For Phil

For Phil,
who reminded me
that the most important part of this blog
is being All About Charlie.

One totally gratuitous photo of the cutest dog possible.

Doggy hugs,

Self Portrait Challenge

It is winter here:
the descent of the Goddess Persephone into the underbelly of the Earth, reuniting with her lover Hades. The story makes sense in the changes here, down in the Southern Alps, but not so much in the year-round tropics of my birthplace..
I was born in a town 2000 kilometres north of here – a town named by the Roman’s name for the Goddess – Proserpine.
Born in the land of Persephone under the sign of Scorpio, choosing to pair with another Scorpio ~ welcome to the landscape of a woman on the discovery for the deep.

It is winter here:
watching the Poplar leaves turn yellow gold

the Manchurian Pear leaves a brilliant, ruby red,
then finally, they are all gone.

Only the release of disintegrating leaves,,

and bare limbs, naked and strong.
Can I learn the lessons of the trees?

Outside at night, we beckon to the moon,
planting our feet into the frozen earth,
the winter breath wind coursing past us and through us.

Only Mother Earth can teach us
such a gift as this:
That life is flow:
a constant, round river,
of leaves colouring, falling, sleeping, awakening,
bursting into bloom once more.
of leaves colouring, falling, sleeping, awakening,
bursting into bloom once more.

She changes every thing she touches,
Everything she touches changes.

May I know the wisdom and clarity
to breathe through the breath,
to love what is here
and be a part of the change.

With love,

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All the miracles in this world

Mermaid friends, acrylic on watercolour paper

Today me and my love went to check out a new gym… our membership to our last one lapsed a few months ago, and we didn’t bother renewing.

This week we’ve been given the much needed shove by the Universe, reminding us to take care of our health.

Me and my love are both Scorpios, both deeply passionate about learning the ancient and mystical ways. We’ve got it all happening spiritually, we’re all cool mentally, but we forget about that body part in the Holy Trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Oh yes. Body. We forget that to live on this planet is to take ownership of our human selves, these temples where Spirit dwells.

So today my love decides something new is in order, and takes me to see a new gym, with wide windows that let the light flood in over the pool.

We meet the memberships officer ~ she has a wide smile and brown hair in cascades of curls. We sit down to talk about membership, and she points out my moonstone ring.

(I use this line often – it’s like my spiritual pickup line. Point out someone’s crystal jewellery, and see if they start talking about what stone it is and what healing properties they have).

I nod, point out my turquoise ring… and then somehow the three of us descend straight down deeeeeep into those things that matter to us ~ spirit, life, divinity, soul purpose. Earth angels, NLP, the God in every person. Atlantis, Avalon, Leumeria. Numerology, star signs, miracles. Healing, bodywork, shamanism. We discover she too is a Scorpio, so it is a deliriously good hour spent sharing about books that have changed our lives, sacred ceremonies and changing the world.

I comment on her hair ~ “You must be a mermaid…”
Her eyes light up. She knows already.

It is like an exhale ~ a breath outward ~ a relief to “small talk” on Spirit.

It was blissful ~ blissful ~ blissful.
To make instant mermaid friends with a soul who was obviously just waiting to enter our lives.

All the miracles in this world…
all it takes sometimes is just a sparkling, new connection
with another wide~eyed, life~loving mermaid…

May miracles grace your life,
as simply and easily as a blue wren flighting in,

P.S. I think we found the right gym…

doomo arigatoo gozaimasu

She wraps herself in rainbows, acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

I have so much to share in the coming days…
but for now, some sleep and connecting in with my soul is in order.

I want to thank you all deeply for the rainbows of emails, comments and love I have been receiving. I take them deliciously into my heart and make them a home there, on rugs with stories and blankets that always seem to get paint on them. If you do comment ~ please leave an email address if you can… I would like to email you back & connect. 🙂

Thank you for your open heartedness, willingness to share, enCOURAGEment, and celebration of all things spirit. Thank you for believing in the healing miracles of rainbows and art just as much as me.

And thank you, Sky Fairies, for being so dang magnificent, and reminding us who we are in shimmering glimmers between one breath and the next moment.

You are joy, and you are love, right now, right here.

I believe in you,