Creative Goddess Fear: But I’m not an artist! I can’t even draw!

A gorgeous goddess creating at one of my Day of Delight Retreats

This is post one of my Creative Goddess Fears series – shining a little light on the fears that keep us away from being our Creative Goddess selves. Today, we’ll be exploring the crevices and caves of that crazy little fear: But I’m not an artist. I can’t even draw!
Everytime I hear someone say this, I want to bundle them up in a big hug and mop up my tears with their sleeve. And with all my heart, I want to say:

Yes, you are an artist – you are an artist because you were BORN. When our spirit was created, we were made to create, explore & share too. It’s got nothing to do with drawing, or making something look how it looks in real life. Art is a way of coming home, or sharing our story and dreams in colour, in having moments when we know we can create beautiful things in our lives.Β  If you believe being an artist is any different, you’ve been told that by someone who is confused. An artist doesn’t look this way or that. An artist looks like *us*

Sometimes fears and beliefs can be really deeply set, and don’t respond much to words like this. It’s that part of the mind that says “This is GOOD! We should listen to this! We should forget all our fears!” And then the fear part of us quietly says “That’s all fine and good… but I still feel this way, and I don’t think it can change.”

In which case, it’s story time. Because stories can change our world.

Pull up a story time cushion…

I was at a party once. A hen’s party. In the corner was a little desk set up with a scrapbook and paints and pens, ready for all the hens to write a message and blessing for Chief Hen’s wedding. It was such a gorgeous idea, and I made a beeline there.

Sometime later, another woman arrived at the party. She was as shiny and cute and wide eyed as Bambi, and I marvelled at how impeccable she looked – perfect shiny shoes, unrumpled, smart clothes and shiny hair tied back in the piece de resistance – a perfect bow. She was very very neat, and very very pretty, and very very put together.

A hen ushered her to the create-a-blessing table, and she stood there, wide-eyed. “I’m not sure if I can do this! I don’t know how to!” she said to the hen. The hen, an earthy, warm and loving friend of mine, replied “You’ll be fine! Just get in there! There’s no right or wrong.” I smiled at her words, and wafted off to eat some more orange and poppyseed cake, and sup on the Brazilian punch we had made.

A couple of hours later, I spied the most gorgeous artwork on the table. An ethereal bride with dark, wild hair. Deep red lips. A mask across her eyes. It was utterly rivetting, and filled with energy. “Who made THIS?!” I exclaimed! Miss Bow swivelled around. “Oh no, please don’t look at that! I’m not an artist, I’m not like you! I made a mistake on it!”

“I LOoooooooovvvVVVVE IT!” I squealed. Miss Bow’s eyes got impossibly wide, and filled up with tears. “But I’m Not An Artist” she said again, quieter this time. “Nonsense!” I shrieked in my over-zealous state. “You’re AMAZING! You should keep doing this!”
“Do you think so? Do you really really think so?… But I can’t. When I was 14, I LOVED making art. It was my favourite thing in the whole wide world! But my Dad said I couldn’t anymore, that I had to get serious, and only study science and math at school. But I wanted to do art sooooo much. And I can’t anymore!”
“How old are you?” I asked. (I tend to ask blunt questions)
“So you haven’t painted for 20 years, because of your Dad?”
“Has it been 20 years? I miss it so much! I really, really do. But I don’t think I can paint anymore. I can’t even draw a stick figure!”
“Painting isn’t about the stick figures. Why don’t you just buy some paints or pastels or ink and see what happens? Give yourself the freedom to do, be, try something new?”
Miss Bow’s face was beautiful. It was a mixture of tears and a little bit of sadness at the years she’d lost her creative self. And in it too, there was a little bit of hope, a little bit of possibility, and a whole lot of shining. Shining at the way art made her feel.

Sticking it to the Stick Figure tyranny

That was a few years ago.
And that was the reason I started running Creative Goddess Circles. Miss Bow was my Muse and my Inspiration. I realised if Miss Bow felt that way – like she’d lost something – her creativity – and wanted to retrieve it and claim it as her own again –Β  then there must be other beautiful souls in the world who felt the same way. Other beautiful souls who’d gotten so afraid of the Stick Figure Tyranny they forget that splashing down paint, cutting out paper, rubbing their fingers in pastels made them feel GOOD.

Tomorrow, we’ll shine our soul’s torchlight at another Creative Goddess Fear. But for today… be gentle with you, amazing soul. You are doing so, so very good.

Love & paintdrops,

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From the Cottage of the Elves

My desk, covered in art and tea and brushes and flowers and crystals and pens.

It has been the most gorgeous and busy weekend here at the cottage. I’m so busy painting and packaging Custom art orders for Christmas, as well as making gifties to go out for the Creative Goddess e-course goddesses, that I’ve enlisted the help of two gorgeous elves… my hunky-wise-man-love Chris and fairly-unproductive-but-utterly-adorable Charlie.

Here’s some quick snaps we took yesterday to send out as a love postcard to the world πŸ™‚

Chief Elf-Helper, Chris, gift wrapping some Soul Story art for me.
*happy sigh*

One to make you smile : Chris took this one of my birthday sunflowers. Sunflowers always seem to me to be smiling πŸ™‚

Excuse me while I run out my adorableness.
If Charlie was an elf, he wouldn’t do any work, he’d just run around making all the other elves happy.

{Please note Ellie the Elephant he’s running past. I found her in a gardening store a couple of weeks ago, and feel deeply, deeply, deeply in love with her}

More birthday flowers. More photos by Chief Elf Chris, who makes my heart sing.

Me and my hair twin Charlie. We die our hair to make sure we are matching at all times. (just kidding! πŸ™‚
Ok gorgeouses… back to work! There is a pile of art and ideas and creative goddess course dreamings calling for my attention.

Oh! 7 more days (until Dec 1) to sign up for the Creative Goddess e-course & circle to get your extra Creative Goddess treat in the mail for Christmas. I just made ADORABLE (even if I do say so myself!) address labels to use for them. Okay, Chief Elf Helper needs more packages to wrap!

Big big hugs and cuddly rainy elf weekends to you πŸ™‚

Pics from the Creative Goddess Course

A couple of weeks ago, I ran an amazing and precious half day Creative Goddess workshop here in Canberra, that I wrote about here. The gorgeous goddess Jackie took these photos of our sublime, sacred, sweet afternoon together.

Seeing all our glowing artworks after:
A thousand stories, dreams, miracles made real.

I wonder if these photographs can show the beauty… the tenderness… the magic… the sound of hearts blossoming… and souls connecting…

I love that one of the women said to me a week later:
“I’ve gone to the art store to get my first art supplies…
and I can’t stop making art. I just love it!
I haven’t felt like this since I was creating in high school.”

I so love that the Creative Goddess inside her has been re-awakened and is dancing with delight!

I loved what one of the Goddesses said there:
“I can’t stop looking at my painting.
I’m in love with it and what it means
It’s like my whole story is on there.
My whole journey to get to loving myself.”

There was laughter, and there was sunshine, and there was magic in the air.

There was nine goddesses in our gorgeous circle, including two 5yo goddesses-in-the-making. I heart seeing their faces shine as they realise…
yes, they can do anything
they want
in this whole wide beautiful world.

They can make
and art
wherever they go.

I hope we can all remember this…

Paint on hands & magic in the air, with love,

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Celebrating Christmas soulfully in the Southern Hemisphere

The traditions and ceremonies of the Northern Hemisphere Christmas are well known. For Southern Hemispherians though, it is hard to know how to celebrate Christmas without the presence of cold days, winter solstice and the possibility of a white Christmas. The energies of the Northern and Hemisphere Christmases are distinctly different – while the Northern Hemispherians are in their dark season, the Southerners are relishing the light season, when the sun is showering us with its light, warmth and energy.

Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere sits closely beside winter solstice – a time of introspection, going within and hibernating in warm houses like a bear’s cave. It is the place in winter where the cold, dark days begin to slowly grow longer, giving a flickering of hope for the spring that is to come.

The energy in the Southern Hemisphere is almost exactly the opposite. While the Northerners are inside seeking warmth and resting from the year, the Southerners are out, relishing the light season, when the sun is showering us with its light, warmth and energy.

So for all you gorgeous Southern Hemispherian Goddesses out there, I thought I’d share some ways we can celebrate the Christmas season in a soulful way that resonates with our summer. If you’re a Northern Hemispherian, you can absolutely use these practices and make them fit in your own celebration season in a way that works for you.

Ways to make your Christmas soulful this year…

– Summer and the Southern Christmas is a time of the seeds growing into full bloom. For me, I always find myself creating more than I ever do. Use the creative fullness of summer to create, paint, write and start a project. It can come so easily, with the sun so close to us to fill us up with energy.

Gratitude tree – a gorgeous friend of mine told me how her and her partner created their own Gratitude Christmas tree one season. Celebrate the blessings that have already been birthed into your life by using a living indoor plant as your Christmas tree, and creating and decorating your own ornaments out of card and ribbon for every person in your life you are grateful for.

– Make Christmas a celebration of light and all its meanings: decorate with stars, golden globes and shimmering golden tinsel, and enjoy the full lover’s force of the sun’s attention. Light candles to represent the eternal light, and the light that shines in you, and in me, and in every soul around us.

Use your favourite herbs in cooking and aromatherapy – they are at their highest potency during summer. Because the Sun’s strength is at its highest, the oil of herbs are most concentrated when harvested during summer.

Celebrate joy with laughter, friendship, relationships and moving your body – fuel up on enough joy to carry you through the rest of the year starting in summer.

– Instead of making an Advent Wreath, make a Native American Solar Wheel to adorn your home. Use thin branches, vines, yellow ribbon and feathers to create an equilateral cross within a circle representing the four seasons. When hung in the window, the Solar Wheel is believed to protect the house, as well as celebrate the joy of the solar season.

– To celebrate the Earth’s fruitfulness at summertime, make your Christmas centrepiece an altar of fruit, honeycakes, wine, produce, flowers and green leaves.

St Nicholas’ Day is celebrated on 6th December to honour a man of generosity and goodness. His story crosses over religion, culture and hemisphere, and inspires us all to do the best we can for others, and to share the fruits of our lives with others.

Making Christmas your own…

There’s so much beautiful possibility about ways to intertwine meaning into our celebrations that resonate with our season and energy. Use your abundant summer creativity to find a way to make your Christmas season sacred and soulful for you.

Tomorrow I’ll share a simple ceremony to celebrate summer solstice and Southern Hemispherian Christmas.

Wishing you precious, joyful days that resonate with meaning and soul for you,
with love,

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Dream Come True

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Gotta share today about dreams come true, and how they can be awakened by lists.

I wrote a “Things to do this life list” a couple of years ago… and have been checking off the dreams as they come true. Sometimes they happen by intention – but often they happen without me pushing it – life just lives itself.

This week, one happened. Unexpectedly. By chance. Divine serendipity.

On my birthday, my workmates revised songs to include “Leonie” in them. And then Huwpie hit jackpot. He didn’t have to revise, Arjan Brass had already written it.

Item #66 on my Things to Do this Life List –
Find a song that sings about a Leonie.

It was one of the best birthday gifts from the universe (and Arjan Brass) I think I’ve ever had.

If you haven’t written a Things To Do This Life List ~ I so recommend it! Keep it in a place you can look back and update over the days and years. You’ll see how life brings you just what you need πŸ™‚ It’s been an incredible experience.

Let life live you ~ and the miracles birth you,