:

Tell the world something important.


This rainbow artwork (via Design Mom) makes my brain happy.

Sarah’s insight into How to fix a relationship breakdown.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop giggling over this: Giving the gift of sound this Christmas. Everyone has been extremely pleased thus far. Can you imagine recording yourself humming stupid songs, packaging it up as a Christmas album & giving it to everyone you love at Christmas time? To the man who did it, I say BRAVO. BRAVO. And that feedback is just stellar.

I love Erin Faith Allen’s blurry photos.

My lovely friend Lisa’s Take That Nap ebook is just beautiful and gentle. Just like her.

I’ve been reading a lot of fashion blogs lately because they are just filled with creativity & beauty.
Adore adore ADORE these photos from Sea Of Shoes.

Pinky Mckay’s advice for mamas: Don’t let anyone should on you.

Okay, so there’s some important things for you to know. I used to be in love with Dawson from Dawson’s Creek. And I even told a friend that one day, I was going to marry a Dawson. A year later, I met a very hot man and I fell in love with him at first sight. And later I found out his last name was Dawson. So colour me deliciously happy, dearheart. I’m going to be Mrs Dawson as of May!

Anyways to say that the original Dawson holds a special place in my heart is to say that I mildly like cupcakes.

Then this week, my very favourite ex-cubicle boss & dear friend sends me a link, saying: Me thinky you might likey.

She was wrong. I LOVEY.

My gosh this has been the longest intro to a ding dang link ever.

Without further ado:

James Van Der Memes.

I adore Marissa Bracke. Two posts of fantastical goodness this week: Best & Worst Things To Do When You Are Overwhelmed. & Less Domination, More Tea: A Mini-Festo.

This artwork is amazeballs.

I think Unbrave Girl is just precious.

Keep Calm & Carry On wallpapers. I’ve got mine on. Must remember.

My insightfilled goddess sister Pixie shared the most incredible story this week… about how she found the reincarnation of her dear dog. Oh my goodness. I think I will always remember this story.

Loving the beauty of the August Empress website.

I really love hearing how other creatives create. This video about the fashion photographer The Sartorialist is utterly compelling. I just love how he looks for beauty in the world.

Okay my loves… I think this calls for a GROUP HUG!!!

Wherever you are, and however you are, I want you to know you are loved. And everything will be okay.

All my love,

A supply list for new mamas

by Leonie Dawson on January 19, 2011

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Becoming a mama is SUCH a big time – of healing physically, making big ole mental and lifestyle ch-ch-changes & soaking in a big watery spa of emotions. Holy dinger we are strong, courageous, magnificent goddesses (even when we don’t feel like it… Especially when we don’t feel like it!)

Here are some of the things that have nourished & supported me on my new-mama journey…

Things you can use for yourself when you are a new mama, or things you can maybe give to friends or sisters as they become mamas…

Healing the mama

Image source

The precious Goddess Pixie sent me a mama care package while I was pregnacious, and included a package of dried comfrey root. This can be made into a healing tincture and splashed on the vajayjay to regenerate tissue after birth… it’s amazingly soothing. It can also be drunk as a tea.

My episiotomy scar healed amazingly quickly after birth, and I think it might have been helped on its healing way by comfrey root.

Next time, I think I’ll also grab an Earth Mama bottom care pack next time.

I totally didn’t think about how my butt and vajayjay might need healing after birth. But mine definitely did – and it’s good to have some healing, nourishing support for it.

Feeding tops

I grabbed a few nursing tanks beforehand – the Lovable variety (I found the Bonds moulded cup thing a bit weird – it just didn’t fit my mama boozwas at all!)

Also you need over tops that have easy access – whether that’s fancy-schmancy maternity designed tops, or just loose, flowing tops you can lift up {I prefer loose & flowy so that I don’t end up having to pull up the whole shirt to feed}

Big water bottle!


Get yourself a big water bottle too for those first few weeks (months) of nursing babe almost constantly… hydration is a gooood thing!

Weleda nipple care cream

I know some breastfeeding counsellors say the only thing that should go on boobs is a babe’s mouth. Those counsellors don’t have sore boobs at the time.

Some days your boobs will work like well oiled milk making machines. Other days, they might feel chaffed, sore or blocked.

I really liked this stuff for my Sore Boob Days. It’s got lots of herbal healers in it, and is muchos soothing. The only thing I didn’t love about it was that it smells a bit floral fragracey… But I’d just wipe it off before nursing anywaysies.

You can find it here.

Nipple nurture

I swapped a lot between Weleda cream and the Nipple Nurture cream. This one is creamy and good for conditioning. Anything to help Sore Boobs Days are worth their weight in milk gold.

Also, the wipes were good for getting both creams off before nursing. Both the creams are safe for babes, I just preferred to wipe off before nursing. Wipe off didn’t happen all ze time – especially at 3am or when Sore Boob Day became Excruciating Boob Day. But all good!

I think most mamas would agree with me… Whatever works is a good thing.

You can find them here and here.

Leaky nipple sop-uppers

Truth: Some nights you will wake up in a pool of milk. Or you’ll make a midnight dash to the toilet, baby will cry and your boobs will go into MUST SAVE AND NOURISH BABY overdrive, and you will wonder why you are peeing all over your own feet and look down to see that the milk taps have turned on instead. Ahhh, the miracle of mothering.

Anyway, I bought reusable handmade boob pads before baby. They were good for going out with, and for the days I could be bothered wearing a bra (surprisingly few).

What has ended up becoming my lovingly named “milk rags” (don’t ask me why, that name is hawwwwt) is a bundle of old fashioned cloth nappies. I stick one up my shirt to sleep, or pop it over the over-enthusiastic boob that is not being used to feed but wants to help anyway.

Oh boobs, you really are such helpful things.

My friend Mr P was right when he said that my boobs were about to turn from show ponies into working Clydesdale horses. Who use milk rags as tools of the trade.

The End.



Ideas for snacks you can eat with one hand. My current favourite is peanut butter on rice thins. I also went through a stage of just eating bananas for snacks. Then another where I ate dates and pecans together (they taste like pecan pie!). I also like green smoothies for being one handed and filled with yummliscious goodies.

By ze way… Does anyone else go through food stages and phases? Where you get a bit obsesso with one thing and eat it until you get over it, and find something new?

Yup. Me too sister. Let’s form a tribe called The Sisterhood of the Travelling Food Cravings.

The End.

Nourishing Teas

Mamas need tea. Especially the herbal healing kind!

Nettle & raspberry leaf are especially helpful for soothing, calming & helping milk supply.

Here’s some pre-blended ones…

Yogi Tea

Milkmaid Tea

Stretchy boxer short briefss


They need room! Space! Love! Air! No elastic digging in! Think of boxers as being like a sacred vajayjay healing ground.

That is all.

Crystal necklace

… or ring or bracelet to help you keep your energies aligned.

I wore a simple, small necklace of round crystal beads on hemp twine. Whenever I feel drained, I gave it a rub and it feels like mama healing flooding over me. I ended up wearing it for about five months straight until the time was right to let it go.

So those are the ones I loved, dearest…

I so so hope this helps if you are a mama-to-be, a new mama or someone who loves a new mama!

big nourishing mama love,

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

For the month of January we are having a 2011 Dream Extravaganza. We’re filling out our workbooks & making magic happen. I get so ding dang inspired by hearing other women’s dreams… it’s like planting little soul seeds & witnessing a glorious garden bloom.

Today’s dreamer is my precious goddess circle sister Cass Oswald who lives in a House of Owls.

I adore my little blonde mermaid sister. She’s a dreamy photographer. Museum of Magic curator. Dreamer. Joyful one.

And I sent her a pleady email to pretty pretty please bless us with a photo essay of her 2011 dreams.

And she said that it was okay for me to say OMG in real life, that yes she was going to climb a mountain today to take another photo of her kissing her love oh and YES she would share her exquisite dreams all magical photo essay-like.

And I was the happiest girl in the world.

The End.

hee hee hee.

Let the Dream Extravaganza commence!

This year, my dreams are:

*happy exhale*

Pure beauty, no? Exquisite.

It lives in you, it lives in me, it lives all around us.

Thank you, dear Cass, for reminding us.

Big love to you my dear dreaming sisters,