Wrigleys doodlings

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Wrigley’s box doodlings inspired by Michael Nobbs

Don’t think about creating. Just do it.
Start small. Draw what is in front of you.
It doesn’t matter if you think you can create or if you can’t.
Marx said that every person is gifted with the ability to create.
It’s only with the partitioning of society that we only create if we deem our selves to be “creative.”
Bugger that.
Draw because, damn it feels good.
Make mistakes joyfully.

I was sitting there in the sun this afternoon, waiting for chris to arrive,
and there in my bag was a pen and a scrap of paper. And an empty packet.
It was the best twenty minutes of my day.
The act of scribbling, doodling, scratching onto paper lines and curves filled me with an irresistable joy, and such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Oh go on, you know you want to!

One hour to go to Sarah Mac concert!


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Succulent Sonja, photo by the gorgeous CaliPoppy

So many sweet things sent to me in the past few days ~

1. The above picture of the sweet Sonja in Sydney with a Leonielife bag! it always gives me the biggest smile to see Leonielife babies out dancing in the world… (More designs for bags & shirts at the Leonielife Shop.)

2. Connecting over beautiful long emails on life, love, libraries and the equinox with helena.

3. Jayne sent me a picture of an “old friend” of ours ~ a painting I did for her when we were still in high school. It’s been years since I’ve seen it and it was a lovely suprise to see it again. It was like seeing a part of universe that I captured on paper ~ still there, loving jayne.

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4. Ben showing off his amazing FIRST ever painting. That’s right people. His FIRST ever painting. It is incredible. He swears its all in using tiny paintbrushes and being obsessive. Me thinks there’s some serious genius going on there too. Go see it! It’s his panorama of Sydney.
(See if you can spot a self portrait in one of the figures!)

5. Talking to my rocking friend Adam in Japan on the weekend! He is coming back to visit! Hurrah! We’ve been penpals since we were 13, and its such a delight to now know him. Come back soon you tall Robert Frost~loving bugger! Come sit on our beanbag and watch our crazy aussie TV shows and tell me how good my cooking is! I’ll even put up with you trying to convince me that your way of speaking is the right way. 😉

6. Got the craziest groovy cool email from the amazing jen gray today. Oh my god, it made me want to hide under my doona and run down the streets naked all at once. hee hee hee…

7. The sweetest of all ~ the beautiful Popsicletoes took this photo of her hand. Inspired by my Surefire Plan of Cheering Oneself Up. Seeing her hand light my day.

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So these are the little treasures in my day.
Tomorrow night’s a non~blogger as I am off to savour another treasure ~
my first concert. And what else to break my concert virginity than forth row tickets to the divine Miss S? Excuse me while I wet my pants with excitement…
tee hee hee….

A little adventure to find gold…

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On saturday, me and my honey
went to Gold Creek Village
It is a scrumptious little village just north of Canberra
filled with hidden walkways and shops that dwell in old buildings.

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Our first stop was Ye Olde Lolly Shoppe…
It is a lolly shop from days begone ~
wooden shelves filled with
fizz wizz ~ giant lollipops ~ candy necklaces ~ humbugs
Outside is a huge ball filled with gobstoppers.

We then strolled over to Gininderra Leather & Trading Co ~
set in an old wooden shack, the outside is ramshackle pailings with pieces of history…

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inside is the sweet scent of leather
i love the smell of old leather ~ it reminds me so much
of the saddle shed back home
of days spent on a horse’s back
the sweet scent of my parent’s farm
where my childhood dreams lay

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my saddle was a second home to me ~
it was where i dreamed i became i lived
the world made sense when i looked at it from behind horse’s ears

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i am a suburban cowgirl now.
i haven’t had saddle rub for a couple of years
and i haven’t scooped my arms up around my horse‘s neck for so many hundred of days it is too hard to number them.
but my heart still lives there
days spent on the plains and in the bush still echo on in sweet refrains.
it is where i was born, and what made me.
my country roots.

to remind me, i bought a new friend.
a little horse fashioned out of leather.
if i close my eyes and smell deeply,
i am back there.

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then we ventured on…
to a gorgeous store ~ lilitu’s books and music in an old brick building with a fireplace.
the thing i most adore about this store, and the village is that you have to park on the outside ~ then walk through the gates into the village.
wander down miandering paths to find delights…

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lilitu’s has the most eclectic collection of world music, alternative magazines, new age books and tables of delightful goodies…
i find sweet and tiny fimo goddesses ~
i scoop up a handful and pick over the colours.
i adore.

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Later, we wander down to a cafe that serves huge, homestyle burgers.
We sit outside, surrounded by angels.

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A day filled with small, sweet delights.
Smells, flavours, eye goodness.

Discover It!

Reasons I don’t use an umbrella

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Autumn is upon us.
It came in one day.
Tuesday it was summer hot. I wore sleeveless shirts and leather thongs and floral skirts.
The next day the rains came. The cool. I awoke to the familiar smell of cold.
There is a smell that comes with winter, and I smelt it today.
It’s melon freshness touched the ends of my nostrils and turned my hands into wrinkled wise old woman hands.
The first day of autumn I wore knee length black boots, black pants, a sweater.
In one day, leaves turned from green, lush green, palm green
to yellow. Rich, gold, pumpkin soup yellow.
Yes, winter is approaching.

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I met with the women’s circle last night to celebrate Autumn equinox.
We sat on round pillows and ate small slivers of sandwiches.
I rub the goddess sculpture’s belly. She knows me now.
The middle of the circle has corn husks, golden hindu girls playing flutes, a pine cone.
Autumn. A harvest. Introspection.

It is time to begin the descent.
Like Persephone returning to her husband in the underworld,
we turn slowly into ourselves.
We descend, some tripping, some flying,
down into the belly of ourselves.
Inner insight. Autumn.

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It amazes me so that on the other side of the world, dear friends are coming out of their hibernation. They are celebrating their spring equinox.
They are rejoicing and re-emerging.
I am thinking of you, dear sisters and brothers.
Your winter has been long, and I hear how your spirits call for the return of spring, of summer.
Having touched that side of mother earth’s belly, I can tell you it is there.
A moment’s grasp away.
The southern hemisphere has relinquished its loving of summer, and is ready to turn within.
And the northern awaits to dance in opened tulips and the scent of earth.

Wherever you are in this world,
whatever equinox you are celebrating,
I am thinking of you.
We are all connected in our cycling.
All of us.

Big love,