Introducing: The Divine Dreaming Meditation!

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

 I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new meditation kit – the Divine Dreaming Meditation!

To celebrate the launch, for the next 3 days, you can get 25% off the price by using the code SWEETSLUMBER.

I created this meditation because of my favourite 14 year old, Goddess Lana. She sent me this holy-adorable rainbow email:

i have been having problems sleeping at the moment (boo) and i have been listening to the creative goddess e-course meditations, there is somthing about your voice that just makes me fall asleep
()o Zzzzzzzzzzzz <- thats me, wearing an eyemask being asleep. haha.
but at the end of them, i feel all arty and awake and reading to create! which is why they are perfect for the course. but not so perfect for sleepy time.
soooooooooooooooo i was wondering if you have ever made a sleepy time meditation?

if not could you pleasy please make one?

How could I say no to something like that?

Can it take you houuuurs to fall sleep?

What would your days be if you woke up feeling really revitalised and nourished instead of down and exhausted and blerrrr?

What would it be like if your dreams were divine, healing and wise instead of non-existent or “my mum is a goat” kinda weird?

It suckitty sucks to take hours to fall asleep, only to have erratic sleep and nonsensical dreams.

Especially when you really need a good night’s sleep and a pocketfull of sweet dreams.

When we don’t get those two essential healings, we can feel exhausted, drained, confused, grumpy and depressed. There’s a reason they use sleep deprivation as torture, ya know? It’s potent and powerful stuff. And instead of making it torture, we can use its powers for good – to change and heal our sweet bodies and souls.

Not only is sleep important for our sanity and hot sassy bodies, but having quality, divine dreams can make the world of difference to our souls. Our dreams can be places for us to receive healing and wisdom from our guides and angels. They can be sacred journeys of adventure.

We can discover new, amazing parts of the Goddess inside us through our dreams.

The Dreaming Time Meditation

So I got to muse-ing how to create a meditation that would include the best tools and magical goodness in it for goddesses to get to sleep easier and have way more amazing spirit dreams.

It became the Divine Dreaming meditation – a 21 minute guided meditation, with me speaking (with my apparently sleep-inducing voice), beautiful background music… and me playing some healing instruments including a native american flute, singing bowl and chimes. And it felt utterly precious and powerful and whole, and I used it send myself to sleep when my new-pregnancy-body was more interested in fidgeting and staring at the ceiling.

* You’ll drift into sweet slumber way more easily

* You’ll have wise, healing, amazing dreams

* You’ll feel more revitalised and nourished when you wake up

* You’ll feel more connected with your guides

* You’ll have way more glorious days because your nights are so much more nourishing.

So that was my Goddess way of saying:

This meditation will help you get to sleep easier and have better dreams.

And I got some of my favourite Goddesses to trial it, and got their goddess high-five, booty shake and happy dance from them, which was glooorious. (You can read more from them on the Divine Dreaming meditation page).

Then I got so excited I created some extras to turn the meditation into a kit… an extended version to make your blissful meditation stretch out to 42 minutes, and a mini Goddess Guide to Sweet Slumber with my very favourite tools and hints on getting the best sleep ever.

Having a really deep, nourishing, revitalising sleep is so smiggin important to me, and my dreams are an amazing space for me to receive wisdom, healings and insights… so I wanted to share both these gifts of sweet slumber and divine dreams with you.

To check out the meditation, reviews, all the goodness, and how to buy and get the kit sent to your inbox el pronto, just click here on over here.

And remember the 25% off launch discount of SWEETSLUMBER – it’s fresh & working until Friday.

Any questions, dearheart? Just let me know! I’d so love to be of help.

To our sweet slumber and divine dreams,


Living Goddess and Living Food

Today’s post is a guest blog from the Goddess Nathalie, a Raw Foods Goddess. More about her & her lovely work below. Yay!

About Nathalie

I’m Nathalie Lussier, also known as The Raw Foods Witch and I help people live an enchanted life by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. I love spreading the message of healthy eating (with a healthy attitude) and I’m available to coach you through a transition, and to help alleviate the anxiety that surfaces during times of dietary change.

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about ways to feed your Goddess Self in a loving, nurturing way then you might be interested in the Feel Light – Take Flight ecourse. It’s a free 5 week ecourse designed with magic in mind, so you can watch your energy soar and take flight.


My Goddess journey

My Goddess journey started about 10 years ago, when I was reading a book (appropriately) called “Be a Goddess” by Francesca De Grandis. The one thing that left a mark on me, and that still influences the way I operate today was the notion that to be a Goddess you must love yourself first.

From Self Love to Love of Veggies

This notion of self love planted a seed in me. It gradually started to take hold, and I truly started to love myself instead seeking the love of others. In turn, others started to recognize my Goddessness and life became a lot lighter and more fun!

It took many years for this seed to blossom fully, and I expect that this is a plant I will continue to nurture my whole life. Eventually I discovered that there was still more work to do to fully love myself. One way that I had been starving this love was ironically with food.

I was eating mostly junk food, processed stuff, and the word “vegetable” made my nose crinkle. One day I met My Alchemist Man, who told me he loved to eat vegetables, and a few months later that he loved me too. Clearly, this man who loved me couldn’t be wrong about loving vegetables too!

So I gave vegetables and fruit a chance. I discovered a whole new way of feeding myself, and fell in love with the way these healthy foods made me feel. Digging deeper, I learned about the concept of raw food, and realized that I had been neglecting to love my body by not feeding it what it wanted.

I went on a 30 day raw food only trial (much to My Alchemist Man’s dismay, he was more into the moderate approach than the extreme one) and the Goddess within was reawakened. I found this food to be pure, juicy, and alive. Eating became an almost sensual communion with my body, and I was hooked.

Making Self Love Your Biggest Eating “Rule”

The words “your body is a temple” come to mind, but trying to eat healthier can cause all kinds of old negativity to enter your temple. Once you decide to eat healthier (or even go high raw) you can slip into what I call “military behavior.” I’ve seen far too many beautiful Goddesses berate themselves over eating something that they “shouldn’t have”, only to cause headaches and pain that are worse than the “bad” food itself.

In these instances it is best to return to that place of love. When you’re approaching food as a way to feed your Goddess body, it is so much easier to see the right path. Sometimes that path means eating something that is not optimal, but at the same time smiling and honouring your multiple facets that make you a diamond. Other times it means opting for those fresh fruit and vegetables that make your heart sing and your feet dance.

Raw Transformation

In the 3 years since I went raw, all kinds of changes have taken place. I experienced intense bouts of cleansing detox, and things began to shift. For one thing, I really began to understand my body and its rhythms and it opened up a whole new side of my spirituality. I experienced more mental and spiritual clarity, which helped me make decisions with heart.

The path I had taken initially to become a Software Engineer no longer seemed right for me. I really wanted to spend time outside in nature, eating foods that I planted and harvested. So after I graduated as an Engineer, I turned down a job offer for a Wall Street firm in New York City and chose to travel and find out what my calling really was. In the end I realized that spreading the message of health and wellness was the best I could do for those in need of healing.

Eating raw also helped me to figure out some of the patterns and emotional “junk” that I had also been harboring. Of course I also lost those few stubborn pounds I had gained in University, my skin cleared up, and energy levels were off the charts. I got better grades in University and just felt so much better, and I wasn’t affected by colds and infections going around anymore. Plus, this weird splinter I had in my foot for the longest time (5 to 7 years!) that had been getting worse just completely healed with fresh skin. A little wacky really.

At the end of the day – eating raw has helped me become the Goddess I am.



Thank you, lovely Goddess Nathalie, for that precious post. I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did. 🙂

Go any radiantly raw questions? Thoughts? Stuff you’d like to share? We’ll do our best to answer in the Comments Circle, possums!

Big love,


Quick one: Sponsors special

Hola sweet goddesses,

Just a quick one (that ends up getting really long and swirly and train of thoughty) – I didn’t get around to letting you know about sponsorship opportunities for August (I think I was too busy with the whole Oh my goddess! I’m pregnant! thought-feeling-emotion-processy thing.)

(Moment to pause and reflect on that. Yup. Still huge. Still woah. Still bigger than words. Holy dinger.)

Anyway, what was I saying? Ahhh yes… Leonie has placenta brain. 

And she forgot about August sponsorship.

And she occassionally drifts into third person talking.

She also just made some ridinkulously delicious GF sundried tomato, spinach and zucchini muffins. As my sweet friend Deb says “Mother of the Year! I made a quiche and felt like Mother of the Year!”

tee hee hee. Deb has a profound way of making me giggle.

This is not the quick post I was intending of writing.

What was I saying? Before the whole “I’m in love with Deb” thing? And the holy delectemo melt-in-my-mouth muffins? And being mother of the year?

Something about sponsorship.

Just realised I haven’t felt like puking for a good two hours. So I should REALLY run into the kitchen right this very moment and try and sneak down some of those massive pregnancy multivitamins before my puke-reflex works out what’s going on. Wow, pregnancy is sacred.

Just thought about how big those pills are.

They scare me.

I’ll put off thinking about them until I (finally) manage to finish writing this post.


No more talking from pregnancy brain.

Apparently there is a moral to this goddess story?

Oh yes. I forgot to talk about August sponsoriness because I was too busy thinking about pregnancy multivitmains.

And I looked up from my navel-gazing (never has this term been more appropriate and realised it was midway through August ALREADY.

Dude. What happened there?

So what I’m doing…

is having a Sponsors Special. Otherwise known as Enlightened Pregnancy Brain Sale.

For the usual $70 for four weeks of advertising your awesomeness and amazingness, you get six weeks of pure, unadulterated goddess attention. That’s like umm… 50% more. Right?  High five me if I’m right. *air high five*

And if you really felt like it, you could hook yourself up with as many months as you like. So like, two months will get you three. And so on, into infinitum. Because it’s because-ness.

So if you buy right now, it will take you right through to the beginning of October. Which is a very, very long time away. By then I will be like… much rounder in the belly.


If this is a-calling you, and you’d like to share your amazingness with all the goddesses who congregate here, you can book in your sponsor spot at the Enlightened Pregnancy Brain Price here. (And yus, it says it’s only for a month, but let’s ignore that. You know and I know it’s for six weeks. It’s our thing.)

Okay. Yay!

It’s time for me to jump back on the pregnancy-multivitamin horse. Pwetty pwease wish me luck.

love, your green-ish Goddess,

Pregnant Goddess Video Diary: Week 7

Hola beautiful souls,

In keeping with my brand new tradition, I made you a video diary of Week Seven. Messy and sick and teary and honest.

And, like last week, the 

Rules are as such:

1a.) I will make them as honest as possible

1b.) I will not make things sound deeper/better/lovelier than they are

2.) I will do them exactly as I am (hello bed-hair and inside-out-pyjamas)

3.) I will try really, really hard not to make any excuses about them (that I frequently forget things during them, that I may not sound grateful for being pregnacious, that my fringe is untamable)


Now before this post, I just want to make a goddess warning. This one is emotional. And rough. And I let you in on my worst day yet. There is a happy ending though. Just telling you, because I like knowing how things end.

Pregnant Goddess Diary – Week Seven from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

So there you go… my journey… as big and shifting and hard and glowing as it is…

And if you’re wanting to catch up on all the pregnacious stories and videos, head on over to the Mama Goddess page.

So grateful to be here. So grateful you are here.

Group hugs,



Goddess Allsorts:

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

It’s that happy day of the week… Goddess Allsorts day!

This is the day I share with you all kinds of scrummy inspiration I find around the place & want to share. Allsorts that don’t make much sense together, but are perfectly perfect. A whole smorgasboard of delight for you to nibble on!

And with all that baby-talk and life-changing-stuff going on… kinda nice just to have a good giggle right now.

Here’s my goodies for da week…

The Laughing God: video

Try not to laugh watching this.

SARK Juicy Journalling

I’m so excited that I’m one of the interviewed gorgeouses in SARK’s new e-course “Juicy Journalling!” It’s a scrumptious course for writers of all levels to get supported and inspired on their ecourse journey. And as always, SARK is just the bee’s knees, a soul-lighthouse, a goddess of epic proportions, and an iridescent miracle. Adore, adore, adore.

Affirmation Girl takes on Video-blogging

Found this video this morning. Hilarimo! A sweet, affirmation-using girl posts her first video post to the world. This is probably how we all feel when we do our first vlog. Let’s band together and boo! every commenting-meanie on the planet, and banish them to Cynical Sucksville! Yeah! Goddesses unite! 🙂 (Might not be safe for work – has some swear words in it).

Some lovely divine decluttering goddess blogs

The precious Goddess Kyeli wrote a beautiful post about how the Making Space for Your Goddess to Shine e-course is making magic in her life. Precious, precious, precious. I so dig how much she GETS just how powerful this work is.

“I wound up in tears the first week. I was surrounded by the love and light Lisa and Leonie fill each page with, and I burst into tears as I realized that a huge part of the stress in my life is caused by the mess in my environment.

I keep talking about it because it’s changing my life. I want you to take it – not because Lisa is awesome (though she is), not because Leonie is awesome (though she is) – but because it is worth every penny and every second you’ll invest.

We accumulate clutter through life, often without even noticing. We pile up stuff and create mess, and it stagnates and creates stagnation in other aspects of our life without us even being aware of it. This course gently and lovingly creates awareness, and teaches you what to do about it in sweet, easily-digestible stages that you can take at your own pace.”

I also love reading the journey of Moonslark at Facing East Again on her divine decluttering journey. She is honest, and insightful, and oh so precious:

“But I can. I can make a place to flourish. To learn to be accepted for who I am, to accept the love that is all around me, to accept who I have become and the changes I have gone through unfurling after my marriage.

It’s not about getting rid of stuff… not really. Its about helping the soul flourish — finding the stuff that helps and reutilizing or removing the stuff that gets in the way or holds the soul back…”

Amen. Here’s to all of our souls flourishing.

(Sidenote: The course is now ongoing. So you can sign up whenever you like, and get the course materials that same day. So whenever the journey calls you, it’s there for you. Yay!)

A mini-doco on art therapy

You Goddesses might remember the interview I did with the beautiful Chris Zydel, creative expression goddess extraordinaire.

I absolutely adore this new doco about Chris and her precious work:

Painting from the Wild Heart from Peter Lee on Vimeo.

The Photobomb

Now beware – before you click on this link, this website is wrong. Very, very wrong. It also totally cracks me up. Photobombing – for those who haven’t experienced this extreme sport yet – is the art of getting in other people’s photos. Be warned – this site is not suitable for work – has nudity. (Still cracking up over it). Are you ready? Go: This is Photobomb.


Get it? Shoshal-meedya?
Anyyyyway, I’m using it, abusing it and loving playing with you all. If you want to play the shoshal-meedya game, I’m on Facebook at

and on Twitter, I’m @Leonie_Dawson. If you’re a blog reader, make sure you @ reply me telling me, so I can follow you. I’m a-doing my best to keep up. 🙂

Books I’m into

Whenever I talk to my dear friends (especially my fellow book-adoring goddess sista Sone!), we are always saying “so… whatcha reading now?” It’s our little not-so-secretive addiction.

Which I’m happy to bring here to you now 🙂

At the moment I’m reading Shirley Maclaine’s The Camino again.

It’s my second time reading it, as I quite enjoyed it the first time around, and felt like reading something soft and known again. It’s her story of making the trek across the Camino trail in Spain – an ancient pilgrimage. During it she experiences past life awakenings and self understanding. It’s honest and woo woo and down to earth and out of this world all at once.

Also just started something completely new – “April Lady” by Georgette Heyer. It’s a historical romance – kinda like a Jane Austen, but slightly easier to read/consume. So far, it’s better than a tacky chick lit – though those too definitely have their place ;).

I also have a large pile of pregnancy and baby books piled next to our heater (where we spend an inordinate amount of time during winter). So far though, I’m just reading a little by a little as I need it, trying not to overwhelm my sweet self. Chris also has “What to expect when you’re expecting” on his bedside table which is just about the cutest thing ever, and makes me want to have even more of his babies.

The End.

And favourite 1990s music flashback this week…

I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with Jann Arden’s “Insensitive”. Those first few beats get me every time. Kinda melancholy, but pissy and righteous and powerful and sensitive all at once.
Perfectly 1995.

Dat’s all for this week.

Got anything cool you’ve seen to share?

I want to send you as much love as you can handle.

Take that,
big love