a reminder to…

let it out.
are you holding air in your lungs?
e x h a l e.
let your shoulders drop.
fill up again with more nourishing air.
b r e a t h e.
e x h a l e.

everything in this world is okay.
it is all okay.

the magical place…

miracle maker davird

no, dear readers, i do not live in a land of magenta leaves ~
but they are a luminous gold
and it IS magical.

autumn and spring are so reverential for me ~
that i simply must colour them how i see them.
{psychedelicspring can be seen here}

i thank you deeply for seeing and feeling just what i do when i see pictures of women and men sharing their souls with the world.
there is something so precious about this ~ about all of this.

at the fuel station today, a woman drove in front of our car, and i was stilled for a moment as i thought: i see the goddess in her. it was so apparent, yet i’m not sure if she knew.
that’s what i want to share with the world… that knowing.

a friend of mine once told me that my paintings were like looking at the world through leonie-tinted glasses.
i hope through all of my art ~ my photography, creations and writing ~ i can share this vision with the world.

today my heart is full,
with the knowing of my work and my passion,
and with the precious cool of hands holding hands as we heal
of women circling with women
of men circling with men
of women creating dear friendships with men.

yesterday we delighted in the way the bark glimmered in the light.
and we photographed tears.
we created new space in this world.
and with hearts singing, we dared to be all of us.

tomorrow ~ i’m not sure what of tomorrow
nor can i be concerned of it.
if this is what yesterday and today hold ~
then mama gaia is dancing
and i am enraptured by her.

today i witness the divine.

goddess diana

so joyful i could weep.
i know i am doing my heart’s work
when i am witnessing the divine
sharing in a beautiful, beautiful connection
and honouring the sacred spirit in those around me.

the autumn leaves fell like golden rain around us
we made a healing circle in them
to step into our highest selves.

i see the beauty in you. i see the beauty in you.

buddha dave

living the dream.

an old painting that reminds me of me today…

i had a star of a thought today, in the bathroom at work where all good insights happen.

i realised quite suddenly that i was living my dream.

i have the job i always wanted to be: an editor. when i was a kid i thought it would be a run of the mill book editor, and instead i am a web content editor. i had a large and goofy smile on my face all day as i realised just how much i love being a word geek, surrounded by sparkling men and women who really dig working with each other.

i have the passion i always wanted to have: art ~ writing ~ photography. i am so BLESSED to do what i do, and to have souls surrounding me, loving what i do, urging me on. my art is evolving and growing and becoming just what it wants to be. it will always do this.

i love a man, and he loves me. and not only this, he is the most incredible man i have ever met. he called me at work, just to say hello, and after we hung up, i giggled and put my head on my desk, telling my deskbuddy that i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiked him. hello lovesick teenager leonie.

and i have a me. a tender, vulnerable, raw, open hearted, journalling, giggling me. the me who turns up every day, rain hail or shine, to feel the lessons of this life.

this perfect moment of realisation ~ it is the snapshot of the dancer mid leap, forever poised, a look of ecstasy shining in her face. the dancer who has been dancing since the start, and will continue even after the cameras have gone. each moment is perfect, each moment is sublime.

most especially this one.

holding you and holding me

and in the car riding high on the ridge towards the sunset, i share my truth
about how my heart feels a bit broken sometimes
and how sometimes i don’t trust and i don’t feel steady
and he speaks about my healing and his healing and our healing
and it is the most precious thing.
{this sweet broken heart of mine trusts enough to grow seedlings of wings}

it is the stepping forward into our new selves,
it is learning all over again how to love freely,
and it is the sweet power of knowing i trust enough to say my words,
for them to be heard,
and for the relationSHIP to sail steadily forth, not rocked by emotion or fear.

hello, blue yonder seas,
i embark upon you, i dream upon you
and on our ship flies the taunt flowing sails of our hearts.

this is the stuff that romantic movies aren’t made out of ~
they are glossy and shiny and easy
when the real stuff is gritty, and is sometimes stumbling towards the light, groping in the dark, holding you and holding me as best we can.


{five years on saturday, and i am still learning the kaleidescope of ways i can fall for him, and love him, and love me.}