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My darling hearts,

When I think of how to explain the World’s Biggest Summit

I don’t know how.

There’s a million ways of saying it.

How I had this vision

of all these teachers gathering

to share all the big wisdom in their


and speak it to all

who needed to

hear and listen and know and grow.

Like a university of illumination.

There is something very special happening in this world of ours.

We are all growing so quickly, learning so much,

evolving together.

Over and over, I have


again and again

huge, wild, gobsmacking


Of things I never thought being possible

being possible

and here

and positively scrumptious.

I’ve seen angels in the sky with my love,

saying over and over

“Can you believe what we are seeing? Do you see it too?”

I’ve seen people

open up

blossum and change and heal.

I’ve seen crystals move of their own accord

I’ve felt dogs lick my face at the perfect time.

I’ve given birth.

I’ve healed from Post Natal Depression and Anxiety.

I thought I’d lost me,

but I found her again

and she was waiting there beneath the muck

even lovelier and wiser and more powerful than ever before.

I am in love with this gigantic, glorious, beautiful world.


That’s why I made the Summit.

That, and for many more reasons.

I wanted for

people to be able to learn

what they needed to learn

about everything

creativity, spirituality, business, health, wealth

light bulbs of illumination


for free…

without restriction.

Just turn up…

and give yourself what you need.

It’s been a momentous task

to put this baby together.

It’s been a lesson over and over in not burning myself out,

in asking for help,

in having minimum requirements of rest and play,

of taking the easy way, the gentle way

wherever possible.

It was a big birth.

But, holy DINGER, I am in love with this baby that has been born.

An incredible list of teachers.

Utterly incredible.

At the World’s Biggest Summit

you can learn from

Julia Cameron

Lynn V Andrews

Jennifer Louden

Joanna Powell Colbert

Hiro Boga

David Siteman Garland

Danielle Laporte

The Astro Twins

Christine Kane


Naomi Aldort

Fabeku Fatunmise

Alexandra Franzen

Kate Northrup

Dr Lissa Rankin

Jenn Lee

Jamie Ridler

Jessica Swift

Carrie Contey PhD

Anita Revel

Leah Piken Kolidas

Britt Bravo

Tara Sophia Mohr

Michael Nobbs

Sara Avant

Don’t know all these names yet?

That’s okay.

Let me introduce you.

They are absolutely freaking amazing

at what they do

and have so huge life-changing wisdom to share.


I really wanted this to be a Summit of Love.

I knew it needed to be in October.

It felt like the right month,

that that was when the world would need it.


I am beyond honoured & grateful

how it has all come together.

How everyone said YES.

Incredible, wise teachers.


I am deeply grateful

to every single soul

who has helped share about the summit

to all those who need to hear about it

by writing about it on their blog, to their mailing list, to Facebookywooky, to the Twitters.

Please please please – if you could keep sharing about it

that would pretty much make my life.

I want people to know it’s there.

I want it to help.


And it begins TOMORROW.

Every day, you’ll get 3 or 4 workshops

from incredible teachers

sent to your email…

100 teachers over the month…

teaching big huge incredible things.

Please please please make sure you have signed up.

And share it along wherever you can my love.


Are you ready for the World’s Biggest Summit?

(30 hours to go!!!!)



P.S. Just yesterday, a new baby white humpback whale was seen here in the Whitsundays after it went and played with a sweet family. And it pretty much made my whole week. It feels like white buffalo calf woman, you know?


by Leonie Dawson on September 29, 2011


I was squirting paint straight from the bottle
watching and delighting how it spurted and splashed
I was running up dirt mounts
and tobogganing down atop freshly painted art canvasses
I was jumping on a trampoline
so high I weed myself a little
I was laughing so loud
squealing so high
giving over to the glory of what felt good…

and I was doing all this…
this morning.

With baby on hip, chuckling away (as she does.)

And I remember:

I remember when I was a kid

and I’d do these wild rainbow things, and I’d laugh so loud, and dream big dreams.

“You’re weird”, other kids would say.

And I knew, but I didn’t want to be any different
than who I was.

Sometimes I tried to cover up.
Sometimes I tried to not be who I was.

And yet being me –

wild, dreamy, crazy dancer, being best friends with dogs, painting stars, dreaming of angels?

It’s the thing that makes me happy.

It’s the joy of my life.


It’s been a few years since I’ve heard those two words:

“You’re weird.”

I prefer to stick around others who love very much the one I am,
just as I love who they are.

But I want to go whisper
to the little girl in me
that every time those two words were said to me,

grin raucously
and say

“baby, i was born this way,
and i’ve loved every day of it since.”

I didn’t know then, but how I know now, that
Weird really means:



To us.
Grown women, growing women
who are still loving ourselves
still chasing down dirt mounds
still laughing just because we can
or finding our way home to ourselves.

Baby we were born this way.

Meant to be wild and gorgeous and different.

Made to be the special soul we are.

Forever and ever.


We’re taking back Weird,
and it’s the best fun ever!


Birth Stories & Pregnacious Wisdom

by Leonie Dawson on September 26, 2011

Photo of the gorgeous pregnacious goddess Kristin… photo by moi!

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

While I was pregnacious, I relished in some of my favourite birth story & pregnacious wisdom… Here are my some of my favourites…

The Sun by Maggie-Ann

Baby Wisdom by Em

Em’s Home Birth story

The Homebirth of Lucia Mae

Walk Slowly Live Wildly’s Pregnancy Wisdom

Design Mom’s whole Birth Story series

Have any favourites you’d like to share with me?

I would so love to hear them! Let me know in ze comments!

big love you,