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Wonderous Times

by Leonie Dawson on March 29, 2005

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from my new bamboo oracle card set…

does not know where is above
and where is below.
It comes from the void.
To the void it will return.
and origin
are one.

~ Confuscious

sometimes i am just so amazed by everything.
just so damn happy i am speechless.

yesterday i was dancing by myself in the living room to james taylor, and i stopped dancing, stood still with happiness.

singing in the car on the way to the women’s circle, i cannot move the words out from my belly to the air. i am struck dumb with happiness.

i’m not really exactly sure what this happiness is.

things have been up and down, journeying, challenging, joyful, rocky all at once.
and my skin is stretching from growth,
my feet a little stubbed and scratched from mountain goat tracks.
it’s been a good, leg working journey which leaves me breathless sometimes…
but the view is beautiful. it really is.
to see the sky clearer than i did before.
to wade through murky rivers of my own doubt and fear to the other side of the river banks.
to new places, new destination, new fields in myself.

some beautiful moments in my life of late ~

~ paris arriving at my work step at 9.30 am on a first day back from holidays with a “surprise something”. the most beautiful bamboo oracle set that he said he found and spoke one name to him. i was humbled and blessed by his gifting.

bus friends are blessings.
and bus friends who touch your heart are miracles.

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paris and me on ze bus.

~ the women’s circle last night. i am so blessed to be in this group of women.

~ my journey as an artist. months ago, when i went to the labyrinth with the women, ellanita our wise and beautiful leader taught me some important and beautiful lessons as an artist. she spoke about holding on to an art work until it was ready to move on ~ to learn the lessons that we as artists glean from our own artists.

months ago, a dear woman from the circle asked me to do a commission of a mermaid for her. and i did. she lived on a canvas in my living area for three months. i would look at her, she would look at me. there was love and wisdom and sharing between us. we became fused in spirit. those three months were beautiful. i knew we both were gestating, hibernating together before we emerged. there was a part of me that danced with her. she showed me lessons of infinity and beauty and a sky filled with stars. and yesterday, i looked at her, and suddenly i realised it was time. pregnancy leads to birth. it was birthing day. i am mother, she was mother. we gave birth to each other.

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she spoke to me. she said: “take me with you to the women’s circle. it is time i go. i want to be a part of the circle as i move onwards.”

so i did. i listened to my mother the painting and my daughter the painting. she went to the women’s circle with me. she joined us women folk in our sharing and our reflection and our transformation. and she passed hands onwards. in love.

so at easter this year, i lay an egg. and i gave birth to a beautiful painting which has now fluttered into a new part of the world. and in so many ways, she gave birth to me. we shared lives for three months, and we will continue to. we are all one.

one day, when i’m floating through cosmic stardust one day i’ll flit by a fleck of a canvas. maybe we’ll be scales side by side on a mermaids tale. or a dewdrop kissing a rose in the morning dewlight.

I leave you, with me in my favourite tree friend,
on my parent’s farm. I dreamt I could touch the stars when cradled in its branches.
I grew up with this tree.

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signature commissions

by Leonie Dawson on March 27, 2005

I recently did a signature image commission for maitri libellule ~

I had a few enquiries from people for commissions and couldn’t at the time because I was so busy ~
I’ve got a little bit of creative time now and opening ze doors again.

Instead of payment ~ I’ve got a wishlist. If you want a commission, grant me a wish :)

My wish list is ~

* A large size Moleskine sketchbook (with plain pages, for art)

* Bracelet or necklace from Superhero Designs

* Any book by Sabrina Ward Harrison

* “Every Day Matters” by Danny Gregory

* “The Beany” by Michael Nobbs:

In return ~ I’ll do two or three designs that you can choose from.

Anyhewsles, lemme know if you’re interested!

Love and laughter,

my secret self

by Leonie Dawson on March 27, 2005

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Mermaid commission.

My secret self is named Georgina.
She is radiant and free.

She lives in a windowed turquoise hut on a hill above the ocean. Her hut is filled with
hammocks and large colourful floor cushions for her visitors to sit on. Walls covered with
ramshackle bookshelves, vibrant artwork and textured cloths from her many travels. A
gnarled and friendly tree outside has swings and branches that scoop one up and cradle one
there for hours. Hut enwrapped in a large balcony, the sea and Georgina watch each other
for hours. Sweet rainforest and plains made for horse riding backs behind her.

Her horses and animals live close to Georgina. She often rides her favourite palamino bareback up through the sweeping lush of rainforest to the top of the mountain, just so they can speak to heaven together.

She is married, in body, in spirit, in passionate embrace to a man who is The One. He too
spent his life dreaming of the one which fit his side like shells. They bask in their love
and knowing, in free embrace of two seperate, creative, fulfilling, dreaming lives loved and
lived together.

The artist. The woman who knows herself.

Who is your secret self?

Thank you to the beautiful popsicletoes for this idea.


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