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(Miss Ostara getting her Creative Goddess ON. That girl was ensconced in Happy Paint World for at least half an hour today. And DUDE. She’s TWO. Any mama of a two year old would be amazed at that span of attention! I certainly was!)


G’day gorgeous soul!

Just a few hours left to enrol in my powerful + popular Creative Goddess program. Are you in it?


Let me tell you *why* creativity is ESSENTIAL to money, business + happiness and why YOU are missing out on time, money + a shiz tonne of joy if you haven’t harnessed this incredible power in your life yet.

1. ALERT! ALERT! Your Voice Is Missing In The World! We Need You!

When you get creatively blocked, you are afraid of speaking in your own voice.

You don’t share share your light, or your vision of the world. And holy dinger, we NEED IT girl. We NEED what YOU have to offer. And you do too. Inside you is all the wisdom you’ll ever need to heal you, make you more courageous + live that incredible life of your dreams. But you gotta connect with here. You gotta have an amazing relationships with your inner muse. And the Creative Goddess program will teach you how to do just that.

2. When you aren’t in the creative flow, you aren’t making what you were born to make

There are books and artworks and plays and movies and journals and retreats and coaching programs and a hundred thousand ideas yet to manifest inside you. And when you’re not making them, you’re missing out. So are we. You’re here to help thousands and thousands of lives. And you can only do that by creating.

3. Creativity is the Ultimate Productivity Booster

Peeps are often amazed at how much I’m able to create in such little time. I run a half million dollar a year company in just a few hours a day, leaving plenty of time for family, friends, adventures + mornings at the beach. Wanna know HOW I get to be so flipping productive in the short time I use to work.

And it’s easy – I’m so connected to my inner muse, to my creative guides, that when I sit down to write a blog post, craft a newsletter, design new images or do a podcast, that all I do is show up and turn on the switch. And out it flows – a constant stream of what needs to be said, what has to be created. It’s effortless for me, because I’m not straining to hear my muse. She’s just there, and I’m taking dictation.

Thus, I’m able to write and create and design quicker than anyone else. I ain’t got no fear gunk holding me back. I’m not stymied in the pools of indecision. I’m taking great strides in the direction of my dreams, and creating the miracles inside me. And I’ll teach you exactly how to do just the same thing with the Creative Goddess program – write and design and make decisions quicker and easier than ever before. Once you’re connected to your creative, intuitive muse, ain’t nothing gonna hold you back.

4. Your Idea Well Ain’t Never Gonna Run Out

Someone once asked me “are you ever gonna run outta ideas, Leonie?”

After years of this work, thousands of blog posts, two books, hundreds of paintings, dozens of e-courses, meditation kits and workbooks… my inspiration well is just as brimming as ever before.

I’m not that old stigma of a creatively blocked artist or writer of ye olden days who exhibit addictive tendencies and questionable mental health. That’s the OLD way of being creative.

The NEW way of being creative is it being a luscious, wholeness to your soul. For the inspiration to be unlimited, your abundance to be wide open possible, for creativity to bring you the deepest amount of joy to your world possible.

In short: the ideas you need + crave for the perfect unfoldment of your creative journey, your soulful journey or your business journey? Will always be there.

(A muchos younger me with a painting I did as a teenager (bonus: a very cute baby!)

5. It’s effing powerful.

It truly is. To step into your creative goddess self. To write the stories that are inside you, to paint what must be painted, to let out from inside you the miracles that must be birthed… it’s what turns you into the person who you are meant to be.

Often people ask me how I got to be so dang wise when I’m still a relatively young bunny.

My answer is this:

“I wrote my way there…”

All I’ve ever needed to learn was the wisdom was inside me. My writing and my paintings and everything that I’ve ever created – has taught me profoundly.

What’s more, it’s gone on to touch tens of thousands of people. It has helped people heal. It has helped people grow. It has helped people let go of their shit and start shining instead.

That’s effing powerful.

Not to mention, it’s created an incredibly abundant lifestyle for me + my family. Next week we’ll be moving into the incredible home + acreage that we have always dreamed of. We’ve got sold out retreats coming up soon. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am able to create any miracle that I want.

That’s what it means to be a Creative Goddess.

Want to be this powerful, this in tune, this endlessly productive?

Join me in the Creative Goddess program. Enrolments close in just a few hours!

Let’s create those miracles you were born to make.


Gotta be real here:

I was in a shitter of a mood the other day.

My daughter had been awake upteen times the night before.

It was raining which I used to love when I was kid-free, but pile in a toddler + 2 dogs, and it means confined bedlam.

I was crotechety + couldn’t find my direction, for which I’ll blame the current odd alignments of planets (MERCURY + URANUS RETROGRADES, I’M LOOKING AT YOU!)

I had two choices:

Stay crotchety + take my rightful place on the throne of Queen Grumpy Bum + get snitchetty with my adorable daughter + hot husbo (thus making a crotchety day into an even worse one!)

.. or..

Get myself out of it.

Improve my own mood.

Before we get to the thrilling finale of that story, let me side-saddle you onto another horsey for a moment.

Let me answer the much asked question for you:


How I Get To Be So Damn Happy


People ask me this shit ALL the time.


And sometimes, if they are a particular Eeyore-a-saurus who hasn’t actually met me:

Surely she’s fake. Like srsly.

And then they meet me, and I swear a lot, and laugh a lot, and I am like an infectious disease of happiness, and they get it:

Ohhhhhh. It really is possible.

I’m a Pollyanna, and a gladbeam, and the most ostentatiously irrepressible optimist on the planet.

And I see the good in things. The beauty that is everywhere.

But I’m not some golden haired buddha that got hit by the happy stick on the way down and ordained to be Forever Happy.

If you think that, that’s just not true.

The truth of the happy bug is?

I work for that shit.

I choose it. Every single day.

I can choose to be a jaded whining assbug.

Or I can choose to have a delightful time.

And guess what always is more fun to be?


So I do the stuff that makes me happy, and I choose the good things.

And guess what?

Good things ALWAYS follow.


A Special Note To Eeyores


If you’re waiting for something to come along and make you happy, you’re waiting for something that isn’t going to come.

Because even when you get the dream house, lose the crappy job, find your dream man…

You’re still going to be there.

You, who is used to feeling like shit.

You, who doesn’t know that you’ve got the power to make yourself happy.

You, who feels like you are a helpless victim of your feelings, instead of the crafter of your emotions.

As the title of the Jon Kabat-Zinn book goes:

Wherever You Go, There You Are.

So you might as well go wherever you go with a self-made happiness.

You might as well as well make best friends with your self.



When Bad Shiz Happens


I’m not a superhuman.

Bad shiz happens to me too.

The difference is how I respond to the shiz.

I don’t be all


I’m all:

Oh gosh. This thing happened. Oh gosh, I feel really sad about this. Okay, let’s sit with this. Let me understand why this feels so bad. What is it I need to do to learn from this? What can I give myself right now? What do I need to do right now?


Every Single Moment Is A Choice


Will I take this as an affront, or will I take this as a blessing?

Will I have fun, or will I be an Eeyore?

Will I love the shit outta my life, or will I live the shit outta someone else’s?

Will I sigh, or will I smile?

Will I be happy, or will I stay stuck in the sad?


Here’s the thing:

It gets easier and easier to choose each time.

Once you start choosing happy, once you start seeing Joy is an option, it increasingly becomes your default setting.

And there’s a zillion things you can do to improve your mood.

To make you happy.

To make your spirit glow again.

To turn your day around.



I’m going to share with you a sure-fire way to turn your frown upside down…


Are you ready for this?

Really, really ready to hear about what can make a big old difference to your mood?





I hear you say.

Art. I used to make it… ugh… I haven’t in years.


I’m not an artist? I can barely draw a stick figure!


*sigh* I love art… and yet I hate what I make. It never looks like the way I want it too.


I’m just not that good enough. Everyone else has the magic art touch, but not me.




And you lose Creativity As A Happy Place

Which is bullshit, I reckon.

No matter what anyone has ever said to you.

No matter how critical your parents were about creativity or art or what you made. No matter what any teacher said. No matter what your inner voices said about your art.

If it didn’t make you feel good, it’s not the truth.

What’s more, those bullshit voices – whether inner or outer – are robbing you of some truly precious things:

A huge amount of happy time.

Your expression, your gift and your vision that the world needs to hear.

What’s more, if you don’t have a great relationship with creativity, it has some more pretty insidious effects:

You are afraid of your voice.

You have yet to discover the wisdom inside you that’s ready to be guiding you like an intuitive light.

And if you own a business, or have ever dreamt of receiving an income from your creativity, it means you are losing the BIG trifecta:

Time. Shizloads of money. And all the incredible creations you haven’t created yet.

We need to align our ideas of creativity. And we need to do it – urgently.


I don’t have hang ups that other peeps have about art.


I’m not one to tear a picture up in frustration.

I accept the mistakes, and I see them as sacred and needed. Like the hand of the universe has stretched itself out and directed my hand to where it needed to be.

I’m not one to say “I can’t even draw a stick figure!”

Because nobody gives a shit about stick figures. And art isn’t about realism. It’s not about your paper resembling the tree or face in front of you.

It’s about creating whatever is inside you in the ways you were born to do.

Creativity can be truly sacred. It can be a healing practice.

It can bring you a HUGE amount of joy.


So that day? That I Was Queen Cranky Town?

I made a choice.

I decided to not denigrate the day into a serial whinefest.

Instead, I got out an oversized journal.

Some watercolours, some washi tape, some ink pens, some beautiful Waldorf pencils.

And I made art.

I created.

I let the words rain out, the images build onto the page.

I let my daughter add her destruction delightful and much needed designs to it.

And I got the heck out of Cranky Town, took the one way ticket to Blissville.


There is ALWAYS a way to Blissville.

First it starts with you CHOOSING to get out of Grumps Town.

And there’s plenty of ways of getting there…

but the Creativity Train is a pretty friggin spectacular way of doing it.


P.S. Feeling kinda bummed because you don’t know how to get on Creativity Express and you know you really need it – for your soul, your happiness, your productivity + your biz?

Or if you’ve tried before to make art and it hasn’t made you happy?

My hugely popular + proven Creative Goddess program can help… and it begins in just a couple of days!

Enrol now to get wildly happy… not to mention prolific + productive!!!!


by Leonie Dawson on July 27, 2012

I’ve had LOTS of emails in the inbox this week.

Emails saying

I really really really want to be an Academy member

I KNOW how much a difference it will make in my business + life…

But I can’t afford it right now.

Here’s Your Step By Step Plan To Afford Investing In Yourself

#1: Adjust your mindset

That might sound really simple, and you’ll probably want to skip over this number all together.

But don’t. Because this is the MOST important of them all.

So often we look at something we want, then look at the price tag and say:

I can’t afford it.

And shazam. Just like that, game over.

Those four words put you in a place without choices. It puts you in victim mode, with the number on your bank account holding you ransom.

And you think:

Ahhhh well, there’s nothing I can do about that. The decision has already been made for me!

When that’s not true.

In fact, it’s bullshit.

Because you’re letting the decison being made for you, instead of stepping up and seeing other options.

So you need a radical adjustment mindset.

Instead of saying:

I really want to do this but I can’t afford it.


I really want to go to do this AND I will work out a way to afford it!


#2: Commit To Going After The Thing You Want

That’s right.

You need to COMMIT to making it happen.

You need to say

“that’s mine, and I’m going to do whatever I have to do to make it so.”

With Paradise House? I made a pledge to myself the moment I saw it:

That house is MINE.

(and here’s the really important part)

And I will do whatever I can to make sure it is mine.

This process of buying Paradise House? Has frightened the effing pants off me. It’s a massive leap in faith. And it’s required a metric shittonne of hustle from my end to make sure we had enough moolah to do it. It’s more than twice the size of a mortgage we’ve ever had before.

If we’d made the decision purely off our bank account, it wouldn’t have been possible.

But instead we made the decision because we knew it was destined to be ours, and we made that fucker dream come true happen. Because that was my oath:

“You are mine, and I will do whatever it takes to make it mine.”

I have IMMENSE faith that I can do anything I set my mind to.

I am a do-er. And I will prove to myself again and again that I can do whatever it is I dream of doing.

So the house is ours. And of course it is doable. Of COURSE I can make it happen.

Even when it seemed like a Really Big, Scary Thing at the time!


And it’s not just about taking chances with money either!

When I met my love, I absolutely didn’t believe it possible he’d be interested in me.

If I looked at my “bank balance”, I was seriously lacking – I was very young, I was shy + apt to blush every single time I saw him and I just didn’t really know if he’d ever be interested.

But there was something in me that claimed him as mine. And so I did whatever I had to to make him mine. I put myself really, really out there to make it so. I didn’t wait around. I took leaps of faith. I started sending him random emails. I asked him out on a date. And he said no. And yet still, I knew (not in a crazed stalker kind of way). A day later he asked ME out on a date. And we moved in together a month later.

Eleven years on, I’m glad I was a persistent, courageous bugger.

My faith is as strong as a mountain, and I can move them.


#3: What’s your return on investment?

If I said to you, I’ve got a briefcase here for you with $40 000 here. There’s probably a shittonne more in it to be honest. If you follow all the directions, this briefcase is going to change the rest of your business, income and life for many years to come. All you gotta do is fly to tropical paradise, give me a briefcase with $3750 here in it, stay in my beautiful home for a few days, have the time of your life, and let us feed you.

Would you do it?

Would you swap your smaller briefcase for the one that has ten times the amount of value in it?

Because that’s exactly what the Academy is all about.


Education has at LEAST 10x the amount of return on it

In my mind, it’s the best kind of investment there is.

When you align yourself with a coach, or an educational program to increase your business, you should see at LEAST 10x Return on Investment.

If you spend $100 on something, you’ll get at least $1000 back.

You’ve gotta do the work + you’ve gotta implement the advice…

But it’s all DOABLE.

What’s more, it’s thrillingly life-and-biz-changing.


What if the amount scares you?

I’m gonna be real here with you.

I have spent more than $50 000 on coaching + educational programs in the last 12 months.

I’ve given one of my business coaches the equivalent of two small cars.

And I freaked the flip out over the reality of doing that.

It was a MASSIVE step up. I had a good cry (or three) about just how BIG that step took.

And yet I knew absolutely, deeply in my heart that it was the right thing for me and exactly what I needed to be doing.

Here’s the thing:

Just because it’s right for you, doesn’t mean it won’t feel scary.

Especially when we are making massive leaps into the next level.

I KNEW that I needed a business coach to help me align with my biggest intentions + help me soar even higher.

And I made my money back that I’ve invested on coaching within two months… what’s more my business is now at a level I only barely glimpsed was possible. As we speed into a half million dollar a year company, I’m just SO grateful I took that leap of faith + committed again + again to investing in myself.


#4: Let’s Make This Shiz Happen


Okay, so you’ve aligned your mindset from:

“I can’t afford this!”


“I really want this + I will make it happen!”

You’ve decided to claim what it is you really want + make it yours.

And you’ve realised that investing in yourself has a MASSIVE return on investment for you, your life, your dreams and your business.

Now, what are you going to do to make it happen?

Your 5 Step Plan To Affording Anything You Want

  1. Write down EXACTLY how much you’ll need
    Clarity is really important + immensely empowering in these situations.
  2. Commit to making it happen. That by hook or by crook, it is YOURS, baybee.
  3. Need to increase your cashflow?
    Brainstorm the shizness out of how to bring it in.
    What are you willing to do to make your goal happen?
    Some ways to bring in cash flow:
    Hold a sale. If you’ve got the Business Goddess program already, look over the Magic Money Making Kit + the Marketing Masterclass and USE them. Create a limited number of services or coaching or products to sell in a big one-off that will pay for it.
    Want to know the number one way peeps pay their tax debts? They sell their crap on eBay or through garage sales. I have a friend who wanted to invest in a new camera, so looked around + sold some of her golf clubs to afford it. Another who sold some art + furniture to go travelling around Europe.
    It’s all DOABLE!
  4. Decide: Is credit cards or a loan a good option for a business investment? What would you do to trade in a small briefcase for that one that holds ten times the amount of gold in it?

Here’s how other successful people afford to invest in themselves:

A couple of my (very successful) business coaches have shared with me they started out by paying for coaching and events by credit cards. When I invested in coaching, I did it using a payment plan (which I offer in the Academy) and hustled my butt off to make the money to pay for it.

However anyone has managed to afford it, this is what EVERY successful soul in business I know says:

It’s a big leap to invest in it. And it’s the best thing I ever did for myself and my business. It has propelled my business forward that much faster.

So there you go love.

EVERYTHING you need to get you on your way.

Except this one last analogy:

If a magical unicorn came up to you, and whispered in your ear

“I can take you to your lands of dreams come true…”

Would you say

“Mmmmm yeah nah probably can’t afford your ticket price sorry LOL unicorn!”

Or would you make that shit happen?