Monthly Archives: October 2006

all that’s needed

by Leonie Dawson on October 23, 2006

feeling stressed out in my studio.

he comes in.

in a french accent he announces

“I have come to work for you”

He sits on my chair, back straight and eager like a small boy.

I hand him a paintbrush, and get him to paint some collage papers for me.

And that’s all that’s needed.

The weight lifts.

and there was…

by Leonie Dawson on October 23, 2006

me & purple goddess

old friends and new friends
ancient rocks
frangelico and vino
indian feasts
delicious bookstores
surprise adventures
miracle morning by the river with a mermaid priestess
divinity and dahl

a good weekend.

i’m always so amazed by this world.

just as you are

by Leonie Dawson on October 18, 2006

me & big sis becky… mirror sisters

I’ve got some beautiful (internet) friends visiting this weekend ~
I love how this medium has connected me with some of my most delicious friends ~
and that I get to have outrageous, marvellous weekends with them.

In the meantime:
I wish you pure, unadulterated joy.
May you find a caterpillar on your path.

surf joy
~ loving the Dove Evolution mini movie
~ whimsical joy with kelly rae roberts art
~ the phenomenon that is (turn your sound up)
~ amazing women: the century project