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Hola gorgeous goddess!!!


A special treat for you today!

How to make your own magical wall hanging in just 17 steps!




1. Fall in love with the old war time saying:






2. Make it you & your love’s motto for getting through the shittiest year of your lives.

3. Consider buying a crappy, overpriced, kinda-blah tin wall hanging of it to adorn your space & remind you.

4. Decide to make it yourself.

5. Scavenge for a piece of crappy plywood found in the prehistoric relics in the Creative Caravan.

6. Take baby out in yard & gesso it in about 3.7 seconds flat, artfully making sure baby a.) has fun & makes art whilst b.) not ingesting said gesso.

7. Consider repainting to make a bright bold colour (or at least fill in the crappy paint job). Decide instead to leave it and call it shabby chic. WOO!

8. Think about painting on the letters. With adorable baby & exploring fingers, this would mean certain death of a.) my zen and b.) a somewhat readable sign work.

9. Instead, go the easy & happy option. This is always the best option for mamas.

10. Gather up scrapbooking paper & scraps of paper that me & Star Baby have painted all over.

10.5. Decide inspiration is less muted-hipster-vintage colours & more Eric Carle colours.

11. Cut letters out (quickly) while Star Baby takes every scrap of spare paper, shoves & unshoves them into an envelope, sprinkles them on the floor, wants to get onto the floor to play with scraps, wants to get back on chair to get to envelope again, crawls over table to procure marker to write all over self, crawls onto me to get back onto floor again, wants a boobfeed, attempts to procure the scissors, goes searching for the dogs & leaves a trail of scrap paper wherever she goes.

12. Attempting to do anything with lil kids is an exercise in becoming a bodhisattva.

13. Wait till baby is asleep & I have finished watching Youtube to start glueing letters into place.

14. Use wood glue PVA kinda stuff. Just incase you were wondering.

15. Handsome husband watches & takes photos & looks cute & reads a book & tells me about the latest psychology research on how reading novels develops the brain. He’s hot.


17. Now residing in kitchen. Looking adorable.





As we dive into this celebration season… why not spend some time creating?



If you LOVED this post, you’ll probably really freakin’ adore:


Why right now is the perfect time to cleanse your home…

by Leonie Dawson on December 21, 2011


Hola gorgeous medicine women!


One of the most important things we can do for ourselves, our family & our homes is to regularly cleanse our homes.

We do this physically – by decluttering, releasing old belongings that no longer serve us or fill us with joy, by rearranging our home, vacuuming and cleaning.

And it’s just as important (if not more) to do it energetically – to learn how to do sacred space clearing and do it often.

You might have already felt the twinge to be doing this, to make your home a sanctuary for the holiday season.

As we sit on the beginning of solstice, it’s even more a powerful time to be doing it.

We’ve just changed seasons, and winter solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) and summer solstice (in the Southern) is an important time to tend to yourself, to cleanse away and release the past.


Why you should do sacred space clearing


It will help you have:

  • a zenner mind
  • less tension in relationships
  • more money flowing in
  • create a more shining-with-clarity New Year
  • a calmer holiday season!




What I’ve been doing to prepare for the solstice…


I’ve been decluttering our home, rearranging our bedroom and creating little spaces for me to play with Ostara in. And over the last week I’ve been doing sacred space clearing – both around the house and in my caravan, and in our whole yard.

It’s such a powerful time of the year to be cleansing and setting intentions!

Tomorrow (solstice day), I’ll head out to a dear friend’s home to be with women & celebrate the longest day in our year… ripe with energy & sun goodness!



If you don’t know how to sacred space clear…


Sacred space clearing is one of the most transformational tools I’ve learned from my mentors. There’s so much to learn, and it really is incredible work to do.

I put together the How to do a Sacred Space Clearing kit with everything I know to help you become a sacred space clearing goddess.

To be able to totally shift the energy in your home, in a way that affects the peace, joy and abundance of your whole family and life, really is the work of medicine women (that’s us!)


(A beautiful goddess from one of my retreats a few years ago… a true medicine woman!)


We can heal our life!


Beginning right here, right now. With us, and with our homes.

We heal ourselves. We heal our spaces. We heal the whole ding dang world.

I believe it with my whole heart.

This is the big work here, dear sisters.


Happy Sacred Solstice!


love, light, wonder & medicine women,


P.S. If you haven’t learned how to sacred space clear yet, I so strongly recommend you do – it really can make the world of difference. Either find someone who can teach you, or grab the Sacred Space Clearing Kit – it comes with videos & a beautifully illustrated workbook… as much as I could do to help you in person!!!

P.P.S. If you are a Goddess Circle member, you get this kit FREE with your membership of course!

And if you’re not a Goddess Circle member yet – it really is the biggest, best & most affordable creative, spiritual + business resource on ze planet. I make sure of it! You might like to consider gifting it to yourself for Christmas to support, inspire, guide & help you get to the places you want to go in 2012.


NEW Soul Sister Sessions Podcast: The Sex & Burnout Episode!

by Leonie Dawson on December 20, 2011


Seriously. Who WOULDN’T want to listen when it has a title like that?

I’ve joined together again with Kyeli Smith to produce the free Soul Sister Sessions podcast. (first episode here).

Two goddesses sharing deep wisdom + soul stories about sex & burnout.

Perfect for adoring your sexual life.

Super enlightening if you struggle with entrepreneurial/life burnout & need to know how to stop the cycle & heal at last.

In this episode we cover:

  • How to come to terms with your sexuality & sex story
  • How to communicate way better about sex with your partner
  • Our intimate sex stories
  • How to recognise burnout
  • What to do to heal it
  • What to do to stop it happening again!

Sex & Burnout.

Two very different topics.

Two goddesses share from the heart.



Download MP3 here.

If you’d like to subscribe in iTunes to get Soul Sister Sessions & the rest of the Goddess Podcasts, click here.



P.S. Have questions that you’d like us to answer in the next Soul Sister Sessions podcast?

Add it as a comment on this post! And we’ll answer in the next podcast, with all ze love in our heart + wisdom we’ve garnered in our hands!