angels surround us…

and i am coming to see
that angels surround us

look closer into the eyes of the people beside you
and around you
look deeper and deeper
and you will see the earth angel.

there is divinity in every breath, every step, and every soul on your path.

“Life is a tapestry:
We are the warp;
angels, the weft;
God/Goddess, the weaver.
Only the Weaver sees the whole design.”
~ Quoted in The Angels’ Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994

“All God’s angels come to us disguised.”
~ James Russell Lowell

“Outside the open window
The morning air is all awash with angels.”
~ Richard Purdy Wilbur

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”
~ Michelangelo

F r e e

“Free” – pastels on paper

Illustration Friday‘s topic this week is F R E E…

We went on an adventure this weekend. Packed one bag, left Charlie at the kennels, and headed east to Sydney. Wind blowing in our hair.

We stayed with our beautiful friends Gaby and Sonya, as well as meeting up with a few of the Sydney Succulent Wild Women tribe. It was delight. Sheer delight. Staying in a gorgeously old house with plaster ceilings. Strolling down the warm streets to eat noodles for dinner. Eating far too much mushroom pate and my favourite hommus. Exploring the largest cemetary in the Southern Hemisphere and collecting buttercups. Going to the Mind Body Spirit festival, and meeting the amazing Toni Carmine Salerno {oracle card artist extraordinaire}. Laughing until our cheekbones ached. Catching the train into the city and wandering for hours, faces turned to the sky and the skyscrapers. Getting glued to Gaby’s couch. The fantastic buddhist & joss paper trading company, filled with chinese delights. Sleeping on an air mattress – it’s like camping, but without the insect repellant. Chris eating fish guts sushi. Visiting Adyar bookstore. Sitting around the table playing with pastels {see above picture} and making up adventures to do next time.

If I take it down to its purest form, we:
adventured :: laughed greatly :: ate muchly

As we drove back this morning, I began reading the miraculous “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass.
And I realised that the weekend was so GOOD was because I stopped thinking. Just started being in the moment. All the thoughts that have been rolling over and over and over in my mind lately had been like ceaseless waves crashing upon the shore. On the weekend I jumped off the mousewheel. I got to have a holiday from my own brain.

I laughed more, ate more and saw more,
and for once I wasn’t analysing where I was at, what I was seeing, how others saw me when I laughed {ugh. the list goes on}.
I got to reside precisely where it was all happening: in the moment.

And damn, that is the most free I have felt in a long time.


Gaby, me and Sonya.
Goddesses of the Moment.

the good delights…

the good things…
:: a piece of writing by the amazing Victoria SkyDancer
{who has given me her permission to share it here}

“We grieve
Because we become rather attached
To these mortal vessels of flesh
That house our unquenchable souls.

We grieve
Because we perceive loss
When the material fails:
Lost potential
Lost opportunity
Lost connection
“Gone, Forevermore”

We grieve
Because we get stuck in that place of “gone”
And we have forgotten
That the other side of matter
Is Energy…
Just because we cannot see
Does not mean they are absent.

Yet it is because we are Energy
Having a Material experience
That we grieve.
It is our nature.
It is okay.”
~ Victoria SkyDancer

:: dew on grass and good friends.
:: sumptuous intro on 4chairsdesign
:: divine illustration by kurt halsey
:: hankering after the “52 things” book
:: eat more
:: thrilled to pick up “the seed handbook” from the library

off on an adventure for three days… to see my goddesses.
it will be good to see them.
it will be good to be away from computers {my arms ache}.
it will be good to be on an adventure.
it will just be GOOD.
it already is good.

me, gabs and sone.

blessings, to you my friends.

on his 32nd…

A conversation I recently had went like this:

So how did you meet Chris?

We worked together. He was the computer guy. I would break my computer just to talk to him.

What was it like when you met him the first time?

I thought he was the most beautiful man on earth.

How long ago was that?

Over four years ago.

What do you think now?

I think… he is the most beautiful man on earth.

Happy 32nd birthday honey.

the art resources…

Two collaged journal pages: Fullness, Ripe and Abundance.
Acrylic paint, tinsel and leaves.

{click on images for larger version}

“Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman

I’ve found a few guides written by other creatives that I have found immensely useful.
I am so grateful to them for sharing their knowledge and experience in the creative world ~ it makes the path less travelled seem a lot less daunting. Hoping among you creatives, artists, writers and joyous sensual lovers of life, you each find something to spark your day!

~ Hints on holding an art booth
– by kathy cano murillo

~ Crafting for cash – by kathy cano murillo

~ How to start as an illustrator – by keri smith

~ Seven steps to getting published – by keri smith

~ How to make a living doing what you love
– by keri smith

~ Recommended reading – by keri smith

~ Inexpensive adventures for leading an artistic life – by penelope dullaghan and friends

~ The superhero guide to designing a creative business – by andrea scher

“spirit angel” by chris