My mama is making me write this.

Hola sweet Goddesses,

My mama is making me write this. She’s cute.

That’s us above, on a boat on the Mama Ganges River in India.

Anyway now you can picture my mama – a couple of days ago, she called me. And she said:

Honey, I got your emails about the new online course you are running. It sounds really exciting, but I’m confused. It just sounds like it’s about decluttering. And I’m already pretty decluttered. And knowing you, I know this will be really deep soul work, and a journey of personal discovery and goddessness. But I didn’t really think that from your email… can you tell me more sweetie…

{Yup, my mum is utterly wonderful. And she gets me. And she enrolls in my e-courses whenever they come up. *happy sigh*}

And I figured, if my mama doesn’t really understand about how deep the Making Space for Your Goddess to Shine e-course goes, and I came from her uterus, you might not totally get it either. 

And the course begins tomorrow

So it’s really important for me that my mama and anyone else who is feeling confused about the course knows how soulful & transformative it is, so you can know whether this is the right thing for you or not. {And if it’s not right for you, right now, that’s perfectly wonderful!}

Is it just about decluttering?

Nope. Niet. Iie.

I mean first – decluttering is powerful and transformative

Making space in your life for only things that are useful and loved? That’s *huge* 

Letting go of possessions and stuff that don’t make your heart sing – and instead fills you up with fear, regret, shame, or old ick memories? That’s *massive*

Making your life simpler, easier, more nourishing? Holy revolutionary batman!

Creating space so you feel your home is inspiring and supporting you? That’s *life changingly good*

But it’s not *just* that.

That’s the amazing things that Lisa will be teaching in our e-course. With the course, you are getting two courses for the price of one. Lisa’s divine declutteringness. And my magical space clearing and make your home’s energy non-ick and more shining and protective instead.

What I’m teaching is the usual transformative, shining, amazingly-deep-soul-enriching goodness that so many of you have come to expect of me. If you’ve taken my Creative Goddess e-course, you know just how much my e-courses aren’t just about learning. They are about going on a deep journey of discovering, unfolding and blooming. They are about connecting with that wise, joyful, inspiring Goddess inside *you* to help you live your precious life. They are about making some big, big, glorious changes in your life. They are about making your life deeper, richer and more beautiful for you.

You have gifts, wisdom and beauty to share that is right inside you.

You are a Goddess.

That’s what I’m here to share with you.

How does that translate?

In this course, I’ll be teaching you some really powerful tools to completely cleanse, shift and lighten the energy of your home {and you, because you are your home}.

You’ll learn techniques to cleanse away any stale, old or negative energies in your home… and replace them with energy that is fresh, light, sparkling and feels *great* for you to be in.

You’ll be working through worksheets each week to discover more about you, your gifts, your home and what you need. And you’ll be working through projects to actually set you up with support structures so you actually *get* what you need.

You’ll learn how to create a space of spirit in your home that you’ll get to use everyday to feel centred, and more connected to your amazing spirit.

You’ll be using my Making Space for My Goddess to Shine meditation MP3 to begin shifting your stuff from the inside out – so every part of your life gets to shine. It will be deep. It will be transformative. As Creative Goddesses let me know – one of the most powerful things they got from my first course was how much my meditations shifted them, gave them amazing insights, and changed their whole energy into something more true, happy and glorious for them. That’s exciting. 🙂

You’ll learn how to protect your home – so you’ll get way less ickiness coming in from outside. And you’ll be setting up support from angels so that your space gets to stay shiny and light.

And most of all, you’ll be learning even more about the incredible, wise, deep, beautiful Goddess you are

So that’s what this course is really about.

Making Space for your Goddess to Shine” is going to be a deep, powerful, sacred journey for you to learn, experience and use some really amazing tools for you and your home.

As one of my sweet Goddesses calls it… “Goddess training is resuming!”

And it’s beginning today.

If this journey is calling you, you can enrol at


I’m so, so, glad to be sharing this with you. I’m really grateful to clear things up, and help you to know just how deep this course moves. If you’re called, it will be absolutely amazing to have you along on the journey.

Questionos? {That’s Spanish for questions – I think}

Have I missed anything? Let me know darling. Email me, email me & Lisa or leave a comment. I will do my berry-best to help you, and help my mama.

Have a miracle day, sweetness.

You deserve it.

Big love,


Space Clearing Miracles

Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

When I announced my latest course on Making Space for your Goddess to Shine, I got bucketloads of emails and donkeyloads of questions. Which is totally understandable – people want to know if this is the right thing for them right now, and just how it will work for them.

And the soft little question I hear coming through is this:

What does decluttering actually *do* – is it just about having a clean home? And what’s it got to do with being a goddess?

So today, I’m answering it.

With stories of miracles.

Oh yes.

Here’s the thing.

Decluttering and space clearing isn’t just about throwing stuff out and wafting an incense stick around. Nup – it’s powerful. It’s like a physical prayer – a magical way to shift your life by changing your home. It’s alchemy. It’s divine. It’s transformation.

So here are three little miracle stories about magical space clearing and divine decluttering from my life 🙂 

Room changing = life changing.

This one isn’t technically my miracle, but I totally get to benefit from it. And I adore this story so much it gives me happy-jiggles.

A couple of weeks ago, my amazing love decided it was time to let go of his music collection. Music has been his life and identity in so many ways – his CDs are like his own personal journal of where he has been and what he has experienced. Over the years we’ve been together, his music taste has changed. He’s mellowed from heavy metal. Yet still, we’ve been carrying around his boxes of music everywhere we’ve moved. They’ve been part of what made our spare room a storage room. They were a part of our home’s landscape

So it was momentous for him to decide it was time – an initiation of letting go of his past, and stepping forward into his future. And it wasn’t easy – he felt nauseus, woozy and a bit shocked as he sold them and we sat in the car afterwards. It’s not always easy to let go of the things you once loved. In fact, it’s incredibly brave. It’s powerful and emotional and transformative all at once.

Later that day, I noticed he was working away like a little bushy-tailed squirrel in our spare room. When he was ready – he showed me. He’d turned our storage room into a meditation room, complete with pillows, music, angel flags, candles, a singing bowl and a statue of Buddha. That afternoon, the four of us (Chris, me, Charlie & Angel) curled up in there together and meditated until I fell asleep on Chris’ shoulder.

And it was utterly perfect.

From letting go of something old, this miracle of a meditation room has been born. Letting go had given my love the space to create something new to support him right now.

Feng Shui abundanceyness

Six months ago, I set up a little abundance prayer in the feng-shui abundance corner of our home. I used some green crystals, a laughing chubby buddha, and to finish it off, I put a Monopoly bill there for the amount I wanted to have in savings.

It was an amount I’d never had in savings before. It almost seemed ludicrously big, but it also felt comfortable and right.

So I would look at this prayer everyday, and wondered what it would be like to have that amount in savings.

Two months later, it was there.

And it completely stunned me – it had actually happened! My little abundance prayer had worked! I was so excited when I saw my bank balance that I did a happy prosperity jig. HPJs are a must 🙂

So now – I’ve set my sights higher. I’ve doubled the Monopoly money in my corner, and I’m already 3/4 of my way to making it real.

Like DOOD. Exciting!

Why don’t people say more that feng shui woo-woo can make you dobleros?

We love!

Do some clearing to get clarity.

A few months ago, I couldn’t make a business decision about buying a new microphone. I had one, but it annoyed me, and I kept harassing my sweetie to fix it for me. 

He kept telling me: Hon, you’re not listening right now. You need to get a new one.

But I couldn’t. I was so stuck in my mind about the whole idea of it, and was totally unable to make a decision about it.

One afternoon, I decided I was really, really over being so confused and indecisive about it. I thought:

I really need to shift something to get some clarity. What can I do right now to bring it?

And in front of me was our coffee table. It was overloaded with STUFF – my projects, notes, books, paints, things to do, tea mugs. No wonder I couldn’t see into my future to make a decision – I couldn’t even see my own coffee table!

And a little voice inside me said:

This. Just work on this for right now. This is your job.

And I got all uppity and grumbly and “as if this will make a difference to my problem!”

But I did it. I cleared. I sorted. I shuffled. I let go of.

And as I put the last pen away, and my coffee table gleamed with space and trueness, I suddenly got really clear. All the months I couldn’t see what I needed to do – it was just so obvious now. And easy too – even happy!

That afternoon I went and bought a new microphone. One that makes my heart sing. One that feels like it honours me. One that I so needed to support me – and just needed the space to see it.

(Bonus miracle: Chris went with me to get the microphone, and told me on the way there he wanted to buy a tin whistle at the same time. We go to the counter, and the lovely microphone man gives us the tin whistle! I like to think of it as a little thank you from the universe to Chris for dealing with my microphone-indecision-haze-and-grumps for so long 🙂

Making Good Space=Miracles

So those are just some of the way that space clearing = miracles.
It’s not just about throwing stuff out. It’s about consciously letting go of the old to make way for something even more beautiful in your life. It’s about shifting the energy of your home to make your life sing. It’s about making your space a living prayer for all you dream of.

It’s good.
In fact, it’s a miracle.

What else?

Got your own sharings about space clearing miracles? Questions?

To the Comments Circle, sweet goddesses! I will be waiting in there with punch and biscuits.

Big, Space-loving Love,


How to Jump off Exhaustion Train

The only photo I have taken of a train. It kinda makes me giggle. Nothing to do with this post really, but oh-so-worth-it. India 2007.

Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

This was going to be a Goddess Journey Check-in – one of my usual Monday rituals where I talk about my blessings & challenges from the week before. But then I started writing. And all of a sudden, the big challenge I had this week turned into something really important I needed to share.

So it’s been a big, massive week. The launch of the Making Space for Your Goddess to Shine e-course. The crazy-inbox that ensues. Late nights and all nighters. That familiar feeling of exhaustion-from-no-balance-as-I-rush-to-birth-my-dreams.


And at some point, I got fed up. Not with my course. Not with my dreams. But with the train I jump on to get things done – the one that hurtles through physical pain barriers and mental exhaustion – the one that doesn’t stop until it gets to its destination or burns out doing it. The train where I get so disconnected from myself, my spirit, my life, my partner and my puppies that it hurts. Exhaustion Train Express.

Burning out earlier this year taught me many lessons, but the first was this:

I never want to do it again.

So this time, when I heard the train inside me speeding up, and its familiar whistle call, I jumped the f*** off my burnout train.

Yep, I just dropped the F bomb. Albeit with asterisks. THAT’S how much I needed to jump off that burnout train.

What is with the train metaphor?

My train is my habit – my tendency to push to make things happen. It’s both a blessing and a challenge. A blessing because I can get stuff done with it. A challenge because – if I don’t monitor it, check its speed and direction perfectly and make sure the train isn’t taking over my life – it does take over my life. I get burnt out. I get exhausted. My life becomes all about the train.

Your train might not be a train. It might be a goat. Or just a thing that’s a gift that’s also very annoyingsville. You might not even see it as a gift at all – it might just be your habit or your tendency – that gets in the way of your joy-beams and happy-stripes.

Back to Exhaustion Train Express

There is just no way I am going to hurt myself, my body, my mind, my spirit and my life balance again in some crazy fiendish attempt to Do It All Right Now.

That’s just nuts.

As my sweet course-goddess-muse-and-partner Lisa said to me “Maybe we need to find a way to launch this course WHILE living the gentleness and self-care we know are so important.”

Like woah. That’s huge.

So this is Leonie noticing she has a very big habit to do-do-do until she can do no more… remembering she wants a better life for herself than that… jumping off her burnout train… and finding a more gentle, conscious way to be and do.

It’s been really, ultra-challenging but what my big takeaway lessons from it are this:

1. Get honest

As soon as I noticed I was doing that crazy-do-habit of mine again, I started telling people. I came out. I came out to my partner, our car-pool mate, my friends and my business group. It was like this:

Guys, I noticed I’m doing this thing again of running towards burnout, and I really don’t want to do it again, and this really sucks.

As soon as I got honest, things started to shift. I didn’t have to pretend everything was okay with me. I didn’t have to keep going on the train. When I came out about the train, it lost its steam a little, and I got to take command of it again.

2. There has to be a better way to do this

When I jumped off the train this week – I did it partly from fear. And I did it partly because there was this great big roaring lion inside me that tilted its golden mane back and ROARED:

There has to be a better way to do this.

And I got to seeing that yes – a lot of people suffer from trying to do it all, from too much work, from trying to be an uber-success. A lot of people who want to make their big crazy dream come true are suffering from too-much doingness. We’re getting A+ for effort, D+ for life-living.

And I totally, utterly know (as that great golden lion in me is roaring to me) that I can do this without burning out, losing out, selling out, or running out of the good things in my life.

So that’s my next (gentle) mission.
Make my life sustainable, easy, possible and gentle. Make sharing my gifts an act of nourishment, kindness, abundance and receiving for myself too.

3. Make some changes

Oh yes. There are changes.
Here’s some ways I’m making my life simpler. It is my hope that by following my own instinct and spirit, you will receive what you need too.

* Less blog posts.

Like *ark* right? ARK!
*breeeeathe* *exhaaaale*
I’m going to post a little bit less per week. Don’t get me wrong – there will still be at least two. But I’m going to try to make those posts richer, deeper and more useful for you. I’ll be experimenting with what works, and what doesn’t. Let me know how it goes, sweetcheeks!

* Custom artworks are now ultra-limited. Coaching will be too.

After much a-thinking, I’ll only be offering Custom artworks on an ultra-limited basis. As in – maybe one or two a month. Maybe less. I’ll be posting when I have space for them. I adore-adore-adore doing them, but I need more space. (Funny that – I wonder if I’m already doing the space-making course? What space do I need for me to shine even more?) I’ll still be offering Goddess art prints.

Goddess Guidance coaching will also be more limited. You can still book in sessions, but I’ll be limiting the number of sessions I book each month.

* What is ultra-possible.

What I will be focussing my energies on are my darling courses – the Creative Goddess ecourse and Divine Decluttering ecourse. That way I can help the most people who are called to this wonderful work as possible.

And also give myself some precious time to love. Breathe. Heal. Sit. Laugh. Travel. And make my train ride more of a leisurely choo-choo through the country while having tea and scones than Exhaustion Train Express.

That sounds nice. So very, very nice.
More like the kind of train I want to be on.

Twitter version of this article?

You don’t have to stay on the same train if it isn’t a lovely one. Jump off, be honest and make it your own. You=amazing.

Thank you so much for being here, and for sharing this journey with me.

I’m so blessed to know each of you.



Video: What’s one thing you can do today to change your space?

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Tonight, me, Charlie & Angel snuggled up in bed and made you a bedtime story video.

And I show you my new shirt.

And I tell you a bit more about what you can expect in my new holy-incredible e-course.

And then Charlie commandeers the video camera.

And then I tell you one thing you can do *today* to make your space sparkle. Because sparkles are good.

Totally unmissable.


The Wonders of Space Clearing from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

And if you haven’t already, for the love of Angel’s overactive lickitty tongue, check out:

The journey to a sparkling, decluttered, amazing home begins as soon as you sign up. Hooo-ray! 🙂

Off to watch sweet Japanese anime movies with country music soundtracks with my hunky. 

I love you like I love lollipops, and that’s a lot,


Introducing… the new ecourse!

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today’s the big day! I’m so excited to announce the birth of my new baby… the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course: a divine decluttering & magical space clearing journey!

You can check out all the gloriousness at:

It was a rather long labour last night of deep breathing and pretending the contractions were “expansions” and that I was “opening like a thousand petalled lotus”… but our baby is born. And she’s bonny, and beautiful, and we just know she is going to go out into the world and do big things and touch beautiful souls. We couldn’t be prouder.

And when I say “we” – I mean me & the other course’s birth mama! Yus… I’ve joined superpowers & creative wombs with the amazing Lisa Baldwin from Divine Order to create a super-baby.

We know just how frustrating, uck, bluk, boo and *sigh* it can feel to have spaces that are cluttered, stagnant & not making us shine. We decided to become renegade ninja-goddess forces to claim our right to shine in and with our spaces. So we have a big ninja-goddess-tool-belt of spirit and gentle wisdom and geniusness and projects and worksheets and gloriousness to help you reclaim your space. To make it your own. To make it sing for you. To get it support you so you can shine.

Because you totally, totally deserve it. 

You can begin your six week journey to divinely declutter today. Are you coming with us?