The ultrasound photo & because I feel like celebrating…

Hola sweethearts,

First… the long awaited ultrasound photo to share!

This is a true-to-life representation… hee hee hee!

I would show you the real one, but we didn’t actually get a decent one – most of ours are blurred because little mermaid spent most of her time getting the ultrasound pixie to chase her around… hee hee hee… she is definitely a movement-loving goddess!

Our little mermaid is the expert of swimming down to hide in my coral-hips away from ultrasounds and doing mermie-somersault dances all afternoon.

At the moment she is due either as a Piscean or Aries… I’m wondering which one she will manifest as! Ocean or Fire Goddess!

It’s feeling like the perfect time to celebrate & connect with more goddesses – so for the next five four three two all gone, sorry! goddesses who book in a Goddess Guidance session, I’ll be gifting them a Divine Dreaming meditation kit as a prezzy.

If you’re feeling called, just order your own hour of soul coaching + clarity + healing + joy + oracle reading, and I’ll do the rest.


I’m off to a calm birthing class with my love this weekend… fourteen hours of meditation + heart-opening + birth awakening… scrrrrumptious! (Also excited because I just bought some new soft, stretchy skirts to float around in for it… room for me and little mermaid’s blooming playground!)

I’m wishing you love from the top of the mountains & beyond,

Celebration of Five Months Pregnacious

Dearest One,

You are now five months old in my womb.

Our celebration has been big and wide and fabulous and deep.

You turned five moons, I celebrated my twenty-seventh birthing day, and my beautiful mama and papa flew across the country… and your Aunty Mary flew down the day after for a Blessingway Ceremony for us.

For some reason, it feels deep and profoundly right to be pregnant with you on my twenty-seventh birthday. This birthday has always symbolised for me the Great Transition from youth into adult, and here I am, making the journey from Maiden to Mother with you.

And so it came to be, on my birthing day, I sat in the waiting room surrounded by the ones I love the most: mama, papa and Christian. Rocking back and forth with my full bladder, waiting, breathing, waiting, rocking.

And then a sweet, earthy, brown-haired fairie took us all into the ultrasound room, and it was so hot she left all the doors wide open, and I thought how perfect that was – that this whole journey has left me wide open to the world in a lovely, honest, open way. Your daddy sat at my feet and held them, and your grandma and grandad sat just across from us.

And the fairie splashed warm liquid all over my belly, and then… there you were.

We saw you for the first time.

And your little heart beat so strong that we all smiled the same smile, and your grandmama cried.

And so it was… checking every part of you. My darling, we would have loved, accepted and welcomed you with open arms no matter how you were created or how your body chose to be.

And your body chooses to be wonderously powerful, and strong. You move and dance like the strongest, wiggliest merchild in the world. And like all Allan babies, you are an overachiever in the baby-size stakes… in the top 98% for your age group. This is how we roll, darling. We are Danish Amazons.

And it was bliss to see you, and study you, and watch what is to come with you.

I saw the size of your feet… the seeds that will grow like your mama’s size elevens (we like to have a good grip on the earth).

I saw your sweet, chubby cheeks already, and knew they were your daddy’s.

I saw the way you rubbed your nose the way your daddy does.

I know you will be a blend of not just the two of us, and our ancestry… but your own unique blend of soul and body constellations.

You were born to be you, darling.

And the whole way through the ultrasound, you wriggled and giggled and danced so much we couldn’t see if you were a god or a goddess.

And at the last final moment, I took deep breaths, and calmed my heartbeat, and said to you softly:

Darling, if this is the right time for all of us, we would love to know what you are… if it needs to be a mystery right now, I understand.

For all this time, I thought you were a god. My belly stuck out like a boy, I had dreams of a boy child and your energy was so strong I thought you were a boy.

Your dadda, from the moment you appeared as two lines on that pregnancy stick, had grinned tearfully that you were a girl.

And here we were…

And you stilled softly down, and our fairie zoomed, and she said…

“Well, if it is a boy, you’ll see a scrotum… and if it is a girl, you will see three dots.”

And there you were. Three dots, as bright as sky, triple goddess and holy trinity.

And in that moment, it all felt incredibly clear and right and true and whole.

There you were, my darling daughter… the one I have known since I was 16.

Here you are, my sweet child.

And your daddy gripped my feet even tighter, then jumped out of his seat and threw in his arm in the air as a victory.

Yessssss! I knew it! I knew she was.

As you will come to know, your dadda’s intuition is always as clear as sun.

For the rest of the day, and the next day, your dadda’s face was lit with the biggest, glowing smile.

In the mornings, he greets us with:

Good morning sweetie. (he rubs my belly) Good morning daughter.

The next morning, your Aunty Mary arrived, and that night, we took you to your first women’s circle… a sacred blessingway ceremony.

And out in the wind, surrounded by the glow of candles, and the faces of my women sisters,

we felt the presence of ancestors, and of all the women who have gone before us,

and a soft little whisper was heard…

Welcome, little goddess…

welcome to this beautiful world…

you are so loved already…

Happy five moons of womb time, my daughter.

You have changed me more than any soul I have ever met, and for every part of this wild, precious journey, I am humbled and grateful.

Thank you for choosing me.


your Mama


A quick update…

Hola gorgeous goddesses,

I just wanted to send you out a quick update – I so don’t like to leave people waiting!

thank you all so much for your birthday wishes ~ it is such a blessing to celebrate with you.

It’s been a completely full, glorious week with my mama & papa & little sister here…

My birthing-day was completely gorgeous from head to toe… and my blessing-way was sacred and holy… celebrations of life and love and soul and change. I feel very held and supported right now.

Yes, it looks like we do know what we are having… and I’ll be able to share once I’ve had some time to let it sit and filter in… and have some time to be able to write and share about the experience fully…

But for now… I need some time for soaking in my family for the last day they are here, and celebrating my dear love’s birthing day. Time to pull on my daddy’s beard, and make some pancakes!

You are loved,

Switch Off Sunday: Four

Hola gorgeous Goddess,

It’s that time of the week again… Switch Off Sunday!

Each Sunday, I take either the whole day or the afternoon off from being online.

And you can join in too if you are called!

Last Switch Off Sunday recap

But first… how did my last Sunday go, once I actually got off my ass and switched off my laptop?

We met up with dear friends at the Hall Markets for the morning. We wandered about in the spring sunshine and actually managed to get a touch of sunburn on our shoulders! Holy revolutionary batman – I don’t think my skin has seen this much warm sun since February. Oh hallowed, hallowed spring. With the return of warmth, I feel myself going into what is my favourite seasons of creativity. Around summer, I find myself bursting out of my skin with energy to work on projects. I wonder what will happen this summer?

Mission Make Room For Baby is becoming a mountain trek, and these two Scorpios much prefer quick races. We’ve decided to ignore it until three days before visitors arrive, when sheer necessity will actually cause us to reclaim back Guest Room from the piles. (I’m so happy to admit that I’m really over transformation, and don’t want to do much

more cleansing right now less it cause some more big change in my life. Living under a rock feels very soothing right now. hee hee hee!)

And I managed to finish reading Living the Good Life: How One Family Changed Their World From Their Own Backyard which was a glorious read on living out of your backyard. Inspiring and lovely and good. Highly recommended!

All in all, it was a restful, glorious day. (Even when I was hiding out from having to do any more decluttering).

Switch Off Sundays are starting to become a necessary way to refill my well.

So today…

You are so welcome to join me in switching off, for the day or the afternoon or two hours… and re-discovering the joys of being switched onto life outside the laptop.

Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter, blogs and your inbox will all be there tomorrow waiting for you. But Sundays are for beautiful recharging 🙂

Some ideas for your own Switch off Sunday:

  • Make a goddess statue out of clay
  • Declutter one shelf or draw (I’ve got an asteroid of studio papers to clean up… one pile at a time!)
  • Sit in the sun and wind for ten minutes
  • Harvest some herbs (We’ve got lavendars in full bloom at the moment… I wonder how I can make lavendar oil?)
  • Make something gourmet for lunch! (Today I made gluten free spaghetti with a vegetarian tomato & basil sauce… holy delicious! We ate it in the garden & I felt oh so Italiano!)
  • Read poetry, SARK or a Mills & Boon. Variety is gorgeous 🙂
  • Take a Meditationap
  • Do something unexpectedly sweet for someone you love
  • Write a letter
  • Do that one thing you’ve been meaning to do for about 18 months now
  • Nap/read in bed/read in the bath.

Time to switch off… and adore this sumptuous day.

What are you planning for your Switch off Sunday?

love you big time,

Love in the 27th year

Hola gorgeous goddesses,

I found this picture today… and found it so very beautifully symbolic.

It’s me when I was 20, holding my nephew Joshua, standing in front of a painting I did when I was 17 that symbolises everything that is mamahood, sacred and family to me.

It amazes me… that seven years later, here I am, gestating my own little child, and gestating my own mama self.

Today is my birthing day.

Today, my parents have flown from the other side of the country to celebrate with me.

Today, we are going to see our child via ultrasound for the first time, and find out if we are having a little god or goddess (or twins!) – You are most welcome to place your own intuitive guesses in the comments! hee hee hee!

Today feels like the birthing day of not just my birth, but my child’s birth too… and a birthing of my mama self.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for this beautiful journey I am on.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for letting me share it with my one true love, Christian.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for my ancestors, my mama, my papa and my siblings. Thank you for my circle of soul-friends.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for every gift you have given me, lesson you have shown me, transformation you have taught me.

You have shown me how truly I am loved.

Thank you,