Become a Business Goddess! The Goddess Menu of Delights!

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!!!

There’s *four* of my gorgeous goddess e-courses starting on July 31… so I’ll be showcasing them in a Goddess Menu of Delights, so that you’ll know if any of them are singing your name. (And of course there’ll be the normal Goddess blog posts too!)

Today’s menu selection?

The Become a Business Goddess e-course!!!

It’s my newest & biggest e-course.

Over the last three years I’ve turned a much-loved & totally unprofitable hobby & passion into a beautiful booming 6 figure business. It’s now my family’s only income & it’s allowed us to quit our public service jobs, move to tropical paradise & be stay-at-home parents together to our daughter Ostara.

A complete guide–over 190 pages!!–for how to make money online, the blueprint of how I did it, 100+ ways to market magically, mindfully & joyously, and how to sane & joyful when business gets BUSY! And bonuses too: profiles of business gods & goddesses, becoming a business goddess workbook, & the Magic Money Maker kit!

In this e-course, you’ll learn

  • how to be a Marketing Goddess of Epic Proportions
  • allllllll ze ways you can make money online creatively & joyfully
  • how to grow your business ginormously quickly
  • how to jet-propel everything you do to make your business glow
  • how to make your income goals kinda by magic
  • & how to stay sane & happy while you’re doing it (i.e. not burnt out & all crazy-like)

I designed it to help every business goddess wherever they are – whether you are just starting out, or whether you’ve just made your first million.

I’ve poured everything I know into this e-course. I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to – & I’ve found out what works super successfully so you can just get to getting big quickly.

And most of all – you’ll get to earn oceanloads of moolah doing your soul’s dream.

Some amazing testimonials:

“This is by far the best book I’ve read on creative business –

it’s so full of love and acceptance and fire.”


“This e-course is a veritable encyclopedia of creative business guidance.”


It’s the best e-course on business I’ve done.

Every page is an ah-ha! moment.

It’s the most expensive e-product I’ve ever purchased, but I’m so glad I bought it!

If I implement even half of what you have shared, I’ll double my income.”


“This e-course should carry a health warning:

so exciting you’ll forget to breathe!”

A Business Goddess Tribe

And the joy of doing it with a group of goddesses? You’ll be forming your own tribe & working through the e-course together & brainstorming your way to mega-brilliance.


How much?

It’s $79 to grab the e-course on its own & work through it by yourself.

But for $99, you’ll get access to the Goddess Circle (an incredible, creative, spirited, loving sanctuary of 1100+ goddesses) AND your own Business Goddess Circle AND ALLLLL my other e-courses, meditations & workbooks.

Everything a goddess needs to live their amazing life, day by day.

Ready to say YES?

Australian & NZ buyers can purchase in $AU here.

Add to Cart

Need to pay in part payments?

A number of goddesses also shared that they felt a real soul-calling to be in Circle… to share & dance & be with other goddess sisters & do my e-courses… but they weren’t able to afford the $99 membership all at once. So for the next little while I’m going to accept part*y payments (aka part payments)… where you can pay $33 a month for three months to get access.

All you need to do is click the button below, and wa-la! Goddess Circle with a gentle payment plan!

(Please note that when you do ze payment plan option, we need to process your membership manually. You’ll get an email invitation to the Circle within 24 hours of payment.)


All you need do is email me dearheart.
I can’t WAIT to create mega magic & miracles with you.
I utterly believe in you…
All my love & sunlit afternoons on the verandah making art & daisy crowns with baybee,


How To Make Social Media Sacred & Profitable!

Hola gorgeous hearts,

Yus, we’ve heard from every groovy dude & his doggy about how Social Media Is Important For Business.

But for all its connecting & getting-the-message-out joys, it has a really challenging side too.

It is so so SO easy to get sucked into Social Media Time Warp.

It is so so easy to get drained & burnt out.

It is so so easy to lose sight of your intention & why you are there in the first place.

It is so so easy to lose yourself in the process.

And it’s so easy for that lovely thing that was supposed to bring you joy & money – to instead lose you money, time & your mojo.

So I made you a video dearest heart.

Learn how to make social media sacred & profitable for you.

(Pssst, secwet time… this is not just for business owners. The lessons inside are TOTALLY applicable to every sweet soul who plays with social media. We ALL get burnt out/frazzled/lost from it.)

And here’s a challenge for you dearest heart:

Over the next week, what do you want to feel when you interact with social media?

And what do you want to create?

Write it down, and bring that intention with you whenever you use it.

If this is helpful to your soul dearest, please do share it along with other beautiful ones who might be needing to hear it… via social media (bwahahahaha!!! LOVE!!!!)

I’m wishing you deep, bountiful and joyous amounts of energy, gratitude & love.

You deserve it ALL, sweet sister.

All my love,

Goddess Menu of Delights: Become a Radiant Goddess!

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!!!

There’s *four* of my gorgeous goddess e-courses starting on July 31… so I’ll be showcasing them in a Goddess Menu of Delights, so that you’ll know if any of them are singing your name. (And of course there’ll be the normal Goddess blog posts too!)


21 days to a shiny new you!

Three weeks to discover your radiant goddess self.

What is the course?

We wanted to create a 21 day journey of feeling radiant that included using gorgeous menu plans filled with a mixture of raw and healthy foods, movement plans, spirit and inspiration projects and meditations to guide you on the journey of reawakening your Radiant Goddess self!

The Radiant Goddess e-course is a plan to that takes care of every part of you – your body, mind and soul…

Introducing the Radiant Goddess eCourse from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

The next Radiant Goddess e-course starts July 31st!

We all have the best intentions for starting our years afresh, but often get lost along the way because it can be so hard to make changes to habits. We know that the way that we best make change is when we have a gorgeous plan to follow, and the support, guidance and sisterhood to follow it through.

I love what Sone said when she read our information page the first time… she said “Oh my goddess! Where do I sign up? This is totally what *I’ve* always been looking for!” And then we laughed… we’ve created it because we’ve been doing soul and physical body transformations and plans for years now, and wanted to make something that incorporated the best of everything we know and love.

So that’s what we are doing! This is a self-nurturing ecourse that gives us 21 days to uncover and relish in our radiance!

This course is especially designed for:

  • If you are feeling sluggish/exhausted/in need of reviving on all levels.
  • If you need a change and want support and a community to do it with.
  • If you want to try out raw food but don’t know where to start.
  • If you work better making gorgeous change when you have structure, guidance, inspiration and support.

Here’s what gorgeous things you can expect from the Radiant Goddess ecourse…

Throughout the Radiant Goddess e-course, you will receive:

  • A menu plan with recipes for your nutrition, nourishment, cleansing & revitalisation over 21 days.
  • A movement plan to help you incorporate all kinds of movement and exercise into your life in a joyful, common-sense, heartful way.
  • Guidance on cleansing, transformation and staying on track.
  • Soulful and creative tasks to create a whole of mind-body-spirit invigoration!
  • Videos with Goddess Leonie & Goddess Sonya guiding you on the Radiant Goddess journey.
  • GuidedMP3 goddess meditations by Goddess Leonie to work with for each part of the course. These are incredibly powerful resources, and are worth the price of the course alone.
  • A private online forum at the Goddess School to connect, share and support.

What this translates into?

You will receive:

  • a powerful, guided journey to help you feel revitalised and cleansed for your new year!
  • discover the radiant, shining, joyful Goddess in you
  • be moving, meditating, eating and discovering in a joyful, spirited goddess way.
  • be connecting with other Goddess sisters on the journey
  • feel blissed out, radiant, inspired & much more like a Goddess!



Here’s what some of the goddesses have said about the Radiant Goddess e-course:

“Thanks so much Goddess Leonie & Goddess Sone for a truly wonderful course. I got SO much more than I was expecting from it. I really feel it has had a fantastic impact on me nutritionally & in releasing some deep seated emotional stuff as well as getting me gently into being more active. The loving, joyfull & gentle energy you two wonderful girls put into it made all the difference I believe. Without even thinking about it I’ve managed to lose 5kilos! But more importantly, I feel great & have easily made so many healthy changes that I look forward to incorporating in the future. Bless you both & all the lovely Goddesses who have been an inspiration with there honesty & genuine sharing.”

– Goddess Kim

“I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for your wonderful course – I am radiant from my toes to my nose!”

– Goddess Julie

“I cannot say enough about how Magical and Transformative these 21 days have been. No way would I have thought I would have incorporated so much positive change into my life and my routine! Everything fell together effortlessly and organically and I know this is due in a Ginormous way to all the work, love, support and guidance of Goddesses Leonie & Sone. Thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

I love that I have so many positive tools to turn to in my medicine bag… my morning ritual of movement and meditation (the affirmation meditation), my revised weekly plan (positivity wednesday, spa thursday, creative friday, art play sundays – all so yummy!), and the nutrition guide. I am committed to following the plan (playing with it and finding new recipes, trying new things) because I can feel the huge difference! I also found this course connected me to parts of myself I had forgotten or left unattended. I am so excited to return to a reiki practice and to more deeper work using oracle cards and journaling. So many rich gifts, I cannot thank you enough!

I am now off to make the pecan chai pie for my first (yipee!) women’s circle gathering at my home today. What a wonderful way to mark the end of this course and the beginning of the next phase!

I bow down my head in gratitude to all you amazing goddesses who have shared this journey. I know you all will continue inspire and excite me!

Goddesses Leonie & Sone – keep shining because even in chilly climates, we are feeling the warmth & the love!”

– Goddess Lisa

“Dear Goddess Sisters,

I feel an overwhelming amount of love, gratitude and affection towards this group of women and of course to you Goddess Leonie and Sone. You have created something magical and radiant with your presence. I have just recently discovered you right before the courses began and it couldn’t have come at a better time. You both fill my heart with joy and radiance. I love your depth and knowingness for this deep spiritual work we are doing…yet your light hearted and silly expressions make this work so approachable and non-threatening. You have helped me transform my life and for that I am eternally grateful. I consider you part of my family even though we have never met.

I look forward to continuing this work on being my radiant self…working more with my food choices and listening to my body, exploring and deepening my movement practice, continuing to do my spirit walks and connect with nature, drinking plenty of water, exploring my creativity and developing ritual days to bring it all together. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for having the courage to be you and putting yourself out there for me to have the courage to be me.

– Goddess Laura

“The highlight of this course has been the nurturing and supportive spirits of Leonie and Sone. The Radiance Course is filled with so much information and activities, it is jam-packed with goodness. Although it is difficult in the rush of every day life to get to all of it immediately, I find myself willing to transition into healthier eating, more movement and spiritual growth. I love that you remind me to be gentle with myself.

Going back through everything, the Creative Goddess class, Divine Decluttering, Radiant Goddess and 2010 Planner, I realize how much I have learned, am continuing to learn, have connected lost parts of myself and am putting together the pieces of the puzzle that make up my life. All the courses have combined to help me transform my life! I love this circle but more importantly I need this circle of beautiful women who support and encourage each other.”

– Goddess Loran

“Goddesses, it’s hard for me to put into words how grateful and honored I am to have shared these three weeks with you. I have heard some of this wisdom before, but to have it gathered together so perfectly, so joyfully, so RADIANTLY was a blessing, a blissing! I managed to keep lose and keep off 5 lbs, (a feat for me to do in three weeks), begin to change my attitude toward movement, and collect my spirituality in a way that resonates so wonderfully with the life I wish to lead. Thank you so much!”

– Goddess Holly

FAQs for Radiant Goddesses…

1. How will the course be run?

Every week we will send out by email all the course materials for the week. You’ll be able to listen to the MP3 meditations, watch the videos and do the Radiant Goddess activities at whatever time is delicious for you.

2. I have a food allergy. Will this be suitable for me?

The Radiant Goddess e-course has options for both a full-raw and partly-raw diet. It does not include any meat, gluten, dairy or caffeine. If you have any other food allergies, you can swap out dishes for those that work beautifully for your gorgeous body.

3. I have an injury which prevents me from doing a lot of exercise. Will this be suitable for me?

We won’t be prescribing set exercises – but offering opportunities and ways you can incorporate movement into your life. Maybe that movement will be soft and very gentle – but all movement is good movement. Also, Goddess Sonya is a trained NIA dance teacher – NIA is suitable for people with injuries.

4. I’m pregnant. Is this suitable for me?

Yes – the Radiant Goddess e-course is not a prescribed diet by any means. However – we would suggest if you are used to eating in a certain way – to not change your diet drastically. You can incorporate different meals from the Radiant Goddess menu plan into your current diet. If you are used to eating a lot of meat, caffeine, dairy or sugar, we’d suggest not cutting these out completely so that you don’t suffer from any cleansing side-effects. We do believe that the Radiant Goddess course can be a beautiful way of revitalisation for all women – including pregnacious goddesses, but as always, your health is your responsibility, and you need to make decisions that are healthy, wise and good for you.

5. Will I need any special supplies for this course?

We have created the menu plan to make it as simple and uncomplicated as possible. You should be able to get all the foods for it from your normal supermarket. All activities included in this course can usually be completed with things you have around your home already!

6. Is there an minimum age limit for Goddesses to enrol?

No there is not. Goddess Leonie has previously had 13 year old goddesses enrol in other Goddess ecourses.

7. Do I need to eat all organic?

No, not at all. If you are called to it, go for it… but otherwise, go with what works for you. We both love organic food – but due to price and availability, don’t get it all the time. Feeling radiant should be a process that is as easy as possible for you – so if that means eating organic, that’s great – if it means eating conventional, that’s great too!

Get this course plus ALL the goddess goodies + a circle!

To join in the Radiant Goddess e-course, just sign up to be a Goddess Circle member.

You’ll get the Radiant Goddess e-course (worth $89) plus all of my meditations, e-courses, workbooks & a year-round goddess circle – over $600 of my goodies… for only $99.

For international goddesses:

For goddesses not living in Australia or New Zealand.

Membership is US$99 and includes all my courses, kits and meditations and a year’s access to the Goddess Circle.

Add to Cart

For Australian & New Zealand goddesses:

For all goddesses living in Australia or New Zealand.

Membership is AUS$99 and includes all my courses, kits and meditations and a year’s access to the Goddess Circle

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Radiant Goddess Buttons

Spread the word! Let people know you are a Radiant Goddess participant on your website, blog or Facebook using the below images. You can also use the code below them to cut & paste into your blog :)

Top 10 Creativity & Writing Books

Hola gorgeous souls!

Judging by the popularity of the last book post, I think I’m not the only bookaphile out there!

Everytime I visit a dear friend’s house, my favourite activity is spying out their bookcase.

So let’s play virtual bookcase tour!


Today’s topic! Creativity & writing books!!! Perfect for artists & writers & dreamers!!!

Here’s my uber favourites for creativity & writing books:

1. The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

This is the consummate go-to book on creativity. It’s a three month course on reclaiming the artist inside you again. Even if you don’t get through the three months – I’ve tried three times and always peter out around six weeks – you will still get bucketloads from dis book. LOADS OF BUCKETS. Gorgeous creating buckets!

2. The Right to Write – Julia Cameron

This book blew my head off. In a nice kinda way. This book is a ginormous permission slip to become a writer. Smart. Funny. Good. If you need support for your writer’s journey, this is the book to go to.

3. Letters to a Young Artist – Julia Cameron

Holy dinger, THREE Julia Cameron books in a row… what the? That’s because JC is THE goddess on creating stuff. Plus she’s ding dang prolific. I read this book every time I need my ass kicked back into creating.

It’s like a loving P.S. Get over yourself and get back to creating!

4. Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper – SARK

I heart SARK. She is in my personal pantheon of goddesses. She’s also a living rainbow of creativity, so when she brought out a book solely on writing, I was a bit enamoured. (Read: bit = ridiculously)

Plus! Weee-oooo! There’s a three page interview of me & Charlie the Happy Healer Dog in it too!

5. Living Out Loud – Keri Smith

Keri has gone on to create a ding dang load of creative manuals including How to be an Explorer of the World, Wreck This Journal, This is Not a Book & The Guerilla Art Kit but Living Out Loud remains my favourite.

Do check out her gorgeous new website too! Muchos inspiring!

6. Make your Creative Dreams Real – SARK

This one is practical and soul-restoring all at once. Perfect if you’ve got a dream wafting around in whimsy land that needs to find some roots in the physical world.

7. The Creative Habit – Twyla Tharp

Twyla is a dancer and a dedicated creator goddess. The Creative Habit is all about making creativity a – oh my goddess – a habit. Twyla isn’t into waiting for inspiration to strike, or muses to visit. She’s about creating day in, day out. Tis a good book, me say.

8. Lessons Every Goddess Must Know – Leonie Dawson

Heyooooo! What kinda self-believer would I be if I didn’t totally adore my own book?

I piled into this book everything I know about being a Creative Goddess… how to be a prolific creator, how to believe deeply in yourself & how to make wild, miraculous miracles of art.

It hit #4 on Amazon’s religion + spirituality category which is amaaaazing + has turned out to be way popular. It’s got a 5 star ranking on Amazon & some truly delicious reviews!

Plus, it’s turquoise. Everything is better with turquoise. Hee!!!!

Want more?

You might like to check out:

yours in creating amazingness,

Best of June: A Goddess Round-up

Hola gorgeous heart!

What an incredible month!

June was huge huge HUGE! Glorious & beaming!

Here’s the best of June to savour & splash in!

A No-Holds Barred Look Into A Goddess Business

This massive mega post of mine was incredibly popular.

I got *so* many emails from goddesses afterwards for days talking about the aftershocks they were feeling after reading it.

It’s an open-book vision deep into the soul & workings of my business. Read it, soak it up, learn from it – whatever you need to do, dearest.

Top 10 Spiritual Novels

My top sacred novels to bring on the illumination while telling a dang deeeelish story at the same time.

From The Camino to The Red Tent, it’s all here, baybee.

And added bonus: there’s over FIFTY of your suggestions to read through & hastily add to your wishlist too.


How to Create Your Own Damn Miracles: Podcast #3

This kinda struck a couple of buttons for goddesses.

Because here’s the thing:

I steadfastly believe that there’s nothing we can’t change.

Our lives CAN have beauty, love & joy in them. EVEN WHEN we are going through a hard time. EVEN WHEN we don’t know the way. EVEN WHEN we are mamas. Even when.

Oh & if you had problemos downloading it the first time, it’s been updated with a new link to download! YAY!


Holy dingerfest, this was a HUGE post too.

All the photos & deep-heart sharings & laughter from our beautiful wedding.


And pretty much the only time in my life that I’ll be writing My Wedding Post.

So, you know, IMPORTANT!

How to Finish Your Projects.

Taken beneath my blogging fig tree.

This one came as a lightning bolt insight about the natural energy waves of a project

and what you can do to make stuff be finished-famooshed!

The Ancient Rule To Cure Overwhelm.

This one got linked to a bonkers amount too.

This is the one to use whenever you get overwhelmed with All The Stuff that needs to be done!!!

A mega Goddess Inspiration Post. And a second one.

Pooled up with the most scrumptious, inspiring stuff I have discovered around ze place.

And served up.

Just for you.

Bonus: Includes very silly videos. YAY!

Do goddess e-courses in groups!

I also took my creatively-constipated time announcing the next term of course circles at the Goddess Circle.

Starting July 31st, there’s four groups at the Circle doing the e-courses:

  • Radiant Goddess e-course: Perfect if you are wanting to stop feeling sluggish in your body & really want to start feeling RADIANT instead!!!
  • Creative Goddess e-course: If you’re ahankering to get more creative, this course is bloody awesome. Also the perfect “Beginner” Goddess course & my most super popular one.
  • Creating Your Goddess Haven e-course: Declutter & decorate & make divine your house. Make it a sanctuary, ya know? Also includes brilliant space clearing tips.
  • Business Goddess e-course: If you’re wanting to start your own creative/spiritual business, or really grow & build the one you already have, this e-course is a HUGE boost of marketing mojo & business smarts & tons of actionable stuff to DO RIGHT NOW.

To join in, just become a Goddess Circle member.

Goddess in 10 Minutes Kit

I also launched the new FREEE Goddess in 10 Minutes kit.

Holy dinking delicious, batman!

really wanted to create a powerful toolkit that you can use ANYTIME you need to feel like a Goddess again. Anytime you feel lost, dishevelled, bummed, bored or broken. And hey! anytime you feel glad, groovy and good too! I’m pretty sure it will always just improve things no matter what!

Bookmark it. Go back to it. Use it every ding dang day if you need to.

Whatever you need to do to feel like a Goddess again.

Screen shot 2011 06 20 at 8.37.39 PM 520x325 Holy dinger! New! Magnificent! Free! Things! makeover!!!

Come see! It’s shiny & new!

Especially check out:





So, after putting this compendium of an Epic June here at GoddessGuideBook, me thinks I’ve just discovered why I’m feeling a wee bit tired right now & have been going to dreaming land at 7pm!!!

Dear June,





And I love you with all my heart,

What’s next?

Holy guacamole, what’s NOT next?

What you can expect this month!

My brain is feeling a wee bit sozzled, so here’s the bullet points:

  • I’ll be announcing my next big massive huge thang (the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken)… it also happens to be FREE. Get ready to wet yourself! Weeeooooo!
  • I’m working with some spectacular people to help bring the new huge incarnation of this gorgeous goddess business of mine in. Marvellous Marissa Bracke is being the bestest right-hand gal & support faerie, Sara from Soul Spackle is helping me keep on top of all thangs Twitter-tastic & I’m so excited to be working with the lovely Alexandra Unicorn Franzen to bring even more clarity & sparkliness to this them there website.

  • Important garden update: beans are doing ridunkulously well. If Ostara goes missing, it’s really easy to find her: she’s gone running out into the backyard with Charlie to go harvest & eat every bean in sight. Also: my first batch of cauliflowers is sprouting wildly. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THIS CAULIFLOWER? Answer: eat it.
  • I’m kind of on Tumblr. But it’s mostly just mini pics & links. But I love it anyway.
  • My goal is this: to be SO HUUUUUGE that every woman wherever she lives can find this beautiful goddess work whenever she needs it. I also call this the I Want My Sacred Crap In Big W dream.

  • Yup. She’s pretty much getting cuter & cuter everyday. Most weekends, there will be an hour or two of naked baby painting on the verandah.
  • I am migrating all my email lists over to Infusionsoft so I can finally start getting a wee bit smarter about how I send out automatic emails to my beautiful goddess tribe. They are way more expensive than I am used to paying, but it feels like that’s what my business needs next. It’s got a whole bundle of helpful tools including a built-in customer management system which I don’t have at the moment. With over 1050 Goddess Circle members, plus the 2000 or so who buy the 2011 Workbook & Calendar, plus a heap more private clients, I want to make sure I actually have a really beautiful system to keep connecting with them. To be honest, it feels like less of a total brain decision & more of an intuitive one of what my business is needing at this point in its evolution. Everything I’ve done up until this point (including the old manual spreadsheet of emails, then migrating to Aweber) has been what I needed then. And now it’s time for the next evolution.
  • I’m going to my nephew’s Knights & Princesses party on Sunday & I’ve been excited about it for WEEKS. And then my niece’s Zoo party the weekend after. YAHOOOOOO! Kid’s parties are pretty much my idea of social heaven. I think I’m a 5 year old stuck in a 28 year old body.



Where we’ve been.

Where we’re going.

And all the ridunkulous miracles we’re creating together along the way.

Life. It’s pretty much the BEST THING EVER.

love forever + ever + big + HUGE!!!!