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My gorgeous goddesses!

Some beautiful things to share with you today… not my usual looooong rambling inspiropost because I’m really drawn to simplicity these days. Simple & good.

My lovely Ostara & I have been painting with lots of watercolours lately… including long hand-painted letters to dear friends & lots of painted typography. That’s me of course… Ostara’s way more into embellishing every surface known to man with paint & making everything look vaguely abstract expressionist. Woo! Go you good thang! Creating with kids really can be fun!

Thus the new header. Really in love with it for today.

Onto the inspiring, good & simple!

 Thank you for all your orders of the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook & planner… I’m loving how much you are all loving it. WOO! Rainbow! Dreams! Activate!

 Mini Creative Caravan update: My Centaur Daddy-o’s best man who just happened to marry his younger sister (aka my Uncle John. Not to confused with the other TWO Uncle Johns that my Dad’s sisters married. Yus, out of five sisters, THREE married Johns. What up with dat?)… oh hang on… where were we? Oh YES! My Uncle John has been enlisted in the Caravan of Courage project. He just came & did some consulting work on how to relocate it back into our backyard. Hopefully in a day or two it will be tow-happy & installed in the location of our dreams. WOO!

Just picked up my first copy of Dumbo Feather. Loved this interview of the editor & mama, Kate Bezar.

At last! Someone who has a bigger to do list than me!

The Glowing Truth About Sex & Self Respect

My darling friend & Goddess Circle sister Heather (who really, really likes almond butter) made the most incredible necklace for her beautiful baby daughter.

Loved this goddess’ sharing about her year at Goddess Circle.

Dear Photograph. Touching.

 Kind Over Matter’s Create your own Printables Kit is really clever! Likey likey!

My daughter draws a goddess. Cutest EVER!!!! Little talented sprite!!!!

We just watched this documentary Dhamma Brothers about Vipassana meditation being taught in prison. Really, really touching. Wow. Definitely one of the best spiritual movies I’ve watched in a while!


There is SO much magic in the world!


love love love always in ALL WAYS!


Announcing! The 2012 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook + Calendar


Hola gorgeous Goddess!


It’s here! The uber popular Creating your Goddess Year Workbook & Planner is back for 2012! HURRAH!

Over the last three years, thousands of women have used this workbook with the most amazing results. It’s the best planning tool available to help you make 2012 an absolutely incredible year!

It’s filled with over 100 pages of worksheets & a printable calendar to help you dream, manifest, set your intentions, plan & cultivate your amazing new year. The workbook has been lovingly handwritten & rainbow illustrated… perfect for you to print out, soak up the rainbow colours of & get thoroughly inspired by!

You’ll get clarity on what you need 2012 to be. What you want to create during it. And most importantly, how to make it happen.



Dream, plan & create your incredible 2012…

What you’ll get in the kit!


  • A monthly calendar
  • A daily planner template you can print each day you need it.
  • Creating affirmations for your new year
  • Creating a list of things to do when everything sucks
  • Divine art therapy techniques to help you work out what works in your schedule & what doesn’t
  • Creative projects to help you dream bigger
  • Making a powerful theme for your year
  • Making new year habits that sustain, nourish & inspire you
  • Loads of reflective, soulful questions to help you get clarity, joy & healing
  • Collecting tools to help you whenever you need extra support during your year
  • Making gorgeous goals in every part of your goddess life
  • How to make those gorgeous goals actually happen & make your big dreams become true.

The Workbook will guide you through the two parts of creating your year of inspiring…

Dreaming big dreams and actually making them happen!


Why is it SO important to set your goals?


When we don’t get clarity around where we’ve been and where we want to go, we get stuck in the same old place & same old routine.

We need to spend time dreaming up our vision.

We need to let go of all the old past stuff & be grateful for it so we can move onwards.

We need delicious, probing questions to help us get to the soul of what it is we need.

We need support systems to help us make it happen.


This process of setting goals & dreaming big? Without a doubt, it can change our lives through & through.


The 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook is loaded with powerful tools to make it all happen for you.


Who the workbook is for…


  • creative souls
  • business goddesses
  • mama goddesses
  • women wanting to create a really beautiful 2012 for themselves
  • a wonderful gift for mamas, daughters, sisters & soul sisters (yes you can gift it!)


About your Goddess Guide


So what qualifies me to make you a Workbook for creating your gorgeous new year?

I count myself as being a Goddess of Dreaming Big Dreams & Making Them Happen.

I so believe there are two parts in creation… one is in the seed of an idea, and the other is in tending to it, and giving it energy. To make a dream come true, we need to use both those ethereal spiritual tools & the grounding practical ones too.


Here’s some of my favourite Wild Dreams come true:

  • I fell in love at first sight, and had the courage to ask the love of my life out on a date… it’s been ten years of love since then!
  • I thought I might want to self publish a book when I was 22. A month later, I did it.
  • I’ve sold artwork all around the globe, & had my first solo art exhibition at 23.
  • My life long dream was to go to India. Three years ago, my love, two sisters, mama & me spent a month travelling India together. It was utterly wild & fantastical & what mystical stories are made out of.
  • When I was 25, I knew I needed to run my own three day retreat. And I did it – and it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.
  • I have dreamed up & made happen Goddess Circle, e-courses, meditations and books.
  • I’ve have been featured in a number of books & magazines including SARK’s bestselling “Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper”
  • Three years ago, I dreamed that I could turn my little art hobby into a thriving enterprise that sustained and nourished me abundantly. And that dream came true. Today, we have moved across the country to live in tropical paradise. My love & I both get to stay at home to be with our daughter while I have my Very Happy Job of being a Goddess.
  • I teach over 1000 women a year how to become goddesses.

My life is filled with so many amazing dreams come true. I ding-dang love bringing them to life!




“I have recently discovered your site and purchased the 2011 year planner and wow I am a changed woman. I have gone from lost and not remembering who I am to an emerging goddess with a new sparkle in my eyes and a glow about me. I’m getting compliments from friends that I’ve got a spark about me again. I’ve taken up painting and loving every second of it.”
~ Goddess Jen

“I loved the 2010 workbook, it really helped me focus on some important goals and changes that I was making in my life. It became my safe port in many storms throughout 2010 and kept me beautifully motivated and on track with making things happen. I can honestly say that I am ending this year in a much better place than I was at the same time last year and I attribute a lot of that to the powerful tool that is the 2010 Workbook. I have big plans for 2011 and can’t wait to begin it with the 2011 workbook!”
~ Caitlin Mowbray,

“I just have to write and tell you how amazing your Creating your Goddess Year Workbook & Planner is. I always seem to suffer just a teens-eensy bit of the holiday blues after Christmas. You know, all the decorating, planning, wrapping, baking … and then the family goes back home and all my holiday spirit seems to quickly fade away. But yesterday I bought and downloaded your workbook and it so very lifted my spirits. I especially liked the part where I worked on celebrating my accomplishments and events of 2009. That wasn’t a downer at all! Your incredible workbook is really helping me making the transition from 2009 to 2010 a celebration. Writing doesn’t come easy for me, but your prompts and ideas and suggestions have really opened me up, and my thoughts, ideas and goals just seem to be streaming out of my pen. Thank you so much!

“I wanted to send you some feedback on your 2011 workbook and thank you for providing such a wonderful tool! 2010 was kind of like a trial by fire year for me, I sat through most of the year in a ‘victim’ status, happy to blame everyone else for what was happening to me, severe anxiety and depression issues, I could go on. But by the end of the year I was kind of sick of being in that mode of operating and your workbook helped me come to terms with the year that had been but also see the possibility that a new year can hold. Possibility was something I hadn’t seen for quite a while.

I then got hung up on filling it out because I ‘didn’t want to dirty the pretty pages with my writing.’ But once I got started I actually found that it make it more special rather than less, so I’m not sure how you did it but you set it up perfectly to facilitate us being able to write in it and still make it look pretty and evolve with us as we worked with it.

So a big big thank you!!!!”
~ Goddess Sally

“I also purchased the Goddess Guidebook and I’m loving it! I’m really not the new age, goddessy type, but this ebook rocks!”


“I’ve started mine already and it’s fab! It is so nice to put the lessons of 2009 into perspective too. I’m so excited for 2010 now! Thanks Leonie you are a gift! x”


“Thank you for making this beautiful workbook! I knew I needed to do something to wrap up 2009 without knowing quite what it was, until I saw your beautiful guidebook!”


“Ah! I just ordered it!! Its so beautiful and inspiring! You are so beautiful and inspiring!! This is so perfect, and ah-mazing timing! Thank you so much for all you are and all that you do!! ”


“It’s so beautiful! This has to be the Goddess MUST HAVE for the New Year….”


“I can’t wait to get started on mine! You help people change their lives.”



How is it different from the 2010 & 2011 Workbooks?

The calendar & workbook are sparklingly brand new! You can use this year’s set by itself, or pull out last year’s set and use them together. Awooooo! Chock full o’ goddess delicousness!

It’s also got lots of glorious new pages along with updated pages!

I don’t have a Paypal account. How do I pay?

You can pay just with a credit or debit card without having a Paypal account. When you get to the screen that asks you to sign in with your Paypal account, just look on the left hand side of the screen where it says to Click here to use credit or debit card.

Buy your 2012 Creating your Goddess Year e-workbook & calendar!


Click to buy for $9.95

Buy now to get the INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE, PRINTABLE e-WORKBOOK delivered to your inbox… and to start planting magic to watch it grow and bloom.


Extra options!


The Two Pack

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The Gift Voucher

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The Five Pack

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Want to send a mega wave of love to five of your dearest goddess sisters?

Grab a five pack for only $34.95.



The Workbook + Everything Else I’ve Created


Grab the Workbook + EVERYTHING else I’ve created!

Over $900 worth of creativity, spirituality & business e-courses, meditation kits & workbooks.

A whole toolkit of wisdom to help you make 2012 your most incredible year yet.

For 85% off!



Want to know more about Goddess Circle membership?

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Get this 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook


all my super-useful products:

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an online community of supportive goddess sisters.

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Yay! Got any questions my love? How can I help?


Just email me dearheart!

May your year be absolutely exceptional, dearest heart. You absolutely deserve it.


big love,

goddessleonie Announcing! The 2012 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook + Calendar

triptych delicious Announcing! The 2012 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook + Calendar

Things I’ve Learned After The Worst Year Of My Life

My darling heart,

Notes & thoughts on surviving the suck of the worst year of my life.

There’s always enough time. It will all work out.

Things can heal. Even the things that are broken.

Don’t get too hot headed.

Stay focussed on where you want to be.

Think like a 90 year old. I think what my grandmother would say.

Just remember: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day? They are still just days. Don’t expect them to be perfect. Too much pressure. Do what you can, and be gentle.

Be gentle with yourself. Make it your default centre. “How can I be more easy on myself right now? What’s the easiest route?”

Space clear often.

Accept that people are both a blend of their most human selves & divine selves. They fuck up often. So do we.

Remember some days will suck all of their own accord. Sit, be gentle, take the easy way out.

There are some things you can fix. Some things you can’t. Some things you’re not meant to. And everything’s going to be okay anyway.

Never doubt that chasing silly goals can inject a whole lot of joy into your life.

Art can heal your soul.

You can make art with kids & not go insane.

Plod. Plod. Plod.

Be your own mama. Give yourself what you need wherever you can by hook or by crook.

Be inventive. Find ways for everyone’s needs to be met.

Give up on perfect.

Give yourself permission.

Forget what everyone else is saying and doing. Find your own gentle rhythm and plan, hopes and dreams. Remember who you are.

Know that you can heal. Gently gently, one step at a time. Give yourself healing support.

Know that you can change the world.

Know that the dawn is coming.

Have Peace.

Have Faith.

Have Grace.

As much as you can from wherever you are.

Hope is around the corner.

Good things are coming.

Just believe, baby girl.

love, love, love,

Time to give thanks :: a free gratitude journal!

Hello my darlinghearts,

Here in Australia, we don’t have a Thanksgiving holiday. But holy dinger do I love the sound of it!

Especially since being grateful about every ding dang thing is a major component of my shining-beam-happy-tude.

So in honour of Let’s Be Ding Dang Grateful Day, I thought we’d pull out this little purple downloadable printable gratitude journal.

For you to pull together and use between Thanksgiving and Christmas… to remind you of all the amazing, lush, gorgeous things that are loving you up right now.



Download your own printable Pocket Goddess Gratitude Diary (PDF)


How to use:


Download & print the three pages.

Cut along the dotted lines and staple together.

Wa-la. A 21 day gratitude diary.

Pop it in your pocket, your purse or your pillow.

Colour it in. Give it to friends.

Let’s write tiny love letters to the universe to thank it for its gabazillion miracles.


What I’m grateful for right now


I’m grateful for my new caravan studio. It’s been the most immense gift and creative challenge. Even when I feel overwhelmed by it, I just get these remarkable signs that it’s meant to be. I just need to keep having faith & walking forward with it!

My assistant Marissa. I just don’t know what I’d do without her. We had the best video chat this morning to talk about Very Important Business Decisions (and birdbaths and caravans). I’m so blessed that I get to have this kind of support in my business.

And this is hilarious: I’m SO wildly grateful & heart-soaked for new British comedy series obsessions… I just fell in love with Gavin & Stacey. And proceeded to watch three seasons over five days AND read every bit of fan fiction I could find on it too. I just love falling in love with things!

I’m grateful that my life is softer & gentler & more kind now than it has been for a long time. Yay, welcome back, my beautiful life!

And I’m really in awe & grateful for how synchronicity is dancing in my life right now. I just keep meeting the exact right people at the right time, being given treasures & signs… and it’s all just utterly amaaaazeballs! Heyooo!




What next:


Get printing dearest.

And do share it along.

Let’s set this world alight with our love.


I love you,



P.S. Want more free goodies like this? Sign up for the free Goddess in 10 Minutes Kit as well as weekly articles on how to live your most gorgeous goddess life!

It’s Coming! The 2012 Workbook & Calendar!

It’s coming my loves!

Here’s the sneak peek of the cover!

Hoping to release THIS WEEK the

2012 edition of the

amazingly popular Creating my Goddess Year workbook + calendar.

I think I’ve sold over 5000 of these in the last two years.

And as always, it’s a joy to work on it.

I’ve been adding even more pages & updating the calendar & finishing the cover.

(And as a reminder – if you sign up to be a Goddess Circle member, you’ll get it free with your membership the moment it is released… along with all the rest of my products.)

And it’s amazing that I get to do this as I’m in the process of creating my own dream studio (aka the Creative Caravan). It totally reminds me that dreams CAN come true.

Every year, I write in my workbook all the dreams in my heart, all the goals & wishes that dance in my spirit. And then, as if by magic, the year unfolds, bringing with it so many blessings, opportunities and lessons. I can scarcely believe the little turquoise dream that is sitting just outside my window right now… and the gentle, graceful life that has unfolded for me here. And it’s even sweeter because of all the times when it hasn’t been as sweet, gentle or graceful. I’ve always had faith that things will work out. I fasten my sails to those winds of faith, and believe wholeheartedly we will land where we need to be. And as if by magic, they do.

So excited to be birthing this miracle into the world again. May it touch all your lives even more deeply than ever before. May you always know that divine providence is just around the corner.

The Grief Journey

I’m writing today with an extra prayer in my heart. Yesterday, three boys here in tropical paradise died in a car accident the day after their graduation. We went to the ocean this morning to send blessings and prayers into the sea, for them, for their mamas & their papas, their family & this community.

I’ve lost my way so many times before, through Post Natal Depression & losing my brother. I’ve lost my footing and my faith, and I’ve learned over & over again that the worst thing in the world could be the best, even when it has torn your heart open.

I know that we live in this world both divine & human. We can know in our spirits that all is well, that all is in divine order, that souls choose when to leave the planet, that our relationship with them doesn’t have to change even when they die. And yet we are human too, and when we lose someone we love, we must walk a grief journey. And it takes time to walk it. You breathe, give thanks, hurt, walk forward, sit by the side of the road, want to go back, find a miracle, walk some more. It takes time, these grief journeys.

I think it took a year to find my head again after I lost my brother. Five to not hurt when I thought of him dead. Ten to be really okay about it.

So you find grace & solace & healing where you can.

There were a lot of extra people on the beach today. It’s a special beach – one where people go to sit and heal. And I felt my grief well open, and had tears in my eyes as I thought of those boys, of my brother, of my uncle, of all the ones who’ve already died.

I knew it was a week of souls leaving the planet. They come and leave in great waves. And I had a feeling that something would happen here in this beautiful community. I saw one of the boys who died just a day or two before – I didn’t know his name, I just saw him around town, ya know? And I looked at him and wanted so much for him: for him to be happy. For him to find what he was looking for.

And so we sit by the sea, and pray for it to be so.

I have wishes today of being an earth angel, of painting my world rainbow to help heal all those who see it, of helping those who are lost that life can be good. It can be grand & it can be glorious.

I want to birth as much beauty into the world as I possibly can. I’ve been through nights so dark that even stars did not shine. And now I can see the light, so bright and sparkling and shining and true… and I want to send messages of hope & photographs of light & art made of joy back in time, back through the tunnel of dark… to find the ones that need it most.

It’s my biggest prayer.

I have no idea what to say, no idea what words I can pour out that could possibly help and heal.

Just that right now, my love has his birthday telescope in the yard, peering into every star he can find. And that right there is such a perfect analogy. And now I’m off to stand by his side, and peer too.

You are loved, we are all loved, my heart is full,