A quick post before another video

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Oh my darlins. I’m *so* excited about sharing with you through this new medium. It feels so much more *tangible* and *real* and *connecting* and *magical*. I am so, so, so glad to have you along on this journey. SO glad.

And so is Charlie. Infact, he’s so excited about being able to connect with SO many goddesses, he needs a nap in our mermaid room.

One of the gorgeous Goddesses asked yesterday if there were prints available on the Creative Goddessa featured in the video. As she’s one of my older paintings, I don’t have plans to make new prints of her, but I looked through my prints collection, and found *one* gloriously big, gorgeously glossy print of her from last year. My sweet Pro-Printer-Man Phil did these up for me, and I heart him. Anyway, so if the Goddessa has called your name and you’d like to claim her as yours – she’s available at my Etsy store. Super limited edition: i.e. ONE. You can see Charlie’s paw scratches on her and everything. Yumm-oh.

Holy vintage goddess print AWESOMENESS Batman! tee hee hee.

UPDATE: Now sold. Thanks gorgeous-hearts! πŸ™‚

I may, or may not be extra excitable this morning. πŸ™‚

For three reasons:
1. I heart you. And I heart me. And I heart the magic we are making here together. And I heart video and new ways of connecting.
2. It’s Christmas Eve over here in delicious Australia.
3. My new website is being designed as we speak… and I’ll be launching in the New Year. SQUEEEEE!

And can I ask a question?
Vimeo or YouTube? I’m trying to decide which one to go with for all my Goddess Leonie videos. Do you prefer using YouTube so you can subscribe and keep all your fave vids in one place? Or you prefer Vimeo’s muchos nicer display? Or you don’t really care either way?

Thank you *soooo* much dearhearts!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts…

and I’ll connect with you v soon with another video later today… for now there is a big cup of tea to have, and a gorgeous Goddess to connect with and do a reading for. πŸ™‚

All my happiest heart space love,

Six weeks of creativity. Connection. Inspiration. Joy.
Start your New Year in the most beautiful way.

The first Goddess Leonie video

Creative Goddess Video 1 from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

Hola Gorgeous Goddesses!
I’m so so SO very excited to share my first Goddess Leonie video!
It’s a video to say HOLA! and to introduce you to the joyful furangel that is Charlie… In this video I talk about Creative Goddess-hood, share one of my personal Goddess artworks and pull a Goddess card for all of us.

It’s been very, very fun learning how to do videos {helllooooo extreme sunflare by accident! helloooo funny voices & big handmovements! tee hee hee! love it!}

I also recorded a meditation, but the video ended up being so long, I thought I’d share it in two parts… so keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of days for that.

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*So glad to share this with you… to share with you even more who I am, and the beauty that surrounds all of us.

Wishing you a gorgeous, shining day,

The Creative Goddess e-course & Circle begins January 15. Start the New Year with six weeks of creativity, inspiration and soulfulness. Includes projects, videos, MP3 meditations and an online circle.

FAQ Goddess Guidance sessions

ANOTHER UPDATE: All reading/coaching sessions are claimed… I’ll let you know when I’m offering them again πŸ™‚ Thanks dearhearts!

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

I’ve had a few questions about the limited special-price Goddess Coaching/Reading sessions I’m running next week. And when you’ve got questions – I answer them. If you’ve got fears/questions/concerns, this is like a Spa session for them to meeellllttttt away. πŸ™‚

So what exactly is a Goddess Reading/Coaching session?

The Goddess Readings are similar to a tarot card reading in some ways – but has a different Goddess Leonie kind of feel to it. I use some of my oracle card decks to do the reading, and together we’ll look at what’s in your energy at the moment and what you can do to work with it. I’ll give you a choice of oracle card sets to choose from, and we’ll do the reading from them.

These sessions are about finding a kind of clarity about where you are at, and finding beautiful new ways to work with and through the energy to feel even happier, peaceful and grounded.

I combine Goddess Coaching with the reading because I’m kind of great at helping people find their path forward, embracing their dreams, doing what they really want to be doing and grooving to the dance of their own song. πŸ™‚

What if something comes up that isn’t good?

A few things I want to talk about here:

1.} I’m not a Prophet of Doom. hee hee hee. I wanted to use those words because they make me *gigglesnort*. But seriously – I don’t do readings that make you worry about the future. Instead, we’ll be looking at what’s in your energy now, what are some new perspectives and wisdom to apply like a loving balm, and empowering you to create a beautiful journey ahead of you.
2.} I use oracle cards – not tarot cards – which resonate with my philosophy. That means there are no scary looking or named cards – only cards that remind you of the beauty and love that surrounds you, and new lessons to learn to help you on your journey.
3.} Whatever comes up with the reading will be perfect – just the right amount that you are ready to heal, look at and grow though right now.

I’ve got loads of stuff going on right now. I don’t want to dump on you!

Thank you for being concerned sweetie – but it doesn’t work like that for me. What happens is you share what’s on your heart and soul – and I listen and respond. No dumping happening there.

Here’s my happy list of things to do in Goddess Reading/Coaching sessions:
* listen gently
* offer a space to help you access your inner wisdom and intuition
* trust my intuition in reading oracle cards
* provide a new spirited perspective
* offer what wisdom, stories and advice comes up through me
* and help you craft your joyful, peaceful, creative journey forwards.



I’m offering these now if you need some extra joy, peace and clarity for the celebration season and New Year.

If you’re feeling called, check out the details and sign up here.

Mmmmmm… spa time for the questions in our soul….

That felt rather rejuvenating. You know when you spend enough time in a spa that your legs become liquid heaven and you’re not quite sure if you will be able to walk when you get out, but then you can, and you feel like heaven? Mmmm, that’s kinda how I’m feeling right now, ephemerally.

Got any questions dearheart? Meet me in the spa, I mean comments section. I’ll bring the strawberries and cinnamon biscuits and mango smoothies. To eat spa-side of course!

Big love,

The Creative Goddess e-course & Circle begins January 15. Start the New Year with six weeks of creativity, inspiration and soulfulness. Includes projects, videos, MP3 meditations and an online circle.

Following the wild little calling

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Lately I’ve been really following that little calling inside me.

And yesterday, I woke up and had a little calling inside me that said I wanted to take next week off work {I work part-time as an editor in the Australian Government}. So I asked. And so it is.

I’m now on holidays! HURRAH!

Hello cuddling with my puppy, reading in bed in the mornings, writing love letters to goddesses {aka the Creative Goddess course} and sitting in the sunshine.

And then today, I got a calling to offer a few Goddess readings/coaching over the phone next week, for a special price of $50. If you want a bit of direction, clarity and soul coaching to fill you up for the celebration season, this will be the perfect opportunity.

Tiny details are this:
* Price in US dollars.
* I call you. Or we Skype for free.
* Sessions go for 45 minutes.
* Available Sunday through Wednesday. We’ll work out a time.
* If you’d like to know more about the style of reading, check out the comments section.

UPDATED: All Goddess Coaching/Reading sessions are now claimed. Thanks so much dearhearts. I’ll be offering more in the New Year which I’ll let you know about.

Have questions? Just ask, Goddess.

I’m offering this to follow the little calling inside me. If you’ve got a little calling inside you to join me and receive some Goddess guidance, that will be perfect. πŸ™‚

Hugging you big,

The Creative Goddess e-course & Circle begins January 15. Start the New Year with six weeks of creativity, inspiration and soulfulness. Includes projects, videos, MP3 meditations and an online circle.

Creative Goddess Sharings

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

I totally believe that stories and art can change the world… and can change *us* in the process. So today’s post is a sharings post. Today I’ll be sharing about my own journey, sharing two stories of two Creative Goddesses, and passing on the talking stick to you to share if you are called.


The Talking Stick, Leonie style

There’s been a couple of observations I’ve made over the last little wheel {I meant to say while – but wheel feels more fitting. Like it’s the latest cycle of the wheel}.

So my observation: Negativity. Kinda heavy, right? Well – sorta. I wish to not *judge* myself here – just *observe*.

So my observation is this: Whenever I choose to engage in Negativity, I have a not-as-fun day. And just like when I make Fun & Joy, they can go out and make babies in the world, I kinda saw lately that if I make Negativity, they can go out and make babies in the world too. How we behave and the place we act from can affect our whole day – and the people in it.

And I totally want to delete that paragraph, but I’m gently reminding myself: not Judging it. Just Observing it.

Okay, so for example – the more I gossiped, the more I saw others begin to gossip. The more I complained, the more others did. And it just made me feel a little bit sad and stale inside. It didn’t make me feel good and shiny and happy.

So the beautiful lesson in this is how I realised just how much my day starts with me, and how *I* am in this world. If I can make it untasty with Negativity, surely I can make it about a thousand times MORE delicious by having a sassfabulous attitude?

It’s time to remember the lesson my Grand Mother teaches with her joyful attitude. Every time I ask her how she is, she says “Well, I woke up today, and I was breathing, and I thought TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GOOOOOOD DAY! And it IS!”

I love my Grand Mother, and I love Her lessons. And I’m glad to remember just why my attitude is so important. That’s powerful.

So… the talking stick moves to the two gorgeous Creative Goddess stories shared by two goddesses on opposite sides of the planet – one from the U.S., one from New Zealand.

The Creative Goddess Cat

The Goddess Lhia sent me in the photo at the top of this post which made me grin SO big. I think we may just have our first Creative Goddess Cat – here’s Boo Kitty with her Artist Goddess print. Lhia said Boo Kitty was as excited as her about it. Oh my precious heart, I don’t think it could be even more filled up. πŸ™‚

When Ironing becomes Creative & Sacred

Then the Creative Goddess Belinda sent me these precious words…

I’ve just checked the mailbox and there was the most gorgeous Creative Goddes goody from you. It made my heart sing just to look at it and read it, and I’ve put it on the wall by the light switch so I can see it all the time. It has lifted my heart, which was already pretty happy after an awesome day of compost-making workshop, shared lunch and long talk with our hostess, who is a writer and artist. And now even though I’m doing mundane things like tidying the house, folding the washing and doing the dishes, I’m doing it all with light feet and a smile on my face. I feel like creativity comes in many forms, not just making pictures or writing stories, but even in the mundane and everyday like making the house clean and tidy, or weeding the garden (which I will do when the evening coolness comes). And now, the ironing beckons . . .

I wrote her back, asking if I could share her words, and she replied back with even MORE deliciousness:

Yes, absolutely you can share. I share my words freely (unlike my painting so far!!). But you will be pleased to know that the ironing was flagged in favour of playing with paints. In fact, I’ve just come back to the computer to download some photos I took today that I’m going to translate. New pastels to play with – what fun that will be! I don’t think I’ve touched pastels since primary school. I’ve taken to lurking in art supply shops and buying stuff to take home and experiment with.

LOVE.IT. About a thousand percent. *happy sigh*

So what about you?

I’d love to hear from *you*, gorgeous goddess.

If you’re signed up for the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle, tell me what called you to doing it, or what miracles have happened for you, or what feelings or fears have come up about it, or what you’d love to experience from it. I’d *love* to hear your sharings.

If you’re not signed up, let me know why – if you have any fears or concerns you might have about enrolling. I’d love to help if I can πŸ™‚

Or – if you’ve got anything else you’d love to voice, share, and put out there… the talking stick awaits in the Comments section {and you can be anonymous if you wish to darlin}.

Hugging you big,

The Creative Goddess e-course & Circle begins January 15. Start the New Year with six weeks of creativity, inspiration and soulfulness. Includes projects, videos, MP3 meditations and an online circle.