Peek into the Creative Goddess Studio of Emily Falconbridge

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Tres divine… today’s peek into the studio of Emily Falconbridge.

Em is a lover of mess, color and handmade stuff! An Australian gal currently living in the USA, her pride and joy is her nutty scientist husband Mick and three little sunflower sprouts Ivy, Banjo and Yindi. She loves to teach and share her creative passion, and holds workshops all over the world as well as online.

Where do you create?

mostly sitting cross legged on the floor. i also love to take a little basket of arty goodness with me outside – spread a quilt down on the grass or sand and let it all happen surrounded by inspirational mother earth.

What do you create?

at the moment i’m into making clothes – but i’m always loving different things: paper, paint, wool, fabric scraps. i love to make all different kinds of stuff.

When do you create?

it’s tricky with three small children to find alone time to create. so i answer the creative call from inside me with projects i can do with my sprouts joining in, or at least running
around me while i work!

Why do you create?

i come from a line of clever, artistic women – so i think i was born with that urge to make stuff with my own two hands. it fills me up and makes my spirit soar to have an idea and follow through, or even just mess around with pretty, colourful things. soul food. i’ve also been forced to create things out of necessity living on a tight budget – so gifts for family and friends, clothing for the children and myself etc have happened from this, along with much experimentation and learning.


Thank you so much precious goddess Em for sharing your rainbow spirit + life… you rock angel!

You can find Emily’s work regularly in Creating Keepsakes magazine, the Autumn Leaves book series and You can also check out her blog at

colourful messes + sunflower blessings + always love,


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– Goddess Sara soularchitect

Switch Off Sunday

Hola gorgeous Goddess,

Hurrah! It’s that beautiful day of the week again… that ritual of making all or part of our Sundays switched off… logging off our computers and doing some of those things I really wanna do!

Why do I make it a ritual? Because… all of us know it would be better to take time off from being online… but as the days roll by, we forget to do it. By making it a weekly ritual, it becomes part of our gorgeous routine… and becomes integrated into our luscious life.

You can join me by taking off the whole day, the morning, the afternoon or just a couple of hours off from being online.

Just remember: Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader & all the blogs in the world will still be there tomorrow. Stop pressing refresh, and let’s go give our gorgeous goddess lives some soulful, joyful, creative time offline.

Welcome back, sacred Sunday!

What are you going to do this Switch Off Sunday?

You might know already what you’d like to focus on for your Switch off Sunday… but if you’d like some ideas, head on over to the masterlist of magnificent possibilities by clicking below:

I’d love to hear the story of your Switch Off Sunday!

If you are feeling called to sharing about your own day, I’d love to hear it and share it here. Email with your words + pictures. *mwah!*

Need some accountability?

  • Take a pen & paper out and write down how long you will switch off for, and what your glorious possibilities are.
  • Write it out in the Comments Circle & check back in later.
  • Blog/photograph about your Switch Off Sunday using the button above once you are done!

Happy Switch Off Sunday gorgeous Goddess!

big love!


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Peek into the Creative Goddess Studio of Selina Fenech

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Tres divine… today’s peek into a creative goddess studio is that of Selina Fenech! Selina is an Australian artist who creates romantic and realist artworks of the fairy and fantasy realms… just magical!

The lovely Selina!

Where do you create?

I’m based in Australia, and have a home with huge beautiful trees surrounding it. Because my business has both a creative and sales side to it, I separate them out, so I have a studio for my mail orders and printing and all of that work, and another small room which is my paintng nook, that is strictly for my creative pastimes! I’ve got all my paints and pencils laid out in front of me for easy access and it’s a really lovely space to create in with all my other inspiring bits and pieces around me like the figurines that have been made of my art in the past.

Painting space…

Figurines and art books cupboard…

Wonderous workroom…

Faerie garden…

What do you create?

When do you create?

As often as possible! I like to complete a painting at least once a week, and even when I’m not painting, I’m planning the next ones in my head, or sketching, or otherwise planning fun new creative products to put my art on for my business, like the new tarot bags which will be out soon!

Why do you create? {What informs & inspires your work?}

I’ve always had a great love for anything fantasy, fairy tale or myth based, for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been drawn to fantasy stories, movies and images, and over time, it’s just become my entire world, I just live and breathe the stuff, am always immersed in it! I remember growing up as a child, this yearning, burning feeling in my chest for just wishing with
all my heart that magic was real and I could see and touch all things fantasy. So I’ve created my own magic now, and create my own magical world and creatures!


Thank you so much gorgeous Goddess Selina for sharing your beautiful studio + work with us! Selina’s magical artwork is available on prints, wearable art jewelry and other merchandise through her website at

big love + fairy kisses!


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Zen Your Life Thursday: The Bag Lady edition

Hey beautiful hearts!

Each Thursday, we hang out together as a gaggle of goddesses & make our gorgeous lives a little clearer, calmer and more zen. We do one Zen Your Life project together for the day… an easy, possible kind of project… just one small thing to make our lives more zen.

When we make space in our lives, we are making room for even more delight, comfort, magic and love to enter.

Sound like yummy delicious fun? Want some more zen goodness in your life?

Hurrah! Let’s start! We can doooo eeeeeeeet!

Today, your Zen Your Life project is:

Whittle down your handbag collection down to the bare essentials.

And I mean bare. I’m thinking two: one everyday handbag, one for special occasions. And if you are especially zen hottie spectacular awesome, one.

I just did a clear out of my bag stash, and for a relatively bag-uninterested goddess, I still had a lot. Like ten. Ten bags – with one I used all the time, and the other I sometimes used. The rest were all just waiting for that one day it would come in useful.

So I let them go live a new destiny… no longer relegated to the back of my closet, they are now finding new owners via the charity store who will love and adore and use them.

Here’s my new, zennified Bag Lady Stash {with bonus Angel puppeh!}

Need some accountability?

You can use the above buttons on your blog, and photograph your progress. You can check-in to the Comments Circle. You can write out your Zen Goddess goal on a scrap of paper beside you.

Whatever you need to do to give yourself the support you need, do it.

Loving you, fellow Zennifying Goddessa!


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Creative Goddess Studios: Amy Zerner

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today’s peek into a Creative Goddess Studio is muchos exciting… it is with the amazing Amy Zerner – a collage artist, fashion designer & creator of gorgeous, spirited books, kits and cards. So excited to feature Goddess Amy’s work + studio here!

I love to collage – I have been doing it for about 30 years, professionally.

I wake up each morning and go into my wonderful studio and create!

I have made over 1000 works of art. My collages illustrate over 40 books I have created with my husband, psychic & author Monte Farber. I am also a fashion designer and create one-of-a-kind fabric collage evening jackets sold exclusively through Bergdorf Goodman in NYC, and collected by many legendary goddesses- Liz Taylor, Shirley MacLaine, Patti LaBelle, Martha Stewart, and Oprah!

When I look back on my drawings and artwork as a child, I find collages with stars and hearts and princesses – many of the archetypal images that I use even now.

We are all collages – the way we dress – the way our homes look, our dressing tables. And a lot of the way we see things, our taste is comprehended in this same way. How does this picture look here – are the curtains the right color with the couch – are these earrings too long for my face? These are all judgements that we might bring down into the art of collage.

We all collect things – photographs, stones, shells, cards that your friends send, dried flowers from a trip. Collage can be a way of re-cycling – of creating a life story or a visual diary out of reminiscent objects or images that convey an important time in your life. You may make one once a year for a Christmas card – or we can identify some of our own personal symbols and incorporate them into a personal “inner” portrait – to capture our essence and make magic that way. To empower and imagine the way you might like things to be. To make a stage set, to act out your hopes and dreams.

Another way you might think of this collage piece is as a “treasure map” – you can even add words and affirmations to the image so that when you see it, it stimulates your confirmation of that goal: “Success” – “finding the perfect mate” –“good health”.

Often when I needed something, I find someone comes to the door with the exact right thing, right when I need it, or in the mail. It’s very nice.

There are no accidents – that is why collage is such a therapeutic technique. When we develop our abilities to visualize – we can achieve many goals – we can create our own reality.


Thank you so much, precious Amy, for your gorgeous insights into your creative goddess life.

To see more of Goddess Amy’s artworks & creations, head on over to the

big love + sacred accidents + happy findings,


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