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As I’ve been sharing, we’ve had a bunch of issues getting our beautiful workbooks sent out quickly in the US. You can read more about that here.

(Please note: UK + Australian shipping houses have been going great guns with very very few issues. Please fill out this form if you haven’t received yours!)

Happy news at last for our US (+ Canada) goddesses!

Our incredible tech team at are going on a Save The Books Mission to claim our books from a shitty, inept mailing house… and are taking them on an epic roadtrip across the US to a wonderful, better, faster, bigger mailing house… and we’ll begin shipping again by THIS THURSDAY at the latest (possibly Wednesday!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!). Our new mailing house will be able to get your books to you so much faster and with fewer issues. EXACTLY how we like it!!!



So grateful… we’ve been working SO hard to try and get these books out faster for you guys… thank you for bearing with us through the challenges… Can’t wait to get these beautiful babies in your hands!!!

Big thanks to Grant, Aaron + co for pulling off this roadtrip… dudes totally in service!


High fives and group hugs and GOOOOO MIGHTY DUCKS,


Latest News on 2015 workbooks!

Updated as of 27 28 29 December 2014 with the latest shipping info!



Hey lovelies,

I wanted to give you an update about 2015 printed workbook orders.

We’ve had some huge delays along the way with the workbooks. I wanted to give you a headsup about what’s happening and when you can expect your books. I’m all for total open-book-ness. You’ve placed your trust in me. That’s not a responsibility I take lightly by any means. So I want to tell you exactly what’s happening, and what you can expect.

(Not digital workbook orders! If you’ve ordered them and they haven’t arrived in your email, email us el pronto – and we’ll get you sorted ASAP!)

  • This year, we decided to self-publish + distribute the books ourselves so that we could create a much better product for you (spiral bound! free wall planner! more awesomeness! bonus accompanying meditation MP3 + goal-setting course delivered by email!) at a better/more stable price! I utterly know for sure it was the right thing to do, and it’s also been a huuuuuuge undertaking with many, many late nights + nutty days by me, my love, my team, our printers and our mailing houses to try and get this baby out in time.
  • We totally considered doing mailing from in-house so we could have more control. We ran the figures and knew we would be totally unable to keep up with demand of sending up to a thousand books a day. I love my post office lady Cindy a LOT… but not enough to be spending all day every day at the post office with her writing a gazillion Customs declarations!
  • We outsourced + found mailing house experts + have contracted mailing houses in THREE countries – UK, US & AUS – to try and make shipping as fast and affordable for you as possible. Unfortunately this has totally added to the complexity of it all!
  • We were scheduled to start delivering books from 1 December. We opened orders before then as pre-orders.
  • We’ve been hearing that some lovely enthusiastic peeps found our hidden test sales pages before they were live, and placed orders before our shopping cart was live, and before we’d even announced the workbooks. If you placed an order before 18 November, chances are you’ve placed a fake order (that would also not have processed with your credit card). I’m sorry – we were caught completely unaware. A little bit like being caught naked as we were changing! Please fill out this form to make sure we have your order.
  • UK + Aus mailing houses started delivering books from 1 December. Books are being sent out daily from these centres.
    We’ve had relatively very few issues with postal services in Australia, UK + countries close to those mailing houses, so if you haven’t received your book within a week of ordering, please fill out this form so we can check up on it!
  • US (+ Canada + South America) orders were delayed as US Customs held up our shipment. We then ran into a huge amount of (frustrating, painful) issues with our US mailing house not fulfilling their service obligations to us. We are considering taking legal action, because we hate how much their issues have become ours and yours. That’s not fun or fair. We are now doing everything we can to get them relocated to a faster, more efficient mailing house (which is bloody hard during the holidays, but we’re doing everything we can). All orders placed before 20 December should already be in the mail to you or delivered.
  • US shipping will resume January 5 at the latest (due to mailing houses having holiday shutdowns and the transfer of US books from that (dishonest, dastardly, disorderly) mailing house to one that is super efficient and has their shit in order. Because that’s bloody important!) You can expect after that date that orders placed that day will be sent out that day. We are doing everything we can (and by everyone I mean me, Chris, our staff, our tech company, the new mailing house + our transfer company) to get them there faster and shipping before January 5. I’m sorry. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all happen RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT. Unfortunately, we’re working around a bunch of outside parameters. This is the time I reallllllllly want my own squad of drones ala Amazon-style. I would pimp them with glittering unicorn horns and it would be wonderful and magical. Until that happens, we’re working with getting books through endless permits + shipping constraints. Hooray! We have some unicorns!!! We will resume shipping Thursday January 1 at the latest! All US orders that have not already been sent out will be sent out that day (or even earlier – Wednesday possibly!).
    Here’s the behind the scenes goss about that: Our incredible tech team at are going on a Save The Books Mission to claim our books from a shitty, inept mailing house… and are taking them on an epic roadtrip across the US to a wonderful, better, faster, bigger mailing house. Our new mailing house will be able to get your books to you so much faster and with fewer issues. EXACTLY how we like it!!!
  • UK shipping – our mailing house is still open intermittently over Christmas/New Year’s holidays, so will still be shipping.
  • AUS shippingour mailing house has agreed to come in on their holidays (29th Dec) to send out all orders made before then, and then will be back to normal running speed All orders up to December 29th have been sent out, and they will resume normal shipping next week – Monday Jan 5.
  • You will be sent a shipping confirmation [and tracking number if available] once your workbooks have been sent out from the mailing house. Unfortunately we are unable to provide shipping and tracking information prior to the mailing center sending this email to you.
  • We’ve heard from some Australians that they didn’t realise workbooks were priced in US dollars and wondered why they are. I wanted to be totally transparent with you so you know why we sell in US dollars (for all our stuff, and have for years):
    – We sell the vast majority of our books to the US. They are our major market. On top of this, we sell to over 70 countries. US currency is far more easily recognised than Australian.
    – We can’t sell in more than one currency due to our shopping cart.
    – We prominently display on every single purchase button that it is in US dollars.
    – If you’re not sure what the exchange rate is from US dollars to AUS, you can always check a currency convertor website like this one.

Screenshot 2014-12-15 16.40.09

  • If you haven’t received your order, please, please fill out this formWe’ll be able to confirm for you whether your order has been received, and that it’s been sent to the mailing house for them to send your book out to you. We can’t control how quickly they then send the book out because it depends on their shipping loads + containers, but they promise us that it is happening as fast as they can.
  • Filling out this form is the best, quickest way for us to get things resolved. I think sometimes we all get a bit complacent and think Facebook comments are enough. Unfortunately, they do get lost in the blend – we don’t see them, and you don’t see when we’ve replied to you. Also, the joy of filling out the form is that we are much more easily able to find your order for you!
  • My lovely support fairies (Joyce, Erin + Amber) are working their lil fingers off right now. We are getting a huge amount of emails as this is our busiest month of the year. We are trying to get to your emails as fast as we can and we are receiving hundreds upon hundreds of emails each day which require a whole lot of love and attention.

Thank you all so so so much for your orders, love + enthusiasm.

This has been such a hugely frustrating and at times quite scary journey as we deal with organisations that are outside of our control (Customs + the distribution houses!). When I rule the world, this shiz would get sorted el pronto!

We’re doing absolutely everything we can to get them to you as soon as possible.

I’m so sorry this is taking so long. I’m so sorry for the hiccups. We’re doing absolutely everything we can. And of course, I’ll be sharing every bloody lesson we’ve learned along the way! Needless to say, setting up an international publishing company has been a freaking whirlwind of calamities.

I know next year it will be SO SO SO much better for you. We’ll have the kinks in the system ironed out + it will be a much much faster process. Thank you for bearing with us. I’m sorry for not being able to get it to you quicker.

I really realllllly love this workbook, and I am fiercely proud of what we’ve managed to pull off this year. I think you are going to be absolutely delighted once it is in your hands… creating the magic for you.

Can’t wait.

Until then… GROUP HUGS!!!!

Love you all long time,

Top Books 2014: Business, Self Help, Biographies, Creativity + Romance

2014 best books

Party peeps,

I really look forward to doing these posts each year.

You can find 2013’s here. 2012’s here.

I kinda feel like it’s the post that takes me the longest to write each year. I read stacks of books. I choose the best of the ones I read to share with you.

When I say “best”, I really mean “my highly subjective favouritism” aka “the books that strike the bell of my soul for some reason or another.”

I’ve done some ranking this year. Because there were some that were total STAND OUTS for me. And some I’m not sure if anyone will “get” – or indeed if even I would “get” again if I re-read, but for whatever reason, I learned something good and wonderful from them or was touched by them in the moment.

Also, as always, these are NOT solely books that were published in the year of 2014. They are instead organised “autobiographically” – just like in High Fidelity – because I’ve read them this year.

Also, I don’t review like normal reviews. I don’t even know if I really talk about the books properly.

Funnily enough, I fell upon Amanda Palmer’s book review for the year + dug how she reviewed in her own “impressionistic + haiku” style.

I’ll continue to review in my patented “fluent in florid side-story” and “panoply of feeeeeeeeelings” style.


Enough with the disclaimer-y shenanigans.

Let’s play!

I fucking love books!



Creating Room To Read – John Wood

Okay. I need to emotionally prepare myself to even talk about this.

But I don’t want to overtalk it so you go in expecting you are going to be reading The Greatest Book Of All Time, and then realise it is ordinary and wonderful and special, but definitely not the image I built it up to be, and be disappointed by that, when in fact this book is just so bloody great and it was just a case of disjointed expectations.

But. But.

Honestly, I kept telling Chris as I was reading it:

This is the best book I’ve ever read in my life.

It’s not poetic. It’s not literature.

But it is inspiring as all freaking get out. Grounded. Heart-opening. Brilliant.

It’s the true story of a bloke who quit Microsoft to build libraries around the world, in the belief that books + education change lives + elevate poverty.

And build them he did. He applied his business brilliance to a non-profit model, and in the span of 10 years, built 10 000 libraries.

Incredibly powerful.

It inspired me, touched me, taught me some fantastic business lessons + was just a thrilling delight of a book to read.

If you were going to read any book from this list, LET IT BE THIS!!!!!!!!!! SRSLY!!!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE + NOT CLICKING + GETTING IT ALREADY?????

You should read this: Before you were born. Every human should.


I Feel Bad About My Neck – Nora Ephron

This book should be in here purely because it’s:

  1. My very first Nora book
  2. What took me so freaking long to read a Nora book
  3. I ADORE her movies. ADORE. She wrote You’ve Got Mail. Sleepless in Seattle. When Harry Met Sally. She IS rom-com, man!
  4. I adore her movies so much, and they have such a distinct voice, and that voice IS Nora’s, so it felt like reading extended scenes out of YGM or WHMS, which is pretty much my version of heaven, therefore
  5. Reading her book was ecstasy and home all at once.

It should go without saying that I’m going to work my way through all her books now.

Don’t cry, shopgirl.

You should read this: If you are in possession of a vag.


Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham

Yah, yah, blah, blah, controversy, Lena, yah.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, can I just say:

This book is fucking tops.

Her honesty was breathtaking. Her vulnerability is magical.

I reckon the sharing of her stories is immensely healing for so many young women who think

This only happens to me. No one else feels like this.

You should read this: If you feel like it. If you’re called. I wouldn’t push anyone into reading a book UNLESS IT IS CREATING ROOM TO READ AND OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE READING IT ALREADY.

What was I saying? Oh yes. Read this if you’re cool with strong flavours.


Good to Great – Jim Collins

This is hilariously obvious to choose as a great book… considering how it’s #1 in Amazon in Business + probably has been for a zillion years.

But ya know… it’s popular for good reason.

It’s because Jimbo (yes, that’s what I call him in my head, and that’s what I call all Jims in my head – I’m physically unable to call them anything but Jimbo #sorrynotsorry) lays out a really good, clear plan for developing a company and taking it to the next level.

As my company is moving up into the 7 figure field, I needed something to give me a good overall plan of areas to focus on.

This book has been that for me.

Handy hint: This year, I bought some great business books as hardcover copies instead of Kindle.

And I use them as full study companions. I go through them with pen and highlighter, taking notes and paying attention.

Really sucking on the marrow of the book. Highly nutritious for le brain gizzards.

You should read this: If you’re doing over a half a mil’ in your business I reckon.


Popular: Vintage Wisdom For A Modern Geek – Maya van Wagenen

I didn’t expect to be so touched by this book.

I actually found it to be spiritual and self-helpish, with lots of wonderful Aha! moments.

Totally struck the bells of my soul.

I kinda wish I could revisit my angsty teenager self and hand her this book.

You should read this: If you want to know how to be popular/aka get over your own shit and just talk to people already.


What God Wants – Neale Donald Walsh

This one has been my “Dunny Read” of the year.

Aka: the book that lives in the cupboard beside the toilet and I read a page or two a day.

I wonder why it took me so long to get to reading it.

I bought it eight or so years ago in India, in a little bookstore in smoggy, dusty, claustrophobic New Delhi.

But then I remember that these things always happen at just the right time.

It’s been waiting for me to be ready.

It blows my freakin’ head off, this book does.

I mean, all Neale’s books are bloody tops.

This one has actually changed my perspective on a lot of stuff.

Like this conversation I had with Chris a few weeks ago.

We were discussing a friend making some difficult choices.

And usually I would so firmly know the answer of the choice they should make (bloody judgmental know-it-all Scorpio! hahahaha!).

But this time, I said to Chris:

“If God wants nothing for us but what we want, why would I want anything else. I only want that person to be happy if they want to be happy. If it’s their soul’s journey and desire to experience something else, why would I want anything but that? I feel free knowing this. It’s like knowing I just get to keep loving without worrying about the right or wrong choice for them.”

He’s a Neale-fan too, so he gets it.

It was a revelation.

You should read this: If you’re ready.


The Art of Asking – Amanda Palmer

I love how very much Amanda does Amanda.

The woman is bravely vulnerable and shares her heart with the world on a daily basis.

This book is delicious and compelling.

Read this if: You hate askin’ for stuff. Are a business owner or a creative owner. Or if you dig AFP and want to read her wonderful creative career stories.


Okay, I don’t have as much time as I usually do (I have a nine month old adorable baby who doesn’t feel great anywhere but in mama’s arms right now). So I’m going to make my “good reads but not A+++ books” reviews as succinct as possible. This should be fun.

What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah. Sometimes obvious but still useful.

The International Bank of Bob – Bob Harris

Fucking great. Highly inspiring. Best adventure/travel memoir of a Kiva donor who goes to visit peeps around the world who he has loaned money too.

The Glitter Plan – Pamela Skaist-Levy + Gela Nash-Taylor

I heart business women biographies for ever.

#GIRLBOSS – Sophia Amoruso


Think like a Stripper – Erika Lyremark

Same. Plus added raunch.

Yes Please – Amy Poehler

A little bit scattered, but some holy fucking WOW moments. You go girl!

The Wisdom of Compassion – Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama. Derp = of course it’s good.

Paradise in Plain Sight – Karen Maezen Miller

I will read every book from this zen monk for the rest of time.

How to Deal with Haters – Cyrus Kirkpatrick


Share Your Work – 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered – Austin Kleon

Buy it in book form, not Kindle. Kindle doesn’t do artsy books like these justice. Double thumbs up.

The Fence-Painting Fortnight of Destiny – Meshel Laurie and All That Happened At Number 26 – Denise Scott

These aren’t completely amazing, but they are funny and interesting. I think I just really like chick biographies. Heals something in me.

Mud, Sweat and Tears – Bear Grylls and A Survival Guide for Life – Bear Grylls

Make that all biographies. Also: I am a rabid ass Bear fan for life after these two brilliant reads. Highly highly recommend. Gutsy, sweaty self help that dudes + chicks love.

Sealed with a Kiss – Rachael Lucas and Love At The Speed of Email – Lisa McKay

My two rom com picks for the year. High fives!


Okay, books forever!!!!!






If you haven’t worked out yet (maybe I haven’t mentioned it enough! Ha!)

I wrote a book. Well, it’s not really a BOOKBOOK per se.

It’s a workbook. One for you to write in and fill out.

There’s two versions: the LIFE + BUSINESS versions.

Both are bloody helpful.

The LIFE version guides you through the process of making peace with 2014 and working out all the medicine and lessons you received from it. I think so often we surge towards the new year without truly taking stock and celebration and resolving the year that was. I know this is really important work to do.

And it will get you to set goals for the next year in all areas of your life:

  • financial
  • health
  • relationships
  • creativity
  • career
  • education
  • family

The response I hear from women about using the LIFE version is that more of their goals and dreams come true than ever before, and they end the year in a WAY better place than they began it in.

The BUSINESS version is (in my books) absolutely ESSENTIAL if you own a business.

I don’t really know why you wouldn’t get it, to be honest.

It will take you (in a really fun, loving, creative, easy, non-boring, doable way) through a full review of your business in 2014 from:

  • what the money situation was like (gross/net/profit) (I can’t believe how many peeps don’t know their numbers in business. It’s so important possum. You need to know the numbers if you want to grow)
  • what your top selling services/products were (this is HIGHLY insightful. I always have a major insight each year where I see how much time I’ve spent on shit that doesn’t earn much dobleros, and where I can easily earn more. I gave a copy of the book to our nanny, and the next morning she told me she had only just filled out this section and the book was already worth it for her because of the insights she’d gotten. Tops!)
  • what worked and what didn’t (in marketing/staffing/contractors/suppliers etc etc)

And then it will help you create an easy, awesome business plan for 2015 including:

  • income goals
  • income streams (i.e. products and services)
  • your business mission statement
  • marketing goals
  • staffing goals
  • customer service goals
  • social media goals
  • and much much more!!!!



So here’s the thing:

I reckon if you have a business OR if you just want your life to be happier…

I have not a freakin’ goshdarn clue why you WOULDN’T buy the workbook.

This baby is not a flash in the pan. It’s not some new thing that hasn’t been trialled.

This shit works.

How do I know?

This is our SIXTH year of producing them.

We’ve sold over 50 000 copies and counting.

We have women who are die-hard raving fans of this book.

Who’ve used it every single year since it was created.

Screenshot 2014-12-27 13.16.11 Screenshot 2014-12-27 13.16.01


Because they get RESULTS from using it.

They see a HUGE difference in their life or business from using it.

It helps them have the life/biz they truly dream of.

So honestly, I say to you with love:

I don’t understand why you’d be interested in reading any of my shit if you aren’t bothering to invest in the (cheap as chips) workbook.

Because until YOU do the shit that’s going to move you forward (i.e. setting goals, aligning your actions with your intentions, investing in you, making positive change)… nothing will change. It’s all up to you.

You have complete responsibility over your own situation. You are the creator of your own world.

And you can be totally ignoring that responsibility, or claiming that nothing works for you, or just letting life take you wherever it leads.

Or you can step up, claim your role as Creative Queen of your Kingdom, and make those sparkling whispers of dreams and wishes inside you LET LOOSE into the world.

I mean, it’s up to you.

Only buy the freakin’ workbooks and use them if you want to be happier // more abundant.

If you don’t want that, CLICK AWAY NOW. RUNNNNNNNNN!

You can do whatever your heart calls you to in this magical world.

But it’s NOT going to just happen to you.

It’s something you need to choose for yourself.

Make the decision NOW, love.

What’s it going to be?

Choose to step up? Or Step Away?

It’s Okay If Your Christmas Isn’t Merry


It’s okay if your Christmas does NOT make you feel like this.


I want to say:

I hope you are having a merry Christmas filled with love and kindness and laughter

but I also want to say:

It’s okay if you’re not. Truly, it’s okay.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be good. Whatever it needs to be, it is.

I think for a long time I hunted and yearned and grieved over Christmasses being imperfect. How in some way, how good one single day was would be the measurement of my life.

But it’s not. It’s truly not.

The measurement of my life is the ordinary days. The little moments adding up with each other to culminate in a life well loved.

I want to say it’s okay if things aren’t perfect. If you don’t have everyone together. If you don’t have a big, happy, functional extended family (or any kind of family at all). If everyone isn’t happy. If the kids are whiny or you are whiny or there are no kids and instead of noise there is silence.

It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.

You’re not broken, you are whole.

Christmas wasn’t meant to be anything but what it is:

Whatever appears for you. Whatever your day is composed of right now.

Whatever happens.

Sometimes it can be so hard to actually just genuinely relax and have fun and enjoy when there’s so much external pressure for Christmas to be HAPPY! FULL OF FAMILY! PERFECTLY COMPOSED! NO PROBLEMS EVER!

And the pressure builds up until we inevitably feel overwhelmed, crabby and heartsick at why our life doesn’t look like the way we think others’ lives are.

(Extra resources: I like what Sarah Wilson wrote about Christmasses: that without fail, she cries at each one just from the build up of energy. Ask Moxie is always wise about basically everything, but especially kids, and I think this post about not having high expectations is stellar.)

If nothing more, Christmas serves as a time for us to pause in the stillness before another year begins. To look back and see what just happened. The blessings and the shit and the hard stuff and the miracles, all tied together in a bundle of a year. Who you were a year ago. Who you are now. You might be feeling a little more war-torn but I can bet a hundred bucks you are wiser, deeper and lovelier than you could ever know.

That’s all my darlings.

Wherever you are:

in the midst of the BEST DAY EVER or the Shittiest Crapfest of the Century or something I like to call a Festival of Awkward, or something in between:

I want you to know you’re okay. You’re whole. Everything is going to be okay. It’s okay for things to be how they are today.

Your whole life is waiting for you. All the ordinary days to come.

And it’s going to be bloody beautiful.

So much love,

Last Minute Xmas Prezzy needed? Tis cool, bra, I gots yo sorted! (OH AND A WEE UPDATE!)

merrychristmas coloured small


Hola treasure,

Got someone in your life that has been so wonderful to you?

That you are grateful for? That you want to share joy with?

Someone you want to send some love to, and a big thank you for being the splendid human being they are?

You can gift them the gift of the BEST THING EVER…

A 2015 where more of their goals + dreams + wishes come true than ever before.

gift option 2

Aka… that little harbinger of magic + manifestation + get-shit-done-ishness the 2015 Create Your Shining Year in Life + Biz planners.

give an incredible 2015


You can grab them a cheap-as-chips digital download (that can either be filled out on computer, ipad or printed out!).


Or you can grab them a delicious printed workbook that’ll be delivered right when they need to begin 2015 planning (AND you can print out this rainbow lil love-soaked gift voucher to give to them on the big day.)

gift voucher sml


So my treasures,

I hope you have a magical celebration season.

Or, if it sucks borg, or is completely quiet and dull and normal, may you know that that is okay too.

(Read: In Praise Of Ordinary Christmases. Or Incase Your Christmas Sucks Borg.)

We are celebrating our last tropical Christmas. By the end of next month, we’ll have moved to Tasmania – a beautiful island on the other side of Australia. I owe you a blog post about that, about the how and the magical why and all that. It’s on my to-do list which is a hundred million miles long.

This season is always our busiest patch of the year with the workbooks. Luckily I only hire Jewish peeps + workaholics. I KID. I KID. #kinda

This morning/week/month/four months has been really, really full on as we established our own printing company for the workbooks, and have worked with overseas printing houses, shipping companies, Customs and distribution houses to deliver these workbooks the way we wanted. I haven’t pulled this many late nights for a looong time. It’s been a lil cuckoo.

I know though that the hard part has been done though, and it’s just setting us up for the next stage and evolution of the workbooks + getting them into every corner of the globe where women are needing them to claim and create joyful lives + abundant businesses.

I’m bloody excited for what is to come… and incredibly grateful for everything that’s happened.

2014 was the year we brought Beth into the world. My pregnancy with her was such a difficult initiation of illness with hyperemesis gravidarum. I really find it hard remembering that this time last year I was barfing up Christmas lunch, and spent the vast majority of the day in bed rocking back and forward.

She is absolutely our own miracle. I can’t believe such a bonny, bouncing babe (aka SUPERCHUBS) came from such a debilitating illness.

I’m immensely grateful that she told me I was wrong when I thought I was only having one child.

I’m immensely grateful that she chose me.

I’m immensely grateful for the special connection my two daughters have. Through and through, they chose each other.

And I’m grateful for the completion of our family. The Awesome Dawson Foursome.

This Christmas, it’ll be us four, plus my wild bushman dad.

We’re planning on eating + drinking our way around all the foodie places/farms.

Going slow, gentle + all that good stuff.

I’ll still be popping in for work.

But mostly I’ll be saying to the sky, the sunrise, the sunset:

Thank you.

Thank you for all of this.

All my love,

2014 Christmas Card Picture sml