Cooking with Leonie

i participated in a photo challenge from nixie pixie today…
the mission being to photograph the next meal you cooked, without the stipulation being one shouldn’t go all out to make a fancy meal, just to do the one that happened next.

the meal that happened to me was

“bottom of the vege bin sabzi stew”

ya know when the times… when you’re getting to the end of your groceries, and there’s vegetables left that would be wasted in the rubbish, but are past their “prime” days and are leaping into limpness instead… tonight happened to be one of those times.

so i made something spectacular with them.

left over button mushrooms
two sweet potato
left over frozen winter veges
broccoli and cauliflower
three carrots

pop all veges in a steamer and into microwave for seven minutes.
saute onion with garlic for a couple of minutes,
add mushrooms.

take grinning self portraits with mushrooms.
by the time you’ve found the camera, and lined up your head and the wok (see top),
the mushrooms should be ready.

add all veges.
flip around for a few minutes whilst humming the tune to bonanza

add the magic ingrediant:

i’m usually into making homemade sauces and spices, but for this one i’ll make an exception. holy dinger it’s nice.

simmer for five minutes.

take time out to blow kisses to your spectators ~

serve with basmati rice, a big grin and a blessing for the veges that are choosing to nourish you.

give thanks to those you love, and snuggle with them after consumption.

next time on Cooking with Leonie,
maybe I’ll show my gourmet tandoori tofu and spinach leaf pizza…

blessed be,

goodbye my friend


fellow interplanetary love trooper
i wish you the biggest most beautiful journey onwards
may all your heart calls for bloom into existence

you deserve it.

i have been blessed by witnessing the miracle that is you.

i thank you for allowing me into your heart.
i honour you for your path.
i love you just as you are.

may all beings know the blessing that is vulnerable friendship.

bon voyage,

Bread & Tulips

pane e tulipani

what a lush and lovely way to spend a rainy saturday afternoon.

some of my favourite parts ~

the look on her face when she played the accordion.

the bread and the note he left her in the mornings.

the anarchist florist man.

running through the nooks and crannies of venice.

the chemistry and delicacy in the first touches of the massage between the hippy blonde friend and the private eye.

the dreadlocks on her son when he was dancing in the crowd at the very end.

how i would keep on popping up the volume when i couldn’t understand it… even though it was subtitles and i don’t know any italian…

how she kinda looked like janeane garafalo.

i love how it started so normally – on a tour bus, on vacation, getting stuck in the dunnies before missing the bus… from there it fell into magic and serendipity and a whole deep rich new life.

the bright white dream sequences.

the hotel boat.

the tulips as each petal dropped one by one, and he kept them in a bowl, waiting for her to return..

oh! oh! i think the most scrumptious of all was the birthday picnic they had in the grasslands with rivers running through it… all of them there, looking free and joyful and light…

“imagine your life. now go live it.”
and eat some pane. smell some tulipani. say ciao.
wear flirty floaty dresses.
and dance like a phoenix rising from the ashes…

me and he.

me and he, photo by my rocking bus buddy james

It was late at night on the open road,

Speeding like a man on the run,

A lifetime spent preparing for the journey;

He is closer now and the search is on,

Reading from a map in the mind,

Yes there's the ragged hill,

And there's the boat on the river.

~ chris de burgh, don't pay the ferryman

at the moment i feel a little bit like the wind has gone from my sails

and i sense that the direction’s about to change
and i’m not sure what beautiful oceans i’ll be exploring next

but i do know when i look at you
~ i mean really look at you and into you ~
it all seems clear

i sense the ocean lives in you
and mountains too
and in that big heart of yours
you hold me carefully.

i’m not sure where exactly we are going,
i just know we have to go there
and we go there


have i met you somewhere before?

mamas and papas

my mama and papa flew home yesterday having spent a few days with us,
making fairy bread, going to galley exhibitions, buying dressing gowns and jocks
all the things you do for daughters…

i know my parents are human,
as human as the rest of us,
but i do know my parents love me the very best way they can.

and that’s enough. that’s more than enough.

thanks for everything ma and pa.
may the road be laden with blessings for you both.

a.k.a. pork chop