An artist is someone who creates…


I always try and set a creative project for the weekend.
This weekend I painted a doorhandle hanging for a gorgeous friend in Sydney.

“Goddess lives within” indeedy.

Creative projects don’t have to be much.
They can be very very small.
Just to get the juices flowing is wonderful!

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photos by chris

Yesterday’s creative project was eating a mangosteen.
I ate boxes of these in Malaysia, so it was a delight to find them in the supermarket.
I love the vivacious red purple when you crack the mangosteen open.
The segments which taste of mango and apple and banana and lychee all at once.

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I unpeeled it slowly in the sun,
ate it bit by bit,
with dog at my feet,
and lover pandering around, photographing.

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The most creative thing one can do
is create a life well loved.

“you are an artist…
the beautiful, authentic life you are creating for yourself
and those you love is your art.
it’s the highest art.”
~ sarah ban breathnach

Gods and Goddesses picnic…

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The gods and goddesses convened once again for their picnic to discuss worldly affairs.
or not.
Perhaps it was just an eclectic group of friends meeting to share lunch and laughter in the park.

Maybe it was both.

All I know,
is that on Friday,
the gods ~ chris, paris, ben
& the goddesses ~ me, andrea, lile, erin, deb
joined again.

And we ate our lunches on our purple rug.
We used my new magical mermaids and dolphins oracle card set.
We laughed a lot.
We talked.
Stories were told.
An hour was a holiday.

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the beautiful andrea. i love how the light dances by the side of an eye.
she looks like a laughing south american warrior goddess.

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lile. telling us “I told you people! I’m supposed to listen to my dreams! Even SARK tells me!”

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Erin laughing. I love how Erin’s face exactly what she is thinking. She’d be crap at poker but oh my gosh she is sincere. 🙂

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no explanation necessary. i heart deb.

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mr paris, in story tell mode.
he is the bestest story teller ever! when he talks i feel like hitching my knees to my chin and just listening.

so that was our lunch.
gods, goddesses.

an adventure.
and a sublime way to be at peace.


Soft pictures…

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Chris. And me & Andrea (taken by Deb).

I am really digging “soft” pictures of late.
not the happy, smile-for-the-camera shots.
the ones you take when they aren’t looking.
the ones that let you inside. in their thoughts.
in their heart space.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Andrea (by Deb) and Erin.

I’m so lucky to have these people in my life.
Today, I honour their soft underbellies and their sharing of them.

What I’m reading lately…


Henry Handel Richardson’s “Getting of Wisdom

The 20th century tale of a young Australian girl going to boarding school. A story enough.

Miles Franklin’s “My Brilliant Career

The writings of a 16 year old girl who grew up a century ago in my beloved Brindabella mountains which I can see from my back patio.

Sarah Ban Breathnach’s “Simple Abundance

Sublime. Sometimes I fall off the wagon of reading it everyday… but when I do read it ~ I know the difference.

Michael Dransfield‘s poems, edited by John Kinsella.

Freaking awesome. Simple, sublime poetry by a drug addict.

Lama Surya Das’ “Awakening the Buddha Within

I am loving this simple but profound book.

what are you reading these days?

common joys

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“The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

I’ve been noticing around town lately serendipitous stickers on sign posts.
Today I took my camera with me on the stroll from the carpark to work with Chris and Paris.
Art IS precious.
And I’m not quite sure who Rob Carr is.
But dang it was fun to photograph.

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You know what else is FUN?
hanging out in a park at lunch
with seven people.
Picnics are magic.

Just add rug on grass, and any meal becomes an ADVENTURE!

(pics to come tomorrow)

for now,
love and laughter,