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The Last 8 Minutes On Earth

by Leonie Dawson on August 22, 2011

My dearest Goddess sister,

What would I tell you if it was my last eight minutes?

What could I possibly tell you

from the very depths of my being

about everything I want you

to hear

to feel

to know?

This is it, baybee.

Filmed with wind whirling & clouds hurtling by.

Turning up,

tear stained,



in love with you

& this whole wide world.

All my love,

The World Is Good

by Leonie Dawson on August 15, 2011

(Above image by moi. Feel free to print, make cards out of, send along – whatever makes your heart sing, dearest!)

Did you know?

Every generation of children gets treated better and better than the last.

I know, I know. I know we beat ourselves up about parenting.

I know we whine about television & how hard everything can be for kids.

And yes, we’re still evolving and learning, and we will continue to.

But the thing that made me sigh a biiiiig exhale of relief?

Knowing that our children are treated better than we were treated. And we were raised more compassionately than our parents were. And our parents were raised more gently than their parents were.

Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. But the HUGE majority is that of love, evolution and healing.

Every generation, we are able to heal even more. Love even more. Take care of our children even more.

And it’s the most incredible thing to witness.

Did you know?

That in Australia, women didn’t get the right to vote until 1902.

That in 2002, women in Bahrain were given the right to vote.

My Great Grandmother was not able to vote. I am.

I love that our world is changing & will continue to. And so quickly!!!

Look at what has happened in the last 100 years!

I really want to high five us right now!

Did you know?

Since Kiva opened its doors six years ago, over $234 million has been lent from ordinary, everyday people to help people in developing countries grow their businesses.

Did you know the repayment rate of those loans is higher than 99% – higher than the repayment rate for banks in the First World!

We are each changing the world. Helping each other.

Right at the earthy-scented ground level.

Did you know?

That when William Shakespeare was born, he was extraordinary. Not because of the fact that he ended up becoming a famous play write – he was extraordinary simply because he survived. In the century he was born, 25% of children died before the age of 5. But in the year he was born? 66% of children died thanks to the plague.

66%. 2 out of every 3 children.

And now, the plague is pretty much wiped out.

Children are safer and healthier than ever before.


Did you know?

There’s a business man in China. I read about him in Fast Company. And he’s kinda hilarious & flashy & loves publicity.

AND at the same time? His mission is to be the biggest philanthropist in the world.

He wants to be the dude he gives away the most money.

That’s some kinda mission!

And so he drives around & hands out red envelopes filled with cash to people who need them.

And he’s trying to get the whole of China to start donating muchos more money.

(And wanna know why? He grew up poor. Some of his siblings starved to death. And so he started working. And he’d earn enough money to pay to go to school. And then earn more so he could pay the tuition for his neighbour’s children.)

I want to pash this man something chronic.

Holy guacamole this world is awesome.

Did you know?

Love grows.

Even when people die. Even when relationships end.


It never leaves us.

It’s all around us.

And everytime we foget?

It’s like a fish forgetting it is swimming in the sea.

We are swimming in love.

Did you know?

My great aunt was paralysed from polio, and her lover cared for her for all his life?

And that polio – since peaking in the 1940s and 1950s has been eradicated in all but four countries?

Did you know?

My dad lost his youngest brother at birth from what is now a treatable illness?

Thank you, medicine & healing that is constantly evolving!

Did you know?

That when my eldest brother was growing up with cerebral palsy, there were no support groups here in this small town. No respite. And no special education facilities for teenagers – resulting in him staying until primary school until he was 15.

And that now?

There are services out the wazoo. Families with disabilities are supported and helped and have carers assisting them. My mother is one of them.

So much has changed in one generation.

Did you know?

A couple of months ago, I saw a photo of a child on Facebook. A child that was malnourished.

And so I adopted a child in India. And a buffalo in America. And an Aboriginal Healing Centre in Australia.

And it was the funnest night of “shopping” I ever did.

How much fun is that? We get to help other people! And animals! And missions!!!

All at our fingertips!!!

Motherofgawd, this is pretty much the FUNNEST universe possible!!!!

Did you know?

That more & more people & businesses are signing up to the One Percent Foundation?

And it’s just so beautifully easy!

Did you know?

My Grandmother – the one who has been through 2 World Wars, a Great Depression, losing two husbands, two sons & a grandson – she says that everyday is good?

“Well my darling! I woke up this morning and I was still breathing, so I thought:

Today is a GOOOOOOOOD day!!”

I saw her up the street just before. She’s 94 & was shopping & flirting. I offered to drive her back to her house, but she wanted to walk.

She was dressed in white moccasins, startling white tailored skirt, pearls, a soft pink mohair jumper & was accessorised with gigantic pink-framed hipster sunglasses & iridescent dangly shell earrings.

“Granny, you look GORGEOUS! You have the best style in the WORLD!”

“Well my darling! I take after my grand daughter!”

P.S. My Grandmother is not just my grandmother – she’s yours too. She holds the whole world in her strong, bangle-adorned arms & sings

“Youuuuuu are sooooooooo beautiful…. to meeeeee……..”

Did you know?

That you don’t have to worry about the world.

And if there’s something that you’d like to change, you can change it.

You can turn all that excess energy – of fear, of worry, of pain – and channel it into something that transforms. And heals. And blooms.

And it can be ding dang FUN.

True story!!!!

Did you know?

I am in love with the world.

It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

So much hope. SO much possibility. So much transformation and love and kindness.

It is SO good.

And it just gets better and better.

I love love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu x a million gazillion,

Beauty is everywhere.

by Leonie Dawson on August 11, 2011

(Photograph by moi of the sparkling, beautiful Jul)

We were in the sprawling supermarket.

Ostara was fidgeting, grumpy, putting both hands down my top to grab my boobs.

I laugh my way through it – down long corridors to get yogurt and rice crackers as my shirt gets increasingly pawed down.

My love pays for the groceries, and I excuse myself out the doors.

I park beside a stooped woman on the bench, let Ostara drape her length over my legs, and lift my shirt for her to nurse.

She settles in with a contented giggle and a smile.

I take a deep breath, and let my shoulders drop and relax.

And then.

And then.

I look up.

There are swallows playing in the white sails above my head.

They swoop and they dance and they float.

The light is golden through the sail crevices.

Out of all the places, there was magic glistening there.

Right in the peak of the sails fronting a supermarket. Just beside the stooped woman.

I found a sweet smile tinting my face ruby gold.

And I remembered:

Beauty is everywhere.

And I remembered every moment before then that I’d seen the beauty too.

Glimpsed it in stolen moments, when I was quiet enough to see what was truly around me.

I remember the moments when I was a child.

How I’d bury myself into the neck of my German Shepherd dog and feel like God was holding me.

How I’d weep at the glory of a sunset.

How I’d inhale my horse’s neck and gasp at its beauty.

Everywhere, there was beauty to be seen. To be felt. To be known.

Tell the world

the wind tells me.

Tell them we are beautiful.

Sometimes they forget.

Tell them the whole wide world is here to love them.

Tell them the beauty is everywhere.

So I take my paintbrush, and I take my pen. I take my voice,

and I tell the world what the wind tells me,

There is beauty everywhere.

Sometimes I forget.

But then I see again:

in the swallows and the mountains and the way the light shines.

and I remember.

Thank you, beautiful world.

I love you with every cell inside me,