goddess marika of the radiance

dearest rikki, marika,
woman of the mermaid hair,
the avalon grace,
the ethereal air.

your warm smile, hands, embrace, words.

i shared these pictures with my spirit*mentor.
she drew a finger softly over your face and said:
this woman has known sadness, but she also knows joy.

and you do. you beautiful, beautiful woman.

i wish for you to see yourself as we see you,
as the great goddess sees you and loves you.

you are a treasure to know.

as we sat beneath the tree, i asked you what you wanted from the photos.
you spoke in the gentle voice of yours, with the familiar smile not far behind:

i want to have photos of me i like.
oh, and i like ethereal.

you made me giggle.
and then you made me gasp.
as i saw you behind the lens, i began seeing you as being the epitome of that.

you were gweneviere, you were princess and priestess,
you were long ago and in the moment.
your eyes saw celtic lands i did not see.
mists rolled through.
i do not know if you knew, but i kept breaking into smiles, gasping as you BECAME you.

it was a miracle indeed.

thank you for revealing, showing, baring your ethereal you~ness with the world.

in love,

leigh of the light

leigh, nixie, phoenix,
how do i speak of you?

i will start from the only place i know:
right now.

right now a bracelet adorns my wrists. a buffalo bangle. and in that sphere, that glint of silver, of animals racing through, SO MUCH is said. so much lives in me now from meeting you, knowing you, hearing your words. your words on your blog, in letters, on message boards, and finally in voice. now your words echo in me. the gifts, lessons, all soaked in companssion, kindness, love and wisdom.

what do i write of you, my dear dear friend?

you have taught me many lessons ~ more lessons and in a different way than any other has. your words spoke to my heart. i ruminate and sift through the lessons there. you gave me a box filled with shells, light, knowings, intentions, and i discover this box now. i discover even more of me.

i thank you for living your life. just the way you do it.

and i know i’m not alone in my journey anymore. i am learning to see the intentions in other’s journeys now, before the actions.

love you,


p.s it was such a pleasure to capture your essence in film. divine essence it is.

photographing goddesses

i’ve discovered a new thing i love to do…
photographing goddesses.

it is a deep joy and honour to witness moments when another allows you to see their soul. it is a deep joy to watch them glow as they remember the beauty that lives inside them.

i did photo shoots for four women~goddesses while on retreat. and with each one, i learned so much. i gasped as they evoked. my insides radiated as they did. and after, leigh took me aside, and asked me to do it for more women. create sacred space and document the goddess in everywoman there.

with joy, i will.

georgia amarlia

dear you,

you beautiful, beautiful woman.
i see you crescenting from maiden to mother.
you with the ocean icelandic wide open baby wise eyes.
you of the divine head wraps, the tribal urbane threads.

amarlia the healer.
amarlia the wife.
amarlia the artist.
amarlia the WRITER.
amarlia the discoverer.
amarlia the goddess.

this is all of you dear.
you are present, and you are love.

when you took that drum between your hips, and that apple to your mouth. magic and lifetimes dwelled there.

you are the songs of xavier rudd. barefoot dancing, thumping in the earth.
you are READY.

you hear and feel the energy. you are laughter and warmth, and gentle hugs, wide eyes and a smile that flights at the corners of your lips.

it was a deep pleasure to meet you, sister.
and to witness the miracles of you evoking goddess, and allowing me and my lens into your moments.


The Affirmation Way.

picture by phoenix light

i am BRAVE enough to share my world as i see it.

i am COURAGEOUS enough to live my words.

i WALK my TALK graciously.

i live in my vulnerability with ease.

i dream larger and larger.

i dwell in my KNOWING.

i play joyfully in the safe embrace of the world.

phoenix light and me play in the waves {pic by silvergirl}

i am deeply connected to spirit.

i cultivate and dance in divine connections and friendships.

i am re-awakening and re-membering.

i am powerfilled.

i am loving and compassionate.

i am healing, healing, healing.


add yours, my dears.


medicine woman journey

Image hosting by Photobucket

i feel myself growing.

and remembering.

remembering what it is to be a medicine woman.
what it is to follow spirit.
what it is to honour all journeys, just as they are, without so much judgement and rules.
what it is to see and confront my fears, and know they will heal.
what my purpose here on earth is.

it is to be me. radiantly me. lengthen that bell curve of strangeness out so it widens the bell of what “normal” is.
it is to take photographs of women as goddesses, just as they are.
it is to share my story with the world.
it is to create circles of sacred space.
it is to heal.
it is to speak as great spirit guides me, with intuition and compassion.
it is to create art as i see the world.
it is to invoke spirit in all i create.
it is to write of this.
it is to live in this.
and for the first time i see how this is all for me. this is all for my journey and my living of it.

i am a medicine woman.
this is the path i walk.

blessed be,