Goddess of down~to~earth warmth Helena/Charlie

The more alert we become to the blessing that flows into us through everything we touch, the more our own touch will bring blessing.

– David Steindl-Rast “A Listening Heart”

I met beautiful Helena

on my first day of boarding school

I was 16 and naive and new to the dorms and the town

My first day away from my family and the farm and my blue room

The long long blocks of building partitioned into small spaces of living

a chipboard unit of desk ~ wardrobe ~ bed all in one

twenty girls all in the one *space*

I was overwhelmed by it all

Wondering if I’d made the right decision

Wondering why I’d left behind all things comfortable and familiar and loving

To live in a land of boxes with strangers

I met a few of the girls, and I thought …

nice enough, but not of my kindred

Then there was a knock on my partition

and there was Charlie.

Charlie. Helena. The one and the same.

The most comforting sight.

Beautiful wise eyes ~ filled with light and warmth and love

Gorgeous warm smile

The friendliest freckles

and the dearest open face

It was like seeing an old friend when I met Charlie.

When I met Charlie

all my fears faded

I found a new home away from home

in White Dorm, then Green Dorm

I knew Charlie only a year before she graduated

and we’ve stayed in contact this last five years

reconnecting in particular these past few months

She sends me such beautiful warm emails

encouraging me with this blogger

sharing her life and her love

I am just so so over the moon for her to have found

her own beautiful boy to spend her life with

So today I honour the


down to earth

loving and entirely loveable







open hearted

presence in my life that is Charlie.

She is a precious stone of the finest kind.

Blossoming blossoming blossoming

I bring you flowers for your beautiful self

Beautiful sensual wide opened buds and petals in my garden this week

pinks ~ soft, vibrant, deep

pure succulence

the wonders of spring


the wonders of nature…

Goddess of expression ~ Lisa Marie

I met dearest Lisa Marie on the MMB some months ago

and discovered her beautiful blogger Romantic Circus Songs

Lisa Marie is a writer of the heart

a poet of emotion and inward journeys

she shares her story, no matter how hard it is

and touches my life indelibly

I feel like I have lived other lives just from reading her blog

We have so much in common ~

our shared love of




and growth

our partners are both older and even look similar (!)

we both seek self expression with writing

Lisa Marie has the most spectacular smile,

and beautiful wise eyes…

I feel like I have found a kindred spirit in Lisa Marie…

I love the photo above of her…

she titles it “the most free I have ever felt

Dearest Lisa Marie is a precious gem on this earth

I am so glad to have connected with her across continent

what wondrous friendships we have the potential to make

feeling closer to someone from around the world that I’ve never known

than my neighbours

She is currently working on her first book of poetry

What a wonderous thing!

My friend, the poet!

Such a dear wise love*able soul is Lisa Marie

So much to say, so much to share…

Today I honour the presence of the Goddess of Expression in my life

Lisa Marie.

Looking softly out the window

Charlie at the window, Sept 2004

We are all in the lounge

Chris playing the guitar and keyboard

me tapping a keyboard of another kind

Charlie looking out the window

We are all looking out a window of sorts

trying to see the world as it is

through our different pursuits ~

chris and music;

me and words;

charlie and window watching;

we are all trying to see the world as it is

and play our part in it the best we can

hearing silent love

Wildflowers, Tidbinbilla Sept 2004

Big talk this morning.

I cry big ugly tears and sob into the doona.

He holds me, takes my hand,

to the bathroom to wash my face,

rub my back

In the hallway we stand

him holding me for ever so long

and through my pain I want him to speak speak speak

he doesn’t though, just holds me

and then I listened

I felt his heart pouring all the love into my body

him holding me like I was the most precious piece on earth

him loving me softly, strongly, passionately, gently, vibrantly

so much so my hands feel light

without words

I heard his heart

without words

mine began to mend

Then we went out to the sun filled living room

and lay on the floor with our love baby, our fur angel

in a circle of dear love

mending ~ loving ~ resting ~ growing

like wildflowers