Beauty is everywhere.

(Photograph by moi of the sparkling, beautiful Jul)

We were in the sprawling supermarket.

Ostara was fidgeting, grumpy, putting both hands down my top to grab my boobs.

I laugh my way through it – down long corridors to get yogurt and rice crackers as my shirt gets increasingly pawed down.

My love pays for the groceries, and I excuse myself out the doors.

I park beside a stooped woman on the bench, let Ostara drape her length over my legs, and lift my shirt for her to nurse.

She settles in with a contented giggle and a smile.

I take a deep breath, and let my shoulders drop and relax.

And then.

And then.

I look up.

There are swallows playing in the white sails above my head.

They swoop and they dance and they float.

The light is golden through the sail crevices.

Out of all the places, there was magic glistening there.

Right in the peak of the sails fronting a supermarket. Just beside the stooped woman.

I found a sweet smile tinting my face ruby gold.

And I remembered:

Beauty is everywhere.

And I remembered every moment before then that I’d seen the beauty too.

Glimpsed it in stolen moments, when I was quiet enough to see what was truly around me.

I remember the moments when I was a child.

How I’d bury myself into the neck of my German Shepherd dog and feel like God was holding me.

How I’d weep at the glory of a sunset.

How I’d inhale my horse’s neck and gasp at its beauty.

Everywhere, there was beauty to be seen. To be felt. To be known.

Tell the world

the wind tells me.

Tell them we are beautiful.

Sometimes they forget.

Tell them the whole wide world is here to love them.

Tell them the beauty is everywhere.

So I take my paintbrush, and I take my pen. I take my voice,

and I tell the world what the wind tells me,

There is beauty everywhere.

Sometimes I forget.

But then I see again:

in the swallows and the mountains and the way the light shines.

and I remember.

Thank you, beautiful world.

I love you with every cell inside me,

How to make a Goddess Green Smoothie (the ULTIMATE VIDEO!)

Hola gorgeous goddess!!!!

SO. I made this very silly, terribly filmed video about making a green smoothie a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty much me filming me & Ostara around the kitchen making my favourite smoothie. I talk a bazillion miles an hour & I’m generally all round HILARIMO. Fine form.

And thought I’d share it on Facebookiewookie on a whim, with no intention of it ever seeing the daylight of blogworld.

But then people ding dang LOVED IT.

And I got 8.75 gabazillion emails saying:

  • how much they giggled
  • how stinking cute my co-star Ostara is (and how she kinda steals the show.)

and… here’s the most important part:

  • they’ve all since developed green smoothie ADDICTIONS.

And green smoothie addictions are very, very good things.

So my little homemade kitchen TV show has been deemed blogessential. Ze power of ze Goddess Green Smoothie must spread!

Goddess Green Smoothies are perfect for:

  • 3pm energy boostups
  • Super filling breakfasts
  • Anytime you are feeling rundown.

These smoothies will make you feel radiant like NOTHING ELSE. As I tell goddesses in my Radiant Goddess e-course: if you only do ONE thing to feel so much healthier with tonnes more energy, just drink one of these smoothies.

Oh & don’t be like me = when I first tried to make a green smoothie I made ze most foul blend of green onions and lettuce ever known to hit the planet. You should really try making something that is actually delicious. Because WHO KNEW? We actually have TASTE BUDS!


Anyways. Enjoy ze cute baby show.

And enjoy the bonus additions of:

  • me managing to talk about sex & periods in a kitchen show (I AM SO TALENTED)
  • the lovely soundtrack of Mower Repair Man Testing Out WhipperSnipper Next Door.

And if you’re needing, recipe for the Goddess Green Smoothie is here.

I really need to stop talking now because I’m in one of those moods where I could just keep typing forever. You know what I mean?


I just got packages from Book Depository today! A very happy day!

Can’t wait to curl up with this:

Green Smoothie in hand. Of course.

Pretty sure you’ll here my gigglesnorts across the oceans!!!

WOOOOO!!!! Foreverrrrrr love! Radiant Goddesses & gigglesnorts ACTIVATE!!!!!!

The July Goddess Mixtape

Gorgeous goddesses!


This beautiful world of ours keeps spinning so fast… I want to sit back with a big ole ceramic mug of perfectly steeped tea & celebrate the ding dang out of all that has been.


Let’s tip our glasses & reminisce on ze radiance!!!


A call for angels

I am so deeply blown away by the goddesses who heard the call. And who helped SO much in sharing the word along to the souls who needed it. Thank you my loves. Thank you from 16 year old me. And 106 year old me too. And the me right here and now.

The Best Baby Slings

My personal reviews (& adorable baby photos) of my favourite slings to use: Ergo, ring sling & that other one. You know the one I’m talking about. You do, right? It’s like you can read my mind!

How to make Social Media Profitable AND Sacred

The best thing about this Goddess TV episode?

I love hearing how it’s changed goddesses whole way of using social media – making it both more profitable and more pleasurable for them. Just from using a couple of tools & tweaking their planning.

YAY! We love that!

 The Top 10 Creativity & Writing Books

How to get your creative mojo flying. Peek into my bookcase at my most treasured tomes for all things artist & writer.

(And check out the amazing recommendations in the Comments of this baybee too. Guess who now has a box of books winging its way to her from Book Depository thanks to those Comments? I’ll give you a hint: her name begins with L. And rhymes with Meonie.)

 One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Discover The Goddess in You


One simple, ridunkulous exercise that will leave you feeling aglow.

In happy Goddess Land…

Me & O baby made her first daisy crown!

We welcomed our 1200th!!!! goddess into the Goddess Circle. Holy dingerfest! Sacred & wild dream come true! I celebrated by creating a whole new welcome area for new goddesses with new videos, the creation of small mentored goddess groups (and new meditation and resources on its way). What amazes me most about that space is how it keeps thriving and blooming and changing and growing in the most incredible of ways. We try to make it as incredible as we can for all goddesses in it!

My hunky love did the most amazing photoshoot of me at our local cemetary one incredible turquoise morning. I’m so in love with the photos he took. They are just the perfect combination of love + spirit + blazing azure.

(More photos over on Facebook if you wanted to dive deep!)

I’ve been seriously into watching reruns of my new fave show foreverrr Miranda. And Arrested Development. And Community. Also watched Hall Pass on our last in-home date night and looooved it.

I met up with a Goddess Circle sister & we became insta-friends. I love when that happens! What started as a coffee date on Monday quickly morphed into a full on artsy hippyfest on the farm on Thursday. Oracle card readings & shamanic healings under the tree (with doggy healing licks included) & a faery photo session & art on the floor with baby girl smearing pastels everywhere.

In a word: flipping radiant. Just what I needed.

Jewel is a magical artist… and look how faery she is!!!!!

What’s Coming!!!

Seriously… what ISN’T coming…? here’s what’s in the works here at Goddess Land!


I’m interviewing a bazillion incredible teachers on creativity, spirituality and business… all to be shared FREE in October. It’s my biggest, most ridunkulous project yet. And I’m in love.


You heard it here first, dearests. Me & Kyeli from Connection Revolution are starting a revolutionary podcast made entirely out of belly laughter, ocean tears, soft secrets & deep goddess wisdom.


I don’t know what to say about this. Except my angels keep on bugging me and telling me very insistently that I have to do something with this. And I’m all… haven’t you seen I’m already doing the World’s BIGGEST Summit? AND running this wild donkey goddess business? AND being a mama?

But they keep telling me it must happen. And so it will.

Stay tuned! Let’s see where the angels (and donkeys) take me!!!


Like, the one you hold in your hands. It’s coming. It’s with an editor goddess as we speak. I wanted something to sell at the North Queensland Spiritual Festival, so I thought “Oh you know what? I’ll do a book!”

I think I’ll make a limited number available for sale online too, and nicely pester my hunky love into packaging and sending them off for me. HE IS SOOOO LUCKY.



Encrusted with glitter, imbued with love.

May you always know just how magical you are, dearest.

How loved you are.

How alight you truly are.

Your spirit shines.

Love, turquoise & tea,

ANNOUNCING!!! The World’s BIGGEST Summit!!!!

Hola beautiful hearts!!!

My next HUGE BIG BEAUTIFUL THING has been launched.

Once upon a time (a couple of months ago)

this ginormous, luminescent idea fell into my lap.

What if…

I held a summit with 21 of my most favourite teachers in the world?


And it felt gobsmackingly good.

But then my Big Dreamer Self spoke…

What if you thought BIGGER?

Good point Self, I thought.

Why NOT!

So I mused a bit more & thought maybe I could do 30.

And then a little more & I thought 50.

I thought about what it would look like if I was feeling truly expansive.

And 70 fell into my head.

And then Big Dreamer Self whispered:

Bugger it. Let’s play all out. Let’s make it a 100.

And I laughed and thought:


Meanwhile, my Logistical Self was kicking up all kinds of stinks. Like:

OMG are you effin KIDDING ME? In HOW many months? HOW many people? And you’re not even getting paid for this???? HOW THE EFF???

I wasn’t listening of course. Logistical Self has some very good points & all, but I just have this total unwavering faith that everything will work out okay. It’ll get pulled together, as all miracles are.

Besides, Big Dreamer Self had already whisked me off my feet and we were In Love.

Our Love Affair

So I wrote a list of people I could invite.

And then Big Dreamer Self sidled up to me and whispered huskily in my ear:

What if you invited your personal heroes? Like the BIG ONES, Leonie?

And I looked at Big with all wide open eyes and said:

I can’t do THAT! They are much too big for me!

Big smiled.

There’s a reason it has the name it does, Leonie.

I grumbled.

And what IS it’s name, Big? You haven’t told me yet!

A moment of silence, then:

World’s Biggest Summit, of course.

A much longer moment of silence. And then Logistical Self came in, all accountant like.


And Big Dreamer was all Steve Jobberish and:

Oh yes we can.

And I was all:

Dammit, he’s right. It’s gunna have to be the World’s Biggest Summit & I’m going to have to invite the most amazing, incredible, huuuuuge teachers I know. Even though it scares the shit out of me.

So that’s precisely what happened.

The World’s Biggest Summit

100+ teachers.


Creativity. Spirituality. Business. Wealth. Health.

Everything you need to know.

100% free!

Can you imagine what that would be like?

To be able to learn from some of your most favourite teachers & inspirers & gurus in the world…

It’s all going to be online & recorded so you can download & listen to everything when the time is right for you!!!!

All totally free!

It’s happening, baby.

We Are A Miracle Factory

There’s a reason why I’m in love with Big Dreamer Self.

Miracles happen when you dance with that sultry, seductive, dreamster self that lives inside you.

Like when I wake up to an email from Jean Shinoda Bolen saying Yes Yes Yes.

When I get to write SARK‘s name down on the list of speakers.

When I have Lynn V Andrews marked down on my calendar.

When I get to tell my hunky about the Astro Twins being a part of it.

When I serendipitously connect with Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

When Jennifer Louden writes back within a nanosecond saying Of course!

All these incredible teachers. All saying YES to teaching you for free.

Want in?

Head over to & sign up right now for your free ticket.

OMG. It’s going to be absolutely incredible.

I need your help.

I have this vision.

This total, unshakeable belief that this event?

It’s meant to happen.

That it absolutely, 100% will change lives.

I think back to every time that my life has changed.

And it’s all stemmed from one single thing that someone has said.

That pinnacle point of:

Aha! That’s exactly what I needed to hear! I really, really needed to know that.

One single illuminating lightbulb moment.

There’s a 100 teachers. 1000 lightbulb moments.

A huge opportunity for each of us to grow, learn, get illuminated, transform, have our lives change in the most profound of ways.

A total transformational experience.

And I’m making it free because I need for it to get sent to as many people as possible. I need for the people who need it to FIND IT. To say YES. To dive in with their whole heart.

So I’m asking for help, dearest soul.

It’s been my life path to never ask for help, to be the Queen of Doing It All Myself.

But I realise that so many miracles are meant to happen, and they can’t all happen when I’m too busy sticking to my old plan.

I need your help to make this miracle happen.

When I first envisioned this Summit, the number came to me: 111 111 participants.

(The number being all about angels of course)

And Logical Self keeps telling me we could only ever possibly get to 30 000. Which would be utterly fantastic and all.


I so wholeheartedly believe in this Summit, and this experience, and in the culminated wisdom of all the incredible teachers presenting…

and I so deeply want to help the world… to help each person who is wanting to heal, be happy, be healthy, be creative, earn more money, be more creative… you know REALLY be able to walk through their life feeling like they are who they are meant to be… seeing the beauty that is EVERYWHERE.

I want this. So so so so deeply.

I want you to be happy.

When I was a teenager, I had this really odd wish.

I would sit up at night and worry about all the sad, lonely people in the world.

And I wished that I could split into hundreds of thousands of Leonie’s and go find them all, and be with them for the rest of their lives until they were happy. I’d walk into truckstop cafes in the middle of nowhere to go sit beside that old, unshaven trucker man who’d never understood unconditional love. And I’d open my heart and pour it all into him.

Remembering that dream, that wish now still makes me tear up. I still so deeply want it to happen.

I realise and see now of course that the very best way I can do that is by doing exactly what I’m doing right now.

By turning up, by offering my gifts, by pouring all the love and beauty that is welling inside me out to those who are calling for it.

And this Summit? It’s the biggest incarnation of that wish. That desire to help people heal & be happy.

To help people see just how beautiful they are. To help them see how alight they are. To help them see they are loved. To help them see that life is good.

So please.

I am asking you dearest.

Can you please be one of my angels, and share about the Summit.

Talk about it everywhere you can.

Talk about it until you are blue in the face.

Let the word of this summit meet the ears of every soul who is looking for it. Or who doesn’t know they are looking for it – but need it anyway.

A meeting of angels.

Thank you. Thank you, right now, in advance.

Thank you for being a part of my tribe, my angels, for hearing me, for saying Yes, for inspiring me every single dang day to do this work.

All my love,

P.S. Some buttons to share about it to make it easier for you dearest… I wonder if that trucker will find it… can you IMAGINE????

Tell a Friend


Hola beautiful hearts!!!

Okay, so we got a gazillion emails from my last post.

Which Tinkerbell Marissa has been replying to all day, bless her fairy heart.

But it totally made me realise that I need to answer questions & be as clear as my heart can.

Because if you’re feeling confused, that’s not groovy. I’d love for you to have like perfect clarity & vision, ya know? I so often forget that you don’t see into my business & how it all works together like I do.

SO! Let’s make some clarity!!!

How do I sign up for the e-courses?

By joining up to the Goddess Circle as a member.

You’ll get to do ALL of my e-courses, download alllll my meditation kits & workbooks – for a FULL YEAR.

Yus, it is cwazy cheap, and that’s the way I like it.

If I’m already a Goddess Circle member, do I get them free?

Yes indeedy you do! Just head over to & check out what e-courses you want to do this round!

Is this the last chance ever to be a Goddess Circle member?

Oh my goshness, no dearest heart. Enrolments are ALWAYS open. That’s what my guides told me to do in my dream, so that’s what I’m doing.

If I sign up to do part payments, do I get instant access?

Yes you do. A lot of businesses wait for the final payment to be processed before providing access to courses, but I’m a trusting soul. So yus – instant access because it’s way more fun that way!

When does it CLOSE? Did I miss the last day?

Classes started being emailed out yesterday. But seriously – Goddess Circle is open for new enrollments all.the.time. You can dive in & start e-coursing it up now or whenever you like. This is just if you want to work through it with a group. Which hundreds of you do. I think there’s over 100 goddesses doing each of the courses – one of them has over 200 working through it together. So much beautiful support and inspiration there.

Are you telling everyone about the new e-course?

I will be. But not right now. Goddesses in the Circle have known about it for a while, and are trying it out. Once it has made its first maiden voyage, I’ll start talking about it here.

Do Circle goddesses get secret stuff?

Pretty much, yup. Whenever I get inspired to create something, I make it & give it to my Goddess Circle members. They’ve had my two latest workshops for about six months or more – two that haven’t been released for sale to ze general public yet. I really adore creating & I always get requests from Circle members – so they get a whole heap of extra goodies from me free with their membership.

And then I put off launching stuff to the general public, so they get them months and months before anyone even knows they exist. Just because I’m lazy/overwhelmed/don’t have time.

Moral of story: It’s really awesome to be a Goddess Circle member.

Do you ever get sick of talking about Goddess Circle stuff?

To be honest, yes and no.

Like I’m sitting here rocking back and forward with little tears in my eyes. Happy tears, overwhelmed tears, good tears.

I LOVE talking about the Goddess Circle.

I so DON’T love feeling like I have to market it.

But I need to be able to tell the story of the Goddess Circle. Of what it means if you’re a member. How much absolute love I pour into it. How utterly life transforming it can be. So that the goddesses who will get SO MUCH from it will know that it is there and that it is right for them.

So yus, it drives me a bit bonkers talking about it & trying to explain just how huge & magnificent & wonderful it is.

But I also totally feel like: that’s my job. It’s my job to turn up & share about it, with as much love, and clarity, and honesty, and openness as I can. So those who need it can find it.

It’s not super helpful to anyone if I keep it a secret, or something that is difficult to understand.

Goddess Circle Miracles

And I love that today I had my very own Goddess Circle miracle. And I know they are happening all over the globe.

Today, me and Ostara went and met a Goddess Circle sister. And we ate caramel slice for breakfast, and giggled and talked mama-ing & art & finding our place in the world. And we booked stalls next to each other at the North Queensland Spiritual Festival. And I walked away with a big grin on my face, because I’d made a new friend. And we have an art date on Thursday!

AND we met a crystal child. And she joined us so she could connect with Ostara. And we pulled angel cards together.

Such a big, lovely miracle. ALL OF IT.

And it all began with women circling online.


Okay my loves.

That’s me. I’m going to head to bed now. I’m getting up tomorrow morning super early so I can speak to one of my heroes on the phone. I’ve got a ridunkulously MASSIVE announcement coming up tomorrow that I know you are going to flippppp out over in the bestest of ways, so stay tuned dearest!

Can we have a group huggles now?