Goddess Menu of Delights: Creative Goddess e-course

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!!!

There’s *three* of my gorgeous goddess e-courses starting in three days on January 15… so I’ll be showcasing them in a Goddess Menu of Delights over the next three days, so that you’ll know if any of them are singing your name. (And of course there’ll be the normal Goddess blog posts too!)

First up is my favourite rainbow baby… my very first e-course… one that’s been taken by over 1000 goddesses…

Creative Goddess heading image

Introduction to the Creative Goddess eCourse from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

The Creative Goddess eCourse starts Saturday January 15!!!

The Creative Goddess e-course is a six week journey that teaches you how to create in a way you’ve never experienced before. Creating because it makes your spirit fly. Creating because it shows the colours of your soul. Creating in a way that frees you, uplifts you and reminds you what an amazing Goddess you are.

Art isn’t just a place of joy and paint-on-the fingers-glee (though that too is utterly delicious).

Creativity can be a place for you of healing, transformation, awareness and miracles.

Most importantly, it’s a pathway to discovering the Goddess in You – your wisdom, your story and your beauty.

The Creative Goddess eCourse is a journey that is powerful, sacred, connected, inspired, healing, transformative and shining. You’ll finish the e-course with a whole new rush of inspiration & energy in your life & art. You’ll discover the wise, creative, joyful Goddess in you, and remember the spirited, rainbow-paint-on-hands artist you are.

It’s totally wonderful if you don’t feel like you are The Bestest Artist Who Has Ever Lived.

(Who needs to draw stick figures anyway?)

It’s utterly perfect if you are still working out your style, your voice, how your camera and paints work and what you want to share in this world.

(Right where you are is just so beautiful.)

What’s really important is this: If you were born, you are an artist. If you are a woman, you are a Goddess.

And if you are both of those things, then the Creative Goddess e-course is for you.


“I would really like to express my appreciation to you for the 6-week Creative Goddess Course. I think it is one of the most wonderful things I have allowed myself to do in many years. The course released so many things in me, and I am so pleased and grateful that I actually followed through on it for the duration. Your meditations are so beautiful, and I listen to them often, usually before I go to sleep. And watching you in your videos not only helped creatively, but inspired me in the sense of a “way of being” that I had clamped down within myself for a very long time. So to you and all the beautiful creative goddess-sisters I have met in circle, thank you so much.”
– Goddess Donna

“Dearest Goddess Leonie
Wow! I can’t thank you enough! I have been stuck in a creative rut for a long long time…..and that made me feel quite sad like a part of me was missing. Your meditations were wonderful and I loved the videos too it was like your best friend holding your hand and nudging you forward. I felt so much better, more alive and I believe in myself a bit more. I can do my art just for me something sacred, something meaningful and learning all the time. I have discovered that I need to honour the Goddess in me by keeping on being creative. I sooo love being called a Goddess how perfectly wonderful is that!
Huge hugs and Blessings, what an amazing gift you have given us all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Goddess Liz

“Today I did project one from week one of the Creative Goddess e-course. I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with what I created, and I feel as if I have already gotten my money’s worth! You are an amazing teacher, and filled my heart with happiness and peace the second you started talking.”
– Goddess Katrina A

“Leonie’s gift in this world is bringing people together with themselves.Goddess Diana M.

I dont even know if I can put words to what the experience has been for me – it was life changing! During the space of the workshop I saw my energy shifting and my soul shining. It unlocked a deep sacred knowledge that I found most profound. I was reminded of how much I love to paint. I was reminded of how much I love connecting with other women in sacred space. I was reminded of how much I love the land. I reconnected with the true me! You are Wise Woman. Healer. Guide. Sacred Teacher. All of this and more. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this experience.” – Goddess Sonya F.

“This workshop has been a battery/soul/spirit recharge. Its been rejuvenating, loving, relaxing, and enriching. An opportunity to let go of the negatives (pain, self doubt, and criticsim etc). Its been many things but above all it has cleared my head and reconnected me again with nature, with energy and with inner peace” – Goddess Patricia M.


Here’s what gorgeous things you can expect from the Creative Goddess ecourse…

Every week you will be assigned Creative Goddess projects to do for the week in a range of creative mediums ~ you will be exploring new ways of creating and connecting with the gorgeous soul, wisdom & beauty inside you.

You’ll also receive throughout the course:

  • Six hand-drawn, illustrated and painted ebooks and three sets of worksheets guiding you on creating art as a sacred practice, how to find healing on your journey, walking through your stucknesses, how to create sacred space and discovering the Goddess in you.
  • Six videos each week from me and Charlie the Happy Healer Dog guiding you on the next part of your Creative Goddess journey.
  • Six guided 30 minute MP3 goddess meditations by me to work with for each part of the course. These are incredibly powerful resources, and are worth the price of the course alone.
  • A private online forum at the Goddess School to share and connect with other Goddesses on the same journey!

What this translates into?

You will:

  • feel more empowered, inspired & courageous in your creating
  • discover the amazing, wise, creative, joyful Goddess in you
  • be meditating and creating and having an all round amazing time
  • be connecting with other Goddess sisters on the journey
  • creating like you’ve never created before
  • discovering your beauty, wisdom & soul story
  • feel blissed out, inspired & much more like a Goddess!


Your Goddess Guides for the journey…

Goddess Leonie & Charlie the Happy Healer dog will be your guides on the Creative Goddess journey…

About Goddess Leonie

I’m an artist, writer, photographer & retreat creator. I’ve sold art to every continent and self-published my first book at 22. I have photographed the goddess in women from India to Singapore to the central deserts of Australia, and have had photographs published in magazines internationally. I was interviewed in SARK’s new book “Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper.”

I would love to help you remember just what a Goddess you are – and what gifts you share and wisdom you hold. And I want to help you remember the Creative Goddess inside you – sharing your story and spirit through art. I created this online course to spread the Goddess Circle worldwide, so even more gorgeous souls just like you can experience the joy, connection, soulfulness & inspiration that is Creative Goddesshood.

I’m so excited to share this journey with you!

About Charlie the Happy Healer dog

And what Creative Goddess eCourse would be complete without Charlie the Happy Healer dog?

Charlie will be making his guest appearances in all the Creative Goddess videos, and guiding you on the Creative Goddess journey in his fluffy, sweet, joyful, sage way.

* You want to create but don’t know how or don’t feel like you are an artist

* You want to deepen their experience of art from fun to sacred

* You are a creative types {including photographers, artists, writers & scrapbookers} who are looking to experience art in a whole new way and have a whole new rush of inspiration

* You feel like a frustrated creative soul who doesn’t feel like you’ve got time to create right now, and you’re longing to reconnect with that gorgeous, shining part of you again

* You want to experience more of their goddess wisdom through art!


Here’s what some more of the goddesses have said about the Creative Goddess eCourse:

“Goddess Leonie lovingly and intuitively holds sacred space for enormous healing work.. much deeper and more powerful than I expected. Her work, if you’re willing to surrender to it, delivers you to the heart of your creative blocks and empowers you to dissolve them. All the while having fun, kicking back with my sisters in the circle and getting paint on my hands!”

– Goddess Sara soularchitect

Goddess Leonie’s Creative Goddess e-course have given me the time and space to really FEEL creative inspiration. It has been such a gift to have some dedicated time to fill my creative well. I especially appreciate Goddess Leonie’s warm, magical, supportive and playful energy as she guides us on amazing Goddess journeys!

– Goddess Silky Hart

“A beautiful sisterhood and support network as well as a wonderful teacher for your journey to bring out your creative Goddess inside. This course has enabled me to truly “come out” to the wonderful goddess that I really am and to heal destructive images of myself. There are now days that I can actually say ‘I LOVE ME!”

– Goddess Kel


I’ve been asked a few questions about the course… and incase you’re wondering the same questions, here’s some FAQs for Creative Goddesses.

1. How will the course be run?

Every week I will send out by email all the course materials for the week. You’ll be able to listen to the MP3 meditations, read the ebooks, watch the videos and do the Creative Goddess projects at whatever time is delicious for you.

2. What creative medium will we be creating in?

The Creative Goddess eCourse will include projects in a range of creative mediums, including collage, painting, journalling, drawing, scrapbooking and sculpture. You can also elect to do some extra creating including dance and photography. Basically – it’s about getting you to unleash your Creative Goddess in all kinds of creative ways, and trying out new mediums you might not have tried before. If you’ve got any special requests for mediums, just ask, and I’ll see if I can include. And please don’t worry about requiring lots of equipment or materials for this course – you can adapt the mediums to work for you. This course is less about creating one specific thing in one specific way, and more about discovery, sacred exploring, soulful creating and going where your Creative Goddess energy is calling you!

3. Is there an minimum age limit for Goddesses to enrol?

No there’s not. I’ve had 13 year old goddesses already take the Creative Goddess ecourse. In the workshops I run here in Canberra, I regularly have little Goddesses involved. Children & teens are already gifted at creativity, living in the moment, being present & being open hearted, so they are such a beautiful part of courses!

4. I’m not an artist. I can’t even draw a stick person. What would I get out of this?

So so much, darlin! This is about creating in a way you’ve never experienced before. Creating because it makes your spirit fly. Creating because it shows the colours of your soul. Creating in a way that frees you, uplifts you and reminds you what an amazing Goddess you are. If you were born, you are an artist. If you are a woman, you are a Goddess. I’d so love for you to join this amazing, creative and inspiring time and see what blooms in your life. You might also like to check out the Creative Fears Soul Spa series.

5. I’m already a painter/dancer/writer. Would I get anything out of this?

I truly, truly think so. This e-course is intended to deepen your experience of both your art & life. We will be creating in all kinds of creative mediums as a chance for you to explore new ways of expressing your wild creative goddess self. And most importantly, we will be creating as a sacred practice, making art a space to hear your soul’s story and connect with the divine in you. You’ll finish the e-course with a whole new rush of inspiration & energy in your life & art. I’m really excited about what miracles will unfold during the e-course!

6. When does it start?

Saturday January 15!

Get the Creative Goddess e-course (worth $89) plus all of my meditations, e-courses, workbooks & a year-round goddess circle – over $600 of my goodies… for only $99.

For international goddesses:

For goddesses not living in Australia or New Zealand.

Membership is US$99 and includes all my courses, kits and meditations and a year’s access to the Goddess Circle.

Add to Cart

For Australian & New Zealand goddesses:

For all goddesses living in Australia or New Zealand.

Membership is AUS$99 and includes all my courses, kits and meditations and a year’s access to the Goddess Circle

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I am so looking forward to sharing an exquisite experience with you…

With paint on our hands, shining souls & joy at sharing this amazing experience with you ~~~

I so hope you can join us in circle!


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Creative Goddess Buttons

Spread the word! Let people know you are a Creative Goddess participant on your website, blog or Facebook using the below images.

2011 Dream Extravaganza: Backyard Dreaming Picnic

Hola gorgeous goddess,

So I thought it would be fun to have a new little feature here for January… I’ve been adorrrring so much reading about other goddesses dreams, plans & invocations for 2011… so I thought I would turn it into an EXTRAVAGANZA! With rainbows & hair aswirl & sequins!

We need to remember our dreams. We need to seed them & water them to make them grow & happen. We need to get inspired! YES!

How better to start than with my Second Annual Dreaming Picnic?

One year ago, I had a dreaming picnic in our courtyard in Canberra.

We spent days out under our little gazebo. Me with my six month pregnacious belly.

Writing out my Goddess Year workbook + planner.

Turning inward so I could turn to the direction I needed over the next year.

(pic from our bedroom later that day when I decided to turn it into a bed picnic as well)

And as it so unfolds, we had another one yesterday.

A dreaming picnic in the backyard. A new year, a new workbook to dream in.

How things have changed, and not changed in a year.

The babe in my belly is now the babe crawling beside me, laughing with me, eating my pen.

We still have those two fluffy puppies. Charlie is still in love with me, Angel is still in love with Chris.

And Chris and Leonie? Well, they still love each other, madly, truly, deeply.

Our courtyard backyard in an alpine city is now a tropical garden in a small town.

So much of what we dreamed of has come into fruition…

Our incredible shining daughter. A home in tropical paradise. Our beautiful goddess business that supports our family.

And so we turn to face 2011. Dreaming it up. Planning it out.

Giving thanks. Staying centered. Walking our own path.

Calling to us the dreams that live inside.

Dream on, dearest hotties. It’s the way for us to get back home to our truest, wildest, most luscious of hearts.

Blessed & grateful,

P.S. Want to join in ze 2011 Dream Extravaganza? You’re welcome to grab ze buttong above & blog away about your 2011 dreams… and don’t forget to let me know… I’ll feature them in a 2011 Dream Extravaganza roundup!

The new Goddess Guidebook!

Hola my dearest tribe of goddesses!!!

A new year, a new design!!!

I’ve been ahankering to create a new rainbowy design for a while now…

and it’s here! Hurrah!

What do you think my loves? A little clearer & brighter & sunshinier?

What I really want is for when you to arrive at Goddess Guidebook is for it to feel like a bright burst of soul colour… for it to bring joy & love & inspiration into your moment. Like coming home to the most rainbowy, dreaming, laughing part of you. A kaleidescope burst of spirit.

What else can you expect here at Goddess Guidebook this year?

SO many exciting things…

Some glorious new features will be coming out… a 2011 Dream Extravaganza & ze ever popular Zen Your Life projects will be returning (yay!)… as well as a few more that I’ll share soon!

And I’ve got a lavishing of courses & kits in my creation bundle that will be coming out soon… as always, if you’re a Goddess Circle member, you’ll get them free with your membership.

My intention and dream is to help as many women feel like happy, creative, soulful goddesses as I can!

I’ve opened ze comments, so if you could drop me a note & let me know how the new design works for you, or what you’d love from ze guidebook I would so love that!

All my love & gladness,

Goddess Inspiration: Best of ze web this week!

Hola gorgeous goddess!!!

Another week, another round of utter inspiration to send your way.

I tell youuuu… I think this might be another round of Best Ever Allsorts.

I’m in LOVE!

Adore this little home project of creating a paver of succulents.

The Ballerina Project is magic. Ballerinas photographed in New York City.

This quote:

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.”
~ Jill Churchill

Uncontacted peoples! Lost tribes! Doesn’t it make your mind go wide open??

How to make roses from maple leaves. I just get so amazed at what people create. Did your mind ever go “You know, I reckon I could make a rose from a maple leaf!!!” And then do it? Brains are an amazing, amazing thing.

Escher’s Puddle is a compellingly beautiful thing.

So, I’m newly in love with Stumble Upon.

I didn’t get it before, but oh my goddess!

You click a few boxes of what you’re interested in.

And then it gives you a little clicky button.

And takes you to really groovy, random pages that you will adore.

It’s kinda like a personal shopper. But for your inspiration.

Try it. I’m pretty sure you’ll adore it & spend many happy hours stumbling upon treasures!

In other news, still not over my love for Bookshelf Porn. Not yet. And why should I be? This room just really, really inspires me. The eggshell blue. The white dreamy drapes. The golden ornate frames. Art + books makes my heart happy.

SKETCH SWAP. OMG. You draw one. Then you swap and see what someone else is drawing. It’s so beautiful I could cry. Magical. Inspiring. Like getting to glimpse other people’s worlds. Creativity + Magic = tears in this goddess’ eyes. Love letters to the world.

I’ve been going back through my ebooks collection to re-read my favourites. Zen to Done is still my fave. Simple. Elegant. Delicious. That’s how we like it.

I adore Bec Leigh. She’s just decided to stop going for walks, coz she hates them. But strolling? That she can do! And you know what? Strolling is now my new favourite word. YES. I don’t wanna walk for exercise. But stroll? OH YES!

Still adoring Cass’ Museum of Magic. I want these chunk-glorious crystals draped around me like talismans!

Also giddily good by Cass: a wide-eyed life.

Love Sucks (but you can’t beat it) is one blazing white hot truth. No, really, I mean it. I’ve had a whole bundle of goddesses ask me how me & my love manage to have such a wonderful relationship. First I think: HA! Did you not just see that whole hour we spent being crotchety old hags at each other. And then I think: Ahhh! That’s because I didn’t blog it! The simple truths (of mine) about love? It’s a whole lot of work. And I adore the ground my love walks on. We argue. We miscommunicate. We upset each other. We grow. We grow up. We try harder. We forgive. We forget. We choose each other. We love each other. My love is a god, and he’s also a god that this goddess still argues with. Again and again, in the moments we could have walked, we stayed. Because at the end of the day? We want to be together forever. So that’s what we do.

Jennifer Lee is just beautiful. I love this post about setting her intentions for 2011.

If I didn’t have my wedding dress already, I’d be swayed by these magical beauties by Faery Wedding.

I read a birth story this week that healed my heart. The birth story of twins: Part One & Two. I felt healed reading it… it brought about two big insights for me: that I believe in LOA but sometimes things just happen because you need not want them to happen. And that no matter what happened (in birth & in life) I could deal with whatever happened, because I would always receive lessons, grace and insight from it.

The Real Life ebook by Tara Sophia Mohr is precious. Just like her.

Katy’s series on things she wants her daughter to know make me smile.

Gwen Bell is a sweetie. I loved her blog about Life Planning.

I love that at the top of her list for optimal happiness (pictured above) is:
Be Gwen Bell.

Funnily enough, at the top of my list is:
Be Leonie.

All my love,

Goddess Circle

What it means to birth a goddess.

I created this one years ago, as part of my greeting card range Soul Story Messages.

At the time, I had an inkling of what it really meant. I knew the words were true. I had an idea of what it would be like. But it was still, for me, in the Land of Dreaming.

Finding it again today, it brought bright, quick, shining tears to my eyes.

I really KNOW what it means now.

Right down, deep in my bones.

I know, seared like Hailey’s Comet into the soul of all mamas:

the moment we first held them.

That first breath, those wide open eyes, and all the moments and miracles that tumble after.

We are bigger from it, and better for it.

We crack open to become the container for love that knows no bounds.

Love, love, love,