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it’s like fairy-floss land here at Leonie Life…

Now if only I could remember my password so I can unleash some rainbows on this them there net!

A whole new website is being birthed, and I am shuddering with delight.

Until I can remember my password however… I’m off to learn yoga from Charlie~dog… he is a keened practioner of puppy~pilates and stretching his spirit.

Stay in the happy place (and stay tuned!)
fairy wings,

my dear brothers

Dalai Lama journal pages

A couple of days ago I was blessed to be a part of the crowd that gathered for an interfaith dialogue between His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a Jewish rabbi, a Catholic priest and a Muslim professor. It was deeply interesting, and the whole discussion made me think about compassion and love for everyone, no matter where they are at, what they believe in…

The Dalai Lama shared how he and his Christian and Hindu friends would meditate and pray together under the Bodhi tree together ~ what a beautiful expression of one~ness. It makes me want to do the same, with all my friends of myriad beliefs and ways of speaking to the Sky Fairies.

How more can I foster love and acceptance in my life? How can I deepen my understanding of universal sister and brother-hood?

When the Catholic priest had finished talking, he turned to the Dalai Lama, the rabbi, the professor, and he said “you are my brothers, my very dear brothers”… and I had tears in my eyes and a heart bigger than a canyon.

The Jewish rabbi and the Muslim professor were both gentle, and shared of their faith with tenderness that touched me greatly.

During the dialogue, I kept going in and out of meditation ~ it felt very easily to slip into prayer and devotion and spirit space, with 4 000 others gathered just to listen to the message of peace. I noticed the lady sitting beside me was doing the same thing… most of the time her eyes were closed. I kept seeing and feeling angels and Tibetan deities all over the arena as we sat there.
At the end, they were all discussing how they could further create peace, harmony and oneness in the world and in between faiths… and the Catholic priest said:

“Maybe we could all just come together, and sit in silence together. We meet God in the silence.”

There are six billion people in this precious world… and six billion precious paths of listening to spirit.

I will meet you in the stillness, in the open realm of the heart~cave,

P.S. You can listen to the whole dialogue here.
P.P.S. I’ve been painting in the sweet rays of sunshine all weekend… will share some soon!

Cat Goddess

She found sweet solace in her cat’s gentle purr…

In the sweet winter sunlight, this goddess emerged, with a sweet cat purring beneath her chin…

As I painted, I ruminated on my first cat love…

She was a wild grey cat who lived in our hay shed when I was about 11 or 12.

I discovered her one summer afternoon while playing hide-and-seek with my little sister in the hay bales. I’m not sure who scared each other more when I came face to face with her silver eyes, but she startled me even more when she casually sidled up to me, and jumped up to nudge her face against my hand. This was her trademark move – leaping up to self-stroke against me. So insistent in her affection, so loving yet independent.

I named her Steph (my dream name – such a child of the 80s I am).

We became firm and gentle friends of the wild.

She was a cat who would not be domesticated – I tried luring her home, but the backyard fence was as close as she would come. She was a cat who loved her hay shed, and would pour her love on me when I came to visit.

So I would – every afternoon, just to sit on the haybales and watch the sunset over the lake and the mountains, and to hang out with this strange, loving, wild cat.

Somehow, this is a metaphor of love for me… it does not come in the way you imagine, it is not something you can rein in or control. It just is, and you can only be in it, and experience it as open~heartedly as you can.

And there I painted this goddess, finding sweet solace in her cat’s gentle purr. Somehow, sublimely, magically, endearingly, my dear dog decided that now was the time to crawl into my arms, head beneath mine, copying the pose in the painting, to remind me of this energy that is still in my life. I swear, if he could have purred, he would have…

Inside me there lives a girl of wild cats, horses in the paddocks, buffalo spirits, sunset mountains and dogs wanting to be cats…

with love and light,


sometimes i forget
that when i am full of
headiness and wound up energy,
insomnia, crabbiness and winter blues…

all i need is some sun and some air.

the earth has all the healing you need.

i am so blessed to walk this beautiful earth.


You bring light into this world

You bring light into this world, acrylic & mixed media on canvas

I painted this artwork some months ago, and it is only now that I am beginning to understand her message and hear her truth.

For me, my artworks are messages from Spirit, and each one is brought into my life to teach me a story and touch me with her presence. I have learned to hold onto my paintings until she becomes a part of me. The paintings will tell me when it is time for them to take wings and fly out into the world.

For me, “You bring light into this world” is a healing goddess. She is a swirl of rainbows, a sparkle across the water. She is a channel for guiding starlight in the cosmos. She is the woman in all of us who creates miracles with her hands, and touches the world with her glow.

Lately I have been learning her messages:

Trust in your healing ability.

Trust in your intuition.

Trust in the wisdom that is inside you already.

With massage, reflexology, oracle cards, crystal healing…
I don’t need to focus on knowing the “right” way to do it ~
I only need to just let healing speak to me and through me,
unfolding through my hands just as it needs to be.

Last night I witnessed and was part of a miracle ~
and my house sung with women~sisters healing each other with their hands, so I share this with deep faith and belief in the possibilities of intuitive healing.

I don’t need all the books to know in my belly where my hands need to go ~ to touch, to hold, to heal, to bring light.

This is my lesson, this is me trusting the High Priestess inside me.

We know everything already, it’s just a case of remembering.

Have you given yourself the gift of crystal healing?
Pick a crystal up. And do what it tells you to do.
How does it speak to you? What does it say? What miracles do you allow inside today?

We are born healers.
We are born gods and goddesses.
We are born divine.

You bring light into this world.

The story of a painting unfolds…

in shining amethyst,