The last few weeks have been a cornucopia of pleasure and adventure.
I’ve been dancing at concerts dressed up as a cowgirl angel, waking up before dawn to go on a photography adventure with a bus friend, sitting in sacred circles, spending the weekend at a healing retreat with my love, our dog and a dear dear friend, walking in the bush, canoeing in misty lakes, having all day slumber parties, climbing mountains in pyjamas and just generally being amazing.

Most importantly,
I’ve been not comparing, sitting in the silence of my own life, committing to the sacred joy of keeping some stories all to myself and remembering my own beauty.

May I share this knowing:

you need not be like anybody else.
in fact, please do not be like anybody else but you.
you were made the way you are for a sacred, special reason that is still unfolding.
live your life as it appears in your own vision ~ not anybody else’s, but yours.
you are amazing. you are needed.
you are all kinds of flavours of magnificent, delicious and inspiring
just as you are, right now.

nobody is any more beautiful than you.

remember your own beauty.

who you are is enough. your precious life is enough.

i write this with a tender heart that’s been finding its own way back to those knowings.

blessings on your path,

i met her in the desert

I met her in the desert last year,
this goddess of a Taurean Woman.

She spent her days walking around the earth,
when we met she was exploring the ochre tracks of the Northern Territory.

We became firm friends the week we were together,
there in the desert,
dancing in the mouths of wide caves together.

Sometimes I see her face
on women in the shopping centres,
so far away from the walking trails and the desert,
and I think of her sweet soul
and all our adventures out there.

Megan Lotus Hands, I’m loving you and sending a blown kiss and dandelion out into the wind to find you. I wish you the deepest of happiness and the greatest of joys. You are a treasure.


Ways to Change the World

  • Books can be our best friends, our inspirations, our wisdom jewels and our delights. They nourish us deeply. It’s time to nourish Mama Earth for providing us with all the paper in those books! Have a tree planted for every book you buy at Eco-Libris.
  • Make your adventures to discover the world a healthy thing for the world too! You can make your flights carbon neutral here. (With thanks to my lovely name~sister Leonie Wise for these two links!)
  • Instead of birthday and Christmas cards or presents you feel you *should* buy for friends and family~ why not gift them with a good feeling? You can gift them with the pleasure that a third world community has just been changed by being given a business loan, animals, tools, water or education. You can gift Hope through Oxfam Unwrapped Australia, UK and American websites. Plus, it feels kinda fun to tell someone you bought them a goat for their birthday.

  • Become a lender to an entrepreneur in a developing country to help them fulfill their dreams. You can become a lender to change lives through Kiva.
  • Planning a wedding, and don’t know what to have as those bags of sugared almondy thingies? I say give them a little bag of seeds, and a card that says a tree has been planted and named in their honour. What a beautiful emblem of your growing love that could be!
  • The energy saving version of Google: Blackle

  • Become a part of a heart shaped forest at Tree Nation (With thanks to sweet Silvia for this!)

Got ideas and ways to save the world? Email me at leonie (at) gmail (dot) com & I’ll add them.

With Mama Earth love,

love is a light

One of the most beautiful parts of going home was meeting the new loves of my brother and big sister. They both met their loves on the same night a moon or two ago, and fell in love. My earthy Capricornian sister has found an earthy Virgo man. My ocean Piscean brother has found his water Cancerian lover.

My heart is so FULL seeing my siblings so in love and happy in their hearts. Love truly is a light, and there is this special luminous that is radiating from my brother and sister now.

And the best thing of all…
is I have another two hearts in my family.

And the other beautiful thing… was seeing, experiencing, honouring and feeling all the LOVE forms there are in this world, and this little world of family.

my tribe… all descendants of my grandmother…
we give thanks to her for our lives and loves…

my brother with his chilluns

water signs in lurve

dancing daddy

my mum’s dear friend and the resident town crier/pirate gives a bit of loving to great aunt lucy…

utterly sweet

i adore my cousin michael.
at the party he said to me “you don’t often get a party as good as this unless somebody dies. let’s do this again next year.”
right on, cousin-brother. i’ll see you then.

my sweet cousin david with his lovely wife and bebes

my gorgeous gran with her older sister…
yes, that’s right *older* sister. my dear great aunt lucy is a fuscia wrapped fairy, still sparkling at 94. their brother john was partying along with them too, at his ripe age of 93.
i love that these two sisters have been loving each other for ninety years.

group hug with my new brother from the cosmic uterus, my mum and brother

earth lovers

my cousin michael serenading my gran…
can you see the love between them?

my big bro still dancing with his little girl…

loving great aunt lucy is one of the greatest joys…

my gran is a goddess queen… how fabulous is that outfit?
(care of her Op Shop of course)
her escorts are her three grandsons and two great-grandsons…

And my very own spunkeroo to love and share it all with…

There is so much love in this world.
So much love in this family.

So much to give thanks for…

love and light,